Life slowly tried to return to normal at the 4077th. Those who couldn't be trusted with the information about the Camarilla were taken care of in one way or another, and those who cold were left to go on with their merry existances.

Trapper John had been embraced by the same group of Brujah as had embraced Henry, though it was hard to say whether they had the same exact sire or not, as the rest of the Brujah had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Trapper had claimed to have felt something strange the night they disappeared, leading those who were more knowledgeable about such things to believe that the group had met with Final Death one way or another, causing their blood, still fresh in the new childer's veins, to complain.

The Sheriff of Seoul had declared himself to have had no part of this killing. Rumors began to fly about the possibility of having overlooked a native population of vampires on this continent. The Camarilla to this day univocally denies the existence of these so-called L.I.K. (Local Indigenous Kindred).

Henry and Trapper were situated in a boat with one other vampire, a Nosferatu, on the way home to the states. The Nosferatu showed them the hows and wherefores of hunting while on the ship, as, back in the United States, they couldn't count on wounded flying in every few minutes, and they certainly couldn't cont on stores of blood being readily available in bottles. There are rumors that, one night, after the three kindred had gotten thoroughly wasted on some of the most alchohol-rich blood they'd ever taste again, the two Brujah underwent a secret Nosferatu initiation ritual that supposedly involved a game of hide-and-go-seek and fifteen rats.

Meanwhile, back at the camp:

Klinger's condition seemed only to worsen in the following days. When the Seneschal was asked about this fact, he sent some quantity of kindred blood to the camp, with a note as to the bottles' contents and its stabilizing effects. The note also read that if Klinger survived the month out, that he was probably, in fact, crazy, and that he himself would return to the camp and make him his childe, returning the curse of Malkav where it belongs. This promotion from living to dead, of course, would be accompanied by a transfer-- back to Toledo.

"Hold on," Radar had said, Klinger's bedside having become one of his favorite haunts, "You can make it, Klinger..."

Radar and Qotenmatch experimented a while with the insanity that ravaged Klinger's body. As insanity causes in its holder a way of seeing the world that's not quite 'true,' as other people would see it, insanity and glamour (the power of imagination on which Changelings feed) are normally quite interchangable. An excess of glamour in any Changeling sends them into a state known as "bedlam." It's no wonder Radar suddenly began to enjoy Klinger's company.

It was through Klinger that Radar began to really experiment with glamour and its powers. On one unforgettable day at the 4077th, Radar had managed, with Qotenmatch's help, to make physical all of Klinger's psychotic delusions. Laverne, cursing and spitting endlessly at him, was beginning to disturb the other patients, and was escorted away by a pair of MPs. She paced the VIP tent, angrily ranting, her voice growing softer and softer in her imprisonment as she became slightly transparent, as a ghost, and finally faded altogether. It was the most restful day Klinger had seen as of yet. The fact that the ceiling of the Post-Operative ward had disappeared and had been replaced with a vision of the city of Toledo could hardly be corrected, but the noises from the busy city below/above were drowned out by the radio they kept playing in the ward. "Happy days are here again," crooned the radio.

As the staff of the 4077th wasn't about to just pump random vampiric blood into one of their patients, nobody missed the packages from the Seneschal that all seemed to be disappearing somewhere.

That somewhere happened to be into the tent of the Hunter-Priest Father Mulcahy, who had, as we have seen, developed a taste for the stuff during the earlier visit of the Kindred. That supply, combined with what he had surreptitiously taken from Henry Blake while he lay unconscious after their... encounter, lasted him well though the war.

He managed to control himself enough to wean himself down to a cup of spiked coffee a week which would keep him going until the next week came around, though sometimes just barely. He typically imbibed on Saturday nights, and used the ensuing rush to perform a vigil of penance through the night, causing him to feel thoroughly exhilarated for his Sunday mornings. A few people actually started coming to his sermons, not the least of which being Radar, who seemed to find the fervent passion for belief... appetizing.

Not enjoying the idea of being fed from during his sermons, Father Mulcahy firmly requested that Radar sleep in on Sundays. Abashed, Radar bowed his head and complied.

Klinger passed on about three weeks into the month trial period allotted him. Qotenmatch and Radar had begin another experiment, attempting simply to leech and purify as much of the insanity as possible from him, that he might return to normal. It seemed to be working. In fact, it WAS working. Klinger finally became lucid enough to commit suicide.

As a side effect of this process, Radar had countless tiny items enchanted with bits of the insanity-glamour taken from Klinger. Trying to put it to good use, he had attempted to feed this glamour, bit-by-bit, to Frank Burns, who was, as we have seen, without any of his own, and thus a rather painful influence for Radar to be around. This, too, seemed to be working, Frank seemed to loosen up a bit, become a bit more human. The swamp rats took note, and comforted him through Margaret's wedding. But this experiment, too, backfired, as Radar, in a fit of distress over the loss of Klinger, began to unwisely administer the glamour in larger doses, and, as a result, Frank Burns went completely bugfuck nuts as well, and was carted away in a padded truck.

Even without Frank Burns there, the war and its banality were wearying on Radar, and Hawkeye saw it. So when an investigation committee came to the 4077th to investigate fraudulent phone calls made to a poor widow in the United States reporting to her that her husband was still alive, Hawkeye was the first to back up the fact that Radar had placed the phone call, and Sidney was first to recommend that the boy be sent home before he completely cracked up over here. The recommendation was taken to heart, and Radar left for home.

Everybody else went home, too, sooner or later. Most of them later. Father Mulcahy was threatened with discharge after spending his leave time stalking certain high-ranking military officers around Seoul at night. But he was forgiven, as a Priest, and decided that he needed to be a little bit more discreet in his hunting activities.

Hawkeye Pierce found a little slip of paper under his pillow on his yearly cleaning day: a tiny scrap which had a date written on it. Frowning, he was unable to recall what nurse he'd set up an assignation with on that day, so he simply threw it out.

But Bantelhopp's prediction was no less true, and on that very date the war ended. Father Mulcahy ended up winning the pool over what day the war would finally be over. Sometimes it's convenient not to be affected by the mists.

Sometimes it's also convenient to have a store of vampiric blood on hand for when your ears nearly get blasted out of your head as you try to save the lives of some unlucky POWs. When he found his hearing going downhill, Mulcahy poured an entire cup of the liquid, most of what he had left, and downed it, sitting down in meditation for the night as the war raged around him. Through thorough concentration, he was able to manipulate the blood in his body to heal the damage that had been done, and even to sharpen, heighten, and strengthen his sense of hearing.

B.J. had been very surprised by the recovery. That, in conjunction with the winning of the pool, finally convinced the doctor of the priest's contacts with higher powers.

And the war was over. And they all went home. Little did they know what was waiting for them as they stepped off of their various airplanes was a world just a tad more full of darkness than the one they remembered leaving.