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A/N: This is a Skimmons fic, so I guess it is kinda AU (Although it shouldn't be because Sky and Jemma should really be together). It is also set a couple of years in the future. Anyways, as I am British and we are behind America on the new episodes, there is no HYDRA or anything in this fic. This is my fist time writing anything remotely hurt/comfort like, so I am sorry if it is really bad... I tried. Please let me know what you think because if it is really bad I will stick to the lighter fluffier stuff in the future :)

Jemma was hurt. It was bad. Really bad. She had been brought to the SHIELD medical facility four hours ago and none of the team had been allowed to see her in that time. The doctors had said important decision may have to be made, but those decisions could only be made by family. The doctors were adamant about the fact that the team weren't technically family, and it was killing them. But none more so then Skye.

The rest of the team thought they understood why Skye was taking it the worst, after all she had been in a very similar situation a couple of years ago. But none of them knew the truth, the real reason as to why Skye needed to see Jemma, the reason Skye had not taken her eyes of the waiting room doors, why she hadn't muttered a word to anyone (excluding the several times she has screamed at the doctors to let her see Jemma).

The team thought they knew why she was being like this, but they didn't.

Hours passed and they were all sat helplessly in the waiting area. waiting...hoping...praying, to get some good news regarding Simmons' condition.

Fitz was trying his best to hold himself together, but he simply couldn't. This was Simmons...this was JEMMA. His college, his partner, his best friend was fighting for her life and he wasnt allowed to see her. Why wasnt he allowed to see her? It wasnt fair. He couldn't stop the tears that fell from his eyes. he couldn't lose her.

May stayed as silent as ever. To anyone else, she looked the same as always. But the team could see the change in the usual blank expression across her face. There was a sadness there, it wasnt much, bit it was enough to show the team that she cared.

Ward and Coulson were trying to stay strong. They had to. Someone needed to comfort Fitz and Skye...


Skye was a mess. She couldn't sit still, she would jump up anytime a doctor or nurse was in sight. And that's exactly what she did when she saw a nurse walking past the waiting area.

"hey, wait!" The nurse stopped at the voice and turned to face Skye. "I need to see her, you have to let me see her!" Skye demanded.

The nurse just sighed, this wasn't the first time one of the team had approached her about Jemma. "Miss, as I have already informed your team numerous times, I cannot let you see Ms Simmons unless you are family. I am sorry." The nurse stated to walk away but Skye just grabbed her arm.

The others were watching Skye talk to the woman in scrubs. This had been the longest conversation any of them had managed to keep with any medical worker. They couldn't hear what was being said but they could see the pleading look Skye gave the nurse, the nurse then nodded at Skye and a hopeful expression quickly covered the hackers face. The next thing they knew Skye was rushing through the waiting room doors and she said the first word she had said to the team since they arrived. And NOBODY would have guessed what that word turned out to be...

"MAY" Skye shouted with a desperate look on her face.

May didn't say anything in return, but tuned her gaze to Skye to show the girl that she was listening.

"I need you to do something for me, okay. I am not leaving this place for anything, and I would much rather have you do this then any of the boys." In normal circumstances, the male members of the team would probably be offended by this, but these weren't normal circumstances. "I need you to do something and I trust you to do it-I know you won't ask questions"

May tilted her head slightly, gesturing Skye to go on.

All eyes were on Skye at this point, but she didn't take her gaze of May. The hacker had tears in her eyes but she was attempting to stay calm, she needed May to understand what she was saying. "I need you to go back to the bus, okay. I need you to go into Jemmas pod and go to her closet. In the bottom of the closet there will be a purple and white striped gift box. In that gift box there will be a lot of stuff" Skye closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she remembered the contents of the box. A single tear ran down her cheek but she wiped it with her sleeve before continuing with a shaky voice. "Somewhere in the box there will be an A4 brown envelope. It is important to me that you bring me that envelope, okay, I need that envelope. Will you please go and get me that envelope?" Skyes voice broke slightly on the word 'please'.

Again May didn't say anything in response, she simply gave a curt nod to Skye before she stood up and left the room.

The rest of the team gave Skye curious looks, but they knew better then to question the girl. Especially when she was in this state.

Skye spent the next 34 minutes waiting for Agent May's return, splitting her stare between the doors and the clock. When May finally came back through the double doors, she handed the envelope straight to Skye before returning to her seat next to Coulson.

Skye gave May a grateful nod before rushing out of the room in order to find the nurse.

When she eventually tracked the woman down, Skye just shoved the envelope into the nurses hands. The medical worker opened the envelope and scanned over the contents. She then gave Skye a small smile and gestured towards Simmons room. Skye didn't need to be told twice and she rushed towards Jemmas room so fast, she almost knocked down two doctors in the process. Skye didn't care though, she was finally allowed to see Jemma. Her Jemma.

As she entered the room, Skye choked back a sob at the sight. Simmons was covered in bandages and had wires connecting her to several different machines. She looked so small in that hospital bad. So fragile and vulnerable. Skye rushed to her side and grabbed her hand, being carefull as to not hurt her even more. She brought the girls knuckles to her lips and kissed them.

"I'm here Jem. I'm sorry I wasnt here earlier but I'm here now. And I'm not leaving you again okay. I'm here and you're going to be fine. You hear me Jem? You are going to be okay, I promise."

Back in the waiting room, the team noticed Skye had been absent for a while.

"Whatever was in that envelope must have allowed her to see Simmons" Ward said to the rest of the team.

All the men turned their attention to May. "I didn't look" She answered, already knowing what they were about to ask.

The team seemed to accept Mays answer, knowing she wouldn't brake Skye's trust.

It was 8 hours later and Skye still hadn't returned. The team didn't know how to take this, if something bad had happened she would have told them right? But she also would have told them if things were looking good, wouldn't she?

Coulson stood up, he needed answers. He was about to reach for the door when Skye rushed in, almost running straight into Coulson.

"She's stable!" Skye exclaimed before anyone had chance to question her absence, "She is going to be okay!". For the first time since Simmons was hurt, Skye had a genuine smile on her face.

A wash of relief flooded on everyone faces. Ward patted Fitz on the back and May had a rare smile on her face. "She's going to be okay" Skye repeated in a smaller voice. Coulson wrapped his arms around the hacker and she immediately collapsed into his embrace, sobbing into his shoulder. She had been so worried the whole time, but she needed to stay strong..for Jemma. But now she knew she was going to be alright, Skye finally let herself break down and release all the emotion she had tried to suppress.

When she finally composed herself she looked to her team. "She's not awake yet, but everything is looking good. The doctor said you can all see her now". As soon as she said this, Fitz was out the door, closely followed by Ward and Fitz.

Skye was about to leave aswell, but a hand on her arm made her tun around.

"What was in that envelope Skye?" Coulson questioned softly "How come you were allowed to see her?".

Skye didn't say anything, she just simply handed the envelope over to Coulson, before turning and exciting the room- going straight back to Jemma's side.

Once Skye had left, Coulson carefully opened the envelope and took out the contents. He gasped at the sight, this is not what he was expecting.

Inside the envelope was a marriage certificate. More specifically, Skye and Jemma's marriage certificate.

Then he understood; Skye is Jemma's family.