AN: Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a good Easter. Well here's the next two chapters and I am sorry for both being so short. Hopefully I make it up to you next time.


Harry1675: Tom's hair is a dark brown that looks black when the light hits it.

GwathrenLight: The one who brought Harry would be revealed later on in the story and Harry never went back into time. They are about the same age, Tom is a year older than Harry. Tom starts out as 11 while Harry is 10. With each new chapter he is year older. Harry will not be entering Hogwarts. I have sometihng else in mind what will happen to Harry. With Tom and the Dark Arts, let me ask you this: Have you ever had an interest in something and just wanted to know more about it or wanted to know ever branch of whatever you are larning? Tom wants to know every branch of magic which includes the Dark Arts. I want have Tom acttully get into the Dark Arts until much later into the story.

Chapter Six

Hadrain gazed deeped into the muddy orbs with a soft smile as he watched Tom work on his summer homework. The long strands of raven black locks were held back with a simple black rubber band that held his hair in a poneytail. His green eyes followed each motion that Tom's fingers tap agianst the quil, which he had picked up as a nevorus/thinking habit. Lifting a brow, Hadrian sighed and leaned agianst the strong side that belong to Tom.

Tom didn't stop writing when Hadrian's added weight dislodged him silghtly to the side. He heard the second sigh that the younger boy huffed out. His frown grew even deeper when he started to sweat due to the aded heat of the other body. Dropping the quil into the ink well, Tom looked slightly off to the side with a downward gaze to stare at the top of raven locks.

"What are you doing?" Tom asked after Hadrian had sighed once agian. Said child looked up with a smile before starting to open his mouth. "Don't answer." Tom states before a sound could escape the parted lips of the other. "Almost done, promise." Tom says with a small smile as he watched the other frown slightly as the body heat left his side. He felt cooler.

"Hurry. I want ice cream and I hear there is a new flavor." Hadrain starts going on and on about this new flavor of his favorite treat. Tom only nods his head head as if listening before he started to write once agian.

He left the next day.

Chapter Seven

Hadrian smiled softly as he waved before turning around once Tom was out of sight. With his eyes burning brightly, Hadrian left the station. The newly turned teenager, Hadrain lifted his hand and stared at the silver, charmed bracelet. It fitted his small wrist without falling off. The only charm that was entangled onto the silver was a small blacken snake that held a emaerld green stone as it's eyes. The smile never left his face even when he was being smacked across his face as punshiment.

Tom never found out about the burise.