The tabby tom turned to the calico cat beside him.

"Dawnstar. Starclan has spoken to me." He hissed urgently.

"A prophecy?" She asked.

He nodded. "A flaming star, doused long ago, will return. With the help of snow, ice, and fox,he will save us all."

"He's always been a strange kit, doesn't even like the housefolk." The sand colored she-cat mewed to the grey tom beside her. "Always looking out the window. Ever since the housefolk brought him home, can you believe it? My great grandmother used to tell me that a forest was there once. Of course, that's when she had been a mere kit. Smudge used to talk about a bunch of 'clans' but everyone knew it was only a myth. What were they? Darkclan, Cloudclan, Wetclan, Wonderclan? Oh who cares?" The sand colored cat continued. "Used to go on and on about a cat named Firestar, but everybody knew he was crazy. Poor thing, used to have a friend named Rusty, ya know. Mother said his housefolk probably just moved away and took Rusty with them. Smudge must have just gone crazy."

Firestar flicked his tail in annoyance at the kittypet's ignorance. Who cares what those two kittypets thought? He remembered everything. He had no idea how long had passed, but he would return to his clan. Perhaps it was all some type of test from Starclan? Soon, his new self would be 6 moons, and he looked the same as he had used to.

These twolegs called him Sunny, it was demeaning. The very topic of his was walking through the door right now, chattering away.

He made his move, nothing could stop him. He felt invincible.

Firestar reached the lake in 4 days time. There was nothing there. His heart sunk like a stone, he stopped to hunt.

Then, Firestar headed in the direction his paws took him.