Hello everyone. This is actually not a real story as you may have assumed from the title but a challenge. I was wondering if someone could write a crossover of leverage and harry potter where harry has his own team. I know that he would be the leader, but I wouldn't want him to be the mastermind only like Nate. I was thinking he could be the thief like parker and mastermind so his only skill isn't thinking ahead. You can have whoever you want to play whatever other role like Hermione could maybe play the hacker since she has been around technology her whole life and is basically a genius and Ron could be the grifter since he has to find a way to get his things back from his siblings in an undetectable way so he just manipulates them into giving it to him. Lastly in the team, maybe an OC could be the hitter since no one really lived a life that needed it in the harry potter books that is in their year. These are just ideas though and can be changed since this is your story since I cannot write dialogue correctly. If you change the people though, please try and keep them all in one year. I know there is the problem of magic and all but I was thinking you could add a fifth person as another OC or maybe Draco as the magic specialist that erases the magical evidence or they just con people during the summer together. If they are not in the year like if you would like to include Ginny or Luna, that would be fine but try and make the people in a younger year and not older please. I wouldn't want them to meet all at once and suddenly decide they were best friends though as that would be boring but you could have them knowing each other from younger years or something. I actually could write their backstory if you would like since that doesn't usually require much dialogue so I might be able to do a decent job. If you take this challenge up, tell me in a review or something and I will thank you by updating the story with my thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,