Chapter I: Anger In The Heart

It's been two years since Naruto's younger sister, Hikari was born. And if you can't do math, that means he is now 7 years old and currently in the academy sitting next to his best friend, Izumi Uchiha.

The girl was stoic and quiet, a bit more than he was. However, whenever the two were alone, she matched his cheerfulness and most of the time wore a smile on her face. But once again, that was only when they were alone together.

As the female Uchiha heir, she needed to be composed most of the time, while also seen as desirable for potential husbands that would be deemed worthy to marry into the clan and command it. Even though she never complained about the standards and requirements set for her, it was still a lot to put on a young girls shoulders.

Izumi was just an inch taller than Naruto and was a carbon copy of her mother, Mikoto. She has two long black bangs that frame her face and a ponytail that goes a little bit pass her neck. The girl has fair colored skin which Naruto deems soft, and beautiful onyx eyes that Naruto loves gazing into along with two other women. She has a slim figure, which is normal for girls her age, though her form is much more fit. She wears a black short sleeved shirt with tight beige shorts, along with black shinobi sandals. on the back of her shirt is the Uchiha symbol.

Naruto hadn't grown much really. His hair has become a little longer and his skin has taken a little darker tint so now he has a light tan. His hair has somewhat noticeable black streaks going through it, though only Izumi paid attention. Which is something, considering it was trait that could be overlooked. Naruto wears a high collared black short sleeved shirt with grey pants, along with shinobi sandals in black. On his back was a yellow Uzumaki swirl, though it was unnoticeably smaller than everyone else's.

"Kids I want to congratulate Naruto and Izumi for passing their genin exams for such a young age. They have worked extremely hard for this honor, and you should strive to be just as successful," Their teacher spoke, putting the spot light on them, causing the kids to clap.

They were the smartest and strongest kids in the academy, the only two to graduate early from their class since the Sannin became Genin. Not even Kakashi Hatake or their parents graduated at the age of seven, that meant it was big.

However, since the two were the only kids to graduate early, the Hokage, Naruto's father had no choice but to have Naruto and Izumi on a two man team. But in actuality, their to-be Jounin sensei was taking them on as apprentices rather than just students. Naruto and Izumi didn't really know the difference but they didn't care.

Naruto did nothing while Izumi nodded in small thanks. The blond didn't feel the need to thank them, he didn't even really need their praise. Here they were sitting like losers, still learning from the text book while he put in actual work to get the hell out of school. The only school he needed was the battlefield.

The two walked up to the front desk to take their headbands from the teacher who beamed at them. "Make your village proud," both kids nodded before tying them against their foreheads.

As the two walked out, Naruto's fan girls and Izumi's fan boys cheered for them but both ignored them. Their sensei would be present in an hour which mean they had free time. Closing the academy door behind them, Naruto gave a quiet sigh.

"So what should we do now Naruto-kun?" Izumi wondered. Naruto was quiet before a smile came across his face.

"I say we head over to your favorite pockey shop," Naruto suggested and Izumi raised a brow.

"But that's all the way in your compound? Are you sure?" She asked. Naruto gave a shrug as he put his hands behind his head and walked on.

"Of course I'm sure, It's my clan compound, I'm allowed," The blond stated before he grabbed her hand and took off with her. The girl blushed lightly at the fact Naruto was holding her hand so tightly, she was unaware of his own light blush.

The two ran down Konoha getting strange looks from the villagers as they ran by. When they arrived at the gates of the Uzumaki-Namikaze compound, they stopped running and walked passed the guards who bowed to Naruto as he walked in.

As they walked Izumi noticed how the clan members smiled and waved at Naruto who kept a blank expression though he gave nods once in awhile. While she was a bit more polite with her own clan, it was similar. The people didn't smile or wave at them for being themselves, giving their respect.

They smiled and waved because they were the children of clan heads, who they respected. It was a bit worse for Naruto in Izumi's eyes seeing as his father was the Yondaime Hokage, who has been claimed to be the best Hokage since the Shodaime, which really isn't a good comparison in her eyes.

Finally arriving at the shop that carried Pockey and Dango, Naruto and Izumi went to order. The owner saw them and gave a smile, greeting them.

"Hello Naruto-sama, Izumi-san. What may I get you today?" He asked. Both requested their usual orders which the owner nodded to before setting to work.

As they waited, the two kids sat down on a bench. "Naruto-kun, do you think sensei will teach us anything different? Maybe something more advanced?" Izumi wondered and the blond shrugged. The girl could see Naruto was a bit disconnected from the attempt of conversation and decided to help.

"What are you thinking right now?" She questioned. Naruto scratched his cheek lightly before giving an answer.

"Tou-sama is the Hokage. And as the Hokage he must approve of teams and promotions right?" His answer was a nod. "So, I just want to know how come there wasn't a big reaction when he found out I was graduating early, something done since the Sannin?"

"Well maybe he and Kushina-san are waiting for the big moment. When you walk in with your headband on, so they know it's official, that you are actually a Shinobi of Konoha," Izumi smiled. Naruto didn't seem to buy it at first but after a few moments he nodded his head.

"I guess so," he chuckled before looking at her. "I'm sure if your dad doesn't do anything, Mikoto-chan certainly will," and Izumi nodded at that, not worried about her mother. It was her father who was a bit hard to please. But hopefully he will be pleased for the time being.

"You're orders are ready Naruto-sama," both kids stood and paid for the food before he started heading towards the academy. Izumi wanted to go to his house so they could eat in his room, but then she remembered the fact that maybe his parents were trying to surprise him. So she simply followed him.

The two were having a peaceful time with their food on top of the academy. It would be another twenty minutes till they met with their sensei, so they had plenty of time.

But as they were enjoying their last sticks, the two suddenly went on alert when shuriken was thrown at them from above. Jumping to the side, both fresh genin finished their current sticks as they looked for their attacker.

"Found," Izumi told him, her Sharingan now active. The blond turned his gaze to the direct spot where they saw a masked cloaked person stood. "Plan?"

"Tunnel," Naruto replied and Izumi nodded before she and Naruto disappeared from view.

The attacker moves to the side a bit as Naruto comes down with an axe kick. Their caught by surprise though when Izumi appeared behind them, throwing a heavy kick at the head. However they blocked the kick with their forearm, grabbed her by her ankle and threw her at Naruto.

"Ugh!" the two grunted before puffing out of existence. The person behind the mask looked a bit surprised, but spun around when sensing a large output of chakra. The sight that greeted them was Naruto bolting right at them with a blue sphere rotating in the palm of his hand.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted, pushing his arm forward to make contact. He did make contact, but it was contact with the ground, making a crater. Though he wasn't finished, as a clone had substituted with a falling leaf right above Naruto, which really did surprise the assailant.

Rotating his leg, the clones foot made painful contact with the attacker, earning a grunt. The person went skidding and tried to retaliate but suddenly they felt bound before slamming into the wall, now realizing they were tied up by invisible steel wire.

"Before I light you to ashes, who are you?" Naruto demanded as he stood up from using his most powerful technique, however he didn't seem winded. Above the now captive attacker was another Naruto clone, holding the wire.

The attacker did not reply, instead they puffed out into air, causing Naruto's eyes to widen. When he spun around to counter, it was too late as four Shuriken zoomed past him and pinned him to the wall.

Grunting, he looked up to see the masked person had an unconscious Izumi in their hold. Naruto's eyes widened but he didn't call her name, it would have been foolish to do that. The blond glared at his enemy, quickly trying to think of a way to break out of this shuriken hold to implement the back up plan to tunnel, just in case it did not work.

It was only two seconds that Naruto finally came up with one. Calling on his chakra, Naruto channeled it throughout his body before he broke free and rushed towards the attacker.

Naruto heard the masked snort as he came near. The blond started to call on more of his chakra as he crossed the fingers of his two hands together.

"Taju Kage bushin no jutsu!" Naruto yelled, summoning at least 100 clones. Twenty jumped in the air towards the enemy, another twenty rushed forward and the last ten stopped in their tracks.

"Let her go!" the clones chorused before they threw their hands back and thousands upon thousands of bladed chains shot at the attacker. The person grunted as they tried to dodge the chains that continued to follow them.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto screamed as he appeared above the attacker, but they dodged his technique. Though the joke was on them, because the Naruto they dodged was an after image. The real one was…

"AGH!" The person screamed as something grinded into their back. As Naruto sent them flying, he snatched Izumi and held her in his arms.

Gazing down at her, he made sure to see if she was okay, only for her to transform into a horde of crows that started flapping in his face. Looking up and around, there was no sign of his attacker.

If his attacker was gone, and Izumi was somewhere, that meant there was a chance she was in trouble. Not wasting anymore time, Naruto reached out with his chakra to use his limited sensing abilities. Upon it not working very well, he swore to increase his training with it.

"Damn Izumi, where are you?"

The young Uchiha girl raced towards the Hokage tower to inform the Hokage, or someone of importance that there was an intruder in the village. But as she thought about it more, she came to a halt.

Looking behind her, her eyes looked around for any Jounin or Anbu, maybe even Chunin. Looking down below, she saw that the civilians were living their lives as if nothing was wrong.

Something was wrong here. Furrowing her brows, she tried to release herself from the potential Genjutsu. But nothing happened, this could only lead up to two things.

Either their attacker was someone from the village and felt like being an asshole…

Or this was a test.

Either way, the masked person is not an intruder, and apparently not dangerous enough to warrant the attention of any high ranked shinobi. And if she remembered correctly, this scenario was a bit similar to when she and Naruto first met their teacher.

Izumi narrowed her eyes a bit before she simply waited a few moments. And like she expected, some form of attack was thrown at her which she avoided. The girl hopped back, landing on another roof as he attacker revealed they're self.

"I'm not going to fight you, I am not Naruto," Izumi stated with conviction. The masked person merely held up a hand of Shuriken but Izumi shook her head. "I refuse. There are always more than one option to handle a situation. I choose the one less traveled,"

A blast of KI was directed at her but Izumi held her ground, her beginner Sharingan blazing to life, "But if I must fight…I will," the girl stated, returning her own KI, and though it wasn't much, it was enough.

"Izumi!" Said Uchiha girl didn't move her gaze away from the enemy, just in case they decided to attack. Naruto landed beside her, a look of relief across his face to see she was fine.

Naruto then glared at the enemy and started to raise his chakra, however he was starting to tire a bit. "Alright, we need to come up with a new improved plan,"

"Naruto, enough," Izumi stated earning a furrowed brow look from the blond. "We are not going to fight, if anything we inform a Anbu or Jounin of this person,"

"What do you think we've been trying to do?" Naruto demanded as he glared at the person, "This asshole keeps blocking us off though and interrupting,"

"They might not even be an intruder. Use your head Naruto," Izumi ordered causing the blond to narrow his eyes. "There's more to being a shinobi than flinging around chakra,"

Naruto did not reply, instead he glanced around several times, noticing something off. "Where the hell are the Anbu?" The blond wondered with a quiet voice.

"Exactly, Naruto…I think we might be being tested," Izumi mentioned and Naruto looked towards her then the attacker. After a few tense moments, it clicked for Naruto.

"Is that you Himekara-sensei?" Naruto inquired. The masked person reached for their hood, pulling it back revealing black hair pulled into a ponytail. Removing the mask, it revealed to be Himekara who hadn't looked like she aged whatsoever.

With a smirk on her lips, she greeted her students, "Ohayo, Naruto-kun, Izumi-chan,"

Naruto and Izumi relaxed their posture but the blond had an irritated look on his face. "Sensei, what the hell was all of this about?"

"To test you of course," She replied, smirk still in place. "Izumi-chan was right Naruto-kun. There is more to being a shinobi than violence; and Izumi-chan took the perfect approach once she thought about it," Himekara smiled.

Naruto glanced towards the girl before he turned back to Himekara, "What was the whole point of this?" he demanded a bit impatiently. Himekara raised a brow before she smirked.

"Looks like I'm going to have to put in some work to get you to be more patient ne?" She chuckled darkly causing the blond to freeze a bit. "I did it for my own reasons, and that's all you need to know. However, congratulations Naruto Uzumaki and Izumi Uchiha, you are both official genin of Konohagakure,"

The two blinked out of surprise, and piecing the puzzle together they realized something.

Himekara was their jounin sensei…

"Well shit,"

Naruto tiredly opened the door to his house and walked in. He was sore all over, in more places than others though. Himekara seemed to enjoy torturing him more rather than Izumi; but that didn't mean the girl wasn't worked just as hard. That bitch is a slave driver more than usual.

Slumping on the couch, he had no other choice as he was too tired to go to his room. Naruto however smelled the cooking of food and it made his stomach grumble.

"Naruto? You're home late," Kushina said walking into the living room, with Hikari in her arms. The blond did not respond, nor did he accept the offer to hold his little sister. The thought of holding her right now annoyed him, as he was not in the best of moods.

"I was training with Izumi and my jounin sensei," He said with off-handedly. Kushina furrowed her brow while Hikari played with her hair.

With a look of remembrance Kushina gave a smile at Naruto, "That's right! Your father did tell me about your early graduation. Good for you sweetie," the woman said. Her attention was then directed to Hikari who started to speak, trying to say 'Ma' and Kushina grinned.

"You hear that Naruto?! Hikari is starting to talk! Isn't that great? She was doing it earlier, I'm so proud of her. She's going to be a talker when she gets older ttebane," Kushina laughed and Naruto gave her a pointed look.

Suddenly finding strength, Naruto stood and began walking upstairs. Kushina looked a bit confused, before looking towards Hikari who was starting to get fussy, holding her hands out towards the vanishing Naruto.

"Oh, Naruto hun, I think Hik…"

"Keep her," he cut her off quickly. He didn't look back nor did he stop, he continued walking. Kushina huffed lightly, a piece of her wanting to scold the boy but she had to take care of Hikari.

"Kushina?" said woman looked up to see Minato walking into the room. With a sly grin, she held the baby towards her husband whose eye twitched upon seeing the crying child.

With a sigh, he took his daughter and kept her entertained while Kushina continued on with dinner.

Naruto shut his door and released an angry sigh with closed eyes. Opening them he glared at the wall, wanting to take his anger out on something but he closed his eyes again and kept it inside…like he always did.

After a few moments of making sure his anger was locked, he opened his eyes again, his face blank. He limped over to his installed bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet which held his toothbrush, a spare whenever Izumi wanted to spend the night, and bottles of pills. Pills that shouldn't even be subscribed to a young boy such as himself, but he didn't care.

Naruto took out three bottles, aspirin, sleeping pills and soldier pills. Getting a glass of water, he then crushed each pill and dumped it into the water watching his fizzle and bubble. Using a toothpick to swish it around, he then drank the glass before setting it down.

Rolling his neck and shoulders, Naruto could feel the affects of the aspirin and soldier pills start to work. The sleeping pills always took a few hours before the affects started to occur, rather than after 20 minutes like the bottle said.

Putting away his bottles, Naruto disrobed, and took a nice hot shower. As he let the water run over his body, his mind was currently on his family issues. The lack of care was one of them; it would be different if he was born and his parents didn't care from jump, but they stopped caring about him since that baby was born.

Another issue was that baby, Hikari. While the girl was only a toddler and caused no problems for Naruto herself; she is what brought on the problems from his parents. Everything was about Hikari, couldn't one thing be about him?

He graduated early for kami sake! But all she could say was, good for you? It would have stung only a little bit if that was all she said, but then she brought up the fact that Hikari might be starting to talk and she was so proud of her.

That is what pissed him off! Naruto took a deep breath, allowing the shower water to mask the tears coming from his eyes. It was only a matter of time, only a matter of time.

He was now a genin, which meant he was now a legal adult to do what he pleased. And if this kept up, his heart wouldn't be able to handle the anger that stems from the pain. He would distance himself from his family, he was old enough too.

Shaking his head, Naruto turned off the shower and dried off. Slipping on some shorts and a shirt, he sat at his desk and pulled out a large blank scroll, followed by multiple books that he gathered from the clan library.

Casting the Kage bushin, he summoned about four clones which he told them to return back to work on their assigned duties as he focused on his own project.

It was about half an hour later when his door was knocked on. He didn't answer, knowing whoever it was would walk in. And this is exactly what happened, it was Minato who walked in.

"Dinners ready son," Minato informed with a small smile. Naruto did not reply at first as he continued his constant strokes.

"Eat without me," he said in a bland tone. Minato frowned and though he usually didn't try to get his son to eat with them, he did this time.

"Your mother made Ramen, she knows you…"

"No thank you, go ahead," the blond interrupted. Minato sighed before he closed the door and went on with his business.

Naruto slowly shook his head before he stopped his strokes. Taking a deep breath, he took a short break before getting back to what he was doing.

Later that night he ended up eating re-heated ramen, bringing it up to his room as well.

Three Years later



Naruto returned to his poised straight stance as he directed a blank stare at his fallen opponent. Said opponent was another Uzumaki boy who was trying to get back up though it was difficult.

"Just stay down, it's no use getting back up," Naruto stated as he turned around and began walking off.

"Wait! I'm not done yet!" the boy shouted but Naruto kept on. "I said wait dammnit!" the blond still kept on though. However he paused shortly to firmly jab his elbow back into the boys gut since he tried to give a sneak attack.

The boy fell, coughing and gasping for air. Naruto gave him a cold glare, but as he gazed more at the boy the glare started to possess a rage. With a growl, Naruto kicked the boy in the face, causing blood to fly from his mouth.

Before he could continue with the assault, a firm hand gripped his shoulder. The ten year old looked to see it was the instructor. Shouldering off his hand, Naruto turned back around to go to the house.

Funny, he didn't even call it home anymore.

"What did you want to speak to us about?" Minato wondered as he sat with his wife on the couch, both facing the Uzumaki-Namikaze teachers. Leaning against the wall was Naruto while Hikari was by his feet playing with her dolls.

"We wanted to speak to you about Naruto-san specifically," The Taijutsu teacher, Chun, started. The two parents glanced to Naruto who had his eyes closed, but he was listening as well.

"Since Naruto-san had graduated to being a genin, we increased his training which was actually already increased mind you. We started to notice his rapid rise of skill within weeks then months," Chun started and the two parents nodded.

"Just recently, Naruto-san was promoted to Chunin after winning the finals in the exam in Kumo. We gave him a test and he got a perfect score. So we increased his training once more. He is now at the Expert class," Chun informed.

"Okay, what's the problem?" Kushina asked, not getting the point. Chun sighed before he spoke again.

"As of late, we've paid a bit more attention to Naruto-san as he spars with his fellow classmates, which mind you are much older and outweigh him. We've caught that whenever Naruto-san fights, there is…some negative emotion in his strikes," Chun stated.

"Naruto," Minato called, earning the opening gaze from the boy. "Is this true?" the boy did not answer, merely giving him a chilling gaze.

"Today in my class especially, he proved my point. Today he fought the second best in the class, and he dominated. His opponent was out in three hits, maybe two. Naruto ended there and walked away. However his opponent did not give up, this is when Naruto countered the sneak attack," Chun explained.

"I don't know why, but I could see malice in Naruto's eyes. I could feel the Killer intent he radiated, and I think, Naruto was trying to kill the boy, or at the very least permanently injure," Chun said in a grave tone.

Kushina turned her head towards Naruto, focusing a caculating gaze on him. "Satsujinken," she said quietly earning the attention from everyone else. "Naruto, what are you doing? Did you honestly mean to kill that boy?"

Naruto's half lidded bored glare did not falter as he spoke, "I have no tolerance for weaklings. Was I trying to kill that boy? No, I was not. Injure him gravely to the point he would be considered a cripple? Perhaps. I gave him the chance to surrender, in fact I dictated that the match was over," Naruto explained before turning his glare on Chun.

"When he decided to attack me from behind, I took offence. We were not having a spar anymore. Though he is no threat, I took it as one and handled it as such. The only reason he is not in a coffin right now, is because he is part of Konoha shinobi….the only reason," Naruto finished.

"Has Naruto shown similar problems in your classes? I'm assuming yes since you are here," Minato figured and the other three teachers nodded.

"We can detect a strong anger in Naruto-san, it actually worries me. For someone so young to have such hate…it's unhealthy, and it makes me think, what has been done to him to make him this way?" The Kenjutsu teacher, Tosen spoke.

Minato and Kushina both gave each other looks before directing at the Fuinjutsu teacher, Yura.

"I believe having Naruto-san join the Shinobi core at such a young age was a mistake, Minato-sama. We all clearly see that Naruto-san is gifted, extremely. But, the negative emotion he carries in his being is, like Tosen-dono said, not healthy," Yura added, stroking his beard.

"What is your suggestion then?" Kushina asked and this caused a look to be shared between the teachers. The fourth teacher, Rei gave a sigh before glancing to Naruto who was focused on them, his glare very chilling and frightening.

Seeing that look only made her agree with the decision even more. No child should have that look on their face, not when they are surrounded in a happy caring home.

Clearing her throat, the Hokage and his wife focused on the Ninjutsu teacher. "We believe, that you Minato-sama, as Naruto-san's father and as Hokage, you should enforce that Naruto-san should be put on leave for a little while,"

"Excuse me?" Naruto cut in with a snarl, taking a step forward. Everyone directed their attention to him, seeing that he was not happy.

"Naruto, son calm down," Minato pressed and reluctantly, Naruto obeyed, but his glare was still in place. Minato then turned back to the teachers with a raised brow.

"What is your reasoning for this? Naruto is a very skilled Shinobi for Konoha, and is a skilled asset," Minato stated.

"Yes, we know this," Rei nodded but she continued on, "But think about it Hokage-sama, have you paid any attention to your sons actions recently? Despite his skills, he is still a young boy, a young boy with a lot of anger in his heart, I can feel it…hell I can see it!"

"Naruto-san clearly does not get along with anyone within this clan. We're not even sure he gets along with you, his own family. If he is willing to permanently injure one of his own clansmen, what's to say he won't do the same for his fellow Konoha shinobi?" Tosen inquired.

"All we suggest is, Minato-sama, is that you enforce Naruto to have a leave of absence for a couple of months maybe a year so he can work to get rid of this anger. When he is able to be comfortable with his own clansmen. Because honestly, I think Naruto-san is a little unstable," Chun said, looking towards Naruto who looked as if he wanted to lunge and behead all of them.

"None of you have control over my life! I don't agree with this, I do not condone this!" Naruto snarled, his KI rising suddenly. This caused every adult to react with their own KI to make him stand down. But much to their surprise, Naruto didn't stand down.

Instead, his KI only increased to near immeasurable heights. It was so high, a dark astral figure started to manifest behind him. A pitch black monster with a unique eye. And just as the adults were going to have too act soon to calm Naruto down, the boys attention was directed elsewhere.

Naruto's head snapped down as he felt a tugging at his pants. Gazing down, his KI was directed at his five year old sister who had a very worried look on her face. Her sky blue eyes were fearful and worried at the same time.

At first Naruto figured she was fearful of him and worried for herself. But as he gazed into her eyes longer, he realized she was fearful and worried for him. Her words only proved these thoughts.

"Are you okay Onii-chan?" she asked cutely, but not overly cute which always pissed the blond off. Naruto's angry snarl started to waiver till it was a frown. His KI even decreased into nothing.

It was literally about five minutes as Naruto gazed at his sister before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Kneeling down, Naruto opened his eyes and gave a soft smile at her.

"I'm fine Imouto, at least I will be," Naruto said, giving an closed eye smile. Hikari stared at him for awhile, silent. Naruto eventually opened his eyes to see she was studying him.

Giving a light nod, "Okay Onii-chan," Hikari said. The blond rubbed her hair before standing up and walking off. He didn't bother casting the adults a look, and this slightly bothered them.

"Wait for me Onii-chan!" Hikari called out, ignoring her mother who called after. Naruto stopped his walk and both parents expected Naruto to push her away or keep walking. But to their surprise he waited for her and held her hand when she asked for his.

With a huge smile, Hikari walked with her brother to wherever he was going. They all heard the door open before it closed.

Minato gave a sigh before he looked towards the teachers. "I will get the documents signed for Naruto's leave. However, I don't think it will be safe for you or your students to train around Naruto,"

Kushina nodded in agreement. And the teachers also nodded, Tosen spoke up though, "We understand and we thank you for your support. Hopefully during this time we can assimilate Naruto-san into the clan, like he should have been,"

Minato and Kushina nodded, though they had frowns on their faces. "We will arrange for Naruto-san to be moved into more advanced classes. People who should be on his level as well, that way they are not perceived as weak,"

"I will take over Naruto's Kenjutsu teachings though," Kushina spoke up earning looks from them all. "This way it will allow me bond with him and hopefully have him open up so I can get to the root of this problem and cut it,"

They all nodded once again, "It sounds like a plan then,"

"That was so cool Onee-chan!"

Izumi smiled softly as her younger brother praised her excitedly. "I'm glad you enjoyed it Otouto, but that's the only time I'm doing it and I'm not going to allow you to do it either," the girl said earning a pout from the boy.

"But why Onee-chan?!" Sasuke demanded and Izumi shook her head.

"Because, Kaa-sama was finally able to convince Tou-sama to give you some free time, and I don't want you to waste it on training. You can train to be better than me another time, but not today, now go play," Izumi shooed.

Sasuke huffed before he trudged away. Izumi smiled and turned to sit down on a near by bench when she saw a sight that she though was impossible.

"Naruto-kun?" She called, upon seeing the blond walk up to her with Hikari…who was holding his hand no less.

"Izumi-chan," the blond greeted before he released Hikari's hand and nodded towards the playground, "Go play Imouto,"

Hikari nodded and took a step before pausing then looking towards her brother. "Onii-chan, you promise to play with me later right?" Naruto gave a nod and she smiled before running towards the playground, calling out to Sasuke.

Naruto sat down with Izumi doing the same, though she was close to him which wasn't unusual.

"I never thought I'd see the day you taking Hikari to play, let alone holding her hand!" Izumi laughed quietly and Naruto gave a shrug.

"My view of her has changed a bit. I realize I was being immature of blaming my problems on her, when she is so young she can't even cause a lot of trouble for me. I figured its time to stop blaming her, and start blaming Minato and Kushina," Naruto stated with a light growl.

Izumi paid close attention to him, no longer laughing. "What happened now?" Naruto ran his hand through his hair with a sigh.

"I nearly crippled this kid earlier during a spar. The teachers got all sensitive and gave a report to them. Then they suggested, Minato force me to take a break from the Shinobi core to work on my relations with the clan," Naruto explained.

"Excuse me?" Izumi demanded, her tone bland and her expression blank. Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Exactly what I said,"

"You are Chunin! One of the youngest Chunin! You and I are the best genin and Chunin of our generation! Don't they realize that taking you out of the core means your skills are not being put to use?!" Izumi exclaimed and Naruto nodded.

"Yes, but they see me as a potential danger. Which they should," Naruto narrowed his eyes. Izumi furrowed her brows in confusion. "I'm sick and tired of everybody thinking I should be happy all the time!" The blond stood with a growl, pacing back and forth.


"They think because I am the son of the Hokage and the Red death, my life is a blessing! I get everything I want, and I'm loved constantly!" Naruto continued on, ignoring her. "Well guess what! My life isn't a blessing! Living with them isn't a blessing! I'm not being loved constantly! I'm alone! I can't…"

The blond stopped and had his fall down. "I can't take this pain anymore. Everything was fine before she was born. My parents showered me in their love everyday, now…it's like I don't exist,"

Izumi saw the few tears trail down his eyes and this made her frown deeply. Standing up, she pulled him into a firm loving hug.

"You aren't alone Naruto-kun, I'm with you…I always have been, and always will be," Izumi whispered into his ear. "I love you Naruto-kun, you are the most important person to me,"

Naruto closed his eyes and returned the hug. "I love you too, Izumi," he returned.

And for the next ten minutes, Izumi held him like that. But even after the hug, Izumi would always be by his side. Not in his corner, or behind him…but planted firmly by his side.

She would help him take on the world till her last dying breath.

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