Chapter Three

Several Naruto clones sat in a grassy field reading scrolls while the original was training with a horde of clones, working on his Taijutsu.

One of the clones was currently working on a seal to improve Naruto's mass distribution. The whole point of the seal was to maintain balance of Naruto's mass in his point of few, but when he fought, he would be considered a heavy hitter because of the force of his mass. The seal was being quite difficult, but he was sure it could be done.

A group of three clones sat in a circle coming up with ides for original jutsu. With Naruto's affinity being wind, water and earth, he had the ability to have a large library of his own jutsu. Two clones were working on the element jutsu while the third clone was dissecting each element to be able to create the jutsu.

Two clones not to far away actually had their heads in books, studying history that he was never accustomed to due to his neglect in the academy. Naruto didn't want to learn just about the last fifty years of the Shinobi era, he wanted to learn further than that.

He would have to search for a library however to be able to accomplish this. Like every major village, it was expected that the information supplied was biased. That wasn't really a good thing when trying to learn about each side.

Other clones were plotting down on large sheet that mapped out the entire elemental nations. They noticed though, that the nations were shortened a bit, as if there was more to it. It would be some time later that day when they figured out that there was more land, a whole West, South and North side than just the elemental nations, which resided in eastern lands.

This is what Naruto has been doing for the last three days straight as he waited for Sarutobi to fulfill his side of the deal. However, he trusted nobody, only himself and Kurama. One of his senses went off due to smelling something fishy when concerning the Hokage.

Naruto knew he was up to something…and he was ready. For whatever it was, he was ready. He would not be caught by surprise when Sarutobi sprung his trap and he had no way out. No, he was ready to fight if need be.

Besides, he himself had his own plans. He does not plan to stay in Konoha for the rest of his life, he refused. He will travel the world and learn new things until it was time to claim his place on top against his spirit brother, Indra.

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly, blowing away the surrounding clones with his gravity release. However, it was not as strong as he wanted it to be. While the clones did disperse, he still saw it as weak. It could be better, stronger.

Flexing his hand he grunted, sitting down with his legs crossed. Closing his eyes, he waited a few moments before opening them again.

When he did he was sitting in front of a patient Kyuubi. While the gate was still closed, it was comfortable for the fox than it was before. Besides he was not going to hound his container. Releasing him from this prison was on top of the agenda, he had no worries.

"You seem, frustrated….problem?" Kurama inquired and Naruto gave a nod as he glared at his hand.

"This lack of power is becoming tedious. Before I sealed myself, my power was adequate. Now, it's dim…why?" Naruto wondered and the Kyuubi gazed at him for a long while. Naruto waited as the fox pondered on his answer.

"You are still waking. It is understandable, being asleep for over two years, you would be still tired. Your mind is awake, but your abilities are trying to wake up as well," Kyuubi informed and Naruto scowled.

"Isn't there some kind of way I can jump start it or something? I feel powerless," Naruto muttered and the fox shook his head.

"No…but," the fox paused as he gazed at Naruto, or most likely through him. The blond looked away from his hand towards the quiet fox.

"Something on your mind?" The teen asked and the Kyuubi gave a light nod.

"Yes. I find it interesting that despite being Naruto Uzumaki…you are gaining flashes and the abilities of Asura," The Kyuubi stated and Naruto remained silent. "I wonder if this means given a certain amount of time, you will become…"

"No," Naruto interrupted shaking his head. "Though I appreciate the contents that is Asura, I am not him. I am Naruto Uzumaki and will always remain, Naruto Uzumaki," He stated with a serious confident tone. Kyuubi gave a smirk as he nodded.

"Then it is time for you to grow. It won't be long before the incarnation of Indra starts to wake as well. And when they do the true battle will start to begin," Kyuubi stated and Naruto nodded.

"What must I do to increase my power?" Naruto wondered, causing Kurama to grin.

If Naruto didn't know any better, he would say that Kurama had a plan.

"Welcome to Sharp point!" the clerk greeted Naruto as he walked into the weapon shop. He was actually a clone, while the original continued to work on his physical prowess.

Walking down the isles of the shop, Naruto debated on what weapons he should get. He wanted to be proficient in different things, weapon arts were one of them. With a sigh, he scratched the back of his head.

"Confused?" the blond glanced behind him to see a girl around his age smiling at him with a amused look in her eyes. The noticeable thing about her was her twin buns and brown eyes.

"I guess so," Naruto stated as he looked back towards the wall of weapons. "I'm trying to figure out where I want to start. For the last week or so I have been working on my shurikenjutsu and it's about perfect,"

"Your trying to expand then?" He gave a nod. "Oh I see, what do you want to learn?"

"About everything," Naruto answered causing her eyes to widen. "I've always thought a Shinobi should be well rounded when thrown in a situation that doesn't fit them. I have the ability to learn almost anything I want, if given time and the proper guidance," Naruto told her.

"So your trying to be a weapon master?" her answer was a nod. "That's…amazing," she breathed and Naruto turned to her with a raised brow. Smiling she explained, "Not many people have a goal to be a weapon master. They just pick up some shuriken, maybe a sword and move on,"

"Yeah, I want to learn more than that. If I can beat my opponent by catching them off guard with lets say a Bo staff, I'm all for it," the blond shrugged. The girl grinned more before introducing herself.

"I'm TenTen Hirugashi, my uncle owns the shop," she said, holding out her hand. Naruto nodded, shaking it firmly yet softly.

"Naruto Uzumaki," he returned.

"Pleasure," TenTen grinned causing Naruto to give a small smile. "My team is off duty for the next month or so…maybe if your interested I can help you out?" she offered and Naruto looked a bit surprised.

"I don't want to be a bother," he shook his head but TenTen waved him off, grin still in place.

"No bother at all! I'm really happy to find a person who has decided to be interested in weapons. It means I can finally have a rival," TenTen informed and Naruto smirked before he chuckled.

"Yes, it's always good to have a friendly rivalry. Well TenTen, if you insist, I'm in your care. Keep in mind though, I'm a fast learner," he smirked. TenTen nodded with her own smirk before she started to explain the different weapons to him and how they worked.

"It has been done, Hiruzen,"

The Hokage nodded as he gazed at his old companion, Danzo. "Good, I hope this plan of yours works Danzo. I can feel the grip if have on Naruto's leash slipping, if not already out of my hands,"

"Well then we just need to snatch at it before the boy becomes a loose cannon," Danzo stated as he sat down and placed three folders on the table. "Each of those documents contain his set teammates and sensei,"

"Each of them competent?" Hiruzen asked as he grabbed the first file and opened it. Danzo gave a nod in response while he read the file inside.

"I must recommend though Hiruzen, it would be smart to allow the boy to…travel for a little bit. Give him the false sense of the freedom he thinks he has acquired," Danzo told him.

Hiruzen did not reply but he did give the man a glance, looking back towards the file. "The Chunin exams are in four months, I take it you have accounted for that as well?"

A sly smirk came upon the mans face, "Why of course Hiruzen, after all we are going about it my way now aren't we?" Hiruzen remained silent as he gave a glare to the man.

Setting down the file, he picked up the next one and shook his head slowly. Danzo guessed he was looking at a particular file and spoke up, "That one has…been rather tame as of late. The process was a success,"

"It better. I don't need this one becoming a spitting image of him, Danzo. I'm surprised she is still alive, her mentality must be approvable then?" Hiruzen figured which Danzo gave a nod too.

Setting the file down, Hiruzen moved onto the next.

"Alright, I approve. Have them meet in the designated area, I will have Naruto do the same," Hiruzen ordered as he placed the files in his drawer. Danzo nodded as he stood and began to leave.

"Oh and Danzo," Hiruzen called, causing the man to stop. "I thank you for your cooperation," the Hokage nodded thankfully. Danzo gave a small smile in return.

"Anything for Konoha, Hiruzen,"

The original Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha to head to this destination the Hokage wanted him to go. The blond was impressed how fast his request had been handled, but that didn't mean he would let his guard down.

If anything, it made him even more alert. Why would Hiruzen be so hasty in completing the given task? While Naruto didn't want to over think it, he was not buying what Hiruzen was selling.

Naruto slightly raised his brow as he saw Ino and Sakura walking towards him. His intention was to ignore them, but he couldn't as Ino had called him. While he could have ignored her as if he didn't hear her, he decided not to be rude to the girl who was working on being his friend.

"Ino-san, Haruno," Naruto greeted, his blank expression still in place. Ino smiled at him and was going to speak before she noticed exactly what situation she had just put herself in.

Looking over to Sakura, she could see the girl was gazing hard at Naruto while the blond looked completely uninterested.

"So um, whats up Naruto? Where ya headed?" she asked her smile in place, though it was a bit nervous. Naruto focused on her, giving a light shrug.

"I'm going to meet my new team," he told her and Sakura's eyes widened while Ino looked a bit surprised as well.

"New team?" Ino asked. Naruto nodded though both of their attention went to Sakura who spoke out.

"New team?! Naruto what are you talking about? You are already part of a team! Team 7 remember? With me, Sasuke-kun and Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura reminded the blond gave a her a chilling glare before he replied to her.

"I resigned from that squad after the last mission. I have goals to fulfill, playing ninja with Kakashi was not working for me. And the fact I had to deal with an arrogant boy and a useless child, did not sway me to stay any longer," Naruto shot with a cool tone.

Sakura looked a bit hurt before she calmed herself and spoke. "Look Naruto, if its about what happened at the party I'm so-"

"I'll see you later Ino," Naruto cut her off as he began walking away. Sakura and Ino both blinked a bit put off by Naruto's dismissal.

"Naruto! Let me finish!"

"I rather not, I don't like listening to bullshit if I can help it," Naruto replied, his back still turned to them while he kept walking.

Sakura was appalled by Naruto's behavior and was going to go chase after him but couldn't due to being yanked back. Turning her head to the one who halted her she glared at Ino.

"Ino! What the hell are you doing? I need to talk to him!" Sakura shouted but Ino shook her head, a firm frown on her lips.

"No Sakura, Naruto doesn't want to talk to you. Just leave him alone," Ino stated but Sakura freed her arm with a pull.

"I'm not going to hurt him! I just need him to realize he is making a mistake!" Sakura said trying to walk away again, but was held back still.

"Sakura listen to me!" Ino started to shout to gain her friends attention. "I'm not worried about you hurting Naruto, I'm worried about Naruto hurting you!" Sakura blinked as she looked back to see the blond was out of sight.

"He's not going to hurt me Ino, he lo…"


Sakura nearly fell to the ground, holding her face. "Are you stupid?! Why am I asking that? You are stupid! Stupid and delusional! That is not the same Naruto Sakura! And until you get it through your thick ass forehead, don't talk to me!" Ino snapped before walking off in a huff.

Sakura stood up still holding her face, glaring at Ino who was yards away from her now. Looking back towards the direction Naruto was to see nothing but civilians. With a scowl she left for the training spot, wanting to get answers from her sensei.

'You handled that very well,'

Naruto did not reply, as he did not want to speak about the Haruno girl. Hell, he didn't want to think about her, so was deciding not too, changing the subject.

Looking around, he gave a thoughtful frown, 'Why the Hokage monument? I don't understand,'

'Stay alert, I sense a few chakra signatures up ahead. Two of them are radiating a bit of negativity,' Kurama informed and Naruto nodded. He had the ability too, but since he had not fully bonded with his Biju, his ability was low leveled. This was something he planned on working on in the near future.

Because bonding with Kurama, meant more power to crush his opponents with. And he enjoyed crushing people.

The teen walked through the forest, as that is where the chakra signatures were coming from. It took a few minutes, but Naruto new he arrived when he walked upon an open field with fresh grass, a few stones and posts, a decent sized pond etc. It was a training field, but he didn't know why he never noticed one here before.

Scanning around some more, Naruto discovered there were three more people present. Two females and a male, all around his age maybe a year older. However, the three teenagers had kept their distance from each other, minding their own business.

Naruto looked at the fellow boy, coming to the conclusion he was definitely older, probably about 16 maybe 17. He is a bit taller than Naruto, standing at 6'1. He has messy brown hair and fair colored skin. A bored expression was on his face as he stared at the ground.

The teen has red markings directly under his green eyes, stopping just above his cheek bones. He has a athletic fit body from which Naruto could see. He wears a long sleeved shirt that is open at the torso, the colors a reddish brown and green. Tied around his waist is a rope belt while for pants he wears black shinobi pants and shin high open toed black boots. Rested by his side was a black sheathed Chokuto with a key chain of a triangle in a circle hanging off the end of the hilt. The bit of negative energy was coming from him.

Naruto turned to the girl sitting on a boulder to the far right, she was gazing at the sky. The girl looked about 15 maybe 16, fair skin as well. While he couldn't tell how tall she stood, Naruto was pretty sure they were about the same height.

The girl had long shoulder length rose colored hair and pale aqua colored eyes. She wore a sleeveless high collared white coat with brown straps. The coat was zipped up to her collar bone, showing off the black turtleneck shirt she wore underneath. A wide brown belt strap was buckled right underneath her decent sized bust.

For bottoms she wore short brown skirt that stopped a bit above her thighs. Wrapped around her waist in a sling like hold, and around her leg was a leather brown bag which Naruto guessed kept her kunai and shuriken; her left arm wore a black skin tight sleeve while on her hands were dark blue fingerless leather gloves with gold metal knuckles. She wore she wore dark brown shin high boots with shin protectors. By her side was a black case, a handle sticking out. Around her neck she wears a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant.

The last girl who was sitting up in a tall big tree had just as much beauty as the girl previous. She too looked older than him, which Naruto start to think what Hiruzen's goal was. Anyway back to the girl, she looked about 16 with light ivory skin.

She has platinum blond hair which was really long, stopping at her lower back. Framing her face was two long bangs that came down to her generous bust. In the back before flowing down her back, her hair was in spikes. Around her neck are large golden yellow prayer beads.

Her outfit consisted of a purple shoulder-less kimono with white outline, leading down into her bust where it was folded, only showing off cleavage. Tied around her torso, directly under her bust was a black obi, the Kimono still flowed down the obi, stopping at her thighs. The top of the kimono was tight fitting but ended up getting loose at the ends, becoming longer as well, hiding her hands. Her shoes were black sandal boots with shin guards. The bit of negative energy was coming from her as well.

The three met eyes with Naruto but did nothing. No words were shared, no nods were given. Naruto sat by the pond in a meditative pose, hoping to work on his chakra flow with his own and Kurama's.

Hours had passed, and neither of the assembled moved. No words were spoken during this time. Just the sounds of nature.

Naruto's eyes slowly opened as he felt a fifth presence appear. Apparently the other three felt it as well because they too looked towards the direction of the new presence which was at the pond.

The blond boy stood and took a step back as a pillar of human height started to rise. With a small burst of chakra, the water gave a burst to reveal a man who looked to be in his mid thirties.

The man stood at the height of 6'4 with neck length shaggy white hair and fair skin. He had red eyes with a red marking on his chin. He wore a simple, short-sleeved, blue kimono shirt with a long sleeved black shirt with it resembling gloves as it wrapped around his pointer fingers underneath held closed by a pale yellow sash.

The man gazed at each one of them before he gave a small smile, along with a bow.

"I'm glad nothing has gone amiss, you four have passed the first part of my test," The man stated, causing them to give a light look of confusion, though neither of them spoke on it.

"Patience," was the mans answer. "You were each told to arrive at a set time, some of you arrived before then," He stated, glancing to the girl in the tree and the other boy. "Then once the others arrived, you stayed still and silent, waiting patiently for something to occur,"

The four nodded in understanding. Patience was a virtue, a virtue some if not most shinobi were incapable of having. Not being able to control their emotions was another. Good thing's come to those who wait.

"However, I am a bit disappointed in the lack of interaction between you four. But seeing as the situation you were put in, it's understandable and I will allow it to slide for now," the white haired man stated. The teens gave each other glances before looking back towards the new arrival.

"Please gather around, it's time to properly introduce ourselves," The four nodded and gathered around the wooden posts, while the man stood in front of them with crossed arms.

"Now, before we start, I have some things to say," The man told them, and he continued, knowing he had their attention. "You were all gathered here by the order of Hokage Sarutobi. Each of you have their own pasts and special differences that set you apart from average shinobi of Konoha,"

None of them nodded, but they were in agreement. "You also each have a goal, whether it to be great," He went on, glancing to Naruto, "Or personal," he paused glancing to the rose haired girl. "I was brought here because the Hokage offered me a chance to make an actual difference,"

"For the next part of the test, it will determine whether or not to waste all our times or not. I hope that we will be able to work together, but it all depends on you four. So...before we start our introductions, I want to let you know to use a code name you yourself would like to go by and have the others know,"

"Why?" The other boy asked, his voice quiet yet heard. The man gave a small smile before answering.

"Because, what is the point of learning true names if we are never to meet again?"

He made a good point.

"If we all are in agreement, I'll go first. My name is a mystery to you all, and will continue to be unless you pass. But my code name is Sui," The man, now going by Sui said. "Why don't you got first?" he suggested to the blond girl.

"Ah, for now you can call me Hebi," she said, giving a small smile. The other three looked at her before looking towards Sui who nodded to Naruto.

"Asura," was all he said.

"Yasha," The other boy followed, which meant the other girl was last.

"Lightning," was her code name.

"Excellent. And I bet each of those code names weren't picked at random. Most likely something related to your individual backgrounds," Sui smiled causing the four to blink a bit.

Clapping his hands, Sui continued. "Alright, now time for the second part of the test. This test is a mental aspect," this caused them to look properly thrown off by the test.

"Mental? Wouldn't it be physical?" Hebi asked and Sui shook his head.

"You would think so wouldn't you? No, a physical test is the standard for Konoha jounin to distribute to their genin teams. It is to test their capabilities, and to also know their abilities," Sui told them and Naruto gave a light nod in understanding.

Kakashi's bell test is what it exactly was. Though it was to test teamwork, he got to experience each of their battle skills. And upon witnessing them, it was to pick them apart to make them fail.

"As I said before. I am not willing to force you four to disclose any information you don't want us to know if we are not going to be a team. We might not see each other again, so what is the point?" Sui raised a brow before shrugging.

The four understood completely now, and Sui knew this. Good, it meant they were actually listening and comprehending.

"As I was saying, this test is mental. A Genjutsu to be exact. You each will be cast in a Genjutsu, and based off your decisions is what I will make my final answer, understood?" Each gave a nod which kept his smile intact.

"Good. Now I would like for you all to sit in a circle," the four did so, and Sui pulled out a paper seal. Placing it on the ground at the center, he stepped back and went through three hand signs.

"Best of luck to you all," Sui stated before he called out the name of the jutsu. "Hassan Akumu no jutsu! (Divergence Nightmare jutsu)

Almost immediately, the fours eyes started to become heavy before shutting, entering the nightmare realm.

Sakura trudged into team 7's training ground to see Kakashi was training Sasuke in Taijutsu. The girl looked around, in hopes to see Naruto, hoping he was just being an ass and bluffing. But no matter where she looked, he was nowhere to be found.

With a deep frown she sat on the ground by the tree and waited for the two to be done with their training. It wasn't long when they were and Sasuke walked over for a drink of water, ignoring her.

It's what he has been doing for the last month since he slapped her. Before that he was just dealing with her because he had too, but now he was flat out ignoring her as if she didn't exist. And while it did hurt her feelings; her feelings were even more hurt when Naruto not only stopped doting on her, but he ignored her very existence as well!

It wasn't until Sasuke slapped her that she was able to pick up on Naruto's apathetic behavior. During their time together, he rarely spoke, only doing so when it concerned him more than he would have probably liked. He did not acknowledge her or Sasuke's presence, sometimes not even Kakashi's.

The blond always aimed to get things done and fast, most likely to get away from them as fast as he could. Somedays he even skipped training, like they all figured he did three days ago. But not because he had dropped himself from the team!

But…was she the only one who knew? I mean a member drop is pretty big, and needs an approval of the Hokage. So, if Naruto dropped, Kakashi must have been informed. Maybe Sasuke knew? But if he did, he wouldn't tell her because he was ignoring her.

So…did that mean she was the only one left out of the loop? She had to know!

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura called, earning the mans attention. "I need to speak with you about something urgent, it's about Naruto,"

She and Sasuke both caught his eye lower a bit when the boys named was mentioned. So he did know then!

"Oh? Did he say something to you? Maybe you two have re-connected?" he eye smiled. But both genin knew that he was hiding something.

"No, not at all," Sakura said quietly. A flash of the uninterested look in Naruto's eyes appeared in her mind, causing her to flinch. "D-did…Did Naruto really quit the team?"

Sasuke's eyes went wide a bit as he looked between the two. From his reaction, Sakura now knew that he did not know. Kakashi's however, was a flash of disappointment in his eye, only confirming Sakura's suspicions and Naruto's claim.

With a sigh, Kakashi scratched the back of his head. "Naruto did in fact resign from the team. Hokage-sama informed me two days ago, a day after the paperwork had been done,"

"What?! Didn't you talk to Naruto?! Tell him that he was making a mistake and that team 7 wouldn't be the same?" Sakura shouted, only Kakashi gave a light glare at her.

"What do you think I have been trying to do for the last two days Sakura? It's actually the reason I have been late more than usual. I've been trying to find Naruto so I can convince him into coming back to the team," Kakashi argued.

"Well you weren't trying hard enough!" Sakura fired back, earning a growl from the teacher.

"Enough, both of you," Sasuke cut in smoothly and coldly. The two stopped their glaring to look at Sasuke. "Fighting about it is not going to convince Naruto to come back. Sakura, don't blame this on Kakashi, because this is mostly your fault," Sasuke rounded on with a glare.

Sakura's eyes went wide before her shoulders slumped. Sasuke then turned to Kakashi, "And you shouldn't even be trying to convince Naruto, this is your fault as well. You were his sensei, yet you did not teach him enough to want to stay. If I was in Naruto's position I would quit too, you both are worthless," the Uchiha insulted with a sneer.

Kakashi's shoulders slumped as well, knowing Sasuke was more than right.

"He's not coming back…is he?" Sakura muttered and Sasuke shrugged his shoulders.

"Though I doubt it, there is still a small chance. One of the reasons Naruto probably left, was because of the lack of strength. If he was able to send Kakashi to the hospital, he must have felt he was outclassing us," Sasuke replied. "Being surrounded by weaklings does not boost your confidence in abilities, it makes you doubt them,"

"How so?" Sakura wondered causing Sasuke to glance at her.

"If you are the strongest in the team, and your other two teammates are clearly lower than you, how do you know you are strong enough to face someone else? If there is not someone who is close to equal in strength, no reason to stay," Sasuke explained.

"So, your saying in order for Naruto to consider even a smidge to come back, we have to be just as strong as him?" Sakura wondered. And Sasuke gave a shrug in response.

"It's Naruto's choice not mine," he told her as he walked off to continue training. Sakura pondered on it before looking towards Kakashi who was sullen.

"Sensei, I believe we have a shot at brining Naruto back so we can be a real team," Sakura smiled lightly. Kakashi raised a brow before he nodded in agreement.

"Hai, lets get started then,"

End of chapter.

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