Nobody could bring themselves to peer into that room, even with the faint noise of heartfelt groans and whimpers slipping through.

"Harry, Harry..." Tom breathed into his skin, wrapped around him possessively like a snake, their bodies undulating together. His fingers were hot in comparison to Harry's body, who was shivering involuntarily in response. Tom insistently pressed his-

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No matter Muggle or wizard, this was probably what they'd use to describe the four o'clock scene.

The horizon cast a grey dawn.

It was four o'clock; dawn had just arrived, piercing through the layers of cloud. The moon had not yet subsided but was now only a faint shadow.

The curtains within the castle were drawn, light not yet streaming through.

Harry woke up.

He seemed... To have slept for a very long time.

Rubbing his dry eyes caused tears to leak and relieve them, and his eyes gradually cleared up to the beautiful sight of Tom Riddle.

They were in a very intimate position as they embraced and slept; holy and beautiful like the entwined necks of swans. But there wasn't even an inch separating them, their limbs entangled obscenely like mating snakes.

The young man stared at their positions, feeling the heat transmitted by the other's body.

He looked at the devil's refined facial features; even the darkness couldn't hide the colour of his eyes.

He moved, burying himself deeper into the Devil's embrace. He rested his head under the man's chin and closed his eyes.

Perhaps he still wanted to… Rest a bit longer.

When dawn breaks through the night, is when hope begins to stir again.

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