And here you all go. THE END

Chapter 29

Jace hadn't stopped to think as he ran with the full extent of his power. He focused on nothing more than his breathing, though the tightening in his chest grew with each step he took. The beating of his heart matched the thud, thud, thud, of his feet on the ground. As soon as he was clear of the wards his eyes closed and he wiled himself home. His eyes opened as he felt the change of texture beneath his soles, but his feet had not stopped moving.

Jace came to a screeching stop when he saw the scene before him. Only once he was stopped did he realize how hard he was breathing and how even the short run had made his muscles ache. Clary had been moved from the table she had laid on for so many days. Jace could see the remnants of blood that had darkened the table in patches; blood was soaked through into the grains of the wood. They were all standing at the island, each and every one: Magnus and Alec, Simon and Izzy, and Brandon. He could feel their eyes boring into him, wide and red. Izzy's make-up was smeared down her cheeks but she made no move to wipe it away. Jace looked from face to face; no one was moving, which scared Jace more than anything. If Clary was hurting, if she was fighting, there should be frenzy. No one was moving, no one was saying a word.

"Where is she!" Jace yelled. Several of them jumped as his voice echoed through the silent house. "WHERE IS SHE!" Jace yelled failing to keep the panic at bay.

No one said a word, but a small sob escaped Izzy and a fresh tear rolled down her cheek. Izzy quickly looked down and Jace saw Simon reach out and grab her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers. Jace felt rage like he had never felt before race through him at their deliberate ignorance of his question. There was no way he was going to allow himself even for a second to really see what the reaction meant. He couldn't accept it, he wouldn't.

Magnus was looking anywhere but at Jace and Alec was shielding himself behind Magnus. Jace looked to Brandon, the only one that did not have a pair. Brandon was looking to Jace with the most heartbreaking gaze. His eyes spoke volumes but none of it was what Jace wanted to hear. Jace meant to storm forward but instead his feet felt glued. It took all his strength to shuffle forward a few inches before his feet gave out and he landed hard on his knees.

"No." Jace screamed and he did not bother to hold back the tears. His hands flew to his heart which ached as if it was no longer willing to beat. His heart was literally breaking.

Brandon rushed forward and slammed to the ground on his knees in front of Jace. Magnus has said that if one were to die the other would likely go too. Brandon didn't want to lose Jace.

"We moved her upstairs to the bedroom. Come with me and see her." Brandon said softly. Having Jace see Clary's body may not be the best move but keeping him away wouldn't help either.

Jace looked up to Brandon and then past Brandon to the upstairs where the room was. Clary was here after all, she was just moved. Why weren't the others with her? Maybe she was just sleeping. She would need her rest if she was healing, and they were crying for Sebastian. They hated him for killing his brother. None of this was for Clary, she was just sleeping.

Brandon put his hands on his thighs and lifted himself up before extending his hand down to Jace to help him up. Jace looked at Brandon's hand like it was a foreign object, but his body moved from muscle memory and grabbed his hand and allowed himself to be pulled to standing.

Brandon led him through the kitchen as the other's watched on, still silent and unmoving. They had become living statues, afraid to even breathe. Jace took one step at a time and Brandon never let go of his hand, letting Jace lead but encouraging him forward.

Jace looked down at his feet as they took each invisible step. Jace remembered the first time he had stepped on the invisible stairs so many years ago. If he had been less coordinated he supposed he might have tripped or fallen, but his movements had always been graceful and it had not taken long before Jace had every step memorized. It had been a thing between him and Sebastian to do tricks up and down the steps, each hoping the other would fall. Sebastian.

Jace looked up and away from the steps like he could erase the memory of his brother by looking away. He focused his thoughts on Clary. Each step bringing him closer to her, he could really use her smile at the moment. The landing was only one step away which Jace eagerly took; he needed to see her now. Brandon was still holding his hand and moving slower than Jace wanted so Jace pulled himself free and ran to the door and shoved it open without hesitation.

Brandon hurried after him, but found Jace standing still as the others downstairs just a few feet inside the door. Simon had carried Clary up the stairs and laid her on the bed, it looked as if she was sleeping but her chest was not rising and falling with her breathing.

Jace could feel Brandon standing behind him; feel the sadness rolling off him. Why weren't they helping her?

Jace looked back at Brandon suddenly with a look of hate in his eyes. "I told you to take care of her while I was gone." Jace growled.

Brandon raised his arms defensively but spoke as if he was trying to hold back a sob. "There was nothing we could do Jace."

Jace closed his eyes and violently shook his head. Brandon knew that Magnus had been right; Jace would never survive the loss of Clary. Brandon closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. He opened his eyes and looked back to Jace. Jace had turned his back to him and was slowly walking forward toward Clary, and Brandon knew this would be goodbye.

"Fair well." Brandon said softly and then turned his back and left the house with tears falling from his lashes.

Jace inches his way forward as silent as he had ever been. He strained his ears and listened for the sound of her lungs as they filled with air, or the low steady thudding of her heart; he was only met with a deafening silence. His hand was out stretched as if his body craved to touch her, but he could see his hand shaking.

Clary was lying in the bed, her eyes closed softly. Her long lashes brushed the tops of her cheeks and her skin was pale as the fresh snow. Her hair was smoothed down around her, a curling, fiery halo which was a stark contrast to her pale skin. There was a blanket covering her, brought up to her chest. Her arms were delicately laid on top, one hand clasping the other above her waistline.

Jace's eyes fixated on her lips. It was her lips that gave away that she was not sleeping. Her lips once a burning red like her hair were now a pale pink. They were the lips of someone that was dead. Jace felt his body convulse as the realization hit him. She's dead.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no." He muttered as his body sunk onto the bed with Clary. His hand brushed the side of her face and he felt how cold she was against his skin.

"Come back to me baby." Jace sobbed as his thumb ran across her cheek. "Come back." He sobbed.

He lowered his lips to brush hers lightly; there was no warmth there either. She didn't even smell like her anymore, she smelled like nothing at all.

Jace felt the sadness slip into panic and he took his stele from his holster and began to try every healing rune he knew. The tip charred her porcelain skin but the runes never sunk in, they were merely burns. Jace threw the stele at the adjacent wall with enough force that the stele broke into several pieces before it fell to the ground. Panic gave way to anger.

Jace stood and took with him the bedside table which he promptly threw to the ground. The wood shattered easily, spilling its contents across the floor. This had been Clary's table, the one that housed all her drawing supplies. Jace stopped suddenly as a pair of eyes stared back at him. They were his eyes. It was the drawing Clary had done the first night Jace had met her. He had gone into her room and she had tried so hard not to let him see what she was drawing. Jace could still remember the blush that had crept up her neck, her look of embarrassment. Jace had been told to stay away, but in that moment he decided the hell with Sebastian.


Sebastian had said there was a child. He hinted that it was Jace's child. A child made from two half angels.

Jace ripped back the blanket and Clary's hands fell to her stomach, covering where Jace needed to see. Jace softly took her hands and separated them, laying them each to her sides. She was wearing the same dress they had put her in a few days ago, there was a large hole in the stomach, the outer edges burnt and melted. The skin beneath was fresh and clean. There was no puncture or even the previous wounds from Sebastian's stabbings.

Jace's eyes were transfixed, his hand still touching the smooth skin. Her stomach was glowing; or rather something beneath her skin was glowing and moving. Jace watched with amazement as the ball of glowing light twisted and turned, getting brighter and then dulling as it moved closer and then father from his hands.

"Baby?" Jace said softly, watching the light intently. The ball seemed to be getting brighter as it moved toward Jace's hand again. Jace could feel Clary's skin warming as the light got nearer and nearer to the surface. Jace held his breath hoping for a miracle, hoping this ball of light that Clary carried would bring her back to him.

The ball came to rest directly under Jace's hand, and stayed there for a moment, heating the skin until it was almost too hot to touch anymore. This is it. Jace thought. This is when she comes back.

He couldn't breathe he just waited.

Then nothing happened and the ball of light moved on with its twisting and twirling moving further away from Jace's hand. Without the ball of light Clary's skin went back to being cold. Her chest did not begin to rise and her lips remained pale and lifeless.

Jace exhaled loudly as he closed his eyes and let his head fall onto her. He had gotten his hopes up and when that failed it seemed to drain from him the last of his energy. He was left with only one more option, something he had no faith in. He prayed.

He prayed to all the angel's he had ever named during training. He prayed to every angel he was ever taught in his studies. He prayed to every angel whose name he had said in vain. Then he prayed to Raziel. "Bring her back." He prayed.

He hoped to feel something, anything. He was half angel dammit, they should listen to him and do something. He had never before prayed, and he made every promise he could think of. He would pray every day; he would stop drinking; he would stop swearing, whatever the price he would pay it gladly of they would just bring her back.

But Jace did not feel the presence of something holy or spectacular and Clary had not warmed or stirred. His prayers had gone unanswered. There was only one thing left to do. He would not live without her, he would see her soon.

Jace lifted his head and opened his eyes, intent on grabbing his dagger. He was halted immediately. Across the room, standing shirtless and golden was…himself.

Only, it wasn't himself, but just barely. "Ithuriel?" Jace asked.

The creature spread its wings wide, before a booming voice filled the entire house.

"You are not the first to ask back what has been taken." The angel said. "We do not bargain and barter like our fallen brothers and sisters. We do not serve the Nephilim."

Jace hung his head and looked away from the angel he knew to be his "father."

Silence stretched across the room before it was broken again by the gigantic boom of the angel.

"But…" be began and Jace looked up with hopeful eyes. "You are my son, and she my daughter. Which in itself would not be enough to warrant such a favor. There is a debt to be repaid. Clarissa freed me from my chains, allowed my former self to die so I may reunite with my brothers and sisters in my true form. As she reunited me, I will do for her this once. Raziel has blessed this with the condition that neither you nor Clarissa calls upon the angels again, lest we take back the gift we have given."

Jace nodded his head eagerly.

"Close your eyes." The angel commanded. Jace followed without hesitation.

Even with his eyes closed the light was blinding and it felt as though his skin was being melted away from his bones. Just as suddenly as it had appeared the light and heat vanished and Jace opened his eyes, blinking at the sudden darkness.

He looked to Clary and felt her hand twitch beside her. He watched as color seemed to explode from the insides of her lips and then leaked outward until they had returned to their normal color. There had been a cold to the room which seemed to be sucked away and replaced with warmth. Jace watched as her eyelids fluttered. Her lips parted and she sucked in a large gasp of air. Her eyes opened and gold met green as Jace yelled, "CLARY!"



Jace knew he was cutting it close but he couldn't stay cooped up in the house pacing back and forth waiting for the signal to come. In fact not only was it driving him nuts but Clary had even ordered him out of the house, claiming she would be just fine for a couple of hours. He contractions had been coming every half hour or so for the past several days. She assured him with a kiss that she would be fine at the house with her mother and Luke.

Brandon was waiting at the door, twirling his keys around his finger. Clary had called him and demanded he take Jace out of the house for a couple hours. There was no arguing with a pregnant woman, and Brandon was eagerly waiting for Jace to go and get in the car.

"You call me if anything changes and I'll be back in 5 minutes." Jace said peering deep into her eyes. He cupped the side of her face with his hand and she leaned into it before turning to kiss the palm of his hand.

"You will be the first person I call." She soothed. "Now go and get out of here before you drive me up the wall." She said with a smile. Jace stepped back from her and paused before leaning forward again and gave her another swift kiss on the lips.

"You are my life." He whispered against her lips, before straitening up and heading to the door before he thought better of it and changed his mind.

Jace walked past Brandon swiftly and headed for the car with an uneasy smile across his face.

Brandon got in the driver's side and put the keys in the ignition. "She's going to be fine." Brandon said looking over to Jace whose smile had faded and his brows furrowed with anxiety.

"I know, I just don't like to be away from her, since, you know." Jace said looking back at the house. They had gotten a small house in New York near Luke's book store so Clary could be close to her family. The other house had too many memories of the dead.

"Are you ever going to tell us what really happened?" Brandon asked, thinking back to when he had left Jace alone in the room with Clary's body.

"Nope." Jace said firmly.

"Alright then, let's go find something to do." Brandon said, putting the car into drive and easing out into traffic.

Jace watched the house as they went until he could no longer see it.

It was the beginning of fall, and the weather was still warm but most of the trees were beginning to change colors. Brandon took Jace to the park, one of the only places with an abundance of trees in New York.

Brandon had scrambled his head to think of a good place to take Jace to keep his mind off Clary, but it was increasingly hard as Jace no longer drank and wanted to stay within 5 miles of the house. Brandon had thought of the next best thing to distract Jace, a little training. The park was great for this as there were a few spots that were warded against mundanes by the Seelie court. It was mostly used for the Fae to come and go, but also worked for Shadowhunters.

"Come on, let's work off some of that pent up frustration." Brandon said with a smile as he tossed a duffle bag full of weapons to the ground at Jace's feet.

"You know this will only end badly for you." Jace said with a smirk. Brandon had no idea just how much pent up frustration he really had. Jace hadn't gone out to fight demons in months, he was too afraid to leave Clary's side. That and he hadn't had sex in even longer, that was Clary's paranoia, not his own.

"Bring it on pretty boy. You're rusty and you know it." Brandon said pulling a long wooden training sword from beneath his jacket and twirling it in his hands.

"Even rusty you are no match for me." Jace said grabbing his own training sword from the top of the bag.

"We'll see." Said Brandon as he charged.

Jace was surprised how easily time escaped him as he became absorbed in the fighting. He wasn't as quick or nimble as he once was, but even in poor shape, Brandon struggled to keep up. Jace took it easy on him, he didn't let him win of course, but he wasn't going to humiliate his friend either.

Since losing Sebastian, Brandon had helped to fill some of the hole left in Jace's heart for his adoptive brother. Brandon was no Sebastian, but Jace was glad for his company anyways.

Jace only noticed how much time had passed when the sky above him began to darken and the small lights that lined the pathways began to flicker on. Jace had pinned Brandon to the ground and held the point of the wooden sword to his chest. They were both breathing heavy and smiling.

"I think that's enough for today." Jace said moving the sword and extending his hand to help Brandon up.

Jace walked over to the duffle bag and threw his sword on top then bent down to check his phone. He paled as he turned on the screen to see 7 missed calls and even more text messages. Somehow he had left his phone on silent. There could only be one reason that he had that many missed calls, it was time.

"Shit. Brandon we got to go now. Hospital. Now!" Jace yelled and took off running for the car.

Jace pressed the button to call Clary and after several rings he was sent to voicemail. "Shit." Jace swore again as he reached the car, Brandon wasn't far behind.

"Come on, come on, GO!" Jace yelled as Brandon turned on the car and swung it around.

Jace tried to dial Clary's number again; he didn't even wait for it to go to voicemail before he hung up and dialed Jocylen's number. His finger thrummed against the dash as the line just rang and rang until the voicemail kicked over.

"What are they saying?" Brandon asked, still driving like a demon fresh out of hell.

"No one's answering their fucking phone." Jace snapped.

Brandon's foot pushed the accelerator harder; they weren't far from the hospital.

Jace thumbed through the missed text messages, most of them were from Clary.

Answer your phone.

Where are you?

Going to the hospital, meet us there.

Dammit Jace.

Jace felt his heart sink, the last message was sent over an hour ago. She could have had the baby by now. Or worse, what if there were complications? What if something had gone wrong?

Brandon pulled into the Emergency Room turnabout and Jace was out of the car before it had even stopped. He ran in through the sliding doors, heading straight for the reception desk.

The woman sitting behind the desk was older but looked up with shock as Jace slammed his fist on the counter and demanded to know where Clary was.

"I'm sorry sir. I am going to need a full name and relation before I can direct you." She stammered

Brandon had parked the car hastily and ran in just in time to see the woman stammering and Jace shaking with rage.

"Clarissa Adele Fray. She's having a baby, this is the father. He just got the call that she is here, but he can't get a hold of them to find out what room." Brandon said calmly to the lady. Her eyes flickered to the screen in front of her and her fingers typed the information as quickly as possible.

"Room 342, Maternity. 3rd Floor, then directly to your left." She said to Brandon with a more calmed expression.

Jace took off and headed straight for the stairs. There was an elevator there but he knew the stairs would be faster. He took the steps two at a time and Brandon followed behind. They reached the door of the 3rd floor and Jace burst through and sprinted down the hall and turned to the left. There was another set of double doors, a sign that read MATERNITY just below the glass windows. Jace burst through those doors as well. He looked around quickly at all the room numbers, deciding which way he should go.

"Jace!" He heard and turned quickly. Izzy came running up to him and enveloped him in a large hug.

"Where is she?" He breathed looking around panicked.

"Jace calm down, they just gave her an epidural. It's not time to push yet, you haven't missed anything." Izzy said with her arms still around him letting the stress melt off him as her words sunk in.

"They shoed all of us out while she got her shot; we are just waiting for them to say we can go in." Luke said appearing from the same direction Izzy had come from.

"I haven't missed anything?" Jace breathed as his eyes connected with Luke's.

"No son. Just a bunch of waiting around." Luke said with a small smile.

"Fray family?" A nurse called from the room down the hall from where they were standing. Everyone turned to her and she smiled. "You can come in now." She said before turning away to do more rounds.

"If it's ok with you, I'm just going to sit out here in the waiting room for a bit." Brandon said breathless. Jace gave him a quick nod before sprinting down to the room the nurse had just come from.

"You did such a good job." Jace said kissing Clary's clammy forehead. She had spent 2 hours pushing and the doctor had been ready to do an emergency c-section but Clary had been determined she could do it, just give her one more try. Clary was true to her words, and with one final push, the baby had been born.

"It's a boy!" The doctor had exclaimed before the umbilical cord was cut and the baby whisked away for his testing.

The doctors and nurses had just finished cleaning up Clary and now her and Jace were just waiting for their baby to be returned to them.

"Have you decided on a name now that you know it's a boy?" Jace said pushing her sweat soaked hair off her forehead again.

"I was thinking about Jonathan, since that is your name as well as Sebastian's. But I don't know how you feel about that." Clary said weakly.

"It's up to you. Are you going to be ok with the baby sharing our names, especially after everything that happened?" Jace asked softly. He could tell Clary was exhausted.

"Hmm I guess we can just wait until we meet him." Clary said with a big yawn.

Just then the doors opened and a nurse came in with a bundle of blankets in a clear tub on a stand. There were wheels connected to the bottom so it could be easily pushed around.

"I need you to read your identifying number on your wrist before I can hand the baby over. It's protocol." She said with a soft voice and calm eyes. Once Clary was verified the nurse smiled and picked up the bundle of blankets and brought it slowly over to where Clary was laying in the bed.

The nurse left the baby in Clary's arms and then turned and left the room without another word. Clary looked to Jace with panic in her eyes before she looked back down to the bundle of blankets. Her hand came up slowly, there was still an IV cord running down that arm, but she moved the blankets to the side slowly and then gasped.

Jace peered over to get a better look and understood instantly why Clary has gasped. Inside the blanket was a beautiful healthy smiling boy with a dusting of white for hair, and onyx black eyes, and a toothless grin. His skin seemed to be glowing. No, it was glowing, just beneath the surface, as if all his blood was made of gold instead of the normal red that flowed through everyone else's veins.

"It's Sebastian's isn't it." Clary said closing her eyes and holding the baby away from her. Jace took the bundle quickly and got a better look at the baby. It seemed to panic slightly from being away from Clary and searched around franticly for her. Jace couldn't help but notice the white hair that was nothing like his golden, and certainly nothing like the fiery red that Clary wore. The eyes of the baby were as black as the night's sky. Jace swallowed hard, and then checked beneath the blankets. The translucent skin covered golden veins throughout his entire tiny body, not just his face.

Jace looked to Clary who looked scared to death of the thing in Jace's arms. Jace took the baby and laid it carefully in the clear bassinet before crawling up on the hospital bed with Clary, taking her face in his hands.

"The baby is ours. Do you hear me? OURS." He said firmly as he stared Clary in the eyes. She tried to shake her head no with tears threatening to spill but Jace forced her to look at him.

"It doesn't matter Clary. There's heavenly fire in him, it would have burned out any evil. The only thing left in that little baby is good, angel blood, blood that WE share." Jace said slow but firmly. "Nothing else matters." Jace said again and then released Clary from his hold and waited for her response.

"You're sure?" She said, barely above a whisper.

"I am." He said, swallowing hard.

Clary shook her head slowly and then looked over to the bassinet. She inhaled deeply and then let the breath out slowly. "Ok, give him here." She said outstretching her arms.

The couple walked through the double doors of the emergency room. Their long black cloaks pulled over their heads and they looked down so not to be noticed. They had to be sure, not that they would be able to get a second chance at it now that Sebastian was dead. Once through the doors, their eyes closed and they disappeared, completely unseen and unnoticed by anyone.

"Are you sure it was his?" Valentine asked once he was safely in his multi-dimensional house.

"Blood calls to blood." Lilith purred, it had taken everything in her not to pick up and hold the baby once she had seen him.

"But you saw his skin right? That's heavenly fire in him. All the evil has burnt out, how is he to bring about the end of the Shadowhunter's if the demon blood in him is not active?" Valentine asked, pacing the floors. All the planning, all the years he spend devoted to this one task seemed suddenly in vain.

"He still holds the power of the blood. Half angel, and half demon, the world has never known power as he will possess. It matters not if his intentions are good or evil. What better way to burn down the world than with Heavenly Fire?"

I am sure that some of you are hating the ending. This is honestly how I had planned to end it since the very beginning of the very first one. I wasn't always sure how I would get there, but I always knew this was the destination. I have had the uttmost fun writing this, through all the good times as well as the more difficult. I cannot say thank you enough to all the readers, all the followers, and all the favorites. If it were not for you I know I would have stopped a long time ago. This is the end of this series, and I know it ends on this giant cliffy. But I was never meaning to write a third. I think it's up to each of you to come up in your own mind how you think it goes down with the baby. If any of you feel the need to write about it, go right ahead, you have my complete blessing. I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I have, and this is not the last you will hear of me. There will be more stories from me, I have a few ideas in my head. I don't know how long until I start the next so if your interested, just follow me and I hope to see you all soon!