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Singing Lullabies

Chapter 1: Anna

The young woman smashed her clenched fist into her jeans-clad thigh. The traffic jam was really starting to get on her nerves.

She glanced out the side window, trying her best to ignore all the horns blaring around her. A deep, heavy sigh escaped her lungs at the mere thought of what she was about to do. She could see the airport from where she was now, and if there were no cars around to block her, she could probably get there in a matter of five minutes. Instead, she was stuck with what seemed like a billion other cars in the rush hour traffic jam. They couldn't have chosen more perfect timing for Anna's arrival.

She gulped, then looked down at her hands which were gripping the steering wheel so tight that they had turned white.

Anna's arrival.

She wasn't ready for this. True, she made sure to look ready, she even tried combing her unruly blonde mane of hair for the first time in a week. She had just settled for a simple braid to tame it down, and dressed properly. But, in reality, she was no more ready than a month ago. Ever since she came to know that Anna was, in fact, inevitably going to be here, she had dreaded the thought and tried to occupy her mind with anything else.

But, there was no turning back now. Literally, she couldn't turn back now without leaving her car in the middle of the road. There was just no possible way she could get out of this, this shit she didn't even agree to. She pressed her forehead against her hands, trying to think of something else.

An airplane flew above her, successfully bringing her back to the only thought occupying her mind.

"What the hell do I say to her?"

Seriously, what does one tell a sister, whom they haven't seen nor talked to for eight years? 'Hey, it's so nice to see you! I chose not to for a couple of years because fuck you, that's why!'

"Definitely not that."

'Oh my, you've certainly grown since the last time I saw you!'

"Of course she'd grown, you missed half of her teenage life, asshole!"


She raised her head up and looked straight ahead, realizing that the infuriated honking coming from the car behind her, was aimed at her. She released the clutch and drove forward a few feet to fix the temporary gap in the never-ending line of vehicles. As she stopped, she threw her head against the headrest.

"Alright, 'hi' is a good start."

'Hi, I'm Elsa. You will have to live with me now. I'm sorry.'

It was roughly a month ago that she learned about the accident.

She was eating vanilla ice cream and vinegar crisps while sitting on the sofa in her apartment, watching one of those criminal/murder action-packed television series that she never paid much attention to. It was a Friday evening, a time she had 100% dedicated to herself and only herself. She could do whatever the hell she wanted to, and if the idea of pouring ketchup into a bowl of melted vanilla flavored creamy-ness came to her mind, she could just as well do it. Nobody could judge her when she was in her safe spot on the sofa.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Usually she would just ignore it, but something told her that she should answer it this time.

That is, if she could find the damned thing.

She jumped out from underneath the soft blanket, almost causing the contents of her bowl to spill onto the carpet.

Thankfully, the only droplet that managed to escape landed on her left sock; it was so much easier to wash a sock than it was to clean the very plushy white carpet. The buzzing came from somewhere beneath a pile of paperwork on the dining table and she ran over to it, fighting against time to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" she said, panting. She had answered it just as the last ringtone was about to end, she knew that.

The person on the other side of the line gasped, supposedly surprised that Elsa had, indeed, picked up the phone.

The blonde bent down to massage the toe she had hit on a wooden chair in her wild run for the table, wincing as she felt the pain pulsating under her fingertips. "Hello?"

"Uhm," a young, nasal female voice hesitated on the other end of the line. "Miss Elsa Arendelle?"

"Speaking." She straightened up, leaning against the table and reaching for the ashtray that had been set on a nearby stool.

"Miss Arendelle, I'm calling you on behalf of Kai Andersen, your parents' lawyer." The voice continued without introduction.

Elsa searched for a pack of cigarettes between the papers, not audibly responding.

"You may want to sit down."

"What is it?" The blonde was now holding the phone with her shoulder, while desperately trying to free a cigarette from the pack and put it in her mouth, while, at the same time, scanning the room for any sign of a lighter or a box of matches.

"Miss Arendelle," the voice hesitated once more, as Elsa lit the cigarette with the single match she found. "Your parents had an accident."

"An accident?"

"A fatal one, I'm afraid."


Now that caught her off-guard, so much so that she almost dropped her cigarette when the woman on the other end of the line continued to describe the details of the accident.

Turned out, her parents' yacht got caught up in a storm. More than half the people who were on-board drowned, including the Arendelles.

Elsa's eyes widened in shock as another thought entered her mind.

"My sister!" She blurted out, cutting the woman's sentence off so suddenly that she didn't even hear her at first.

"Excuse me?"

"My sister, Anna. Is she - was she with them?"

"Uhm, no, Miss Arendelle." The Woman seemed surprised with her question. "Your sister is currently staying with a family friend, Mister Weselton..."

Elsa sighed, relieved.

"When did it happen?"

"Two days ago. The funeral is scheduled for Monday."

"Is that all?"

"N-no." The woman stuttered, bewildered by Elsa's indifference. "A set of documents will be mailed to your lawyer as soon as you give us their name."

"A lawyer?" She didn't have a lawyer. She never had the need to have a lawyer. "What set of documents?"

"The testament," the voice answered.

Elsa couldn't help the snort that escaped her. She wouldn't expect her parents to include her name in that.

"And the court-ordered guardianship papers."

"The what?" She blurted out, surprised.

"Documents that you need to sign in order to become your sister's legal guardian."

She dropped the cigarette this time.

"N-no, no, I can't be that," she was talking quickly, tugging nervously at her hoodie. Her palms were sweating and she finally had to sit down on the stool. "T-there's no possible way, I'm not fit for bringing up a kid, I work long hours and I couldn't stay home with her for enough time. She could get harmed in a way or another, it's just not-"

"Miss Arendelle," the blonde heard the woman's irritated voice and realized that she had been trying to stop her word vomit for some time now. "Miss Arendelle, your sister is seventeen years old."

Elsa gulped. Yes, of course Anna was seventeen. God, the last memory I have of her, she was still a little girl playing with dolls. "Yes, she is." She agreed, pinching the bridge of her nose in a futile attempt to calm down. "But then, Anna's in the States while I'm-"

"Miss Arendelle, this is the best option we can provide for your sister, especially in such a hard situation. She will stay with Mister Weselton for as long as is needed to finish all the paperwork, but that shouldn't take too much time considering you are her closest family member."

"They didn't even tell me that our grandmother died a couple of years ago."

She looked up and straight ahead, above the line of cars before her. At this rate, she was bound to be late for Anna's arrival at the airport, and smashing her fists into the steering wheel didn't help at all. She was thinking of the possibilities over and over in her head. Truth be told, she wasn't even sure how her sister looked like now. She would probably recognize her upon closer inspection of her face, but from afar... in a crowd of people...

She hadn't spoken with her parents for eight years now, ever since she left her house to live with her uncle in London. Anna was nine then, which means that the last memory of Elsa in her head was that of a rebellious sixteen year old girl in loose jeans and hoodies. Well, that didn't change much, but would she fail to know which of the redheads Anna is?

'Would Anna recognize me?'

Of course she wouldn't. Elsa wouldn't be surprised if her parents forced the girl to believe that Elsa was actually just a part of her imagination and not a real person, and that she left her because Anna was growing up and didn't need an imaginary friend anymore.

She realized that she had been staring at a ticket machine at the entrance to the airport parking lot and frowned. She was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she didn't even notice when she instinctively turned from the jammed road. She rolled her window down and caught the piece of paper between two extended fingers. The barrier raised up and she was allowed to drive through the gate to find a decent parking spot.

She had been sitting in an uncomfortable chair for two hours now.

Of course Anna's flight would be delayed, there was no force in the universe that could keep that from happening.

Elsa managed to get to the airport just in time for the scheduled arrival, only to read the announcement stating the estimated delay was reaching up to three hours.

She had already ate a candy bar from the vending machine and was finishing the second can of some kind of a cheap, far too sweet, and otherwise almost flavor-less lime soda. The arrivals gate opened every now and then, forcing her to look up from her partially lying position. Another crown of Asian people passed through the sliding door and Elsa threw her head back, staring emotionlessly into the lamps hanging far above her on the airport ceiling. It was an agony to wait, she would gladly be over with the awkwardness as soon as possible. Good thing was, if this was going to take any longer, they wouldn't get caught in the traffic jams on the way back to her apartment.

The tiny one bedroom apartment that was barely enough for Elsa alone.

This was far worse than she wanted to believe. She mentally scolded herself for agreeing to such a thing, then realized that there wasn't anything else that she could have done. After all, Anna was her sister. She couldn't just leave her alone. The girl should be eighteen in a little bit over six months if she remembered her birthday correctly. Elsa could sleep on the sofa for a few months, not a big deal.

Her back ached already and she wasn't sure if the pain came from the uncomfortable chair or the mere thought of sleeping on the damned couch.

She groaned, putting her hands over her face. This shit should be over already.


A quiet, sweet voice reached her ears and she froze, her fingers tangled in her bangs. She wanted to snap her eyes open, but it felt like her eyelids were so heavy that they forced a slow-motion contraction of the muscles.

A girl was standing before here, just a few feet away. Her hands were folded over her stomach and she was biting on her lower lip in the cutest of ways, as the light of the airport lamps sparkled in her fiery hair.

Elsa realized the awkward position she was in and shot up from the chair, straightening herself and tugging at the bottom of her dark gray hoodie that had rolled up to expose the pale skin of her abdomen. She looked her sister over, noticing that Anna was shorter than her by a few good inches. She was wearing a dark brown leather jacket over a dark teal, v-neck sweater tunic that reached just below her black leggings clad hips, and completed with flat-heeled boots the same color as the jacket. Her hair was put up in cute pig-tail braids that reached over her shoulders and down the gentle curve of her breasts. She wore the faintest of make-up, just highlighting the vibrant turquoise of her eyes.

All in all, she looked pretty much gorgeous. Not at all the little awkward creature Elsa remembered from all those years ago.

"Anna," she managed to finally speak, after a few seconds of staring. She raised her arms up and then, in a weird, unnatural motion, decided to fold them at her chest. Normal sisters would probably hug now, but then again, there wasn't many things that were normal about their relationship.

Anna seemed to wonder the same thing, but she decided on moving her hands from her stomach to place them inside her jacket pockets, then proceeded to stare at the floor.

Elsa swept her bangs aside nervously, her now sweaty fingers tangling with her hair ungracefully. She coughed to somehow cover the uneasiness in her voice. "You- you've grown. You look pretty."


"Is that, uh," Elsa pointed at the cart standing beside Anna, holding a few brightly colored bags and suitcases. "Is that all? I mean, your luggage."


Elsa frowned. She didn't expect Anna to jump into her arms - to be honest, she didn't know how she'd react if Anna did jump into her arms - but if they had to live together, she would at least like the girl to stop looking at the ground all the time. And maybe use actual communication instead of spitting out syllables.

The blonde walked over to the cart and she grabbed the handle, about to give the unmercifully heavy thing a push. She was about to move as she caught a glimpse of the large green eyes, before they quickly flickered to the bags in the cart.

Anna wasn't just staring at the ground. She was avoiding Elsa's eyes.

"Alright," the older female said, pushing the cart before her as she slowly made her way to the exit across the white tiled floor. "Let's just get to the car and get out of here."

The ride home was, what Elsa could undoubtedly call, the most uncomfortable ride in her life. She was used to lack of verbal communication as she drove, but then again, she was used to driving alone. When those rare occasions occurred that she had a real, living person sitting in the passenger seat, instead of a tray of take out and coffee, the company would never shut up.

Anna, however, decided to keep silent for the whole ride. At least it was a quick one, as the traffic jams were long gone.

They waited for the elevator in Elsa's apartment building, Elsa keeping up a straight face as she struggled with the bags in her hands. Anna had offered to help her, but, for some weird reason, Elsa's mind decided it was the right thing to do to carry all of her sister's luggage by herself; all five bags, that is. She allowed Anna to take the tiny backpack she had on board with her.

The metal sliding door of the elevator opened with a ding and Anna walked in, aiming for a corner, as Elsa and the bags took up the rest of the available space. Thankfully, no one wanted to go with them, or the elevator would either fall down to the basement or implode from the sheer mass and volume of Anna's belongings cramped up in such a tiny place. Elsa somehow managed to hit the button of her desired floor with the tip of her elbow, feeling her muscles almost give in. Her back ached and her shoulders felt like burning underneath the straps of the bags. She closed her eyes and waited, all of her existence focused on standing up and surviving.

Another ding made her open them again, and she rolled out of the elevator, Anna following her with an unreadable expression on her face.

She eyed the hall suspiciously. It was long and narrow, with sets of identical dark wooden doors on either side of it. The number opposite the elevator read '807' and Anna immediately started to wonder how many flats were in the building. Obviously there couldn't be as much as eight hundred, but then again, this couldn't be the eighth floor, as she could swear she saw the blonde hitting the '9' button. She quickly made her way over to a window at the end of the corridor and looked out into the night. A few cars drove past the building on the ground, far below Anna. Whichever floor this was, it was certainly really high.

A clicking noise brought her attention to Elsa, whom was at the far right side of the corridor, as the other girl somehow managed to fish her keys out of her pants' pocket and unlock the door without even setting the bags on the ground. She kicked the door open and Anna walked up to her, curiously peeking inside the apartment. It was hard to see anything in the darkness, but she could make out the shape of a rather big couch in, what had to be, the living room. She followed the blonde inside, closing the door behind her.

"Could you turn the light on? The switch is just to your right."

She extended her right hand and felt the wall, but she couldn't find the switch. As she kept feeling for the switch, she heard the thuds of her bags being laid on the ground. Finally, with a loud click, she switched the light on.

They were standing in a short, narrow corridor that ended with a huge-ass mirror directly opposite the front door. There was a door to Anna's right that, judging by the window pane with snowflake decorations and the door vent, had to lead to the bathroom. She could see the living room clearly now, and started scanning the room. It had a black leather couch in the middle of the room, on a plush white carpet that reached from the modern glass-top coffee table up to a set of drawers with a huge flat-screen television on top. She could also spot a glass door on the other side of the living room, which must lead to the balcony.

There was an open-concept kitchen to her left, that was accessible from both the corridor and the living room, complete with both an overwhelmingly big - considering the apartment was rather small, this qualified as big - dining table and a bar-style kitchen island.

At the right end of this corridor, there was another door, in which Anna could only guess led to Elsa's bedroom.

"You'll have to stay in my bedroom, I guess. I'm sorry for, uh, that."

"What?" Anna snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Elsa incredulously.

The blonde had an apologetic smile on her face and her hands were in her pockets now. She was uncomfortable.

"Where will you stay then?'

"Me?" She looked genuinely surprised. "I- ah, I'll just sleep on the sofa."

"What, wait, no!" Anna advanced to her, startling Elsa, and forcing the older girl to step back until her shoulders hit the wall. "I don't want to make you sleep on the couch in your own house."

"But it's fine," Elsa said in a defensive tone, raising her hands up to her chest, as if afraid Anna would stab her in a moment.

Honestly, the girl just went from almost ignoring the blonde to practically attacking her.

"I've slept on it thousands of times before, it's, uh, kinda comfortable, don't worry."

The redhead's eyes betrayed her, showing the blonde that she didn't entirely trust her, but she didn't press on. Instead, she stepped back from the older girl, who visibly relaxed as soon as they got some distance between them.

Shaking her head, Anna took her boots off and placed them by a small dresser in the corridor, next to a pair of her sister's sneakers. She raised her eyebrows in wonder at how all the shoes - surprisingly, there were no high heels - were arranged in a neat row, and she instantly imagined the blonde putting a ruler to the noses of the shoes to make sure none exceeded past an invisible line.

Not waiting for an invitation, she passed Elsa in the corridor and entered the living room. She didn't notice it before, but the white walls were completely bare, which coupled with the cold, dim lighting, gave Anna the creepiest of feelings that a fairly normal living room could give. The dark, wooden floor was surprisingly warm against her bare feet, and she could guess there were hot water pipes beneath.

She continued to walk until her toes touched the fluffy white fur of the carpet, which was even softer than it looked to her before. She sat down on the couch and closed her eyes, feeling the burning of tears against her eyelids.

"Are you hungry?"

Elsa was leaning against the doorway, her hands crossed over her chest. She was biting the inside of her cheek, and she was somehow cracking her fingers, hidden from the redhead's view by her arms.

Anna thought about it for a moment; the last time she ate was before her departure in the morning. She didn't feel hungry, though. She felt nervous, yes, nauseous maybe. It was as if something twisted itself around her stomach and didn't want to let go.

"No, thank you." she answered politely, earning a huff from the older girl as the blonde straightened up and went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took a bottle of milk out, then reached into one of the many cupboards for a white-striped glass. She poured the milk into it, and Anna felt her throat go dry.

"Alright, not hungry." Elsa looked like she was pondering something. "Tired? Bored? Thirsty?"

"I could use something to drink."

"You want some milk?"

"Well, uhm..." she considered her options. Milk was good, milk was nutritious and would serve as a substitute to the meal she was about to skip. The thought of milk now made her want to throw up, though. "Not really. How about some... uh, tea? Tea sounds nice, do you have some?"

Elsa raised her eyebrows, looking at the girl over her glass of milk. She set it down and wiped the milk-stache with the back of her hand.

"We're in England," she pointed out, causing Anna to make a confused face. The older girl just smiled and waved her hand, as if trying to sweep the thought away. "Never mind. Of course I have some tea."

Anna was hungry, after all.

She couldn't fall asleep; well, she wasn't even that surprised, she had expected that one coming. She stared at the plain ceiling of Elsa's room - her room, for now - trying to count imaginary sheep, but they just wouldn't jump over the freaking fence. They only stood there, bleeting and looking at her like she was the black sheep of their society, some kind of lunatic who was imagining things because they couldn't fall asleep.

She shook her head and turned on her side, deeply breathing in. The sheets smelled faintly of lavender and musk, a scent that soothed her a bit, though it was a mix she would never expect. She missed home. She missed the hot, sunny California weather, and nights warm enough to be sleeping under a thin blanket - or even without it.

She tightly wrapped herself up in the thick covers, rubbing her cold feet together. How the hell was she supposed to fall asleep if she was freezing to death?

She abruptly got up and made her way over to one of her still-packed bags. Fiddling with the zipper for a while, she somehow managed to finally unzip it and put her hands inside, searching by touch in the pitch black darkness. Her hands grazed over various t-shirts and shorts, that she didn't think would come to much use after all, until she felt the soft, cotton fabric of her socks. She fished them out and untangled them from each other before quickly putting them on her feet. She frowned. It felt like capturing the cold inside of her socks.

Sighing, she leaned back against Elsa's double bed. It was cold, yeah, but it wasn't much colder sitting on the floor than lying under the covers. She rubbed her bare arms, cursing silently as she realized the thin, short sleeves strawberry print cotton nightgown that she had on was really unfit for the cold, English nights. She should probably avoid sleeping with wet hair if she didn't want to catch pneumonia, too.

She missed home a lot. She missed her parents a whole lot more.

She fought back the tears and got up, deciding that she was not falling asleep anytime soon. She paced around the dark room, considering what to do now; moving was keeping her warmer, so it was a good thing to do. Maybe it would even tire her to the point of falling down on the bed unconscious and just waiting for the morning to come.

She frowned again. It was Sunday tomorrow, if she got it all correctly. If she wouldn't manage to think something occupying to do up, things might come to the point where she'd have to spend the whole day at home with her sister.


Anna shuddered. It wasn't that she disliked the blonde, she didn't even had much to dislike her for! She had barely known anything about the older girl, her parents never mentioned her when they were still around and even before Elsa went to England, Anna didn't remember seeing her that much.

It was like she was never there to begin with.

Her stomach growled and Anna stopped her pacing. Right, she was hungry, after all.

The apartment was overwhelmingly quiet as she lied awake on the couch, excluding the constant buzzing of the fridge and the dripping of water in the bathroom every two minutes or so. She considered giving up and switching the lights on to read a book or watch television, as there were surely some cartoons still on at three in the morning, but she knew better than that. She had to force herself to sleep somehow, or the next day was going to be shitty. And that's putting it light.

Her eyes were closed and she was battling with her body to not open them again. She tossed around for a few moments, trying to find a more comfortable position. This was it. This was the damned sofa that stopped her from falling asleep, she was more than sure of that. Stupid sitting furniture, getting uncomfortable as soon as you lay more than just your arse on them. She ended up lying flat on her stomach, with her face in the fluffy pillow, deeply breathing in its scent. The lavender always soothed her.

A soft rustling sound invaded her ears. She felt like a cat perched on the fence, scanning the area for any odd sounds. She could swear her ears moved when the sound came again, but it still wasn't enough to get her face out of the pillow she was hugging. It was probably just a bird brushing against the balcony railing... well, an owl. A bat, perhaps. It could have been the radiator as well. They made the weirdest of sounds at the most inconvenient moments.

A splat followed the sounds, just like somebody put a hand to the wall with a rather great-


Elsa sprang up from the couch, her eyes trying to pierce through the darkness of the room.

"Anna?" She asked, quietly.

A sort of weird moan answered, forcing her to immediately stand up and step out of her warm comforter. She hit the switch of a nearby standing lamp with her foot and was temporarily blinded by the light. She put a hand up to cover her eyes from the brightness and peaked through her parted fingers. From the looks of it, it appeared that her sister had hit a wall in the corridor.

"Are you alright?" she hurried over to the redhead, her eyes already adjusted to the light level of the room.

Anna was massaging her forehead vigorously, cheeks red from embarrassment.

"Yes, yeah, I'm fine," she muttered, looking down at her socks as Elsa's cold fingers circled around her wrist and pried her hand away to inspect the sore spot on her forehead.

The redhead could only hope it wouldn't leave a bruise. She cleared her throat as the blonde stepped back, pulling her hands away as soon as she was sure there was no bleeding wound to be take care of. Anna forced herself to look at her sister.

Elsa looked like she just saw a monster crawl out of the toilet, with her hair down and messy, wearing an oversized black Batman t-shirt - which was slipping off of her right shoulder.

Anna looked at the ground again. "I'm sorry I woke you up."

"It's fine, I wasn't sleeping anyway," she sighed, leaning against the wall and looking at the younger girl carefully. "And why weren't you?"

"It's embarrassing."

Elsa only stared at her.

"I got hungry."

"Oh," she kicked herself off the wall, smirking as she passed the younger girl on the way to the kitchen.

Anna stared in awe at her sister's bare feet as Elsa made her way across the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.

"I guess that's not that embarrassing, not at all. I told you to tell me if you wanted anything."

"Yeah, well, I didn't think you meant in the middle of the night."

"I didn't," she stopped in front of the fridge and sent Anna a serious look. "And mind you, I usually try to sleep during the night... though, honestly, if I were sleeping now you wouldn't have woken me up if you hadn't hit that wall."

Anna huffed and said, "I didn't do it on purpose."

"Well, tonight you're excused, but I'm usually not nice when something disturbs my sleep."

She handed her a loaf of bread and a jar of fruit jam and headed back to the living room.

Anna frowned. "Thanks," she said, with a bit of hesitation in her voice. She could probably take a slice or two into her room and eat it there, not to disturb the blonde any more than she already did. Especially seeing that the older girl had already lied down on the couch, facing away from Anna.

Now, if only she could remember where her sister had shown her the plates were... or the knives... or anything, really. Anna sighed. This was even harder than she thought it would be.

"Sorry for bothering you."

"It's fine, really."

Anna gathered all the stuff she could find and moved in the direction of Elsa's - well, her, bedroom - as quietly as possible. She turned around to look at the blonde once more, but Elsa's face was already covered with her blanket. With another sigh, Anna pushed the door to the room open, as the light in the living room went out.

"Next time, try turning the light on, though. It helps a lot."

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