Prologue: A Set Plan

The Namikaze clan and The Uzumaki clan. The two greatest clans in all of Konohagakure. They were merged. Ever since the heir of the Namikaze clan, Minato Namikaze and the heiress of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina Uzumaki got married both new clan heads decided to merge their clans together.

The Namikaze clan had a population of 124 people. And the Uzumaki clan had 106 people. The merged clan had the biggest compound in the village, surpassing the Hyuuga clan compound which had the branch and main family.

The Namikaze Uzumaki clan compound was just a little away from the village and was huge, almost like their own little town. Their were usually children with blonde or red hair running around having fun, Shops were open with customers and all such others.

But not tonight. Tonight all the people were in their homes protecting their children in case the huge demon came to their compound and attacked. They were all safe in their homes. Unlike the other clans who were out in the open suffering from the 9 tailed fox's rage.

In the center of the village was a giant fox as tall as the Hokage tower and wide as the Uchiha compound. It had 9 tails flailing behind it destroying buildings while it growled from being attacked from the ninja of Konoha.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the first born of Minato and Kushina Namikaze, the son of the Yondaime Hokage and the red death of Konoha was sitting on the porch watching as the fox attacked his home. It was a full moon tonight. And he was gazing up at it, not knowing the beast sealed within the moon was staring back at him with a curious eye.

Naruto was 5 years old. He had his fathers spiky blonde hair and his mothers dark blue almost grey eyes. He wore a high collared black shirt with dark blue shinobi pants. The Yellow Namikaze Uzumaki clan symbol of a whirlpool adorned the back of his shirt.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing out here?" A soft older female voice asked.

"Gazing at the moon Kagura-nee." Naruto replied with a shrug. The woman behind him was Kagura Kaguya.

She had long Snow white hair that was tied back by a multicolored rope. Kagura had jade green eyes and nice fair skin. She was about 5'8. The woman wore a tight Anbu outfit without her Neko Anbu mask.

Kagura was 15 years old and assigned to protect Naruto. She was his secret bodyguard and the only thing that kept her in Konoha. Kagura loved the blonde dearly and felt as if his brightness was going to disappear. And when it did she would be there for him.

"But Naruto-kun, Minato-sama and Kushina-sama want me to make sure you are safe. You can't be safe if your out here." Kagura told him with somewhat of a stern voice.

"Nee-chan. What do you think the baby will be? A girl or a boy?" Naruto asked ignoring her statement.

"Naruto." She muttered with a sigh.

"I hope it's a girl. That way Izumi-Chan's little brother Sasuke can be friends with my sister." Naruto smiled lightly.

Kagura sighed knowing she wasn't going to get the blonde to move. So she sat down next to him gazing at the moon also. Izumi Uchiha was the daughter of the clan head, Fugaku Uchiha and Mikoto Uchiha.

The Uchiha leaders both just had a baby boy not that long ago in July. Sasuke Uchiha. Named after the Sandaime Hokage's father, hoping Sasuke would be a great ninja.

"I don't know Naruto-kun. Either way I'll still be protecting and watching over you." Kagura shrugged. Naruto smiled at that.

"Thanks Nee-chan." Naruto said hugging her. Kagura gained her own smile

"No problem Naru-kun." She returned hugging him back.



Both ancient sibling spirits clashed with each other once more. Indra's Sharingan eyes spun wildly as his Blood red Susanoo clashed with his brothers Golden three headed avatar.

For the past three hours, the two have been in heated battle like they always have since they could remember. The reason they were fighting, was the final decision of their next reincarnation.

Both had the target sight, and that was the new born daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

They both could feel the potential that would bring the ultimate decision concerning the world, within that child. They figured they made the right choices last time, concerning Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju which were actually their direct descendants

Those two however were basically the exact same as them, which created their rivalry and their increases in power, along with the misunderstanding of each other. And much to Indra's ire, he lost the battle against his brother.

However, now these two were at a stalemate, and they both could feel their time running out. It would not be long before their eternal spirits would either be forced to choose a new host, or they would become specters and be forced to watch the other fulfill their will.

Busy caught up in their fighting it, the two were unaware of the two beings watching them from a cloud above them. The two weren't just watching the two brothers, but the havoc in Konoha as well which concerned the Kyuubi.

"Is this part of your plan? Just to sit here and watch?" One of the beings wondered. It was a woman, a beautiful woman at that.

She had long black hair that was tied into a ponytail and a bang that mostly covered her left eye which were dark shining onyx eyes. The woman had a light tan and nice supple lips as well.

The woman wore a tight short sleeved black shirt that was cut at the collar and pressed against her wonderful perky C-cup breasts. She also had curves in all the right places and had a nice plump tight ass.

The bottom half of her body wore white Hakama pants that hung at her low hips showing her flat muscled stomach due to her shirt stopping right after her belly button. Tied around her waist was a black sash with extra length. Last was she wasn't any wearing any shoes showing her nice feet and black toenail polish.

"It is almost time, you must be patient, Himekara," The second being, another woman stated. This woman was beautiful as well. In possession of very delicate facial features, she also had long, sweeping very light colored hair that would touch the ground if she stood on it.

Most noticeable were two horn like protrusions which stuck out from her head. The woman also possessed milky white eyes, which were dubbed the Byakugan. At the centre of her forehead their was an eyelid that was vertical, it being closed. Her eyebrows were cut very short, a symbol of nobility. A dark shade of lipstick and nail polish was worn on her.

Lastly she wore the transitional high-collared Hime-Kimono which was adored with intricate lines and a tomoe running down the centre and edges of the gown.

"How can I be patient? Hell! How can you be patient!? Not only is that baka-fox fucking shit up, but the aura your baka grandsons are giving off are fucking with shit too!" Himekara cursed earning a firm bash on the head from the being, causing the woman to hold her head from pain.

"Language Hime-chan," the noble looking woman chastised.

"Muu, gomen Kaguya-sama," Himekara pouted rubbing her head. Kaguya smiled as she focused back on the scene before them.

"I can remain calm Hime-chan because I already know of the outcome of this battle. Just like Hagomoro-kun, I grow tired of watching my grandsons fight and bicker all the time. Hagomoro-kun and Dairanma-kun never fought like this, it saddens me so," Kaguya sighed sadly earning a light nod from her companion.

"But now, I have a way to end all of this fighting and allow my grandsons to still have their fun all the while. Just be patient for a few more minutes Hime-chan, it's almost over," Kaguya smiled softly.

Himekara gave a grunt as she crossed her arms and continued to watch events unfold.

"Are you sure about this Minato?" Kushina asked as they were in front of the Kyuubi. She was completely unsure about this situation, and the glare she was receiving from the fox was not helping.

Kushina was holding her new born daughter Hikari. She looked just like Kushina. She had straight red hair with some blonde. Also the baby girl had sky blue eyes like her father.

"There is no other way. I want you to take care of Naruto and Hikari for me Kushina." Minato told her firmly shaking his head.

"But…" She was cut off when the Shinigami appeared behind Minato.

The ghostly arm went through Minato's body and grabbed onto the fox. However before he could perform the rest of his duties, his attention was given the spiritual explosion taking place a few miles away.

The deity narrowed his eyes before he opened his senses only to now be aware of the spiritual presence of Himekara and Kaguya.

"Kaguya, what business do you have here?" The Shinigami spoke to the two spirit women who were now standing behind the Shinigami. Kaguya gave a smile before she spoke.

"You know as well as I do the outcome of this world, Shinigami. Shinju will be freed and chaos will ensue," Kaguya said earning a surprised look from Himekara who obviously did not know of this.

"Yes, and the gods will have to deal with it as it will become a threat to the heavens. Maybe if you kept your hands to yourself all those ages ago, this wouldn't be a problem…any of it," The Shinigami replied, a little of venom in his voice. Kaguya however was not offended as she nodded in agreement.

"Perhaps. But it does not matter now. What's done is done. And though we can look into the future, we can not stop it, only alter it. Please, allow me to at least help in fixing my wrong doings," Kaguya pleaded and the deity snorted.

"Ha! Why should I? If let the chips fall where they may, I still get a healthy sum of souls. I see no point in changing that," The Shinigami argued.

"Yes, but when the Shinju is free, there will be nothing but death. Life will not preserve and grow again, which means no new souls to claim. If no children are born, no children can grow and die. The Shinju will murder all in one mass sweep, and there will be no souls left to claim," Kaguya returned, still calm as ever.

The Shinigami focused on her as he thought about it, and much to his anger, she was right. Even to him the Shinju was a threat. If there were no souls to gather, then he would cease to exist. And non-existence was a fear all deities shared.

In order to exist, there must be belief.

The Shinigami growled before he looked towards the full moon, and he could feel the hateful gaze of the Shinju upon him. With a low grumbling sigh, the deity turned to her.

"What do you want?" He demanded, obviously not happy with this turn of events. Kaguya gave a cheerful smile while Himekara looked amazed at how her teacher just lawyered the Shinigami! THE FUCKING SHINIGAMI!

"Arigatou, Shinigami-dono," Kaguya thanked, giving a half bow earning a scowl from the spirit. "I would like for you to continue the sealing of the Kyuubi, however spare the life of Minato Namikaze,"

The Shinigami nodded as he turned around and returned to the sealing process. With his grip on the biju, he easily yanked it's chakra form from it's physical body. Kaguya and Himekara both watched as the complete chakra form of Kyuubi was sealed inside the baby.

Kaguya smiled with a nod before she looked towards the moon, her expression becoming serious with a frown. Suddenly the vertical slit on her forehead snapped open, revealing a third eye. Her third eye was a Sharingan with ten tomoes, which started to spin rapidly.

A few moments later, the moon began to bleed red and ten tomoes appeared on the red moon. Both Shinigami and Himekara watched in different variations of awe as the woman managed to control the moon in a way.

Shinigami narrowed his eyes as he could feel the intense madness and killer intent radiating from the moon. Was she trying to free the Shinju now!? His thoughts however halted there, due to hearing the Shinju scream.

Five of the black tomoes began to turn white, not long after, the moon had returned to normal and the Shinju's intimidating aura had perished. However, floating in her hand was five glowing white tomoes that were the size of pearls. Kaguya then plucked about four strands of her hair and slipped the hairs through the holes.

Her smile returned upon gazing at the necklace. Turning to Himekara, she had the woman hold out her hand and placed the necklace in it.

"I am leaving this with you, my dear student. This is half of the Shinju's power, and a small dose of my own power. This will help aid the future owner well, and you will guide him of it's use," Kaguya stated causing Himekara too look a bit confused.

"Wait, why me? Why are you giving this to me?" Himekara demanded, not understanding. Kaguya smiled as she brushed back a lock of the woman's hair.

"Because my dear student, you will help me with my plan, and be able to live your life, like you were meant too. It's time for you to spread your wings and fly," Kaguya finished before kissing the woman's forehead.

Himekara wanted to ask more and say a lot more but her eyelids felt like a huge weight and fell, causing her to sleep. Kaguya had her student levitate as she slept. Turning to the Shinigami she continued on with her orders.

"Next concerns my grandsons, please follow me," Kaguya told as she along with her sleeping student left towards the two brothers. Shinigami grunted as he looked down towards Minato and Kushina.

"I'm not in the mood to eat your soul. Consider yourself Lucky, Minato Namikaze." Shinigami said before he disappeared from their eyes to follow Kaguya, leaving a shell shocked Minato and Kushina.

"Did he just let me live?" Minato whispered in disbelief.

"Yes. I think he did. Meaning we can be a family." Kushina smiled, tears starting to fall from her eyes. Minato nodded and hugged his wife and daughter who was giggling from the warmth of her parents.

"You always have to act like the tough guy, huh?" Indra panted as he gazed at his brother who was panting as well, "When will you realize that your ideals mean nothing!?"

"That will be the day when you actually succeed! And maybe even then I still won't give up! As long as I believe I can't lose!" Asura returned with a grin causing his brother to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan.

"I grow tired of your attitude! ASURA!"

"And I grow tired of you being a emo bitch! INDRA!"

Both brothers were ready to clash for what seemed like the hundredth time this night. But before they could get a good hit in, the two were stopped in their tracks, frozen.

"I've had enough of your fighting, Indra, Asura,"

Both men looked towards the voice to see it was their grandmother, Kaguya. The two huffed upon seeing her as she approached them. "You two have been fighting for so long, you haven't even realized that your chances of gaining the host you so desire, is gone,"

"What?! What do you mean!?" Asura demanded and Indra snorted as if he didn't care.

"Whats wrong loser? Can't handle the fact you can't beat me with a random host?" Indra goaded and Asura growled at the man.

"Fuck you Indra! I can still kick your ass if my host was a damn shoe!" Asura returned, bringing forth the verbal fight of the two brothers, ignoring their grandmother whose patience was running thin.

"Enough," She uttered quietly, causing both men to actually stop and look fearfully at their grandmother who had a frightening aura surrounding her. The two gulped before they nodded.

Once she had things under control once more, she spoke, "You two have been fighting since you could walk, and I blame your father. I am not going to sit here and lecture you two, but I'm also not going to sit back and watch you continue this nonsense," Kaguya growled and both remained quiet, though they had serious looks on their faces.

"You two have one more chance, to prove the other wrong. One more; I will assign the hosts, and you will deal with it. This is the final time, use it wisely," Kaguya ordered just as the Shinigami appeared behind her.

The two brothers glared at each other as the Deity fulfilled his order from Kaguya.

Naruto watched as the village was in glee. His father just announced the birth of his sister, Hikari, and that the Kyuubi was sealed within her and would not get out. They were cheering and thanking the hero of Konoha. Naruto was staring impassively at them as they celebrated.

Turning around he headed to the main house for some sleep. Not once did he greet his parents. And he only gave one look to his sister. The look of indifference. He had no opinion of her as of yet. But he did realize the happiness and anxiety he felt from her birth had vanished.

It wouldn't be the first night he would sleep with a frown on his lips and it certainly will not be the last. He just hoped that this new baby would not increase the darkness he already felt in his heart.

He could only hope.

Kaguya sat beside the bed of Naruto Uzumaki with a soft smile. With her student given to her chosen, Indra and Asura taken care of, everything was set. The woman gently caressed her hand against his face.

"I see a prosperous future for you, Naruto-kun," Kaguya whispered to herself. "You will become a handsome, strong, intelligent, skilled young man. Though you will have troubles on your trip there, but I know you will overcome them. I believe in you, Naruto Uzumaki…I believe," kissing him softly at the corner of his lips, Kaguya pulled away.

Now she could sit back and watch her plan unfold.

Alright this is the rewrite of Nidaime Juubi, which is now titled Harbinger. The reason for this rewrite is I lost all sight to the end of the story, and it was written crappy and was outdated.

Now with more information, I bring you this! This story is still a harem, but right now the only two on the list is Izumi(fem. Itachi) and Himekara(Uchiha OC)

So that's it. I'm out!