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Hazy brown eyes scanned the rowdy crowd, everyone celebrating for some random and unknown reason, but welcomed without a thought. There were many smiles and cheers among the powerful mages as the night progressed and their festive spirits grew. Only one person stood out in particular to the celestial mage, however, vibrant pink hair immediately catching her eye. She wearily eyed the boisterous dragon slayer across the room from the vacant bar, watching as he laughed with his fellow comrades, arm lazily draped across the shoulders of the newly returned guild member. The lone mage sighed dejectedly, quickly averting her eyes from the sight. She counted down from ten, then forced a small smile on her face.

Lucy Heartfillia was not one to usually let her emotions get the best of her, but the past few weeks have not been as bright without her best friend around. Of course, she would never tear Natsu away from Lisanna at this time, it would be very selfish of her when the two had years of catching up to do. She missed her best friend, but Natsu needed his time with Lisanna, hell, they were childhood friends, no way she would come between that. So, she did what any other person would do, put on a smile, forget her selfish thoughts, and give Natsu his space.

"Lucy?" A soft voice called. Brought out of her thoughts, the girl in question looked towards the one calling her, momentarily forgetting about her train of thought.

"Hi Mira," Lucy smiled to the barista. Mira was one of the few people Lucy truly felt close to besides Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Levy. She even viewed Mira as the older sister she never had. The white-haired mage was also one of the few people not heavily partaking in the celebration, mainly due to the fact that she was the only one who worked behind the bar.

"Are you feeling well? You looked ill for a moment there Lucy." Her soft features brought comfort to Lucy as she awaited the younger girl's answer. Lucy smiled, grateful for such a heavenly friend.

"Oh, I'm fine, Mira," Lucy said, "I guess I was just got caught up in my own thoughts is all." Mira looked satisfied with her answer and smiled even more brightly. How she was able to bring a calm over Lucy was a mystery, but she was not complaining. Lucy stared back out at the guild over her shoulder briefly. "I am curious about why everyone seems to be very festive tonight though. Everybody's partying like there is no tomorrow," she said, eyes gliding over everyone who was within her view.

Mira's face suddenly brightened at the question, eyes beginning to sparkle.

"Everyone is partying for the upcoming S-class trials! Although it's three months away, the guild just had to start early." She squealed in delight, her voice almost drowned out by all the noise from the center of the guild. I stared at her quizzically, completely lost in the entire conversation.

"Oh Lucy, I forgot that you weren't here for last year's trial!" She recalled.

"Trial? A trial for what?" the blonde questioned, eyes drifting off to the dragon slayer and youngest take-over mage.

"A trial to see who in Fairy Tail can succeed in becoming an S-class mage," a deep voice cut in. Lucy turned to the right in her chair to see Gray and Erza approach the bar. Erza, with her cake in hand, chose the seat next to Lucy while Gray leaned back against the bar counter, shirt, and pants "mysteriously" missing.

"Gray, your clothes?" Lucy giggled, now highly amused by his flustered expression as he tried to gather his missing articles of clothing. Other than Erza's brash lifestyle and Gray's odd stripping habits, she had really grown close to the two since she arrived at the guild, always giving each other strength on jobs and battles when needed. "Maybe you left them in the crowd!" The blonde mage hollered to the ice mage who was speeding all over the guild hall looking for his missing articles of clothing.

Lucy laughed, but quickly stopped, feeling a deadly stare directed towards her. She turned in the direction she felt the piercing stare coming from and found none other than Juvia, her eyes glinting dangerously.

"Have you no shame looking at my beloved Gray's bare body! Juvia will not let you win his affections, love rival!" Juvia declared as if it were her battle cry, ready to take on Lucy for the prize of Gray's love.

Lucy chuckled nervously, trying not to offend the love-struck water mage, "Well everyone is kind of used to Gray walking around like that, Juvia. Trust me, his affections are the last thing on my mind."

Juvia nodded her head in understanding, relaxing her stance a bit. "I see. Juvia has forgotten that everyone is staring at my beloved Gray, not just my love rival." She squinted her eyes, concentrating hard for a moment before realization struck her. "I must not let everyone see him this way! His natural form is too tempting for the girls here!" Juvia ran off to the crowd as she screamed after Gray and pushed people out of her way. She was a woman on a mission for sure.

"So," I started, getting back on track after Juvia was out of sight. "How exactly does this trial work?" Erza took a bite of her cake, momentarily in a state of bliss before she turned to address the question.

"The trial, also known as the Promotion Trial, is a series of tests and battles to see who among the guild is capable of becoming an S-Class Mage. Each person in the trial is hand-picked by Master Makarov himself, choosing those he feels are ready to compete." She stated briefly, already grabbing herself another slice of cake to fill her empty plate.

"Really? How many S-class mages have currently passed the trial so far?" Lucy asked, face alight with curiosity.

"Technically five," Mira began as the scarlet mage was currently stuffing her face with the sugary dessert. "Erza and I being two of them, but since Mystogan has returned to his homeland in Edolas, we are now down to four."

Lucy looked at Mira in shock as she finished her sentence. There are only four S-class mages in Fairy Tail? How hard can this trial be that only four out of the tons of people in the guild have passed? Lucy was honestly surprised.

"Gramps usually sticks to the basic battles among guild members, but whether you are against the other competitors or an S-class is where things become challenging," Gray said, returning with his clothes crumpled and balled up in his hand.

"Battle against an S-Class mage," Lucy repeated, eyeing the three in disbelief. "Is Master Makarov trying to get people to instantly steer clear of the trail?"

Erza laughed heartily at the blonde's reaction, placing her fork down on her now empty plate and already grabbing a second serving of the strawberry cake.

"Do not worry Lucy, Master changes the trials up from time to time, and those who do happen to face an S-Class mage don't need to worry about being seriously injured. Our job as S-Class mages is to assess if the competitor is capable both mentally and physically enough to battle us in combat." She said with a warm smile. She opened her mouth to continue her explanation but was cut off by a large group of mages.

Many shouts sounded throughout Fairy Tail, followed by a faint crash as the first brawl of the night broke out. Everyone at the bar groaned in annoyance, some glaring at the crown, others turning their heads in the opposite direction of the overbearing noise.

"I see someone has decided to begin another strength tournament." Erza rumbled, a thick dark aura beginning to surround her. Lucy looked to ask for the sudden serious tone, but what stopped her in her tracks was a broken plate and unfinished piece of cake on the floor. Putting two and two together, Lucy, Gray, and Mira quickly realized where this would go downhill fast. And they were right as Erza swiftly marched across the room towards the clump of fighting mages.

Nervous sweat rolled down my head as Lucy looked to Gray. Gray shook his head in annoyance, knowing that someone in the guild is going to wish they had never angered the mighty Titania.

"Come on Lucy, better go stop Erza before she ends up destroying the entire guild." Gray sighed, already walking in the brawl's direction. Lucy sat nervously in her seat for a moment, but decided to follow, not wanting to sit around and do nothing while Gray had to deal with a furious Erza. She bid Mira a quick apology before heading towards Gray and the rest of the crowdy and oblivious mages.

The blonde crossed the room in fluid steps, quickly reaching the two mages. A swift scan of the room and Lucy noticed the fighting had stopped sometime on her way over because all eyes were on the silently livid red-head. A heap of tangled bodies froze in place, some bystanders even running to get out of eyesight in fear of Erza's reaction.

With arms crossed over her chest Erza eyed down the guild, searching for the culprit.

"Who started this fight?" She demanded through clenched teeth, anger seeping out of her. All eyes flew to the pile on the ground, pointing out the oblivious dragon slayer.

"Hey, why'd everyone stop? I must've been too much to handle!" The boisterous mage laughed. "Ok, I will go easy on ya guys this time then. Who's ready for round two!" When no one replied it was then that Natsu had begun to feel the tension in the air. He slowly turned to look over his shoulder and was met with Erza's menacing gaze. Nastu's wide-eyed expression mirrored everyone else's in the guild.

He took one quick step to the right. Then another. And before I knew it, he was running across the guild hall, arms flailing around him.

"Nastu!" Erza barked, grabbing him from the back of his shirt and holding him in the air, clearly angered by his childish antics. "I will ask you one last time. Did you start this?"

"Well, you see, I technically didn't." He answered in a small voice.

"That does not matter." Erza cut in before anyone he could speak another word. "Natsu, we understand it's ok to spar and battle with each other once in a while but engaging in an all-out riot is unacceptable."

"But, Erza! It really wasn't my fault!" Natsu whined. "All I suggested was a small tournament! How was I supposed to know so many people wanted to join in?"

"She's right Natsu," Gray added. "You shouldn't start these pointless fights in the guild just for the hell of it. Even I get tired of it sometimes," he huffed.

"Ha! You're one to talk, Gray!" Natsu retorted. "Just last week you were out here with the rest of us!"

"That's beside the point, Flame Brain!" Gray retorted his cheeks a slight tinge of red and moving closer to the fire mage. "It ain't always a contest to see who is the best Natsu."

Natsu laughed in his face and headbutted Gray, a sneaky move but effective in getting Gray riled up. "Oh yeah? If that's the way you really feel ice block, then fight me!"

Gray rubbed his forehead and punched Natsu away from him, "Like hell I will, that defeats the whole point of this conversation!"

Lisanna lightly touched Natsu's forearm and placed herself between the two polar opposite mages. "Natsu, why don't we listen to Gray and Erza?" she said in a delicate tone. "I'm sure everyone doesn't want to witness fights all night, and let's not forget my poor sister who will probably clean up after your mess. Why don't we stop for now, hm?" She started out as sweet as can be, but slowly her tone became scarier when it came to the point of Mira being affected by his actions. She looked at him while smiling, but her aura was intent to kill if he did not agree.

Natsu blanched slightly and chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Well geez, when you put it that way how can I say no?" He chuckled more and stared to slowly inch away from his childhood friend.

Lucy smiled at the two during their exchange and only felt slightly sorry for herself. No one could come between those two, but right now she didn't mind if it meant Natsu would stop his fighting. Lisanna noticed her staring and smiled at the celestial mage.

"Now see here," Lisanna continued. "I don't want any more of this fighting going on, save us all a headache, ain't that right Lucy?"

"Well, you heard the lady. Get a grip Natsu and don't let your friend down." Lucy smiled at Lisanna then Natsu. "Now if you all are so eager to prove yourself for these trials, I'm surprised the request board is still filled up. I don't think Master Makarov will pick any of you all if no one is putting in any work!" Lucy said to the guild and immediately people scrambled to the board to get their hands on any job they could find. She laughed to herself and Erza gave her a hard pat on the back.

"Good job, Lucy," Erza boomed. "Now tomorrow people will be prepared to work rather than recovering from tonight."

Lucy cringed at the stinging on her back and gave Erza a thumb up. "I better head out myself, maybe get a little relaxation in after this day." She laughed to herself and started to say her goodbyes.

"Need me to walk you home?" Gray asked innocently, but Lucy declined since Juvia's glaring eyes were instantly on her.

She walked out the front door and started her walk to her apartment. Let's see what tomorrow holds.

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