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Chapter 3

A week had passed since Jemma's accident and the scientist had since returned to the Bus. Because of her surgery, Simmons was sentenced to a weeks worth of rest, stopping the scientist from even entering the lab.

"Ergh" Jemma huffed as she placed the rather large scientific journal she had been reading down next to her.

"You okay babe?" Skye asked as she looked to the girl sat next to her.

"Yes I am fine, that's the thing!" Jemma said slightly louder than she intended too.

Skye looked confused by this. "Okay?" She said more as a question then a statement.

"I understand that I need rest, I am not stupid, my body has been through a lot. But I feel a lot better and physically able to go to the lab and just exami-"

"No" Skye cut Jemma off. "You heard the doctors, you need to rest. Be happy you're not refined to a hospital bed, then you'd really be going crazy."

"Please Skye, there's only so much these books can tell me about the microorganism Fitz collected the other day. It would be a great help if I were able to examine it." Jemma looked at Skye pleadingly.

"Sorry Jem, no can do. Besides, we have that talk with Coulson in 20 minutes, shouldn't we be focusing on what we are going to tell him?" Skye asked as she ran her fingers through Jemmas hair.

"I guess so. Well he already knows that we are married, there isn't any point hiding anything else from him is there?" Jemma asked, looking up at Skye.

"Yeah. I still can't belive we managed to keep it a secret for over two years" Skye said as she thought back to the day the two woman first got together.

Two years ago...

Simmons had been pacing up and down the lab for the last half hour - much to Fitz's annoyance.

"Jemma will you please calm down, I'm sure everything will be fine" Fitz said as he put a comforting hand on the scientists shoulder.

Jemma spun round to meet his gaze "How do you know Fitz? It was supposed to be a simple mission, in and out, no longer than an hour. Its been five Fitz! Five! And coms have been down for the majority of that time! God knows what could have happened. May can handle herself, she's been doing this for years, but Skye's new to this! What if they got split up? What if they were captured? What if they were-"

"JEMMA" Fitz interrupted Jemmas rambling, stopping the girl who was at this point hyperventilating.

"What Fitz?" She questioned, an anger to her voice.

"They're back" Fitz said with a reassuring smile.

"What?" Jemma questioned, not quite believing Fitz.

"Coulson said they are about five minutes away, which you would have heard if you hadn't have been having a panic attack".

"There back" Jemma said more to herself than Fitz.

"Yes, they are. Coulson said he needs to see me, I'll leave you to take care of them incase they need medical attention" Fitz said with a small smile, before exiting the lab.

As soon as Fitz left, Simmons saw the cargo ramp open, and a slightly injured and bloodied but alive Skye and May walk onto the Bus.

Agent May barley acknowledged the scientist as she made her way straight to the stairs, heading to Coulson's office. But Simmons didn't notice, she was too busy staring at Skye.

Before she could even process what she was doing, Jemma found herself running at the younger woman and throwing herself into her arms. She then grabbed the hackers face and smashed their lips together.

Skye was shocked at the scientists actions, but didn't find herself pulling away. Instead she wrapped her arms around the older woman and deepened the kiss.

When oxygen became a necessity, the two girls reluctantly pulled away.

"Eh..wha...why...huh?" Skye stuttered as she looked into Simmons' eyes.

Jemma's mind seemed to catch up with the situation as a blush slowly made its way to her cheeks. "I..I'm sorry..I just..I was so worried, then you just walked in and I just..sorry".

"No no that's totally cool" Skye was quick to reassure the older girl.

"Really?" Jemma asked in disbelief.

"Absolutely" Skye said as she pressed her lips to Jemmas once again.

Jemma gasped in surprise, giving Skye a perfect opportunity to slip her tongue into the scientists mouth. The older girl then relaxed into the kiss and reached up to cup the hackers face. Then she felt more than heard Skye wince with pain and pulled away, only then noticing the extent of Skye's injuries.

"Oh my God Skye, you're hurt" Jemma said as she tried to pull Skye toward the lab.

"No, it's fine" Skye said as she reached for Jemma "It's only a scratch, we should definitely keep kissing".

Jemma turned to face the now smirking woman "I am not kissing you until you let me see to your injuries".

"Fine" Skye sighed following Jemma into the lab. She figured the quicker she gave in and let Simmons patch her up, the quicker she could get back to kissing the other woman.

"I was so surprised that you kissed me that day" Skye said as she and Simmons got up from the couch.

"Me too if I'm honest. I was just so worried something had happened, and when I finally saw you, something just clicked in my head" Jemma said as she and Skye began making their way to Coulson's office.

"Well I'm glad you did" Skye smiled.

"Me too" Jemma said as they reached the office door. "You ready?"

"You bet" Skye answered, as she knocked twice on the door, before the two girls proceeded to walk into Coulson's office.