Darth Maelstrom

Chapter VI: The Force's Fishing Line

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Rain Country Border

The rain could be heard outside smashing against the new base the Sith had taken. Since the defenses of Konoha had increased, Revan thought it best to move elsewhere. Rain Country would do nicely. It was a country with a minor village torn asunder by previous wars and were the people had little hope.

Just what Revan liked.

It was not difficult, actually. All they had to do was seal important things in scrolls and gather the few prisoners they had- all bound in Chakra Chains with chakra sealing tags of course- and everyone and thing went to one room. Said room had a large sealing array that powered Naruto's Swift Release enough for him to transport everyone directly to Ame no Kuni.

It was two weeks after the Uchiha Massacre- even if Naruto and Kyūbi wished it was the Uchiha Genocide- and the Sith were up to different things.

Anko was down in the basement of the base where the prisoners were kept and screams were heard as she was hard at work interrogating or Turning, depending on who the prisoner was.

Darui could be found in his personal dojo with his double-bladed lightsaber, practicing forms or trying to get one-handed seals of his most used jutsu complete. It would be an undeniably wonderful skill to block with one hand and then shoot off an offensive jutsu.

Revan was in his Project Room busy at work trying to make a new body for HK-47. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a bloodthirsty assassin droid here in the Elemental Nations?

Lastly, Naruto and Mikoto were in his dojo having a little spar.

Mikoto jumped back to avoid the Force Push and launched a fireball from her mouth without seals at the boy, but he simply rushed under it with his two lightsaber- one crimson, the other black- at her and swung them in a criss-cross manner with the left going right and right going left. Mikoto quickly used a Kawarimi with one of the training posts and pulled out her own red saber, holding it backhand.

Her Sharingan appeared and spun rapidly as she disappeared in a burst of speed. Naruto brought his own sabers in an X above his head to block Mikoto's overhead slash and when she tried to kick him, Naruto simply used his tails to form a shield in front of him.

Mikoto jumped back and looked at her Hanyō opponent before smirking. She threw her lightsaber and went through handseals. "Hidden Sand Style: Supreme Gale Jutsu!" She exhaled a gust of wind many times more powerful than any Great Breakthrough which spun her saber faster towards the Uzumaki.

Naruto simply disappeared in a blur of darkness and Mikoto felt a kick to her back before she went flying forward. She barely stood before she was tightly wrapped in six tails around her body with two sabers at her neck and her own held in the Force aimed at her head.

"Guess I'm no match for you, Naruto-kun." She said sultrily while getting comfortable with a smirk. "I suppose you're much too strong for me to stop you from doing whatever you want."

"Oh, you are." Naruto replied. His tails around her sizable bust tightened slightly, making Mikoto release a quiet moan. "I could do whatever I want." Mikoto looked at him with eyes full of lust and tried to lean forward, but the Sith simply let go of her and turned around, walking. "Let's go."

Mikoto looked at her Master with eyes still filled with lust and desire as he walked off. She hungrily licked her lips as she got up and followed the Half-Demon. She never saw Naruto's smirk as he walked- a smirk that belied his thoughts.

"She's an Uchiha, kit!"

Your point? She's a tool for me to use. Anko was made my servant through fear and then a promise of power. Darui was Turned with the taste of what the Dark Side could offer. Mikoto will be loyal to me once she is my lover, nay, once she becomes my lover and obsessed with my happiness. I know what I am doing, Fox. Don't think I've forgotten my promise either.

"See that you don't."

Jedi Temple, Academy

Namikaze Arashi was an inquisitive individual. He was one of the Namikaze triplets of the Jedi Temple, the others being his sister Mito and his missing brother Naruto. His hair was spiky and sun-golden and he had his mother's purple eyes. He wore the Youngling white robes without any alterations. The eleven year old was alert as the teacher- a Jedi Master by the name of Pakura- taught about the use of the Light Side for healing when Arashi raised his hand.

"Yes, Arashi?"

"Sensei, I have a question. Every class, every Jedi in fact, talks about the Light Side of the Force. Does that mean there's another half of it?" This question made all the students perk up. It was a good question, and now that everyone thought about it...

"Sometimes you are too smart for your own good." Pakura said with a frown. "You'll be a Consular for sure. Many other teachers would remain quiet on this, but I think that the only way to protect yourself is with knowledge.

"To answer your question, there is, in fact, another side of the Force. It is the opposite of what we use in every way, according to the ancient holocrons of Grandmaster Bastila. She was one of the few to ever use both sides and be both a Jedi and a... Sith."

"Sith?" Arashi's sister, Mito, asked. She had the looks of her mother except eyes- being blue- and hair- being two blonde pigtails.

"The Sith are users of the Dark Side. While the Light Side heals and helps, the Dark Side corrupts and can only do harm. Bastila speaks of a few powers of the Dark Side being Lightning, Choking and even Disease. Users of the Dark Side also are slowly corrupted by its power and become evil... these are the Sith.

"According to both Hashirama's and Bastila's holocrons Bastila's former lover was a Sith Lord. His name is unknown but he went by the title Darth Revan. Revan took on a shinobi apprentice just as Bastila did and the Sith Lord's apprentice was Uchiha Madara. The two apprentices battled at the Valley of the End a century ago and Madara was never heard of again."

"So the Sith don't exist anymore?" Haruno Sakura asked. Though she had little chakra capacity- and perfect chakra control as a result- she had a rather strong connection to the Force. She was also one of the best students of all the Younglings.

"I hope to the Force they don't." Pakura said. "Madara's body was burned to a crisp by Uzumaki Mito but no one saw hide nor hair of Revan after that fight. After a century with no sign of the Sith, it is safe to say that they are probably no more."

"Thank you for answering my question, Master." Arashi said, talking calmer than he felt. On that day, all of the class learned the Force- something they thought was simply an energy capable of only good- could actually harm them and make them dark. They vowed to stay away from the Dark Side if they could.

Jedi Archives, Midnight

Late at night, Arashi was somewhere he definitely shouldn't be. His sister constantly let him know too. "We're going to get caught, Arashi!" She whispered. "I would understand if this was about something important, but you didn't even tell me what we're looking for."

"Just... stay quiet and follow me." He said. "It's about Naruto."

Mito stopped suddenly, eyes wide. "N-naruto? What about him?"

Arashi grabbed her hand and pulled her with him. "Sometimes I get... feelings. It's like the Force pulls me to somewhere I need to be. It always happens when I'm fighting but outside of battle it's different. It's like... like there's this hook in me that tugs and tugs until I have to follow it. This time it started in Master Pakura's class and it got really strong a few hours ago when I started to think what it would be like if Naruto was here with us."

"So... if we follow the... Force's fishing line we'll get a clue to where Naruto is?" This made Arashi sweatdrop.

"It's not a fishing line." He complained before stopping in a section of the Archives. "Here..." Arashi shut his eyes and let his instinct guide him as he touched a holocron before grabbing it. He opened his eyes and quickly the Namikaze siblings left the Archives before heading to Arashi's room.

It was relatively empty besides a few scrolls on a desk and a three pictures: one of their parents next to each other as Kushina was eight months pregnant, one of Mito and him side-by-side and one of a five year old Naruto just a few weeks before he went missing. When he turned six, the Hokage was going to send him to the Temple here but that was just the day he went missing.

Arashi set the holocron on the floor as he activated sound-proofing seals to keep anyone outside from listening in. He then activated the holocron and gasped as their mother appeared.

"I-it's Kaa-chan!" Mito shouted. Those sound seals came in handy now.

Arashi was a little more calm. "Who are you?"

"My name is Uzumaki Mizurin."

"What is your relation to Uzumaki Kushina?"

"Kushina was my twin sister. The day she left for Konoha to be given the honor of jinchūriki from Mito-sama was a sad day for all of our family."

"Was she a Force-sensitive?"

"She had immense chakra, more than any other in the whole clan at that age. She was not born with a strong connction to the Force, however. She would never be a Jedi."

"Mito, what does this have to do with Naruto, you think? We know he was Force-sensitive, more so than any other in the history of the Temple." Arashi asked his sister.

"Wait! Mizurin, Kushina was a jinchūriki?"

"She was jinchūriki of the Kyūbi."

"Naruto is too." Mito reminded Arashi. "What started the fishing line, Arashi?"

"Mizurin... what was Kushina like the last time you saw her?"

"Kushina's darkness was immense. The Kyūbi had corrupted her after the citizens of Konoha mistreated her. She tried to hide it but I felt her darkness. If she had had any connection to the Force beyond what normal people do... I fear she would have turned Sith."

"Sith..." Arashi breathed and Mito was silent. He deactivated the holocron and picked it up. "Could that be it?"

"No!" Mito yelled at him. "No brother of mine is a Sith! That thing is wrong, Arashi!" Arashi looked at the cube in his hand.

"I don't know, Mito. Maybe Naruto ran away and stumbled on..."

"Just shut up! Shut up! Get rid of that holocron and forget about calling our brother a Sith!"

"But... she's our aunt. At least..." he was looking at the cube and didn't know Mito had left before he heard the door slam. He looked around and saw that he was alone. "I know you don't want to admit it Mito... but maybe... I just have to see if I can figure it out. Facts don't lie and holocrons are fact."

His tone was firm. He felt strongly on this matter and would not back down. Too bad that one night would affect the world in all the worst ways for the Jedi. All the worst ways for the world.


Naruto has siblings? What's this? I believe it's called a plot twist. How will Naruto react to this information?

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