Chapter Two

"Yes I understand,"

"We hope that you do Hokage-sama," Homura stated with his usual passive expression. He and Koharu both sat in front of the Hokage desk, just finishing up their meeting concerning Sunagakure.

"How is Menma-sama coming along?" Koharu inquired. Minato gave small smile as he regarded his son in a positive light.

"He is doing very well, becoming stronger everyday. Since Kakashi has retired from the Anbu, I assigned Menma as his apprentice. And whenever I have free time I chip in the training," Minato answered.

"And this adoptive daughter of yours, Sakura was it? How is she doing? Are she and Menma getting along?" Koharu questioned earning a look from both men. Why was she being so nosy?

"Sakura…is well. She doesn't speak much to me nor Menma. Kushina deals more with her than I do. And as far as I know, she and Menma don't seem to have a problem," Minato answered truthfully with a shrug and she nodded.

"How is Kushina-sama doing by the way?" Homura asked with a small smile. Minato returned it with a frown as he scratched the back of his head.

"She's been fine. Distant, but fine. She just left for the asylum a day ago or so," The Hokage shrugged. This brought the mood of both elders down as they thought about the reason why Kushina left for the asylum.

"It is time for his release, isn't it?" Koharu muttered and Minato nodded as he focused on his paperwork, his expression blank. "Do you have anything planned for the boy?"

"I do," Minato nodded. "I will only tolerate him because Kushina still cares for him. If it was up to me, he would be still sentenced. And when he did come back, he would not have a clan to come back too," Minato explained a bit harshly.

"He is still your son, Minato. Would you really disown him for something that wasn't his fault? To this day we still don't know if it was the Kyuubi or…"

"It does not matter!" Minato snapped, cutting the old man off. "I have strong genes, and as such my children should be strong as well. Menma is the perfect example. Naruto is a disappointment, he is not strong. If he was he would have been able to hold back the Kyuubi's will, he did not. So as far as I'm concerned, he is to blame," Minato finished.

"I agree," Koharu added causing Homura to frown. He glanced between the two and shook his head. When did forsaking children become okay?

"Hokage-sama," Yui, his assistant peeked in. Minato looked up with a look of curiosity prompting her to continue, "Sandaime-sama has returned. He would like to see you,"

"Let him in," Minato allowed dully. His relationship with the Hokage has been rather rocky since Naruto's sentencing. While the two put away their differences for Konoha, they no longer saw eye to eye anymore on a personal level.

Hiruzen walked in with a calm look on his face and both Homura and Koharu nodded to their old friend. However, behind Hiruzen, Kushina strode in, holding the hand of a young boy that looked exactly like Menma to nearly the closest detail.

It was Naruto.

Upon the two blonds seeing each other, tension suddenly fell upon the room. Crimson eyes glared into ice blue. It was also silent, and the others could feel an underlying sense of danger and malice.

Though it lessened a bit as Kushina squeezed Naruto's hand. The blond broke his gaze with Minato to look at his mother who was giving him a certain look. With a inward annoyed sigh, the blond took back his hand and took a step forward.

Getting one knee, Naruto bowed his head to the Hokage. "Hokage Tou-sama," Naruto greeted stiffly. There was no love in that title, just laced negativity.

Minato stared at the boy that was once his son and his glare lessened. If the boy was willing to be civilized to him, he could return the gesture…common courtesy.

"Naruto, you look…well," Minato said, truthfully surprised by the blonds well being. While he would have preferred death, he would have settled with gauntness or malnourishment. But the boy looked perfectly healthy save for the slight paleness in his skin.

The blond child did not reply, knowing something would slip off his tongue and he would have to kill a bitch.

Instead he looked towards the two Konoha elders, "Homura-sama, Koharu-sama," he greeted earning a stiff nod from the old woman. But Homura gave a polite smile towards the boy which was a bit different for Naruto.

Not long after the greeting, Minato dismissed the two elders, knowing the reason behind Naruto's presence. The look Kushina was giving him just hinted more at it. Once the door was closed, the Hokage sat back in his chair.

Naruto's nerves were starting to get irritated with the staring contest. Hell he didn't even want to be here.

"Five years, and you have sufficiently paid for your crimes Naruto. Now that you are free…what are you to do?" Minato asked with a raised brow. The blond remained silent as he glanced towards Kushina who gave no answer.

Seeing the eye move, Minato spoke up. "Kushina here wanted me to bring you back into the family, hoping things would go back to normal," Minato chuckled lightly before he glared at the boy, "But we all know nothing can go back to normal,"

Naruto closed his eyes taking a deep breath. Opening them, they openly glared at Minato, "Look, Hokage…" Naruto started, causing Kushina and Hiruzen both to groan mentally. "I don't need your shit, I just got out of prison and all I want to do is lay in a bed. Whether you are the one providing that bed is not important,"

Minato remained silent as Naruto continued, "If you don't want me here, that's fine. I'll just join another village, possibly Kumo, maybe Iwa depending on what I tell them. I'm sure neither villages would mind molding the Yondaime's Jinchuriki son into a great shinobi to be used against Konoha,"

"You wouldn't," Minato sneered and Naruto returned it, his Sharingan coming to life.

"Try me,"

The two glared at each other for some time before Minato smirked. "Alright then boy, I'll allow you sanctum with the clan. Two years of probation, which means you will be considered a branch member. Your privileges have been limited, and you will be under watch all day everyday,"

Naruto grunted, as long as he didn't have to be no ones maid he was cool. He could wait out the probation and handle being spied on. After all, why risk himself looking shady when he had a mother and adoptive sister to help him?

"You will live within the Branch family compound with all the other branch members. You will also attend the academy to become a Shinobi. Once you become a Shinobi there will be a contract you will sign. The contents will be revealed at a later date," Minato continued on.

Naruto said nothing only accepting the new lifestyle given to him. "This is your second chance, boy. Don't make me regret giving it to you," Minato glared and Naruto simply gave a light snort.

Turning around he began walking out, Kushina in tow. Hiruzen stayed behind as he had some matters to discuss with the Hokage. Naruto walked out, a small smirk on his lips as he walked beside Kushina.

"You almost blew it," Kushina commented and Naruto gave a shrug.

"I don't care. I needed him to see I am not a helpless child, I can take care of myself if I wanted too. Besides, no bastard worth their salt would want their special weapon in another bastards hands….so I played that to my advantage,"

"What is your plan Naruto?" Kushina demanded seriously. Naruto paused in his walking as he gave a sigh.

"Simple; get stronger. By the time I am 14, I will be strong enough to start my plans to be able to sieze Konoha when I'm 16. I have allies, but in order to control those allies…I need power," was Naruto's reply.

Kushina stood there as he continued on walking. She watched as Naruto's form kept getting further away. And as it did, she saw his form grow from a 11 year old, to a 14 year old radiating power, to then a 17 year old…the world dominated by his hands.

With a smile, Kushina looked down at her wrist to see a Uzumaki swirl appear on it. Glancing to Naruto, she looked back at it to see the swirl glowing.

'Mito-baasan, I think if finally found him,'

Sakura Haruno Uzumaki gave a sigh as she watched her adoptive brother, Menma practice his Taijutsu with Kakashi Hatake.

She was bored out of her mind, balancing a kunai by the tip of her finger. Behind her were large target mats, each stabbed with mass amounts of Kunai and Shuriken. The reason for that was because she was bored and decided to work on her Shurikenjutsu.

She wished her Kaa-sama would come back home already so they could continue training. That TenTen girl was starting to seem like a threat with her weapon specialties. While she didn't really care if the girl's specialty was weapons, she did care if she was trying to be number one.

Unlike most girls who took pride in their appearance for boys, Sakura took pride in her abilities. Which her Kaa-sama said was a good trait for a girl her age, it meant she would only accept the best when she was older.

Sakura's goal was to be a master at Genjutsu, Iryojutsu, and Bukijutsu. She was already at a great start concerning her medical skills and sword skills. Since being adopted by her Kaa-sama, training was a regular thing for her.

Her thoughts were broken when a shuriken whizzed past her head, making her glare and give a growl at Menma who feigned innocence.

"Oi! Watch where your aiming shit head!" the girl insulted and Menma feigned hurt before giving a mock glare to his adoptive sister.

"Tsk Tsk, bad Imouto. What if Kaa-san was here to hear that language?" Menma threatened causing the girls brow to twitch.

"She would approve depending on the situation,"

Both children and the Jounin turned to see Kushina walking towards them with a blond kid that looked exactly like Menma, with only noticeable differences. Upon seeing the boy different reactions occurred.

Kakashi and Menma were both surprised before the former turned neutral and the latter had a scowl on his face. Sakura's was the most positive, she dropped the kunai in her hand that she was going to use on Menma and jumped into Naruto's arms, both the same height.

"Naruto-kun!" she cried happily, hugging him tight. Naruto returned the hug as he buried his face into her shoulder. Kushina gave a happy smile before looking towards her other son to see he was not so happy upon witnessing the embrace the two 'siblings' shared.

The woman could obviously see the jealousy in his eyes, which was not surprising. For some time now, Menma has had a childhood crush on Sakura. But the girl was really too focused on her training to actually pay him any mind.

"Okay Sakura-chan, your going to break him," Kushina chuckled, causing her to pull away. She gave a happy grin upon seeing him which he returned with a light smile. The blond then noticed the other blond and the two glared at each other.

Stepping up to each other, the two brothers gazed into each others eyes, stone faced expressions. Kushina narrowed her eyes slightly, as her vision blocked out everything else to only focus on those two.

Like before when she and Naruto left Minato's office, she could see both her sons transform with growth. As they grew older, she was able to tell them exactly apart as the differences were more than just noticeable.

Instead of gazing at two eleven year old twin brothers, she was now gazing at two 17 year old teenagers, different aura of chakra surrounding them.

Naruto stood tall, wearing a long white coat with black outlines that parted at the waist, black pants and shin high boots underneath. The collar of his coat was almost like a scarf wrapped around him. On the back of his coat were ten magatamas. He wore black gloves as well. His hair was a bit longer, two wide bangs covering the side of his face but allowing his ears to peek out from behind the bangs. A bang also fell between his forehead, blocking the symbol of the headband underneath. Lastly, he had black horns poking through as well. The chakra aura surrounding him was a mix of red and purple with a hint of gold in it as well.

Menma stood at the exact same height as Naruto, wearing what looked like to be a copy of Minato's outfit. However, the short sleeved white coat was a blood red with the flames licking at the bottom being white. He wore black pants with a mesh undershirt. Clasped to his wrists were gold braces, and he had the Shodaime's necklace around his neck. His hair was dyed black, and his chakra aura surrounding him was a dark blue and red.

The two were glaring at each other, and the last thing Kushina saw of her two older sons were the creatures that formed out of their chakra. Behind Menma was a Lion and a Toad, while behind Naruto was some kind of mix breaded humanoid animal. Since it formed out of Naruto's chakra, it was dark and hard to dissect, but if Kushina was correct, to her it looked like the legendary Chimera.

"Kaa-sama?" Kushina blinked, tearing her gaze away from her sons to look at a somewhat curious worried Sakura.

"Yes Sakura-chan?" The girl then nodded to her two 'brothers' a frown on her face.

"What is with them? Why are they glaring at each other?" She asked. Kushina looked back to her sons to see that they were younger again. A pang of pain hurt her heart as she gazed at her two children.

Were they destined to be in conflict with each other? Fight till the other died? That's not how she wanted her sons to live their lives, fighting with each other. And the thought, hurt her heart.

"I don't know Sakura-chan, but it stops right now," she muttered taking a step towards the two boys. "Enough," the woman ordered, earning their attention. "I will not allow any of you to fight amongst each other, not seriously," she stated, gazing at each of her children.

Menma gave one last glare at Naruto before turning away, wanting to continue his training. Naruto gave a snort before he headed towards the house, Sakura right behind him.

Kushina looked between her two sons before sighing and following Naruto and Sakura.

"What do you mean your not staying here!?"

Naruto swallowed then noodles in his mouth and regarded Sakura with a glance. Kushina had her back to them as she fixed up her own bowl of Ramen, Menma's bowl to the side for when he wanted to eat.

"Minato's orders. I'm on probation Sakura-chan," Naruto answered causing her to huff, crossing her arms.

"Then I'm going to come live with you!" Sakura stated, earning both surprised looks from Kushina and Naruto.

"Um…why?" the blond asked while Kushina sat down next to him. Sakura had a light blush on her cheeks before answering confidently.

"Because I feel like it. I'm starting to get sick and tired of Menma, he's becoming annoying now. Besides, you just got back and I haven't seen you in like a year! I want to be with you!" Sakuar told him truthfully.

"I'm just going to be in the outskirts Sakura-chan. And you can come visit me whenever you like. And I'm gonna go to the academy in two days, so we can hang out then too," Naruto eye smiled.

Sakura gave no answer, but she looked towards Kushina who had been silent the entire time. "And what about you Kaa-sama? Are you really going to allow this? Naruto-kun can't live on his own! Not yet!"

"I have no say in the matter Sakura-chan," Kushina informed with a sigh. "The crime Naruto-kun committed had nothing to do with the clan, but the village as a whole. It was difficult to persuade Minato to even let Naruto-kun stay for the five years," she explained.

"It's only from his geneoristy that he is allowing Naruto-kun a second chance, as the clan head and as the Hokage. I have no say," she finished and this caused Sakura to scowl and slumping in her chair.

It was silent for a few moments before Sakura noticed something. Leaning up she gazed at Naruto with a confused face, "Ne, Naruto-kun?"

"Hm?" he hummed as he continued to eat.

"How come you aren't as upset about this as I am? I mean, you do want to live with Kaa-sama and I don't you?" Sakura wondered, she then noticed the shared glance between Kushina and Naruto. "What?"

"Tell her Naruto-kun, I think she should know," Kushina advised. Naruto looked over to the girl before nodding.

"The reason I am not fretting over this…is because I won't be staying in Konoha," he revealed to her.

"WHAT?!" she shouted, slamming her hands on the table. Naruto's calm expression did not change. "What are you talking about? Your leaving?! You just got here!" the girl argued, tears about to fall.

Naruto gazed at her before he continued. "Sakura…what is here that makes me want to stay? You and Kaa-chan are the only people I have left. I know for a fact Kaa-chan won't leave me, and from your responses it seems you are the same," he concluded and she gave a light nod.

"I have been imprisoned for five years. Though I can fight, it's not good enough. I fight based off my instincts rather than skill. Even though I would hate to admit it, if I fought Menma right now, he would kick my ass," Naruto grumbled.

"He's not that good! He's alright for a academy kid," Sakura defended with a scoff. Naruto shook his head.

"No, he is that good. High genin level. Kaa-chan has informed me that three days after I left, Minato had been giving him training. And the more I think about it, he's probably higher than that," Naruto muttered.

"Kaa-chan has even admitted to giving him training, and I bet the Sannin have given him training as well. I know for a fact that Minato is throwing in some training too and it doesn't help he gets constant daily training from Kakashi," Naruto listed causing Sakura to frown as he went on.

"I've had no training. I can't even use my eyes correctly, only to intimidate," Naruto scowled deeply. Sakura remained silent as Naruto went back to his point.

"I will be physically staying in Konoha for a year, but I am not going to bother going to the academy or anything like that. Sarutobi has offered to teach me himself, something I will be taking advantage of," Naruto continued as he gazed at the table.

"As of this moment, Sakura-chan…I'm in search for power. In order to beat Menma, Minato, Jiraiya and Tsunade…or anyone else for that matter, power is my objective," Naruto stated but Sakura looked confused.

"But Naruto-kun, why does any of this matter? Why can't you just be content at being strong and live peacefully?" Sakura asked, wanting to understand. Naruto glared at her, causing her to flinch, but she realized he was glaring through her.

"I can not live peacefully till my anger has been quenched. I was wronged Sakura…and I'm not talking about Minato," Naruto looked at his hands, his Sharingan activating. A look of light horror came upon his face.

"I…I couldn't have killed them, I refuse. Even if Kyuubi influenced me, how would I be able to take on a whole clan at the age of 6?" Naruto whispered to himself. "Mikoto-chan….Itachi-nii….Shisui-baka…" Naruto continued, quietly.

"You think you were set up?" Sakura concluded, gazing at him as he was in his moment. Kushina nodded seriously, though her gaze was on Naruto's as well.

"It's the only explanation. We think he was set up, or someone with enough power to do so, controlled him. Naruto-kun wouldn't kill Mikoto and Itachi…not without someone with absolute power forcing his hand," Kushina informed.

"I…need to get stronger," Naruto said, taking a deep breath. "I have two goals…Revive Konoha and kill the one who threw me down this path," The blond said with a serious tone. He stood up and gave some final words to Sakura.

"Whether you decide to join my cause or not Sakura…it is up to you. But no one is stopping me, not even Kaa-chan." With his piece said, he turned around picking up his bag as well. "I'll be in the cottage Kaa-chan,"

She nodded, turning to Sakura as he left. The girl was gazing down at the table with a impassive visage. Placing her hand on her adoptive daughter's hand, Kushina smiled softly.

"He cares for you Sakura-chan, he really does. But…his goals are important to him too. Don't take his actions the wrong way," Kushina told her.

"…You're going to help him…aren't you Kaa-sama…" She whispered, loud enough for Kushina to hear. Kushina closed her eyes, giving a light sigh and nodded. That's when Sakura looked at Kushina with her confused eyes.

"But what about Tou-sama and Menma? And the village? You do realize that Naruto is trying to destroy everything!" Sakura reminded her and Kushina nodded.

"I know, and I'm going to let him. I don't care about Minato or Konoha. Menma….I love Menma, I do. He's my child and as a mother I will always love him. He and Naruto don't get along, but their both young," Kushina started before she sighed.

"As a mother, I don't want to see my children fighting and hating each other. So…I'm going to try my best to help them. I want Menma to understand Naruto's pain, and I want Naruto to understand the pressure Menma has put on him by their father and the village," Kushina explained.

"Where do I fall in all of this? I don't know what to do," Sakura muttered, feeling lost. Kushina caressed the girls cheek and smiled.

"Musume," Kushina called, earning the girls attention. "I know the love you have for Naruto and the confusion you feel in your mind. But forget Naruto-kun, and the questions in your head. Follow what your heart tells you…whether that is to stand against Naruto, stand by him or to let him be…follow your heart, because Naruto is following his," Kushina kissed her daughters forehead before standing and walking off to find Naruto.

Sakura gripped her hands and closed her eyes. This was so hard to deal with.

One year later

Naruto south gates of Konoha, dressed in a black hooded poncho and two large scrolls strapped to his back. One scroll contained nothing but jutsu, whether it be Nin, Gen or Tai. He had spent days copying every single useful Uchiha scroll and scrolls that the Namikaze clan had in their possession. The other scroll contained weapons and supplies.

The boy had grown only a few centimeters since he had arrived back in Konoha, but his form was more fit than what it was. This was because of his constant training with the Sandaime Hokage.

Naruto had to admit, the old man had lots of fight in him…retirement must have been making him restless. And Naruto was grateful for it, because he could actually say he learned something from the old Sarutobi.

"How long will you be gone," Hiruzen asked as he stood in front of the hooded Naruto and Kushina, who was accompanying her son. Naruto looked towards the Hokage monument before answering.

"Three years at the most. I will be back in time for my age groups Chunin exams. Till then, I will travel with Kaa-chan and become stronger," Naruto stated. Hiruzen nodded in understanding before he gave a smile at the young boy.

"Though in some cases I do not agree with your…vision, Naruto…I am proud of you. Even if your father won't say it, I will. I am glad I was able to connect with you, you've put this aching old man into shape again," Hiruzen told the boy who chuckled.

"And I thank you, Jiji-sensei. When I return, I expect a nice peaceful time of tobacco, and I'm talking the good shit," Naruto smirked causing Hiruzen to give a hearty chuckle and nod.

Turning around, Naruto began walking with Kushina by his side. Hiruzen watched them with a smile, knowing that when Naruto returned…it would really be up to him if the village would remain standing.

His eyes narrowed dangerously upon feeling a chakra signature heading towards him. His eyes looked back, ready to counter whoever it was. But he halted his counter as he saw it was Sakura.

"Naruto-kun! Kaa-sama! Wait for me!" Sakura called as she ran up to them. Naruto turned his head, a surprised to see the girl.

The past year they have been rather distant. Naruto didn't have time to focus on her, he needed to train so he did. Though it did hurt sometimes when they would pass each other without speaking, but hopefully all that could change.

Upon catching up, Sakura smiled at them. "I have made my choice," Sakura said, panting a bit. Naruto was curious while Kushina had a smile. Standing up straight she then walked up to him.

"Naruto-kun…I have chosen to stand by your side. You and Kaa-sama are more important to me than anything else. So, my heart is telling me yes and I'm going to listen…please take me with you," Sakura pleaded. Naruto and Kushina gazed at her before the former walked up to her.

"Are you positive Sakura-chan? This road won't be easy," Naruto warned with a serious tone and she nodded. Nodding to himself, Naruto took out a kunai and ordered her to give him her hand.

Once she did, he slit her palm allowing the blood to fall. Kushina quickly followed with two hand signs. And given a few moments, a Sakura blood clone was present. The girl looked amazed at this as she poked at it to feel it was real.

"Return back to the Uzumaki compound and live till we return. Avoid physical training, learn different subjects. It will all be useful once we return," Naruto told the clone. The clone nodded before running off.

"Alright, lets get going…we have power to obtain," Naruto smirked as he turned around, Sakura and Kushina by his side. As they began their journey, Hiruzen smiled at them.

'I know you will succeed Naruto,' the Sandaime thought before he turned around and began walking back to his compound.

'I just hope by the time you return, Konoha has changed to your liking…I doubt it will,'





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