Duel Academy's Fox Rider

Welcome to the revamped installment of Duel Academy's Fox Rider. I've decided Naruto will have two decks, his Ghostrick Deck and a Draconic deck. He will alternate between the two after every duel. Naruto will not have the Evil Heroes because if I do use them I'll feel like I'm ripping off icecore22's Zero Joker Fox. I will not tell what the dragon deck consists of because it's a surprise, but if anyone one can guess one of the main dragon monsters they can pick one of the guessed forms.

Naruto's Harem- Jayden, Zee, Alexis, Akiza ( 2nd Year Student), Rio Castle (2nd Year Student), Misaki (Pegasus's daughter, 2nd Year Student), Ashley Phoenix, Jessie Anderson (transfer student), Yubel, Blair, Mana, Maybe Fem Yusei, Fem Jack, Fem Crow, Anna , Kathy, Fem Shark, Fem Yuma, Tori, Fem Kite

The arcs go as

Eight Shadow Riders

Society of Light

A Nation's Revenge

Exchange Program 5d's

Parenting Problems

North Academy

Lost in the Duel Monster's World

Revenge of the Big Five

Nightshroud Returns

With that lets start the story but first the disclaimer: Storm Eve does not own Naruto or any of the Yugioh Series

My name is Naruto and your ass is on my kicking list this week

"Professor Banner, why would you do this?" a brown short haired girl with orange highlights asked sadly as tears threatened to leak out of her honey brown eyes. Her clothing consisted of a red miniskirt and a sleeveless white shirt with a red stripe down the middle that contained her fairly large bust.

The white haired German professor smiled sadly, "I did this because there are two more Shadow Riders you must defeat, one is the Leader of the Shadow Riders and the other is a much a male version of you, but just a bit smarter book wise, but more oblivious than a Slowpoke, but he is very wise, powerful and is an expert at trolling his opponents," He said with a raised finger.

Jayden sniffed before looking at Banner with a minor pout, "Mou, that's not funny using a Pokémon reference in a Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto crossover," she said before getting a minor flick across the forehead from the German. "Stop breaking the fourth wall," Banner said as he began fading away "Looks like my time is up, listen I lied you have the potential to be the strongest duelist on the planet. This is what he told me, "Duel monsters isn't just a card game, it's a way to shape new bonds with rivals. It is what makes me, me and you, you and it is also what makes the power known as friendship." Banner finished as his body turned to sand leaving a crying teenager with a lot riding through her head.


On one of the spires on top of duel academy was a sitting black hooded figure holding two deck boxes. One box was black with purple swirls and a chain adorning the box all around, this was his Dark deck made for his ghosts and demons, and the other deck was white with multiple colored flames licking the bottom, this was his Dragonic deck made for his dragons and guardians. On the figures shoulder was a crimson furred fox with black tips snickering. The figure briefly glowed a light green before he opened the Dark deck and a rush of Halloween themed cards rushed out of it.

"Alright you pranksters go have some fun!" he called as the cards flew off in the wind. He then felt a pull on his cloak. The culprit was a small white haired child hiding her phase behind her white kimono's sleeve and purple obi looking up at him with wide purple eyes and a small blush.

The hooded figure sighed before he pulled the girl into his lap, getting the child's blush to increase "Don't feel like causing trouble tonight with Jack, do you Onna?" he asked the child getting a shake of the head as an answer as she buried her head in his chest. "Stubborn just like me ya know, okay we'll stay like this for a bit longer," he said as he pet the girl's head.

The girl smiled before she nodded to sleep off into her owner's lean chest, unknowingly angering the female monsters in the Draconic deck wishing they were in her position.

The hooded figure sighed once again before he whispered, "I really hope this match is every bit as fun as you promised me old man," he said then pulled out an orange and blacked cased phone and began playing some relaxing music as he nodded off as well.


"Are you kidding me, there's another two Shadow Riders and they're stronger than Banner?!" one Chazz Princeton yelled in fury before shaking poor Syrus Truesdale like a ragdoll since he couldn't shake Jayden.

Jayden nodded her head, "But he's like me and I would never , at least that's what Banner – I mean Amnael told me before he vanished," she stated as she thought about how exactly he's able to control nature.

"He could have lied," a fairly attractive blue haired girl, Zee Truesdale said before shaking her head "Then again why would he have even told you anything about the last rider?" she asked more to herself as one of her dark blue eyes closed in thought as her waist length hair shifted from side to side and she covered her arms under her fairly moderate bust getting a few males to stare at her only to get called a pervert by her best friend Alexis Rhodes who wasn't by any means lacking in the beauty or bust department.

"Let's just sleep on it for now, it sounds like they're ready to stage the final attack," Bastion Misawa said as the gang went off into their living arrangements blue green cat like eyes watching them from the shadows.


The next morning could only be described as absolute chaos. The hallways were frozen solid and slippery as was the lake. The dorms were teepeed by a massive amount of bandages. There was cat hair and bats everywhere. People were freaking out as they thought they saw their reflections come out of the mirror. Candles were suddenly lit and the power continued to cut off. But what happened to the gang was far worse in some cases.


"Great Scott!" Bastion called from his room as he picked up a small orange book, "Where all my books are and what is this Icha Icha Paradise?" he said as he opened the book, "Let's see, Riku pushed Zeke on the forest floor before she pulled off, oh my, and then she, my word, and then, Einstein's Ghost this… this… is amazing Bastion said as he buried himself deeper in the book. In the Obelisk blue dorm a similar scene is replaying with Alexis and her roommates Jasmine and Mindy.


"Somebody stop me!" Syrus yelled as did Chumley as the duo slid across the icy hallways before they slammed face first into the door of the classroom. Syrus's sister Zee shakes her head at her brother before walking away only for a tripwire to activate and tighten around her ankle before she was pulled into the air and left dangling from a rope trying to cover her panties with her skirt from being seen.


"Who dares to prank the Chazz?!" Chazz yelled to the heavens before he stepped around the corner and was bombarded by another series of pies for the fourth time this morning "I swear to all that is Chazz I will get you, you bastard!" he said before a special pie hits square in junk. He kneels to the ground before saying, "That pie had a brick in it."


"BWAHAHAHA!" Jayden laughed as another Obelisk Blue student was tarred and feathered in the same car wash type trap, before being ejected into the girl's dorm and being subjected to a rather ravenous beatdown from the girls that caught them.

"Man that was a good laugh, but I wonder who's been doing all this?" she asked herself as she walked away only for her to snap a tripwire. A bag of flour emptied over her head and turned her into a dusty white Slifer. Her right eye twitched before a small note flew in front of her that read "Come to the forest tonight and prepare to get your game on!" She growled before declaring "It's on!" as she walked back to her dorm to clean up and get ready for her duel.


"Where is he, where is the bastard that dares to defile the Chazz?!" Chazz yelled as he tore through the bushes looking for said bastard, as the rest of the gang sighed.

"I don't think the last shadow rider would be in a bush," Alexis stated shaking her head, before a new male voice spoke, "She's right you should probably check the clearing up north."

"Thank you, you see at least someone agrees me," Alexis stated, "Wait who just said that?" she finished before the entire group turned to a black hooded figure hanging upside down from a tree with his face still being hidden. "Yo"

"Holy Ra where did he come from?!" Syrus yelled.

"Well when my mother and father were in the mood for a child my father lit the candles before sticking his fingers in-"

"I asked where did you just come from not how you were born!" Syrus declared with a blush getting a chuckle from the figure before he dropped out the tree with the cutest red colored fox ever seen with bunny like ears. "Oh, well you should have said so." "I did," Syrus stated gritting his teeth.

Chazz growled, "Enough chit-chat who the heck are you anyway?"

The figure chuckled before he pulled down his hood getting a light blush from the present females as the hood revealed a tanned handsome spiky blonde and red streaked haired teen around their age. His face was void of baby fat and hand three strange whisker marks on each cheek as well as a black arc mark under his left bright blue and right crimson red eye. (Marik's marks) "You can call me Naruto the final Shadow Rider," he stated with a wide grin getting a shocked look from the gang as he then picked up the crimson fox on his shoulder, "and this furball on my shoulder is Kura." he said getting a yip from the now named Kura.

"Hold up," Jayden began "You, you're the final Shadow Rider, no offense, but I thought you'd be I don't know more menacing not a guy named after a ramen topping." She giggled a bit as he began drawing circles in the ground as a mini raincloud poured down on his parade muttering 'it means Maelstrom dammit.'

"Does this mean you're the one who's been messing with us throughout this entire day?" Zee asked. Her left eyebrow began to twitch as the admittingly cute blonde nodded his head with that wide grin on once again.

"Enough, are you ready to duel or what?" Alexis stated before Naruto phased out of existence and appeared right in front of her staring her down with his hetechrome eyes brimming with childlike curiosity. She blushed at the intensity of his stare and noticed that the whisker marks on his cheeks weren't tattoos, but before she could say anything he vanished once again, but this time in front of the group.

'I didn't even see him move,' was the thought that was on everyone's mind as Naruto walked toward the clearing. After they had arrived at the clearing Jayden stood across from Naruto with an eager grin and a fire in her eyes. Naruto chuckled before he took out a purple and black version of the Academy Duel Disk.

"Jayden let's start the show!" Naruto said.

"Naruto prepare to get your game on!" she declared.

-Duel Start-

Naruto 4000

"My draw and first off I activate the field spell Ghostrick Museum!" he said as the landscape was changed to a dusty old museum with a few floating artifacts similar to Camula's castle. "Then I'll set a monster and a card facedown and activate Field Barrier to protect my Museum."

Jayden 4000

"Never heard of Ghostricks before, but I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode and equip it with Spark Blaster!" She said as a warrior in golden armor and a blue face shield appeared on her side of the field with a sparking gun, "and I'll activate my hero's blaster and change your face down monster to face up attack mode!" she said as her hero fired his gun at Naruto's face down card revealing a silver haired girl inside a mirror sitting on a floating dresser.

(E-Hero Sparkman lv4 warrior 1600atk 1400def)

(Ghostrick Mary lv1 fiend 100atk 1600def)

"I'm not finished yet because I fuse Sparkman with the Avian and Bubbleman in my hand with Polymerization to summon Elemental Hero Tempest and I'm having it attack your Ghostrick!" She said as a blue haired man wearing armor from all three heroes appeared on the field to the field and attacked Ghostrick Mary with a gun like attachment on its arm.

(E-Hero Tempest lv8 warrior 2800atk 2800def)

Naruto smirked under his hood "So close but I activate the effect of my Ghostrick Lantern from my hand!" he said as a Tempest was stopped by a floating ghost with a pumpkin head carrying a lantern, "you see when you attack a Ghostrick, my Lantern can negate your attack and summon itself in facedown defense mode," he said as Lantern tossed its head to Tempest, but before the warrior could drop the head the head shrieked a loud *BOO!* giving Tempest a mild heart attack.

(Ghostrick Lantern lv1 fiend 800atk 0def)

Jayden smiled a bit "Fine, I set a card facedown and end my turn."

Naruto 4000-Ghostrick Mary, Ghostrick Lantern, Ghostrick Museum, 1 card facedown 1 card in hand

Jayden 4000-Elemental Hero Tempest, 1 card facedown, no cards in hand

"My draw, ya know your pretty good haven't seen anybody pull out a powerful fusion monster that strong in a while, So I'll battle back with a strong monster so I summon my Ghostrick Cerberus in attack mode!" he said as a dog collar appeared before multiplying into 3 as black smoke formed a black Doberman with three heads and big doe eyes and a wagging tail. "Next I'll overlay my Ghostrick Lantern and my Ghostrick Mary to XYZ summon Ghostrick Dullahan!" he said as Mary and Lantern nodded to each other before turning dark and dark purple and flying into what looked like a black hole, before the whole shut and it exploded. Out of the explosion was a mythic creature only heard of in legends: the legendary headless horseman! Except a bit more comical. The horse was tinted a light blue as its rider was wearing black and gold armor carrying a sword as large as its body.

(Ghostrick Cerberus lv3 zombie 1700atk 400def)

(Ghostrick Dullahan Rank 1 fiend 1000atk 1000def – requirement- 2 level 1's)

Jayden tilted her head to the side, a motion that was copied by the gang "XYZ summon?"

About a minute later Naruto was drawing in the dirt the rules to xyz summon huddled around by everyone from the gang "- after you get the number of required monsters of the same level you can overlay them to special summon a monster with a black frame from your extra deck, there are a few exceptions "

"That seems ridiculously overpowered and just plain not fair," Syrus said as the others nodded in unison.

"It is", Naruto said with a grin as the gang sweat dropped, "anyway I activate my Dullahan's ability to remove an overlay unit and half your monster's attack points plus it helps that Dullahan gets a 200 attack point boost for every Ghostrick card on my field!"

Ghostrick Dullahan 1000-1600

E- Hero Tempest 2800-1400

"Oh come on!" Jayden complained as his Dullahan's horse rammed into Tempest.

"Gladly now Cerberus attack her Tempest with Blazing Howl!" he commanded as Cerberus shot a fireball from its maw.

"I activate Tempest's effect; if I sacrifice a card on my field he can't be destroyed!"

Jayden 4000-300=3700

Naruto smirked "I was counting Cerberus has two effects and I'll use one of them when Cerberus attacks and can't destroy an opponent's monster, he can attack again up to two more times," he said as Tempest was attacked by the other two heads.

Jayden 3700-300=3400-300=3100

"And now Dullahan attacks your Tempest once again!" he said as Dullahan slashed her Tempest across his chest.

Jayden 3100-200=2900

"Due to the Field spell when a monster inflicts a damage they're flipped facedown and the opponent's monsters can stage a direct attack, so my are flipped facedown and with that I'll set a card facedown and end my turn," Naruto said as his monster's flipped themselves facedown "Come on let me see that fighting spirit!"

"The damage…isn't real," Jayden asked more than stated.

Naruto smiled kindly under his hood, "Of course not, I'm not dueling to hurt anybody," he said as Jayden's cheeks turned a bit rosy at his words and his compassion.

Naruto 4000 (1 card in hand, 2 facedowns, Ghostrick Museum, Ghostrick Dullahan & Cerberus)

Jayden 2100 (No cards in hand, no facedown, Elemental Hero Tempest)

Jayden shook her head and slapped her cheeks getting the blush to lessen, "My draw and first off I activate the spell Hero Draw, this card lets me draw a card for every Elemental Hero card in my graveyard and on my field and I have four. I'll go ahead and use two of them I activate Pot of Greed and Fusion Recovery!" She then drew four cards giving her a total of five, with an Elemental Hero Avian back in her hand. "And first off I flip summon my Elemental Hero Tempest and activate Monster Reborn to bring back Elemental Hero Sparkman and I'll fuse my Avian in my hand with Elemental Hero Burstinatrix in my hand to fusion summon Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!" she said as a Green skinned warrior appeared with a dragon for a hand and white wings and black markings appeared in a flame.

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman lv6 Warrior 2100atk 1400def

"Not bad, you managed to bump off your offence not bad at all," Naruto said.

Jayden grinned "You haven't seen anything yet I activate R-Righteous Justice to destroy Field Barrier, and your facedowns and H-Heated Heart to give my Wingman a 500 point boost and the piercing ability!"

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman 2100-2600

Bastion grinned "Because she has destroyed his facedown cards he has nothing to protect his life points because of his own field spell, she's won," he stated confidently as Heavy Storm destroyed Field Barrier and his facedown Spirit Barrier, until a separate typhoon blew away Ghostrick Museum.

The hooded teen chuckled at the looks on their faces as the clearing returned to normal "Sorry, but I activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy my Field Barrier so you can't get to my life points without destroying my monsters first."

"Alright then, Flame Wingman attack your facedown Ghostrick Cerberus with Scorching Impact! And when he destroys a monster you take damage equal to that monsters Attack Points!" she said as her Wingman slammed through Cerberus's card in a fiery tackle before the hero opened his dragon hand and launched a flame towards Naruto and engulfed him in a flame.

Naruto 4000-2200=1800-1700=100

"Now Sparkman destroy his Dullahan with Spark Blast!" she ordered as Sparkman sent a blast of electricity towards Dullahan's card destroying the horseman, before she continued, "Then I activate Instant Fusion to fuse my Elemental Hero Flame Wingman with my Sparkman to fusion summon Elemental Shining Flare Wingman! And his ability gives a three hundred point boost for every E- Hero in my graveyard, and there's a total of five, now go Tempest!," she called as Flame Wingman and Sparkman jumped into a swirl and created a tall, winged, light green skinned warrior with shining silver armor with a red light at the center of his helmet.

Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman lv8 warrior 2500atk 2100def

Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman 2500atk—4000atk

'Oh shit,' Naruto thought as he looked towards the shining hero in a bit of panic, 'this… this is so much fun!' e thought with a feral grin.

Syrus cheered "Alright Jayden won there's no way he could survive this next move!" he said as Tempest blasted Naruto kicking up a storm of dust and his hood.

"Wait, Zee began "if Jayden won why are her monsters still on the field?" she asked aloud as the gang acknowledged her statement as the dust cleared and revealed a somewhat familiar scene except instead of Ghostrick Lantern on the field was a snowman dressed for winter weather protecting himself with a giant snowman before the snowman collapsed on Tempest flipping him facedown. Zee's eyes widen before saying "That's the monster from earlier."

Ghostrick Jackfrost lv1 fiend 800atk 0def

From the dust Naruto began laughing not manically, but as if he was having fun. The dust began to clear as he spoke, "Let me explain what happened to your monster," Naruto begins as spectral figures appeared behind. "You see when you attacked me directly I activated the effect of Ghostrick Jackfrost flipping your monster facedown and therefore sparing my life points," he finished before another pie was thrown into Chazz's face.

"My Ghostricks are really great monsters, but they are natural pranksters to their core," Naruto said as Chazz screamed and pointed at Naruto before he was hit with another banana cream pie, as a light brown furred werewolf dressed only on pants rolled around laughing madly as it's blue eyes filled with tears, before it ran off with a MEEP MEEP and stuck out its tongue and ran away with Chazz right behind it.


Naruto sighed "Actually that was Ghostrick Werewolf one of more mischievous of the group, and if any of you picked up an orange book labeled Icha Icha I apologize that was Lantern he's a slight pervert." He finished as Bastion and Alexis looked away with a small blush. Naruto tilted his head to the side before stating more than asking "You read the book didn't you."

"Cute," Jayden muttered as did Alexis and surprisingly Zee. "I throw down a card facedown and end my turn. Naruto tilted his head to the other side at the comment with a minor blush "You're not too bad yourselves ya know," he said making each girl blush a bit more before Jayden continued "Then my Shining Flare Wingman will attack your Jackfrost!" she stated but before the shining Hero could attack a freaking floating fiery pumpkin poofed out of nowhere in his face giving him a mild heart attack and effectively stopping his attack. "Probably should have mentioned that when Ghostrick Dullahan is destroyed I can add a Ghostrick monster back to my hand and I chose Ghostrick Lantern, you can never keep a good ghost down."

Jayden laughed and smiled widely, "This is pretty a fun match, let's see you get out of this one, I end my turn."

Chumley asked "How much longer do you think this will take, they're pretty even?"

"With Jayden's heroes out on the field it shouldn't be too much longer, I mean one more attack and he's done," Alexis stated.

"Then why is he smiling like he's won the lottery?" Syrus asked.

Jayden 2900

Naruto 100

"My draw and I activate Pot of Greed and draw two more cards, and I think I'll use both of them. First up is Ghostrick Mummy and due to his effect I can summon another Ghostrick monster and I pick the only other one in my hand, Ghostrick Specter!" he said as a mummified cartoon zombie and a white bed sheet with green monster feet appeared on his side of the field, as he was left with one card in his hand.

Ghostrick Mummy lv 3 zombie 1500atk 0def

Ghostrick Specter lv1 fiend 600atk 0def

"Next up I'll overlay my level on Ghostrick Specter, level one Ghostrick Jackfrost and my level one Ghostrick Lantern to XYZ summon my Ghostrick Necromancer!" he declared as the three monsters flew into a black portal before it exploded. Out of the explosion appeared a dark skinned female cloaked figure with three imps flying around her, with her holding a strange staff with three rings wrapped around the top.

"I'm not finished yet because she gives every monster on my field a 300 point boost for every Ghostrick in play I activate her ability to revive one monster in my grave at the cost of one overlay unit! I pick Ghostrick Cerberus, but he's not staying for long because I overlay my two level three monsters, Cerberus and Mummy to xyz summon the king of the deck Ghostrick Alucard!" he said as the two zombie type monsters formed another portal, but this time a swarm of bats appeared. A single black eye with a red bead could be seen from the swarm before they dispersed revealing a white skinned figure with royal black garments and a black cape( I don't know what gender Alucard is).

Ghostrick Necromancer R1 fiend 500atk 2000def -500+2700= 3200atk

Ghostrick Alucard R3 zombie 1800atk 1600def 1800+2700=4500atk

"Alucard you're up I remove an overlay unit to destroy your facedown Elemental Hero Tempest!" he said as Alucard used an overlay unit to smash through Tempest's card. "Now go my two monsters finish her off!" he ordered as Alucard unleashed a swarm of bats that enshrouded Shining Flare Wingman before he was destroyed and Necromancer just bopped Jayden on the head and giggled as she jumped away back to her little brother.

Jayden 2100-500= 1600- 3200=0

Winner Naruto

"I- I don't believe it Jayden lost," Alexis stuttered.

Syrus grabbed his head before getting in the fetal position rocking back and forth muttering "Game over , we're done, game over" he said in utter despair getting a sigh from his older sister before she walked over and began to step on his stomach and began to add pressure until he cried out in pain.

"Be quiet for a minute you being depressed does not help this situation at all," she demanded with her foot still on her baby brother's back.

Syrus grunted, "Did you really have to step on me, you could have just asked?"

"Yes, yes I did," she said with a small smirk on her face.

'Sadist' the gang thought before they shivered as Zee smiled a too sweet smile that did not belong on her face, "Ara you better not be calling me a sadist, now watch" she said as Cyber End Dragon's shadow appeared behind her, and everyone quickly looked towards the two duelists.

Jayden fell to her bottom as her body shivered for an unknown reason as a light blush spread across her face. Naruto walked forward with ice cold blue eyes, before he looked down at the Slifer Red and the cold look was replaced with a smile and warm blue eyes as he held out his hand. She looked up and her blush increased to a full body blush as her knees turned to jelly.

"Hey you okay?" he asked before he pressed his forehead against hers getting the blush to turn even redder, "You don't seem to have a cold."

'He could not be that dense,' they thought.

"Oh well, up we go," he began getting a confused stare from Jaden as the blush receded a bit only for it to flare up worse as he lifted her up bridal style and carried her over to the gang and gently sat her down before walking back towards the forest, "See ya later Reps." He said waving his hand.

"Wait a minute!" Alexis called out getting her fellow blonde to look over his shoulder. "You won, doesn't that mean you take her key or her soul and revive the sacred beasts?!" she said.

Naruto shook his head, "Like I said before dueling isn't meant to hurt people even if you are able to. Dueling is a way to form bonds with people you don't even know. There is an old saying I learned from an old friend of mine 'when one life meets another something wonderful is born' I was raised believing this and I will continue to follow through with it until I die, " he said before an evil laugh filled the air.

"My my fraternizing with enemy are we?" a sophisticated yet cyber like voice said as a hologram showing a shadowed figure with a glowing ring, "I thought we taught you better than thought."

"Tch, you didn't teach me jack Kagemaru, all that I learned was that you guys need the 11 foot poles removed from all your asses!" Naruto said with an accusing finger, "That and you guys never have any fun, I mean the only time I ever had any fun was when I gave Nightshroud, Titan and Don wedgies, switched Camula's makeup with Tanya's, gave the prince and Amnael a new shiny coat of orange and purple paint and filled your water tube into Cherry Jell-O and dyed your lair seafoam green."

"When did you do that?" the hologram asked with what seemed to be fear, as Naruto pulled out a small box with a red button with an innocent smile before he said, "Right now," and pressed the button as a loud bang and a large seafoam green colored mushroom shaped cloud appeared in the distance.

"Y-You're truly evil," the hologram said as the mushroom cloud receded.

"BWAHAHAHAHA! You shall bow before the might of the mighty Prank God Naruto or perish in the mighty wake of my pranks and drown yourself in your own embarrassment!" Naruto yelled as he laughed evilly only to get smacked in the back of the head by Ghostrick Alucard?!

Alucard crossed his arms with a wagging a white finger with a light smile on his face.

"I thought the duel was over, why is his monster here and how did his monster even touch him?!" Chumley asked/yelled as question marks appeared over everyone's head that soon turned into sweatdrops as Naruto punched Alucard in the gut and the two began fighting in a three stooges way until Naruto had enough and kicked Alucard hard enough in the baby making zone and dissipated him back into particles.

Naruto looked down towards his left arm as he sighed, "Let's just say it's one of my abilities as a duelist my monsters can become real in this plane if existence."

"*Ahem* if you don't mind I would like to collect my winnings," Kagemaru interrupted as a golden flash from his millennium ring glowed before a beam shot from the hologram towards the Slifer Red female, "Jayden your duel spirit and soul are mine!"

"Jayden watch out!" the gang cried as Jayden attempted to at shield the blast by crossing her arms as a large explosion enveloped her.


What nobody had noticed was that one person had vanished from view, once the dust cleared everyone had been expecting their favorite Slifer was worse for wear, what they had not been expecting was the surprisingly friendly Shadow Rider with what now is a large burn mark on his back, shielding said Slifer with his body facing towards her. Jayden slowly opened her eyes wondering why she hadn't felt her soul or spirit being drained or taken away only to see her new friend in a considerable amount of pain as his back was smoking.

"N-Naruto w-why would you?" she stuttered as tears began leaking out from her eyes.

Naruto chuckled before he weakly poked her head, "N-now why are you crying, you're far too cute to cry, and I did this because your my opponent, no you were my opponent your my friend now. Bar the monsters in my deck I never had any friends, so when I met you and your friends I had something I didn't have for a long time: hope that I could maybe become friends with you guys and girls. Guess I won't be able to enjoy myself in duels anymore, pity I was really looking forward to dueling with you all." He finished as he collapsed into the dirt.


"Such a fool that boy was," Kagemaru began.

The gang grew quite angry at this blatant show of disrespect, with Zee actually voicing her opinion quite angrily, "You mean you're not even a bit upset that you attacked your own rider?!" she asked with Jayden falling to her knees and staring at her new friend's body.


The hologram chuckled, "Of course not, he was simply nothing but cannon fodder that wasn't even able to fully follow any commands he was a sorry excuse for a duelist just like that pathetic excuse Banner!"


"He was never worth anything and was never going to amount to anything, he just was a failure," Kagemaru sneered and was about to continue until a golden aura exploded from Jayden's body and she gave him a glare from her now golden colored eyes.

"SHUT UP!" she said as the hologram machine broke and said hologram cut transmission. Now that the object of her rage was temporarily dealt with the aura receded as she began to cry. The gang surrounded her to support her in her time of need.


Her eyes snapped open as the fallen blonde chuckled weakly, "You can't get rid of me that easily, ya know," he said as he was almost squeezed back to near death by Jayden.

"Dumbass, Dumbass , DUMBASS!" she yelled, "You could have died."

"S-sorry about that," Naruto said as his Ghostrick deck glowed a light purple.

Naruto and the cards glowed a light purple before a very large creature around the size of the Obelisk Blue Dorms and a shadowed female rose from the ground. The creature picked up the Academy members of Duel Academy and the injured Naruto while the female carried Kura in her arms and flew to the creature's shoulder sitting down on it. The large creature then walked out of the forest to Duel Academy causing a mini quake with each step.


"My word what is that annoying sound?" Professor Crowler asked as he walked around the campus in a nighty as the sound of stomping echoed stomping echoed throughout Duel Academy's walls. The manlady stomped throughout the dorms attempting to follow the sounds before a rather heavy step pretty much shook Duel Academy's foundation to its core.

The now wide awake Professor Crowler and Principal Shepard ran outside to confront the maker of the quakes only to see a terrifying monster. The monster was huge easily the size of the Obelisk Blue, it's legs and arms seemed to be made out of metal and brick as was the rest of its body. On its shoulder was a chimney; while on its top was a roof while right under the roof was a pair of lit windows. All in all it looked like a house. The creature didn't seem to have a mouth until the front door on its stomach flew open and it roared. They then noticed the monster was holding their students who were supposed to still be on campus in the creature's hands with a near unconscious whiskered spiky blonde haired teen as well. Before they could tell the creature to let them go the creature lowered them to the ground as a shadow with bat wings swooped down and dropped a small red fox with the blond male. Both figures soon disappeared in a purple flash.

Mr. Shepard broke the silence with a few simple words, that said nothing but panic in his speech, "What have you gotten yourselves into and why is he here as well?"

Crowler noticed the scared look on the principal's face "Principal Shepard what's wrong, who is that child?"

Shepard turned towards Crowler just enough so Crowler could see the panic in his eyes "T-t-this boy was known as the Elemental Nation's greatest weapon and one of the most dangerous duelists since the Marik from Battle City this boy is known as the Chaotic Fox!"