Darth Maelstrom

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Nope, not even going to try. Plus, this is set in the Narutoverse. Anyways, let's see how this story gets along, ne? And may the Force be with you.

Chapter I: Enter Uzumaki Naruto

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"The Second Round of these Chūnin Exams will now take place." Jōnin Yamanak Inoichi said while in front of the group of prospective Chūnin "To recap the rules are to get both a Heaven and Earth scroll to the tower in the middle Forest of Death within five days. Head to a gate and when you hear a horn blare the gates will open. From there there are no more rules and no interventions."

The genin scattered, not knowing just how dangerous the Forest of Death really was.

Sith Temple

A single boy sat in the lotus position within the dojo of the Sith Temple. He had his eyes closed and palms facing upwards as they rested on his knees. He wore black hakama pants, a black shirt and an open, hooded, black robe with the hood down. His spiky hair was blonde with streaks of black within and his skin was pale, nearly that of a corpse. On each foot he wore black sandals with black bandages wrapped around foot and leg up to his knees. He looked only eight years old.

The room he was in had a wooden floor and walls with cube-like objects on shelves along each wall. The floor had what appeared to be scorch and slash marks as well as glowing blue markings all over.

The boy heard a horn sounding from far off. No... he felt it. He felt the horn blare, gates open and a mass of energy signatures coming into the Forest. His Forest.

"It has begun." He heard a silky voice proclaime calmly. "I want heads. Keep whatever else, you still need chakra training anyhow."

The boy's eyes opened to show amber irises. "Yes, Master Revan." The boy spoke in a language none but the two could understand on this planet. Solarian, the language of the man's home planet, was nothing like Elemental.

"Do not fail, Naruto." The boy stood and a cylindrical object flashed within his robe before it flapped back.

"I shall not, Master." The boy said as he walked past the man and out of the Sith Temple. Revan smirked.

"I do not doubt you." He said as the boy was out of earshot. "With your strength, I would be more worried for the proctor if he came along."

With Naruto, he calmly made his way through the forest. His steps were even and deliberate as he made his way toward a group of signatures he deemed relatively strong, for non-Sith that is.

The boy remembered how this all began a little over three years back.

Flashback Begin

Naruto awoke from his dreamless sleep with a yawn and looked around the room he was in. "Where am I?" He wondered. How did he get here anyways? He remembered the matron yesterday at the orphanage... she had kicked him out. "Stupid old crone." He said spitefully. "Everyone's always shoving their stupid problems on me and blaming me for everything." He mumbled. What happened next?

Then the matron had told him something about a fox? "The Kyūbi, that's right. She tried to scare me... that witch had no idea I already met the fox. Or the deal we struck..." The blonde smirked. That deal was so very useful. The two of them harbored a hatred for those who harmed them... so they formed an alliance of sorts.

The Kyūbi would teach Naruto about different things from within his mindscape. Those included Demon Arts, Fox Arts, bijū techniques, Demon Seals, Hell and Demon Release Jutsu, illusions as well as out-of-battle skills such as psychology, healing, manipulations and several other fox also unlocked Naruto's bloodlines from both sides of his family with those being his mother's Chakra Chains and his father's Swift Release. In exchange, Naruto had to only do three things: eliminate the Uchiha clan ASAP, destroy Konoha and free the fox.

He really had no qualms about it.

The best part was that one night in the outside world- which is when he trained for three nights every week- was actually three in the mindscape. He had met the Kyūbi on his fourth birthday during a beating from the older boys that knocked him unconscious. From that point on, Naruto was happy to sell his soul to darkness if it gave him power. Amd that's how it worked because only a demon could use Demon Arts so Kyūbi naturally gave up one tail of its chakra to Naruto, changing him to a Hanyō. His physical features wouldn't show- being crimson eyes with slitted pupils, fox ears and however many tails he had- until he was thirteen though.

Right now, the six year old Naruto had an extra two and a half years on others his age as far as his mind went even though he was still physically six. He shook that remembrance away though as he tried to remember more.

"She kicked me out and then..." Naruto growled. "Then the bastard civilians began to chase me. They were going to beat me and probably kill me." He was definitely mad. "I escaped though. That gate I climbed led to a forest and I lost them. Then... I found that building... the temple."

It was a building of stone with vines grown over it hid between some close-growing trees. He saw it and felt a dark source of energy coming from inside and headed within. The archway that led inside had a sign over it in some language the Kyūbi knew but he didn't. It said 'Sith Temple' or something like that. Whatever a Sith was.

So he decided to explore it and find anything useful. There were many rooms and in one he had found three cube-like objects of the deepest blood-red. Kyūbi said they were holocrons and a technology far beyond the Elemental Nations. The Demon World had them, for sure, as well as some mortal planets. The fox explained how they worked and Naruto activated them and to the Demon Lord's astonishment they were from three of the most feared mortals of the universe to live. When Naruto was told what made Darth Bane, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious famed well... he decided to seal the holocrons for later in a scroll.

Later, he found the room the dark energy originated from. There was a 'stasis chamber' (Kyūbi's term for it) that looked like a black coffin with glass on the top showing a body within. The body seemed to be a sleeping man who had black hair, pale skin and wore black robes in pristine condition.

So Naruto had decided to open the chamber, but only after sleeping first.

Flashback End

And he had opened it. The man inside was Darth Revan, a Sith Lord from Solaron- a planet of humans that apparently didn't age past twenty-five and never became sick meaing they could only die in battle- who immediately used some technique to force Naruto to the ground. The man sensed something in him though... hatred and a deep connection with the Dark Side of the Force stronger than he ever felt before.

That was the only reason Naruto still lived, but he was glad. Thanks to Master Revan, he now was much stronger than any Chūnin and probably Tokubetsu Jōnin as well. He hadn't even begun his chakra or yōkai training either. Once he had the Dark Side, chakra and yōkai down though... plus his Chains and Swift Release... he would be unstoppable.

He found himself reach the trio he wished to find and smirked. They were from Konoha.

"How delightful, kit." Kyūbi said from within. The blonde couldn't help but agree as he reached into his robe and pulled out a cylindrical tube that was silver in color. He used one of the two chakra skills he had to mold Lightning and Wind chakra within himself and vibrate the molecules within himself so quickly he literally disappeared in speed and reappeared behind one of them.

The other two saw an eight year old appear behind their teammate with something akin to a sword with a cylindrical hilt and a glowing crimson blade just as said teammate's head rolled to the ground. The blonde turned his head slightly to regard them with distaste. "Pitiful."

This got them angry and they shot forward, kunai in hand to kill the punk when suddenly golden chains shot from the kids back and the one on the left had his heart pierced by them while another wrapped around the other's throat. Almost contemptuously, Naruto had his chains crush one's throat and rip the other in two horizontally from the chest.

The chains were gone and the Uzumaki used the force to pull heads from bodies before he opened a scroll and sealed all three inside. Searching their corpses brought nothing of importance besides their thirty kunai and fifty shuriken apiece. None had scrolls on them and not a single one had brought ryō to the Forest. So he left.

The Sith-in-training would be hunting for awhile.

That's right, my Sith Naruto is both a Hanyō and has two bloodlines. He's cold and calculating. He's vengeful. Hell, he doesn't even have a quarter of skills he'll have much later even started.

He's going to be such a badass, Wolverine will look like Steve Irkle. Even with all that, don't expect anything too show-offy, he's got to manipulate things as well.

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I won't explain too much, you'll just have to wait for next chapter.

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