Hello : ) So, I've decided to combine two of my favorite things - PJO and the Avengers/Marvel Movies. This is a rough draft/rough story. I write to relax, so revision/editing wasn't really a priority today. I may make additional edits along the way. Please tell me what you think and if you have any ideas/requests.


Thor read the parchment letter, scribbled in ancient Greek, as he paced back and forth in Stark Tower's meeting room. Upon his arrival on Midgard he told JARVIS to assemble all the Avengers.

"Thor, if you were mortal I'd kill you," Tony collapsed on a couch, wearing some rather embarrassing PJ's. "I know you're not one to remember the timetables of planet Earth, but 2AM is not the right time for a conference call."

"I figured you of all the Avengers would be awake at this hour. But, never mind the time, this is a matter of universal politics," the God of Thunder continued to pace as he waited for his pop-tart to launch out of the toaster.

"Universal politics? Like, more aliens? I could care less. You should've let me sleep."

Clint and Natasha walked into the room, attempting to stifle their own yawns. "Steve and Bruce are on their way to the tower," Natasha announced after she'd snatched a cup of coffee.

Thor hardly paid any of them any notice, even after he devoured his strawberry pop-tart. It wasn't until every member was lounging on a couch, or half-sleeping on the floor, that he broke the ominous silence.

"My father sent me down from Asgard to resolve a rather serious political issue. I'm not absolutely sure what I'm allowed to tell mortals, but if my father's right about the future I'm willing to take a few risks."

Natasha sat forward. "What type of politics Thor? Why are you so worked up?"

The god ignored the assassin and continued to talk aloud, almost to himself. "You've met my brother Loki and I, the personification of Norse mythology. But, I'm sorry to say, that we are not the only supernatural beings in this realm. We reside on another planet because our magic was too week to hide our presence on Earth," he paused, as if he was reluctant to add this last part. "And, we were ousted by other forces."

As Tony listened from the couch with his eyes closed, he made the weirdest facial expressions, until he finally sat up and, awake for the first time, interrupted Thor. "You're not making much sense buddy. Or maybe I'm still dreaming. You said something about universal politics? And then what does your father say about the future?"

"Yeah, please Thor. Make at least some sense. I'm half asleep and your monologue about aliens and mythology isn't doing anything to wake me up," Bruce said.

Thor grumbled to himself, then finally stopped pacing. "We are going to travel the coast to meet up with a few diplomats. My father sent me to make peace with them and o address his growing concerns about a universal war. I'm asking…I'm inviting all of you to come with me."

"Holy crap! Are you scared of these people Thor?" Tony almost coughed up his coffee at the idea.

"No!" Thor shouted unconcvincingly. "In fact, I respect them. It is just…I have not met them before and they have experienced a period of unrest recently. I am not scared, not even intimidated! I just think that if what my father says is true, it is about time you should meet them."

This time Steve raised his hand, to interrupt the god. "I'm going to ask the question we're all wondering about. Why exactly did you call us in the middle of the night? And who are we meeting exactly?"

"I want this first meeting to occur without Fury noticing. Also, they specified we meet as soon as possible."

They waited for him to continue, but he didn't. "Thor, who is they?" Steve asked again.

"We will meet them before sun-up. We leave in an hour."

"I was sleeping, actually sleeping. No nightmares," Thalia almost shrieked in rage. "If he was mortal, I'd kill him."

Percy and Nico just chuckled. "If he was mortal we'd all kill him. Your dad is a pain in the ass," Nico said. Thunder and lightning crackled in the distance. "Sorry Uncle Zeus, you know we have no other choice but to love you!" Nico called back to the lightning and thunder which began to get closer.

"I'm just glad he didn't wake Annabeth," Percy whispered into the darkness.

The three demigods stood on the shoreline, ready to do the bidding of the gods. All of them had the tired look of people woken up suddenly in the middle of the night, and all of them wore equally frustrated and exhausted expressions on their faces.

Thalia suddenly began to move around. "Nico and I will wait in the shadows at first. We can give the Norseman a scare if you want to."

Percy nodded. "If you want to. I have a feeling he's going to bring more friends with him. He has aligned himself with the Avengers before."

"He's not going to be happy that he's meeting with us instead of our parents," Nico said, tracing his sword in the sand. "But I'm wondering – will he worship the almighty Percy Jackson? Or will he be an arrogant godly ass?"

Thalia nodded. "I'm sure they've heard rumors of the Titan and Giant Wars in Asgard. But, I'm also sure he's not going to like meeting up with teenagers."

"Hey, I am an adult," Percy insisted, pointing at his cousins, but without much conviction.

"Yeah, just keep telling yourself that Perce." Nico patted him on the shoulder before he shifted himself and Thalia into the shadows.

Natasha hid her confusion. She was confused with the way the god of thunder acted; she was confused about this strange meeting; and her confusion only grew when she met the strange figures on the beach.

"Who exactly are we going to meet here?" Steve asked Thor for the fifth time since they left the tower.

At first, they saw no one. But, as they walked down the isolated beach, she spotted a lone figure standing right on the shoreline, the waves just missing his feet.

The Avengers approached him, Thor wearing an increasingly guarded expression. Wearing converse, jeans and a white t-shirt, the casually dressed figure looked completely out of place standing before the uniformed Avengers.

Natasha had a hard time reading the young adult. His wore an expression that was as mischievous as it was mature. His black hair waved around with the restless sea breeze; his eyes calculated the approaching celebrities, while his mouth stayed in a smirk.

Natasha was able to hide her confusion way better than Tony and Bruce. They stood, coffee cups in hand, staring wide-mouthed at the boy on the beach. Thor hadn't really given them an idea of what to expect. Natasha expected a mystical unicorn more than she expected the random stranger she saw before her.

When they were within a couple yards of the boy, who stood unflinchingly in the same spot, Thor told them to stay put.

"What the hell Thor? Am I still dreaming? What's with the random kid on the beach?" Tony gestured around him with his coffee cup in hand, which looked especially odd since he was wearing his iron man suit.

The god ignored Tony as he took a few steps forward, towards the seeming stranger. And then bowed to his knees.

Tony dropped his coffee cup.