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Sam had been in Goa'uld complexes more times than she could count. Yet, she was still confused about the layout. I mean, come on! All the corridors look the same! And so, without meaning it, being pursued by Jaffa, they ended up in a small throne room, probably for a minor Goa'uld, which, of course, they didn't know was present. The Jaffa seemed to have forgotten also, because they began firing without thought for their 'god'.

"Sir! We're at a dead end! The Jaffa have the entrance covered. The only way out is to shoot our way out!" I dove behind the golden pillars that lined the wall, narrowly avoiding a staff blast.

"Worst day EVER!" The colonel broke cover from his own pillar to fire on the Jaffa.

"Maybe if-" I was drowned out by the distorted cry of a dying Goa'uld. We all whipped around and were met with the sight of the female Goa'uld falling, having been hit with an errant staff blast. Danielle, who was nearest, started to crawl forward toward her.

"Cover me!"

Teal'c, the colonel, and I turned and fired on the Jaffa all at once, forcing them to retreat to the cover of the hallway. With the colonel and Teal'c covering the entrance, I turned to watch Dani reach a hand out to check the host's pulse. As she pressed two fingers gently on her neck, the host's eyes snapped open and stared in shock at Danielle.

"Please," She croaked weakly, her voice missing the telltale vibration of a Goa'uld, "take-" Her words were choked off when her mouth opened wide and, after a short moment of silence, my memory kicked in, but too late.

"NO!" I lunged forward, ignoring the battle raging behind me. I felt something suddenly ram into my arm and I was shoved into the wall, fire raging on my arm. I managed to prop myself up, and was just in time to watch the Goa'uld fling itself out of it's previous host's mouth, and force it's way into Dani's, who's mouth happened to be open, as she was calling my name. She stumbled back, her mouth opening and closing helplessly, until her jaw snapped shut. Her eyes flared golden.

"DANIELLE! No, no! Dani please!" I shouted as I vaguely heard the colonel fire behind me and saw out of the corner of my eye as he scrambled over, Teal'c rapidly firing off shots behind me. The colonel did a quick scan, and, as Danielle did not seem outwardly injured, came straight to me.

"Carter! Hey, you alright? Carter!"

I blinked, coming out of my shock enough to spot my zat. I plunged my arm down, crying out as the fire reignited in my arm. My fingers closed around the zat, and my finger found the hidden button. The zat activated with a familiar metallic noise and I sent a blue net of electricity flying Danielle, or the Goa'uld's, way. Colonel O'Neill, unaware of Dani's current state, yelled an explicative as the Goa'uld crumpled to the ground.

"Shit, Carter! What was that for?"

"She…" My voice came out hoarse and quiet. I cleared my throat roughly, "She, she's a Goa'uld. Dani's a Goa'uld, sir." The air temperature seemed to drop ten degrees with my statement. Still, we were in battle mode, and we couldn't stop now. The colonel an I retook our places, and Colonel O'Neill yelled over to Teal'c.

"T, Dani's been taken by a snake. Grab her, and let's get the hell out of dodge!"

Teal'c, although he seemed a little shocked, nodded his compliance and quickly made his way to Dani as the colonel and I laid down cover fire. Colonel O'Neill signaled to move forward, and I stealthily slipped out of my cover and slid along the wall, pressing myself against the wall right next to the door. I gave him a nod and raised my gun. He supplied a burst from his P90, and I stuck the muzzle of my gun out the door, firing off a long string of bullets. As a staff blast flung right by me, I jerked back from the opening of the door, and saw the colonel had come up to the other side of the door, and was proceeding to fire at the Jaffa that I couldn't see from my current vantage point. As the wining of zats and staff blasts ceased, Colonel O'Neill stopped firing. For a moment, we all enjoyed the blessed sound of silence. But, we couldn't stop for long. With Teal'c carrying the unconscious Dani, we made our way quickly, and silently through the seemingly endless complex, until we happened across the rings. The guard Jaffa were easy to eliminate, only requiring two shots from my zat. As the colonel and Teal'c crowded inside the rings, I pressed the correct sequence of buttons and dove into the rings just as they whooshed upward, capturing the four of us and depositing us in a temple on the surface.

"Sir, the gate is about 5 minutes away from here." I quickly reloaded my weapon, and we headed out at a sprint, hearing the familiar sound of rings activating behind us. I risked a glance behind us, and saw that there was a sizable armada of Jaffa sprinting after us, steadily firing their weapons at us. I brought my gun up and fired at them, quickly having to stop and face forward to avoid tripping. The colonel and I traded off, each of us firing for a brief time, and then letting the other shoot. I glanced over at Teal'c and Dani- or the Goa'uld- and saw that she was stirring. I quickly ripped into my pack and brought out a shot of sedative. Pushing myself to catch up to Teal'c, I pulled up next to him and held out the sedative.

"Teal'c!" He grabbed the sedative and pushed it into Dani's arm, forcing her to again fall into unconsciousness. I lost my balance just after handing him the sedative and I tumbled forward, hitting the ground on my bad arm. I cried out, cradling my arm, and the colonel hauled me up. We raced for the DHD, and I dialed home faster than I ever thought I could. With the colonel firing on the approaching mob of Jaffa, I punched in the iris code into the GDO, signaling that we were under fire.

"GO!" The colonel screamed over at me. I sprinted into the event horizon, barreling out on the other side and tumbling ungracefully down the ramp. I was helped up by Janet and watched as Teal'c ran out of the stargate with Danielle in his arms. After about 2 seconds, the colonel was flung out of the gate, yelling at the gate technicians to close the iris. The trinium barrier grated shut, and multiple thuds were heard following the action. I turned my attention the Janet, who was trying to get me on a gurney.

"Janet." My voice barely came out, so I tried again, "Janet!"

"Sam?" she glanced at me in concern, "What is it?"

I swallowed the sudden lump in my throat, "Um, Dani… Danielle's been taken by a Goa'uld. I zatted her, then gave her a 150 milligram sedative."

"What?" Janet froze for a moment, and so did everyone else who heard. But only for a second. Quickly, Janet went into full Dr. Fraiser mode, yelling orders and having them strap Danielle onto a gurney. They quickly carted her out of the gate room, followed by Teal'c, the colonel, and I. The trip down to the infirmary was almost silent, everybody pondering what to do, when to do it, and how to process it. Janet was probably thinking back to Kawalsky, and hoping to contact the Tok'ra. Teal'c was probably wishing he could rip the Goa'uld of of Dani himself, and then rip i into tiny pieces. The colonel was probably thinking along the same lines as Teal'c, but also worrying about Dani's safety. As for me, I was shocked. I always thought of my team, my family, as untouchable. The Goa'uld couldn't catch us, and they couldn't hurt us (much). But, now Dani was taken. Dr. Danielle Jackson, my closest friend in the entire universe, was destroyed by a slimy, good for nothing, egotistical, narcissistic, back-stabbing snake. There was still hope, but, even if they could get to the Tok'ra, what about the IOA, NID, and the trust. The IOA would want to interrogate the Goa'uld to get information. The NID would torture her and try to experiment on her, and the trust would torture her to get information. I knew that it was the snake that would go through this, but Danielle would to. As the host, she experienced all the pain of the symbiote (parasite was a more appropriate description), and would suffer greatly with any of these options. No, I would not let Dani be taken by any of those cold-hearted bastards. She was, no, is, my best friend, and I would protect her with my life. And I have a feeling that Teal'c and the colonel would too. They wouldn't get anywhere near her, I was sure of it.

"Major Carter? Follow me, please." I was jerked out of my reverie, and nodded my compliance, silently following the nurse. As I sat down on an empty bed and the nurse started to clean up my arm, I cleared my throat.

"Um, nurse? What is going to happen to Dani?" No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't keep that waver out of my voice.

She smiled reassuringly and gently began to bandage my arm, "Well, she will have her blood taken and an MRI done. Dr. Fraiser will check for injuries, and then they will, with her still restrained, take her down to the cells. She will be locked securely in, and will have guards stationed outside. The new cells have a plastic front so the Goa'uld cannot switch hosts, and speakers so the person inside and the visitor can speak safely. She won't be harmed throughout any of this."

I sighed, my mind supplying the words, Depends on your definition of harmed, but I just thanked her as she slid my arm into the standard blue sling, and waited for my full post mission exam. After a few minutes, one colonel plopped himself down on the bed next to mine. I looked around, instinctively searching for my other teammates. My head berated me quietly for scanning the area for Dani, but that didn't explain the absence of Teal'c.

"Sir, where's Teal'c?" I saw him startle slightly, a barely noticeable twitch, but almost 5 years of being on the same team had allowed me to see it for what it was.

"Oh, T? He's being allowed to stay with Dani-" His fists tightened on the bed sheet, "the Goa'uld for security."

I flinched and ducked my head, sucking in a shaky breath, feeling tears began to threaten. Oh, Dani… I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I glanced up to see the colonel sitting beside me now, his hand resting on my good shoulder. It was probably quite inappropriate work behavior, but my best friend and the person he loved was just taken by a Goa'uld. We both needed a little comfort. We sat like that for a while, not talking, just sitting in quiet companionship. The gossips were probably buzzing (we were quite a closely knit team, after all, and people wondered), but we didn't care. It was just two people, who were like family, giving comfort to each other. A sudden burst of movement by the door caught my attention, and I glanced up, breaking the spell. The colonel followed suit, and we both stood up. His hand momentarily tightened on my shoulder, and he let go, taking a few steps forward to better analyze the situation. A still unconscious Dani was being wheeled out of the infirmary, soon to be placed into one of the newly modified holding cells. I saw his shoulders rise as he took in a sharp breath, and he turned away from the scene, missing the regal nod that Teal'c sent our way. It was my turn to comfort, and I put a hand gently on his arm.

"Sir, we have to get checked out by Janet, then we're off to the debriefing."

He nodded and I removed my hand. We made our way over to where Janet was waiting, and I sighed. What a day.

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