This is something I thought about while looking through some Titan fics...and I noticed that very few wanted to start from the I go! Teen Titans with a larger cast, and more craziness, courtesy of your favorite maniac!

1: His Name Is Kon El

"Man, BB, what the hell are you doin'?!" Cyborg yelled.


"That ain't working!" Cyborg growled, stalking toward the green teen, who was riding on a jack hammer. "I done told you to leave the work to the pros!" Beast Boy was yanked off the piece of equipment by his uniform.

"Aw, but I'm bored!" Beast Boy whined, slumping in his friend's grip. "Since we picked up Star, there hasn't been anything going on!"

"Don't be such whine-bag," Cyborg said, dropping him back to the ground, "Look here, BB, we just got in good with the city, so there ain't gonna be much work for us until we get everything goin'!"

"That doesn't make any sense!" The changeling snapped, waving his arms, "This is crime we're talking about here! Bank robbers, kidnappers, anything could happen!"

"BB," Cyborg sighed.

Raven appeared behind them, "Guys - "

"DOH!" YAH!"

"Sorry," she said, tonelessly.

"D'aw, man, Raven, you scared the crap outta me," Cyborg said, shaking his head, "What's up?"

"The mayor asked us to check something out in downtown Jump," Raven said, recovering from scaring her friends, "Apparently someone's been doing shady deals behind his back."

"What kinda deals?" Beast Boy asked, who was sporting a small blush from the scare.

"I don't know," she said, "Robin's already headed there to look around with Starfire as backup."

"Would'a known that he'd take her along," Cyborg chuckled, "Boy's got it bad for the girl."

Beast Boy sighed, "Tell me about it. I can smell the pheromones coming off them from a mile away!"

Raven raised her eyebrow, "Pheromones?"

Beast Boy nodded, "Yeah, sort of like how some animals send out scents to attract a mate." He groaned, "Only these two don't know they're sending them out, and it's driving me crazy!"

"Aw, c'mon, can't be that bad!" Cyborg smirked, "What's it like? Perfume?"

Beast Boy growled.

"Guys, come on, we need to get going," Raven said, "I can carry us there in a few seconds if you want?'

Beast Boy grunted, "Just tell me the address, and I'll fly. No offense, Rae - "

"Don't call me that," she grumbled.

" - but I'm still not used to being teleported." He said, ignoring her.

"None taken," she sighed, looking at Cyborg, "What about you?"

"I ain't shy," Cyborg grinned, "Besides, can't be all that bad if the little green bean gets a tummy ache!"

"Aw, shut up!" Beast Boy snapped, before shifting into a peregrine falcon, and flying off. Cyborg watched him go with amusement.

"Now how long you wanna bet until he realizes he forgot the address?"

Raven arched her eyebrow again, "He's actually headed in the right direction."

"Seriously?" He asked, receiving a nod, "Man oh man, them animal senses must come in handy."

"Not when he's around Robin and Starfire," she said, and raised her hands, "Get ready. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"


"Are we certain that this is the correct place?" Starfire asked, almost giddily, "Perhaps we should more of the scouting?"

Robin gave her a small smile, "No, I think this is the right one. We've already seen a few trucks going in and out of the place when it's supposed to be abandoned."

Starfire smiled, "I suppose that is true." She gave him an endearing look, "You are most smart, friend Robin."

"Blame my old man," Robin grinned, "He pretty much - Hold on, someone's coming." From their vantage point on the roof, the pair watched as a moving truck pulled into the lot below.

"What is the meaning of that symbol on the side?" Starfire asked, "I have not seen one like it before."

"I have," Robin growled, "And it's not good...not good at all!"

The symbols were an "L" and "X", the logo for Lex Corp. Meaning that whatever they were staking out, Lex Luthor was involved in. "Great, not only do I know who that truck belongs to, but he's major trouble!"

"Who's that?"

Robin turned as Beast Boy finished shifting back into human form. "Glad you could make it."

"Rae, and Cy shouldn't be too far behind me," the changeling said, "So what's the prob?"

"Lex Corp," Robin explained, "Looks like they're the ones behind the shady deals the mayor mentioned."

A black portal rose up behind the green boy, and Cyborg stumbled out, clutching at his stomach, "Man, how do you stand that, Rae?"

"I got used to it," she droned, looking down, "So, how do we do this?

"Well, if it's really Lex, then we'll need to take this the safe way," Robin said, "He's been known for his security systems. Batman even had trouble with them at times."

Cyborg whistled in appreciation, "Man, they gave ol' Bats a run?" He grinned and rubbed his hands together, "Aw yeah, just wait 'til I get myself wired in! I'm gonna knock their lights out!"

"Just don't bite off more than you can chew, Cy," Beast Boy said, looking down over the district, "Check out the hardware these guys are packin'. They ain't jokin' around."

Robin nodded in agreement, because each man who piled out of the truck was packing an automatic assault rifle. "We go in, find out what they're up to, and stop them. If things get too hairy, we bounce, got it?"

"Got it," Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven said, while Starfire just nodded, sticking close to Robin. Beast Boy plugged his nose, Gah, this is gonna be torture!

"Titans, Go!"

Beast Boy launched himself off the roof first, shifting into a condor, and screeching as he zeroed in on his first target. The gunman never had time to fire a shot as the green predator shifted into something larger and rammed him to the ground, knocking him unconscious. The green gorilla roared and beat his chest, drawing the attention of the five other men.

Cyborg came next, and fired his sonic cannon, knocking one man into another as Raven dispatched a third. Starfire flew in with Robin, the latter dropping to the ground and throwing his bolas at the fourth man's feet.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Cyborg grinned, "We just kicked ass!"

"Cool it, Cy," Robin said, "We still have to get in, remember?"

Still grinning, Cyborg cracked his knuckles, "Y'all leave that to me," he said, and strode over to a security panel, "Man, this all they got? Kid's stuff." He pulleda wire from his arm and inserted it into the port. "Let's see...lasers, trap doors, gas rooms...mounted machine guns? Cripes, what the hell they keepin' down there?"

Robin smirked, "Told you so."

"Yeah, yeah, bird boy," Cyborg said, rolling his one normal eye, "I'll have the system down in a jiffy...whoop, there it is! We're in!"

Further back, a door popped open. Raven smirked, "Impressive."

"Naw, not really," Cyborg said, "The system was designed to be a fail safe if anyone got past the guards...but it looks like it was put towards keepin' something in, than keepin' us out."

Beast Boy shifted back to normal, "I don't like the sound of that. Isn't this Luthor guy like...Superman's number one bad guy?"

Robin shrugged, "Not the top, but he's way up there, right below Darkside, I think."

"Who?" The green changeling asked.

"Never mind," their leader groaned, "Come on, let's get in there."

Raven hovered close to Beast Boy, "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, fine," he smirked, "Why?"

"Beast Boy, I'm an empath, I can tell you're feeling nervous. Very nervous."

Cyborg over heard them, "You okay back there, green bean?"

"Yeah," he nodded, "This just feels...familiar."

Cyborg shrugged, "Not much special about this place, 'cept the security system, and even that's not much to worry 'bout."

The five teens then made their way through the warehouse. Behind the door that opened revealed a hall that led down. The corridors were mostly empty, only a few guards were posted. Beast Boy's nerves were on high alert. There was a smell that set his nose to burning with familiarity.

"This place smells like a hospital," he said aloud, "What the hell are we looking for?"

"The mayor said that there were suspicions of human traficing," Robin stated with disgust, "And from the look of this place, he could have been right."

Starfire bit her lip, "Please, what is the traficing of humans?"

"Slaves, Star," Cyborg growled, "It's illegal, but people still do it."

"Slaves?" Starfire asked, "I have knowledge of this mean a prisoner forced into labor?"

"Without paying, or any type of reward," Beast Boy put in, "I saw it while my parents had me in Africa. Yeah, it wasn't pretty from what I remember."

Starfire wrinkled her nose, "The word we use for such things is k'ral. It is not condoned to do this on Tamaran."

"Lucky," Robin sighed, "It's not exactly condoned here, either, but if it means big money, then people like Luthor would do it."

"Then we may find the slaves in here?" She asked.

"If they haven't been sold yet," Raven said darkly.

Beast Boy looked back at her, "We'll find them." Then he shifted into a wolf, and had his nose to the floor. Funny, I smell a lot of people, but this smells more sterile than a normal hospital...somethin' aint right here. The green wolf strode down the hall, following the scents that were strongest, with the team right behind him.

Soon, he was running, his head still down, turning down the halls flawlessly...right up until he slammed into a wall. He bounced back and landed on his rump before shifting back and rubbing the lump on his head.

Cyborg laughed as they came up on him, "Now that's using yo' head, BB!"

"Aw, shut up!" He growled, nursing his head, then he looked up at the wall, "What the hell!?"

"What is wrong?" Starfire asked, looking at the wall. "That that - "

"Superman's shield," Robin sighed. The wall wasn't a wall but a door, with the the kryptonian symbol of hope, superman's family mark, on it. Underneath it was the number thirteen. "This doesn't look like human traficing.

"Yeah, no shit," Cyborg said as he walked up to the door, eyeing the keypad, "This is pretty low key for something concerning him of all people."

Starfire floated to the door, "I do not understand. This is kryptonian. I had heard their planet was destroyed many years ago?"

"It was," Raven said, also floating closer, "But there are at least two left. There's Superman, and his cousin, Supergirl. I don't know their names, though."

Robin sighed, "There's more than that." This caught everyone's attention, "About a year ago, a being called Brainiac came to Earth in search of information to take. When he did this, he would take a city from the planet as a trophy, then destroy the planet. When he came here, Superman fought him and discovered a krytonian city on his ship, and took it to a distant planet with breathable air, and a red sun. There's a whole colony of them now."

"Cool," Beast Boy grinned, "Lots of Supermen!"

"That is glorious!" The Tamarainian gushed, "My people have always thought the death of the Kyrptonian people to be a great tragedy. They will rejoice at their salvation!"

"Shush, Star!" Cyborg hushed her as he inspected the lock, "I need to concentrate, this is a little more complicated than I thought."

"Can you crack it?" Robin asked.

"Sure as hell can," he smiled, then pressed his finger into the usb port, "This'll get it done in no time." The door swooshed open, "Boo-yah."

Beast Boy jumped back immediately, holding his hand over his nose. Cyborg looked after him, "Yo, you okay, BB?"

Raven drifted over to him, "Beast Boy - "

"I don't like the smell of hospitals." He snapped, gagging, "Brings back too many memories."

"Will you be the alright?" Starfire asked in concern.

"I can handle it," he muttered.

Robin stepped up and put a hand on his shoulder, "You don't have to come with us if you don't want to."

Beast Boy grinned at him, "Hey, we might have stumbled onto something big here, and it may concern Superman! No way am I gonna miss this!"

"Fanboy," Cyborg muttered, but he was grinning as well, "But the big man may owe us one for this. Maybe a little something for the Titan Tower once they finish it?"

"Only one way to find out," Raven said, floating forward, "Shall we?"

"Sense anything?" Robin asked.

Raven closed her eyes to focus for a moment, then looked up, "One, maybe two lifeforms a little further down."

"Let's go then," Robin said.

Beast Boy followed after him with Cyborg and the girls close behind, "Anyone wondering why we haven't seen any guards?"

Robin spared a glance over his shoulder, "Luthor's arrogant, among other things. This being a low meta-human city, he probably thought that no one would get this far, and even then he'd make whatever he was keeping back her had a last line of defense, if it wasn't just that."

"So," Raven said, "We could be heading toward a trap?"

"Possibly," Robin smiled, "But we won't know until we find whatever he's got hidden down here."

Starfire flew up alongside him, smiling, "You have dealt with the Lex Luthor before now?"

"No, I've just read a few files Batman had on him," Robin said, "And I've watched him a few times while he's spoken to the public. Half of everything that comes out of his mouth has more than one meaning. He taunts people into doing things, or angers them into attacking him to have them dealt with in legal way, making him look like the victim."

"Asshole," Beast Boy muttered, then caught something, "What the?" Beast Boy snarled and veered down a hall.

Cyborg skidded to a halt with Raven nearly plowing into him, "Yo, BB! Where the hell you goin'!"

"I smell something!" He yelled. He kept moving until he came upon a lab room where a man was bent over a microscope, only looking up when Beast Boy entered the room.

He was an older man in his late fifties, and a long, bushy mustache. "Who - ?" He yelped when he saw the green teen, but Beast Boy's snarl cut him off, "You!"

"Yeah, me!" The changeling roared as he leapt at them man, shifting into a large Bengal tiger. The man screamed as the great cat slammed into him, knocking him to the floor.

"Ack, Gar, wait!" The man shrieked.

Beast Boy snarled at him, threatening him with his teeth. This was the scene that greeted the others as they flooded into the lab. "Beast Boy, no!" Raven shouted, reaching out to him with a black tendril of her magic to wrap around the cat's neck. Beast Boy shifted back as she pulled him off the man.

"Let go of me, Raven!" He roared, clawing at his throat, "I've been after this bastard for a long time!"

The scientist groaned, and staggered to his feet, but not before Robin ran to him and grabbed his coat, "Alright, I want answers!"

The man looked panicked, "You're not here for what I did to him, are you?" He asked, "I swear, I never meant for anything to happen!"

"The hell's he talkin' about, BB?" Cyborg asked, noticing the man was talking to Beast Boy, and not Robin. "You know this guy?"

Beast Boy growled deep in the back of his throat, "Oh, I know him, alright. It's partially his fault I look like this!" He gestured to his body, "And he's the reason I lost my parents!"

"Lies!" The man yelped, "I never meant for you to be bitten by that monkey!"

"The hell you did!" Beast Boy snapped, straining against Raven's magic, "I remember you saying that their DNA research might work with the virus! And all you needed was a test subject!" Hearing this, Raven loosened her hold on him in shock, "Convenient how an infected monkey just so happened to drop into camp while the three of you were out searching for an infected animal!"

"I swear it's not true!" The man cried, struggling against Robin's grip, who glared at the man.

"Sounds like you two have some catching up to do," he sneered, "But what I want to know is what the hell you and your people are doing in this facility?!"

"I...I can't say..."

"Can't or won't?" Robin asked, lifting the man off the floor, "You happen to be the kinda person I really don't like, and I can get pretty nasty with them, so you'd better start answering me, or I might just let my friend finish what he started!"

Beast Boy grinned, showing his pointed fangs, "Oh, yes, please!"

"Robin!" Starfire gasped, "You always said - "

"Star," Cyborg said, giving her a shake of his head, "Let him do what he needs."

Beast Boy then shifted back into the tiger, growling loudly as the man turned sickly pale, "Alright! I'll talk, I'll talk! Just keep him away from me!"

Robin smirked and dropped him to the ground, "Start talking."

The man raised a shaking hand and pointed to his computers, "All you need to know is saved to my files. You'll be looking for Project Kr, and Menagerie for Gar -"

"My name is Beast Boy!" The teen shouted, shifting back, "And I still owe you for my parents!"

"I told you, I didn't intend to take things that far!"

"Then why were we sent into a crocodile infested river with a leaking boat, and a damaged motor?!" Beast Boy roared, advancing on him, pulling off his gloves and revealing long, black claws. "You have no idea how I felt when the told me to leave them! And you knew, didn't you, that they'd try to save me before themselves!"

He raised his right hand, prepared to slash the man's throat, but Raven had him again before he could bring it down. He rounded on the girl, who lifted her hood from her face, "Enough, Beast Boy," she said, softly, "This isn't the way we do things."

"She's right, BB," Cyborg said as he stepped toward the computers, "I can guess that all of have some kinda skeletons in our closets, but that don't mean we have to kill the guys that put them there."

"I am in agreement," Starfire said, floating closely to the changeling, "We must not lower ourselves to this ic'glon's point."

Beast Boy offered the red-haired alien a smirk, "What was that you called him, Star?"

Starfire blushed, "I am not as knowledgeable in Earth's dialect, but I believe it translates to - "

"Holy shit!" The four heroes jumped at Cyborgs shout. Cyborg withdrew a wire from the computer as it reeled back into his arm, "Guys, we gotta move! Like right now! This is big!"

"How big?" Robin asked, leaning down to cuff the man.

"As in Superman's got a kid big!"


"No freakin' way..." Robin breathed out as they came upon the storage room. Beast Boy staggered in behind him, the scientist in tow, and growled.

"There's two of them?" He asked, glaring at the man, "Just what the hell have you been up to?"

The man cringed, "I was only following orders."

Cyborg lumbered in after them, "Yeah, well, you know that cloning is illegal, right?"

"Only for humans," he pointed out, earning a glare from the teens, "Superman has put his life on the line so many times that we all thought that it would only be a matter of time before someone managed to kill him."

"So you made a copy?" Raven asked, glowering at the man with a hint of red in her eyes.

"Not a copy," he shook his head, "These two are second generations."

Robin stepped up to the cyrogenic pods, raising his brow, "They look the same." He said, placing his hand on the left one.

"That one is Primus," he said, indicating where Robin's hand was resting, "He came before number thirteen. He has more Kryptonian blood." He hung his head, "When we woke him for the first time, he was wild and out of control. We couldn't let him loose."

"And the one on the right?" Robin glared.

"Half-human," he said, "A perfect blending of human and Kryptonian DNA. He hasn't been awakened yet."

Starfire floated above the tubes curiously. Both boys looking exactly alike. Strong, chiseled features, and black hair, and looked to be around sixteen. "When were they birthed?"

"Primus is three years old, while thirteen is sixteen weeks." Cyborg growled, "These guys made their bodies age faster to make them weapons!"

Robin snapped out a bird-arang, "Wake him up," he pointed at thirteen, "Primus may not be controllable, but this one deserves a chance!"

"I can't do that!" He yelled, "I don't have - "

"Do as he says," Beast Boy snarled, "Or you won't have a head!"

The man took one look at those vicious-looking canines and pictured them wrapped around his throat.

"The activation code is SB2-13!" He stammered out, "He may or may not attack, just don't startle him!"

Starfire floated down and punched in the code, and the lid hissed, "Does he have a name?"

"Kon-El," he said, "We learned that Kryptonians place the el syllable in their names."

The lid lifted up over the pod, filling the room with mist, and the boy began to stir. He sat up, rubbing his eyes as if just waking up from a night's rest. Starfire smiled, and floated to the floor, "Greetings, Kon-El," she said softly, drawing the boy's attention. He blinked at her blearily, then stared at her, confused.

Robin stepped up to them slowly, "I don't think he know's what you're saying, Star. He is just waking up for the first time."

Cyborg grinned, "We should probably get outta here before the rest of the security get here."

"Right," Beast Boy said, and began pushing the man toward the tube, "Meantime, someone gets a nap!"

"Wait a minute!" The man yelled, "I said I was sorry!" He paled as Starfire led the confused Kryptonian out of the tube, "Please! You don't know what they'll do to me!"

Beast Boy growled and spun him around to face him, "I don't fucking care!" He growled, and shoved into the tube, throwing the hatch down.


Kon-El was more or less happy to tag along with the Titans as the left, seeming to have imprinted on Starfire as a sort of mother figure when he woke. Robin was the second imprint. Much to the teams disgruntlement, namely Cyborg and Beast Boy, Kon-El could see that they were the higher-ups of the team. Raven was indifferent to the new addition. Her main concern was what had happened with the green changeling.

Since they had met, Beast Boy had been the loud little brother figure, even though he was slightly older than she was. Now, when they returned to the construction site of Titan's Tower, he had withdrawn, and secluded himself to one side of the island.

"Yo," she heard Cyborg say, turning to find him walking up behind her, "You worried about L'il Green Bean?"

Raven nodded, "He wasn't like that when we had to fight Starfire, and the Gordanians."

He shrugged, "What'd you expect? You heard him, the guy murdered his parents. I'm surprised he didn't eat the guy."

"He's a vegetarian," Raven pointed out unconsciously.

Cyborg smirked, "C'mon, Rae, you know what I mean. Anyway, just give him a little time. He'll be back to normal before you know it."

Raven sighed, "I hope so...I'm starting to miss his jokes."

Cyborg laughed, "Raven, y'all know he can hear you, right?"

Raven blushed and pulled her hood over her face, "I forgot."

Over by the shore, Beast Boy was grinning, "She misses my jokes!"

Now I know what you're thinking, but I was doing a lot of reading into the comic series, and found that Teen Titans was lacking a lot of characters, such as Superboy, Wondergirl, plus in the comics, and the New 52 issues, Beast Boy's powers are seriously downgraded in the cartoon. So be prepared for some crazy changes, such as Superman's reaction to having a son.

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