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Lenaya's mind wandered to faraway places, although her fragile body stayed trapped beneath the covers. She felt gentle hands brushing her long white hair and dabbing cool cloths to her forehead, but she felt as though she were not present. Her mind dreamt of a tall handsome man with dark hair of another life she could have had. A life of adventure and mystery. The hand stroking her hair stopped for a moment, and low voices whispered back and forth before a new set of hands caressed her brow.

"Are you comfortable mother?" a voice asked, dragging her at least part way back from the past.

She looked into the blue eyes of her daughter staring down at her and reached a silky, wrinkled hand to brush the smooth, olive contours of her cheek.

"You look so much like your father," she murmured.

Janelle smiled at her. "He said I always looked like you. He was so in love with you," she spoke quietly but did not whisper.

Lenaya's eyes drifted again. "I loved him too," she whispered.

"Was he your first love, Mother?" she asked.

Lenaya shook her head taking her daughter by surprise. "There was another, before your father. I thought I loved him before I really fell in love, but in truth I loved a part of him, just as he only loved a part of me."

"Who?" Janelle asked.

Lenaya smiled, "His name was Merlin."


Six Decades Earlier

"I think we're almost there Destin," Lenaya whispered to the old stallion she was riding. She could see a break in the trees letting light shine into the forest up ahead. It was the first bit of light she had seen in over a day. The forest surrounding the lake she was trying to reach was so dense that no light came through the tree branches.

Few tried to cross the forest in order to see the lake, and those that did usually did not return. But Lenaya was young, having just turned eighteen summers last month, and being young she acted as one who believed she was untouchable, and so here she was fighting her way through the dense forest.

Honestly she had been surprised and a little disappointed at the lack of danger in the forest. She had heard tales of obstacles and terrible beasts that captured the unsuspecting traveler who came past, but for her, other than a few brambles here and there, the path had been a fairly easy one. She was not quite sure how such rumors had come about in the first place.

The light grew brighter and brighter as Destin trotted down the path until it finally opened up into the most stunning view Lenaya had ever seen.

Stretched out in front of her, in all its glory, lay the Lake of Avalon. She looked down on it as it rested in its valley, protected by the forest wall behind her. She could see the whole lake from where she stood.

"We are the first creatures to see this lake in a very long time, Destin," she whispered breathlessly to the horse as she took in the view.

The old horse tossed his head and stamped one of his feet, shaking his rider from her reverie.

She chuckled and patted his strong neck. "Now that we are here, I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Let's set up camp," she stated, sliding from the horse's back and onto the grass below.

Suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck raised, causing shivers to travel up and down her spine. Her head twirled around, looking into the forest and then scanning the hills. Destin nudged her shoulder causing her to jump.

She smiled and patted his nose. "It's nothing," she said more to herself than the horse. "Just felt like someone was watching."

On the hillside, peering from the woods, a dark figure watched the young woman. His bright blue eyes glared suspiciously. She was not supposed to be here.

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