To say that Tsuna and the other Vongola Guardians had been surprised by Mukuro's release from Vendicare was an understatement. While Gokudera hated the blue-haired teenager with a passion, Yamamoto and Tsuna were greatly alright with the new turn of events; it just wasn't in their nature to hold such deep grudges or hate someone to the extent their Storm Guardian could.

In fact, Tsuna had taken it upon himself to visit the Kokuyo group whenever he could spare the time. Mukuro seemed to be quieter than he had been previously, but he was grateful to the brunet for having gotten him out of prison.

Currently, Tsuna was at Kokuyo Land by himself, talking to the boy the Vongola Mist had recently taken in as a student. Fran was... different, to say the least, but Tsuna didn't use that as an excuse to treat the younger any differently than he would someone else. While Ken and Chikusa were in town somewhere together, Mukuro was somewhere in the abandoned building – it was just a matter of waiting until he wanted to be found.

"Do you know why Mukuro-san isn't letting us find him?" Tsuna was kicking back on the tattered couch, a bowl of sushi in his lap. Yamamoto often made bentos for his friend to bring out to Kokuyo Land, not wanting the older male to starve.

"Ah." Fran was clumsy with chopsticks, almost as messy as Dino and Lambo were. He chewed thoughtfully on his rice before he swallowed, a hint of confusion in emerald orbs. "Last night, Master stopped training early. He said he was going to go to bed early. This morning, he started hiding in illusions. I don't know why."

Tsuna hummed as he thought over what could possibly have happened; he knew Mukuro loved his illusions more than anything in the world, and he couldn't imagine the older male suddenly stopping just to go to sleep. And then hiding...?

Had something happened? Something that Tsuna didn't know about...? But how was he supposed to help when Mukuro didn't even want to be found?

"Do you think Master is okay?" Fran sounded concerned. Tsuna knew that, even at his age, he understood that Mukuro's behaviour wasn't normal.

Offering a smile to the boy, Tsuna nodded. "I'm sure he'll be okay, Fran. He might just want some alone time."

"Okay." Fran turned his attention back to his food, comforted by Tsuna's words.

Tsuna's smile never faltered, just glad that the boy seemed so easily content. Now Mukuro on the other hand...

The brunet had a feeling there was something Mukuro was hiding from them all, and he could only hope it wouldn't lead to any more trouble than the older teenager had already caused.