Picking up where we left off, Superman has shown up in front of the Titans. With the newscast, Conner is revealed for all the world to see as Superboy with his defeat of Holocaust. A small mystery. Why has Beast Boy been avoiding Raven?

AN: Yeah, Beast Boy is powerful. Believe it or not, he's probably the strongest member of the team besides Starfire and Raven. Wait until you see how his red form comes into play.

3: Shadows

"Who are you, and where did you come from?" Superman repeated as his feet touched the ground. Conner stumbled back, unsure of what to do or say. He was staring at possibly the most powerful being on the planet.

Beast Boy, however, reacted immediately, shifting into what the others agreed was the largest cat they had ever seen him change into by far, and growled low in the back of his throat at the Kryptonian.

"Beast Boy!" Raven gasped in warning.

Superman held up his hands in surrender, "I'm not here to cause trouble."

"Then why are you here?" Robin asked, sitting up and clutching his injured shoulder, "We beat the bad guy." He gestured toward where the police were arriving to arrest Holocaust.

"I came because I saw him," Superman said, nodding toward Conner.

Cyborg sighed, "Man, I told y'all this would happen!"

Starfire zipped up to the man of steel, "You will not take him from us!" She snapped, her eyes glowing dangerously.

"Star, stand down," Robin groaned, "You wouldn't stand a chance against him if he tried."

"Tamaranian bones are harder to break than Kryptonians," Starfire growled, but drifted down to settle beside the downed teen.

Superman raised an eyebrow at her, "Quite a team you have, Di- er, Robin. She's a real spitfire."

"Tell me about it," Robin smirked.

"But I do not do the spiting of fire," Starfire said in confusion.

"It means you have a temper," Raven muttered, floating next the green behemoth, "Beast Boy, calm down and change back. If he wanted to hurt us, he would have."

The giant cat rolled an eye at her in question, and Raven stroked a hand through his fur, hoping he would calm himself. It worked. Beast Boy shivered and shifted back, standing defiantly in front of Conner.

"That was impressive," Superman said, "A liger if I'm not mistaken?"

"Yeah," Beast Boy said, grinning, "Sorry, normally, I'm not like this, but I'd rather know why you came here for Superboy."

Conner looked up at Superman as he looked down at him, "Because there's a third Kryptonian on Earth, and I'd like to know where he came from." He shrugged, "Although, now that I'm here, I can see that there's something else going on here." He said, directing this toward Robin, "Care to explain?"

Robin glanced at his team. Beast Boy, though he looked fine, was battered and bruised, while Raven's right shoulder was burned. Cyborg's shoulders were sparking slightly, and Starfire had a few scrapes of her own. Conner was the worst off, sporting a bloodied nose and lower lip from his fight. "Back at the tower." Robin said, not allowing argument, "My team's roughed up, and we need the rest."

"Alright," Superman said, lifting off the ground, "I'll meet you there."

Starfire watched the Kryptonian go, and placed a hand on Robin's uninjured shoulder, "Robin, what shall we do now?"

"Go back to the tower, and patch ourselves up," Robin said, standing shakily with Starfire's help, "Then we introduce Conner to his dad."

Conner shifted nervously, "I don't think he likes me."

Starfire smiled at him, "He will love you as we do." She said with her usual confidence, "He simply needs to do the knowing of you."


"Ouch!" Beast Boy winced, "Easy does it, Rae!"

"Don't be such a baby," she said as she cleaned a cut on his shoulder, "Where's that healing ability of your's now?" She was almost smug when she swiped the wound with a alcohol drenched swab.

Beast Boy hissed, "It only - ow - works on ser-ow-ious injuries!"

Her lips curved up in an undeniable smirk, "Hmm, so getting scorched by a human super nova you can handle, but a few scratches..."

Beast Boy huffed, "If someone shot me, as long as they missed my heart or head, I'd heal in seconds. A scratch or two like this my body doesn't see as serious." He hissed again as she made another pass over his wounds.

"Too bad," Raven said, blushing a bit as she observed his back. Scrawny he may be, but she could see that he was fully of wiry muscles that were as strong as steel cable, yet she knew he was probably the gentlest member of the team.

"You're enjoying this way too much," he grumbled, taking hold of her arm gently, "What about you? This must hurt." He said, glowering at the scorched skin under her l torn leotard's sleeve.

"It's fine," she tried to pull out of his grip, but his hold was firm, "A few minutes of meditation and I'll be good as new." He noted that there was a small blush on her cheeks, and grinned, letting her go.

"Sometimes I'm jealous of your powers, Rae," he said, "You're way more disaplined because of them."

Raven felt a small chill run through her, "I wish I didn't have them." She muttered quietly, but he heard her all the same.

"Why would you say that?" Beast Boy asked, looking her in the eyes.

"Did you wish for your powers?" Raven asked.

"No, but I'm thankful for them," he smiled, "My parents gave them to me to save my life."

Raven scoffed, and crossed her arms, "I highly doubt they knew that you'd become what you are because of whatever they did."

Beast Boy chuckled and waved a finger under her nose as if she were a child, "That's where you're dead wrong, Rae," he grinned, making her scowl, "You see, they were researching how to mix human DNA with animals to create a sort of vaccine for certain cancers. When I contracted that disease from the bite, the splicing mutated it, and bonded the animal cells with my human ones."

Raven's eyebrows rose, "When did you get so smart?"

"Hey," he huffed, "I listened to my parents!"

"Hard to believe, as wild as you normally are," she quipped, smirking.

He grinned right back at her, "Too wild for you, huh, Raven?"

The blush returned, "More like too idiotic!" She snapped, "And where did that even come from? You've been avoiding me for a good two weeks, and now you start with a lousy pick-up line?" She said incredulously.

Beast Boy started to grow uncomfortable, "Uh..."

"What's been going on with you, Beast Boy?" Raven asked, stepping closer, "You normally only avoid Robin and Starfire when they're acting too friendly toward each other. What's got you so put off with me?" She asked, "I know we aren't exactly friends, but - "

"Of course we're friends, Rae!" Beast Boy yelped, "what gave you the idea that we weren't?"

Raven blushed, "Just...things...you're always bugging me about something silly, or trying to get me to play some kind of made up game with you and Cyborg while I'm reading or meditating!"

"That's because I want yo be your friend!" Beast Boy roared, "What? Did you think I was just doing it to be mean? Fat chance!"

Raven's scowl deepened, "If we're friends, then why were you avoiding me?!"

"Because I wanted to - " he snapped his mouth shut, nearly biting his tongue. "Never mind." He got down off the examination table, "Come on, we should check on Conner. Superman should be up to speed by now."

He started for the door, but Raven took hold of his belt and hauled him back as he tried to leave. "No! You've avoided me long enough. Please, I need to know!"

What she never saw coming was the way Beast Boy reacted. He spun around, snarling at her, and grabbed her arms to pin them behind her against the table with one hand. The other reached up to back of her head, forcing her to look at him. Raven felt a small spike of fear rush through her at the feral gleam in his eyes. Those same eyes looked at her with a wanting she'd only seen in the eyes of Starfire when she looked at Robin.

"Because," he growled, his breath hot against her skin, "Every animal instinct coupled with all of my male hormones are telling me, screaming at me to rip these clothes off of you and make you mine!" A gasp escaped her lips as his mouth descended on hers in a searing kiss. Raven attempted to struggle, but his grip on her was firm, and powerful. He wasn't being rough with her, not really. He was simply holding her with enough force that he wouldn't hurt her.

Raven was sure her face was flaming with a mixture of rage and shock, but after a few moments past, she couldn't find a reason to care. His lips were soft and gentle against her's as they moved, and she soon found herself becoming lost in the almost primal taste of them.

His hold loosened on her arms, giving her the chance to free herself. But she surprised him by placing her hands against his chest, and, instead of pushing him away, slowly inched them around his neck until she felt her fingers touching his hair.

Beast Boy almost grinned as she accepted his kiss, but didn't want to interrupt the moment...he didn't have to. Raven was so lost that her magic lashed out, shattering the lights above them and blowing out the computer screens around the room, startling both of them.

She pushed away and gave a small shriek and phased through floor before he could stop her.

"Raven, wait!"


Raven's mind was in turmoil as she landed in her room, her emotions whirling around inside her like a maelstrom. He just kissed me! And I kissed him back! She half-sobbed as she tried to calm herself, No, this can't happen! She clutched at her head, tears beginning to stream from her eyes. So many things had now become so complicated with just the simple action of kissing him.

Never had she ever, for one single moment, thought that someone would be interested in her. She never thought of herself as pretty or remotely attractive, and tried to keep her emotions in check for fear of losing control of her powers. Now those emotions were cheering inside of her. Only Fear and Sadness seemed to side with Raven as she bit her lip and let Sadness have her. Sadness of what was to come. Fear of her father.


"How you feelin', Con?" Cyborg asked as Conner lay beneath the solar lights.

"Better," he sighed, "I'm not as sore as I was...where's - ?"

"Robin's got him down in the evidence room," Cyborg answered, patting his friend on the shoulder, "Don't worry. He'll come around."

"Think so?" Conner asked hopefully.

"Sure as hell do," Cyborg said, grinning, "How'd you like your first mission?"

Conner's face broke into a huge grin, "It was great! I didn't think it'd be so intense!"

Cyborg laughed, "With guys like Holocaust, you always get intense. Dude's got one serious problem."

"Yeah, no kidding," Conner grinned, looking at his cybernetic brother figure, "So what was that Starfire was saying about doing a date with Robin?"

"Oh, she finally asked him, huh," Cyborg laughed loudly, "Bout damned time! Girl's been tryin' for a whole year now!"

"But what's a date?" Conner asked, "And why's it so important? Robin didn't look happy about it."

"Oh, that's 'cause ol' Rob's scare of screwin' things up." Cyborg said, still laughing, "See, a date's something a people do with someone they like. And I don't mean as friends. There's like and then there's like, as in I like more than as a friend."

"Star likes Robin that way?" Conner asked confusedly, "I...don't think I get it."

"You will," Cyborg said, "Everyone does at some point in time."

"Did you?"

Cyborg sobered up and smiled at him, "I did. A long time ago."


"And you're sure about this?" Superman asked, his voice a little higher than usual, "He's really my - "

"For the tenth time, Clark, yes!" Robin snapped testily with Starfire nodding behind him, "Is it so hard to believe after all the information we showed you that Cyborg recovered? He's your son! Plain and simple!"

Superman was a little more than stunned, he was flummoxed. "Who's his mother, then?"

"We don't know," Robin sighed, "The data didn't mention the human parent. But he is half-human. And you can't deny the facial similarities. He looks almost exactly like you, Clark."

Would you please stop using my civilian name?" He asked, "I know Batman used it around you a lot, but you have another member of your team here, and - "

"I trust Star with my life," Robin said, much to Starfire's pleasure, "And you should be thanking her. She raised Conner for the last year until today when he fought for the first time."

Starfire sighed, "It has been nice caring for him," she said, looking at Superman, "But I suppose you must want to do the bonding with him now that you know who he is?"

Superman sighed, "I'm not sure I know how." He said, scrubbing his face, "I mean I could get used to the idea of being a father from the ground up, like starting out with a baby, but Conner's almost - "

"He's just a year old," Robin cut in, "His body is a sixteen-year-old, but his mind is just catching up with the rest of him. You don't know how much he's wanted to meet you once he found out who his dad was."

Starfire sniffled, "He also fears that you will reject him because he was not born to you like a normal child."

"I'm not cruel," Superman said, "I'd never reject someone like that."

"You seem to be trying," Starfire said, "For the past half hour, Robin has explained multiple times that Conner is indeed your son, yet you do not wish to formally meet and acknowledge him as such."

"I - " He close his mouth, realizing the girl was right, "You're pretty smart for someone your age." He smiled warmly at her, and Starfire flushed with pride as Superman rose, "Alright, I'll meet with him. And I insist that you all come to my home in Smallville. My parents wanted to invite you over so they could meet Conner, and so did Lois."

Robin snickered, "Beast Boy'll like that, country sides seem really good for someone like him."

Beast Boy, meanwhile, was pacing the hall outside Raven's room like a caged tiger, wondering if he should risk knocking or leave. Sighing, he stepped up to the door and knocked, "Raven?" Something clattered in her room, "Raven, it's me. Come on, open the door."

"Go away, Beast Boy," came the muffled reply, her voice sounding rough.

"You've been crying," Beast Boy sighed, "Raven, listen, I'm so sorry about what happened. I couldn't control myself!"

"I said go away!" Raven shouted, and the frame of her door lit up as her magic flared.

"Not until you talk to me!" Beast Boy shouted, "I may not have been control, but that doesn't mean I don't care!"

Beast Boy pounded on the door, but Raven remained quiet, not trusting herself to speak. Beast boy growled and turned his back against the door, sliding to the floor. He leaned his head back against it, sighing, "You know, when I first saw you, I thought you were the prettiest girl I'd ever seen?"

Inside her room, Raven was in a similar position against her door, her face buried in her knees, only perking up when she heard him talking. "Liar." She said, hugging her knees.

"It's the truth," Beast Boy grinned, "I'd never talked to a girl before, because of how I look...but you made me want to try."

Raven didn't answer. She was sure that he was lying.

"I won't stop," she heard him say, and her head snapped up to look at the door. "I don't care what I have to do. I'll make you see that I mean everything I said."

"Beast Boy..."

She heard him laugh, "Wanna know my real name?"

Raven blinked, "I thought you - "

"Guess what it is," he said jokingly.

That threw her, "Uh, what - "

"That's not it," he laughed.

"That wasn't a guess!" She shouted.

"There's the Raven I know," he laughed, and she heard him getting to his feet, "I'll give you a hint. I'm a cat."

Raven raised her eyebrow, "How is that a hint?"

"Figure it out," he said.

And then he was gone. She couldn't sense him there anymore. Raven stood shakily and opened her door. The hallway was deserted. She stepped out of her room, sighing. "That idiot...how am I supposed to guess?"


Conner was sitting at the kitchen table, shifting nervously as he and Superman sat across from each other, an awkward silence between them. In the living room sat Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg, waiting patiently.

"So..." Conner started, "I fought my first battle today..."

Superman smiled, "Yes. I saw that. It's what brought me here."

Conner smiled shakily, "Do you...do you think I did good?"

Superman nodded, "You did better than I did the first time I came to Metropolis. All I did was save a plane from crashing." He smiled as Conner beamed, "When I fought the first super villain, I was as clumsy as I could be."

"Really?" Conner asked.

"Sure was," he laughed, "I got knocked through a skyscraper."

"W-well," Conner said, sheepishly, "I did get pushed through a building."

"Don't sell yourself short, Conner," Superman said, "You've been trained well, and this fight proved just how well. There barely any casualties, and little damage to the city. For a first time, this was very well done."

"Thank you...uh, Dad."

Superman's smile faltered fraction and the other Titans held their breathes. Sighing, Superman said, "It'll take a while to get used to that...but I would be proud if you took the name Kent as your family name." Conner perked up and nearly flew, "My parents want to meet you, as well as Lois."

"Can I?" Conner asked.

"Of course," Superman said, "They invited the Titans to Sunday dinner."


Holocaust rubbed his wrists as the cuffs fell off, "It's about time, Man. What took you so long?"

"My apologies," said a shadowy figure, "I was simply waiting for the opportune moment to liberate you." He said, "Tell me, what did you think of these Teen Titans?"

Holocaust shrugged, "They're goo, I'll give them that. That Superboy's gonna be the biggest problem. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was fightin' the real deal." He rubbed his jaw, feeling the ache from those punches.

"I see, and the others?"

"Could be trouble," Holocaust said, "That Robin kid is a good leader, and they followed his orders perfectly. He's the head of the snake."

"And to kill a snake," his companion chuckled darkly, "You must cut off the head."

Give you one guess who Holocaust was talking to.