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-Chapter I: Life changes-

Niklaus Mikaelson, a famous artist, playboy, millionaire, and now a father.

When Klaus got a call from child services, he didn't believe it, but then again he couldn't ignore it either. He was a father to a child. A child that he has never met. A child's mother who was in coma, possibly never to wake. A child that was his responsibility. A part of him. His blood ran through the child's veins. Of course, Klaus wouldn't have taken the first flight to America, if he wasn't sure that having a child was possible for him. Niklaus Mikaelson as a father was a crazy thought for anyone that truly knew and understood him.


"Sir." Klaus looked up, "Yes?" He asked annoyed, he had been waiting for the past twenty minutes going crazy and he could not wait to get of the building.

"Ariana will be out in a moment, I just need you to sign some papers and provide examples for the DNA test."

Ariana. He smiled, it was a beautiful name, he was glad that Caroline named her that. The most holy or at least that's what he believed that the meaning of the came from.

He nodded and looked over the papers, he didn't need DNA testing to tell him that Ariana was was after all, his and Caroline's child. Caroline was one of the very few people he cared enough not to hurt, after he left Mystic Falls he vowed that he would never see her again, but it looks as if fate had other plans. He truly loved her, but he couldn't let his family past with fame hurt her, and he didn't want to hurt Ariana.

"You're quite lucky that we found you in time. There was a couple that was ready to take her in as a foster child." April continued on. The edges of his mouth tighten, his child was not a toy that was suppose to be on sell.

"She is four years old, and she takes ballet classes. Here are her schedules, doctor's records and she's a bright girl." She handed him a thick manila folder.

"Thank you." He muttered as the lady left, leaving her heels to click.

Klaus sighed, he had no idea how to take care of a child. It was certainly different than taking care of a goldfish, a child require loves and attention, especially after losing a parent. He hope that there was hope for Caroline to return to him and Ariana. But mostly he wanted her to explain: how he wasn't contacted after she fell pregnant with his child. He had a right to at least know.

He noted that he should call his family after getting himself and Ariana settled. Probably call Katherine first, seeing that she was not only his agent but sister in law as well. He also sighed knowing that this news would reach his parents, and his father. Klaus did not even want to begin to think of his reaction. It was bad enough that Kol's drama had made headlines, but with Klaus and Ariana, that would make major headlines, the timing for Klaus could not have been any worse.

The familiar sound of heels clicked and Klaus looked up, the lady, April, held the hand of a small child, Ariana with a bright smile. Ariana hid behind April, there was a hint of shyness in the girl. Her long blond hair was braided to the side as her sea blue eyes watched him carefully. In her arms she had a pink-purple stuffed horse, Klaus couldn't help but smile as he remembered winning the stuffed horse for Caroline at a school fair. Her chubby cheeks showed dimples as she gave a slight smile. He was lost in her eyes, they reminded him so much of Caroline. Klaus in all honestly did not need a piece of paper to tell him that Ariana was his child, because seeing her with his own eyes confirmed it.

"Klaus Mikaelson, this is Ariana, Ariana this is your Daddy." April said ushering the small child from behind her.

Klaus bent down the height of Ariana, who timidly walked towards him, "Hello."

"Hi, sweetheart." That made Ariana giggled which reminded Klaus of Caroline, "You speak funny."

"Remember what we talked about, honey?" April interrupted and Ariana nodded.

She glanced at Klaus,"Ms. Forbes stated in her will that if anything were to happen to her, the father of her child, which happens to be you Mr. Mikaelson is to take care of her. I hope you will honor it." Her tome had changed from concerned to professional.

Klaus almost snorted, who did they think he was? "Of course." He nodded and looked towards Ariana, "Are you ready to go to your new home? Sweetheart."

She smiled and nodded, "Yes." He grabbed her bags in one hand and held out the other for Ariana to hold as they made their ways towards to parking lot.

April watched from a far and knew that the little girl's life was in safe hands. Ariana was definitely a child that April found hard to let go, she wanted the best for the when April had hear the concern in Klaus' voice and knew that he would take care of her when she talked in him on the phone. Of course, there had been some shock,but then again there was only so little on a file of him. But after she had cleared him, he was taking Ariana home, his home to London.

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