Author's Note: This was an idea that I had that I was tempted to put in one my other story but I felt that it was simply too good of an Idea for it to be a subplot in a bigger story.

As per the characters mentioned, this will be a Gohan and Erasa story with explicit content from the get go.

"Hey Bulma, you know how much I love you and you love me right?" Gohan questioned to his godmother.

Bulma merely laughed when she heard this from her son from anther oven. "What is it that you want to do Gohan that you need my help? You know that you didn't have to say those things and I would be willing to help you." Bulma said with a smile on her face as she tried to figure out what it was that Gohan was interested in. "Is it some kind of new addition to your saiyaman watch because I thought I did fairly well on that in such short notice."

"No! I thought you did great on the watch! I love it Bulma and I wanted to say those things before because I meant them, not because I want something from you. What I do want talk to you about though does involve saiyaman." Gohan admitted.

"So what is it that you want Gohan?" Bulma questioned having decided that she wanted to get to the bottom of this.

"Well you know how I just completed my master's in business management and also my arts degree right?" Gohan asked Bulma who nodded with a deadpan look on her face.

Of course she knew this. She was the one who sponsored Gohan to go to West City University to get those degrees. Admittedly, she only intended for Gohan to go and do the business degree but when he said that he wanted to do an arts degree on top of the business degree, she didn't say no. After all that Gohan had been through, Bulma had decided that Gohan deserved it.

The plan was for him to take a position in her company. It had been a week since he had graduated with honours and she was going to ask Gohan soon what he wanted to do.

"Bulma, is it possible for me to borrow some money from you?" During his time in West City, Gohan had gotten over his social anxiety. To see him so awkward and nervous right now meant that this was something big.

"How much are we talking about Gohan?"

There was a pause and Gohan didn't answer for a while. Bulma was half tempted to ask again but this time with more emphasis in her words. Bulma decided to let Gohan spit the words out.

"250 million dollars." Gohan almost flinched when he said this. He knew it was a heck of a lot of money. The only thing that he had going for him was the fact that it might not have been a heck of a lot of money for Bulma considering she had a net worth of 100 billion dollars and was the richest person in the world.

"That's a heck of a lot of money Gohan. What do you plan on doing with it?" Bulma questioned with a serious look on her face.

Seeing that his godmother hadn't outright denied the question that he asked, Gohan found a little bit more confidence. "I want to create a blockbuster movie about our lives."

Bulma had a massive smile on her face and she already knew that she didn't need to hear any more. "Sure although it's coming out of your trust fund."

"Wait… I have a trust fund?" Gohan questioned to the blue haired woman in front of him.

Bulma took offense to this. "Of course! What you think that I am so selfish that I would keep all of the money to myself?" Gohan's godmother questioned as she stood up from her chair and walked over to Gohan.

Said boy got nervous. He really didn't want to get Bulma angry. After hearing stuff from Vegeta and Trunks specifically, Gohan knew that she could be really mean when she was angry! "N-n-n-no, i-it's just that you paid for my tuition to WCU."

"You think that is all I would do for someone who is practically my son!? I love you Gohan and I know that if Chi-Chi was in my position, she would do just as much for Trunks and Bulla. Gohan, we're not just friends here, we're family and you don't get a choice in that decision!" Bulma said fiercely and before she knew it, she was wrapped up in a massive hug.

"I love you too mum."

Bulma was surprised when she heard this but she absolutely treasured hearing the words from her godson. "What about Chi-Chi? Where does she fit into all of this?"

Gohan grinned. "You two are like essentially a lesbian couple in my eyes that doesn't make out. I've got two mums."

Bulma brought Gohan's head down to her own since he was so much taller than her. She kissed him on the forehead with tears in her eyes. "There is one condition to all of this though Gohan."

Gohan waited for Bulma to speak once more. "I've always wanted to be an actress Gohan." As she watched her godson leave the room, Bulma knew that she couldn't let her wishes for Gohan to work at Capsule Corporation stop her from letting him pursue his dreams. The kid had a tough upbringing to say the least and she wanted to see him as happy as possible.


"Woohoo!" Gohan screamed as he did flip after flip in the air as he celebrated his dream. He always had a creative imagination and was interested in the arts. Due to his rather hectic schedule of saving the world on a daily basis and making sure to complete his studies, Gohan never really had enough time to pursue what he was interested in.

It was solely because of this reason that Gohan chose to double major when he went to university. He wanted to learn something that he was passionate about and not just something that he was good at. In an ideal world he would combine the two and make a career out of it.

This was the exact thought that Gohan had going into his final year at WCU and it was exactly how Gohan came to the decision on what he wanted to do with his life. Thankfully for him he had Bulma on speed dial and was able to ask her for money with no serious questions in return.

He wanted to celebrate. With that in mind, Gohan headed home to Mt Paozu. His mother and brother were staying the night in Fire mountain with Chi-Chi's dad for two nights. It gave the adult saiyan exactly what he wanted which was privacy. He didn't particularly want them to come home tonight with the plans that he had.

Gohan quickly ate all of the food that Chi-Chi had made for him and then realised something. "Damn, guess I have to go down to the shops." Gohan muttered to himself as he noticed that he didn't have what he wanted. 5 minutes later and Gohan had returned home with a six pack of beers. He popped open one of them and put the rest in the fridge.

There's nothing better than a nice cold beer whilst in a warm shower. Gohan thought to himself as he prepared himself for the big night ahead.

When he was done finishing the beer, Gohan got out of the shower, put the can in the bin and started getting dressed. The black haired man put on a tight fitting dress shirt, jeans and pointy dress shoes.

Once he was dressed, Gohan went over to the beers that he had just purchased and skulled three of them. He could feel a definite buzz going through his system. Gohan quickly brushed his teeth, got a piece of gum in his mouth and put on some cologne.

With everything set, Gohan made sure that no traces of the beer were left and did something that was illegal for pilots but luckily he wasn't one. He was drinking whilst flying.

When he dropped down into the city, Gohan prowled the town for a night club. His plans for the night were to find a worldie take her back to his house, do the deed and then send her packing.

He wanted to do the root and boot. Sex was something that he hadn't had in a long time and he had more confidence in managing to seduce a girl over a single night than trying to date her and have a whole fortnight to stuff it up.

It was precisely the reason as to why Gohan had injected so much liquid confidence into his body. There was a little bit of haggling to do when he was talking to the bouncer at the door but Gohan managed to get himself in to the bar called Moose Heads.

What Gohan didn't know was that this was one of the most popular bars in Satan City. The first thing that the 22 year old did was go up to the bar and patiently in line so that he could get a better drink than beer. He didn't exactly have much experience with alcohol but from what he knew, when drinking rum, drinking it with coca cola was good to mask the taste of the rum.

He didn't like going to clubs that much because of the loud music that was constantly played but for the sake of meeting women, Gohan knew that he must make some sacrifices. As he stood at the bar waiting for his drink to be made, Gohan felt something or rather someone jump on his back.

"Wow! Gohan is that you? I haven't seen you since high school!" A loud voice called out from on top of his back. Turning around, Gohan looked at whoever it was that had decided to jump on his back.

The person happened to be a blonde haired girl. She had it stylized with a straight bang that stopped at her eyebrows. The rest of her hair stopped at her shoulder blades and chest. She was wearing a tight pink blouse that was flared out at the bottom, tight around her ribs and emphasized her chest.

In addition to this she was wearing a tight, white skirt that stopped around her upper mid-thigh. This was combined with a pair of white stiletto heels.

"Erasa, is that you?" Gohan questioned with a look of surprise on his face. He couldn't believe the change in the girl in front of him. She looked amazing. This was confirmed when he saw Erasa nod her head in confirmation.

"Wow, you look amazing!" Gohan said, partly because of the fact that he was under the influence of liquid confidence.

"You've grown up as well. You used to be a twig and now look at you… you got muscles just waiting to burst out of this shirt." Erasa said as she had no problem whatsoever with feeling up her former friend. She was just a touchy feely type of person.

"Thanks, I got back into working out after stopping during high school. What about you though, how's your life been since high school?" Gohan questioned as he quickly turned around to grab his drink.

"Oh it's been great! I just completed my bachelor's in creative writing specialising in script writing! What about you?" Erasa asked with a constant smile as she held onto Gohan's rolled up forearm. When he heard this, Gohan raised an eyebrow.

"I just graduated from WCU with my double degree in business and arts as well." Gohan said with a smile on his face.

"Hey, are you here with anyone or just by yourself? I mean you went to West City and you haven't been here in ages." Erasa questioned and she was speaking slightly faster than normal.

"I just got into Satan City 10 minutes ago so I'm alone at the moment."

"Great! Then you can come and join me and my friends who are celebrating graduating. I mean you'll fit just right in since you're also a recent graduate." Erasa said and not taking no for an answer, the blonde haired woman interlocked her fingers with Gohan and walked to her group of friends.

"So are the others here?" Gohan asked with slight trepidation. He wasn't particularly fond of either one of Sharpner or Videl and that was putting it lightly.

"No" Erasa visibly deflated when she heard this. "Videl and I distanced ourselves from Sharpner when he decided not to go to university. Videl is in East City at some fighting tournament."

Gohan sighed softly under his breath. He was glad; he didn't particularly want to see them.

"My other friends from uni are here though." The blonde haired woman said with a smile on her face as she led Gohan to a noticeably quieter part of the night club where there were couches.

"Ahh, this is much better! It's so much quieter." Gohan said as there was a look of happiness on his face.

Erasa giggled. "I forgot that you had some kind of ridiculous hearing ability. It must be like torture for you to be here!" Erasa said as she wondered why Gohan was here in a nightclub when the person she remembered was not a nightclub type of person.

"Well it sure beats being at home alone." Gohan stated to which Erasa nodded and decided to think less of it. She was just happy to see someone that she hadn't seen in such a long time.


The saiyan couldn't believe what he was looking at. Erasa was an absolute stunner. Her hair was amazing, her legs were at that level as well but definitely, the best thing about her was her tits. Even though the top was not showing any cleavage, it seemed as if her boobs were trying to come out.

He knew that he shouldn't be looking at them but he couldn't help it. All throughout high school, Gohan had a crush on the blonde haired girl. She was the only person who treated him nicely and it also helped that she was really good looking. She was the girl that he had broken his masturbation virginity over.

It's not as if I am ever going to get another chance at this so I might as well go for it. I mean what's the worst that can happen? I get turned down

"Come on Gohan! I want to dance!" Erasa said and tried to pull him up out of his seat. Gohan wasn't even paying attention as he was talking to a guy as Erasa started tugging on his arms. She wasn't exactly sober and combine that with her wearing stilettos, it was not a stretch of the imagination to picture Erasa falling over on her bum.

This caught Gohan's attention and he looked at Erasa who had her legs accidentally spread as she fell over. His eyes noticed her hot pink underwear that was peeking through her skirt and couldn't help but take a glance.

Gohan got up and instantly helped Erasa to her feet. "Let's go dance Gohan." Erasa demanded as she grabbed the arm of her friend from high school and wrapped both her arms around it.

The black haired man could clearly feel the chest of Erasa pressing into him and a slight blush appeared on his face. Nodding, Gohan took a few extra steps than he intended to as he hadn't exactly stopped drinking when he offered to get Erasa a drink or two.

"You're in." The guy that Gohan was previously talking to whispered into his ear and he purposefully chose to not make any action that indicated that he heard the comment. He hear it and internally high fived himself. Hopefully he could continue and win Erasa over for a night.


"My feet are getting really sore from wearing these heels Gohaaaaan." Erasa drunkenly slurred as she hung onto Gohan's arm for support. They had just finished dancing and had decided to go outside to because her friends were smoking.

Gohan decided that it was now to make a bold move. They had been dancing awfully close to one another during their time on the dance floor so it wasn't as if he was going from the freezer to the oven.

He didn't say anything. Gohan instead just impulsively grabbed the cheeks of Erasa softly and pressed his lips on her own. He waited half a second as Erasa's eyes widened before she quickly closed them and returned the kiss.

They were going at it hard as hands were moving although not going anywhere that would nab them for public indecency. Erasa's friends couldn't help but gape as they saw the blonde haired girl making out with her friend from high school.

When they broke the kiss, Erasa was slightly out of breath. "Hopefully that dulled the pain of your feet." Gohan said as he still softly caressed the cheeks of Erasa whilst looking into her eyes.

"Gohan… I'm going to need more of them if I'm going to get rid of the pain in my feet." Erasa said as she pressed her chest against Gohan.

Gohan's heart was beating loudly and Erasa swore that she could feel it despite her drunken haze. "Well how about we go back to your place so I can give you my amazing feet massages." The black haired boy offered to Erasa. She proceeded to look up at him with an amused expression on her face.

"You give amazing feet massages? How come I never heard of this at school?"

"I wasn't as confident at high school as I am now. So what do you say?" Gohan asked and as proof of his newfound confidence, Gohan moved his hands down from Erasa's hips to squeeze the tight white skirt which covered her arse.

Erasa jumped when she felt the hands move to a new location. This new confident Gohan was much, much sexier than the previous one she knew. "That feels great."

Chuckling ensued. "You're supposed to say 'that sounds great' not 'that feels great'. I mean we haven't even gotten to my amazing feet massages yet." Gohan stated with a grin on his face.

That grin instantly turned into a smirk when the blonde haired woman in his embrace responded with "I know." He didn't waste any time in titling up Erasa's chin with his index finger and once again initiating a mind destroying kiss.

As the kiss was happening, the blue haired girl was wondering where Gohan got the experience to kiss so well. Unlike most men, Gohan, upon entering her mouth with his tongue, he didn't just immediately shove it down her throat and make it a struggle for her to breathe.

He did however take control of the situation and start softly tracing his tongue over her bottom lip before moving onto her upper lip. Once they were wet, he softly started nibbling on her lower lip in a playful fashion. She had absolutely no idea how he found out that her favourite kissing technique was for a man to slightly nibble on her lower lip. It drove her insanely crazy for her partner in crime.

Gohan didn't just stop there though as he transitioned into sucking the saliva off of Erasa's tongue. Erasa had had enough of Gohan being an amazeballs kisser. She wanted to show him that she was no slouch in the lip locking department.

One thing that Erasa knew was that you generally kiss the way how you want to be kissed. She put that knowledge into full effect by turning the tables and playfully nibbling at the lower lip of Gohan whilst pulling it out slightly.

It did indeed drive Gohan wild. Erasa only realised this once she felt Gohan lift her up by her ass which forced the blonde haired girl to wrap her legs around Gohan's waist. She supported herself by wrapping her arms around the neck of Gohan.

Eventually the duo broke for air and once they did, they found themselves being the centre of attention. Erasa realised sooner as Gohan had gone on instinct and started pecking the outstretched neck of Erasa with his lips.

"Yeah buddy! YOU GO GLEN COCO!" One of Erasa's friends from uni shouted out as she watched the scene develop in front of her in fascination. All of Erasa's friends started clapping and the boyfriend of said women were watching in awe.

"You know were totally better than them." One of the men said, picked up his girlfriend and imitated the kissing that Gohan and Erasa were previously doing. They always say that imitation is the best form of flattery.

"Let's go so I can give you that private foot massage." Gohan said with a blush on his face as he realised the crowd that had watched them make out.

"I'm pretty good at massaging too ya know." E stated as she giggled. Gohan had decided to continue holding her up in the air as he walked over to a taxi rank. He quickly opened the door to one of the taxis and placed Erasa inside it first before getting in himself.

"Where to" was called out by the driver. At this point, Gohan looked at Erasa. As drunk as she was, she could still remember her own address and promptly told the man where she lived.

Once the car was moving, Erasa surprised Gohan by unbuckling her seatbelt and jumping on top of Gohan. "Erasa, what are you doing?" Gohan hissed.

"Come on… live a little…" Erasa muttered as she kissed every bit of Gohan's exposed neck that she could. As this was happening, Erasa's hands instantly went to the zipper of Gohan's jeans and then wrapped her around Gohan's cock.

"Ugh." Gohan moaned as he felt for the first time in over a year someone elses hand on his manhood. All morality went out the window when the blonde haired girl started pumping her hand up and down. His cotton Briefs which hugged his thighs were still on as Erasa had her hand through the hole meant for peeing through.

Two can play at this game… in fact it's better if two play at this game rather than one. Gohan thought to himself as put his right hand up the skirt of the woman on his lap.

Slipping the hot pink G-string to the side, Gohan instantly found the hole that he was looking for and inserted two fingers. "Ahh!" Erasa grunted in satisfaction when she felt the two fingers enter inside of her sugar walls.

He then proceeded to put his index and middle finger inside of the woman and curl upwards. "Ooh, you know what ya doing. That feels so good."

Gohan smirked. "Well it's not as if you're not returning the favour." The man grunted as he felt the pace of Erasa quicken.

With his two fingers inside of Erasa, Gohan placed his thumb right on top her clitoris. It took a fair amount of concentration to get the movement down where all three limbs moved independently of one another since he was drunk but he eventually got it working.

"Yes! That's so good Gohan. Keep it going and I'm going to come." Erasa shouted, having completely forgot that there was an audience for the act. Had she known, she might have at least tried to hold her moans in.

Gohan too forgot about the taxi driver as his saiyan side was coming out as the blonde haired woman continued to pump his cock up and down. His pride refused to submit and Erasa had to have her orgasm before him.

The saiyan decided to increase the pace that his fingers and thumb were independently moving at. He was quickly moving at a pace that no human was able to match. It was this that caused Erasa to lose control over her body and simply be a passenger in this action.

Her body would spasm and her grip around Gohan's penis would go very tight to nothing at all in the space of half a second. The speed in which his hand was moving was long past the point where the human eye could track them.

Erasa felt her orgasm approaching quickly and going by the feel of things, it was going to be a doozy. She was correct in this assumption it came up on her surprisingly quickly. Unable to control her body due to the overwhelming sensations, Erasa's toes curled and her legs spasmed completely out of control as she was hit by a mind shatteringly good orgasm.

"Ahh!" Erasa lost control of all balance and movement and fell off of kneeling on either side of Gohan and fell off of him by falling over with her sitting on Gohan's feet. She was in a cramped position but she couldn't care less her toes were still curled and her legs convulsed on their own accord.

Seeing that he had reduced Erasa to a quivering mess of sensations sent pride through Gohan. The saiyan questioned his abilities with women as he hadn't had sex in a year and this was just the reassurance that he needed.

Gohan picked up Erasa and sat her back on his lap. He followed this up by reinitiating a kiss with the blonde haired woman who didn't think twice about kissing him back.

Half a minute later and the taxi stopped at the dress and gave a rather loud fake cough. Gohan realised the situation that he was in and broke off the kiss much to the disappointment of Erasa.

"Here, take this, keep the change. Sorry about earlier." Gohan said with a blush on his face as he realised that he and Erasa had company. Gohan quickly got out of the car and helped Erasa out of the car.

Two ran to the front door of Erasa's house. There was a stumble along the way although Gohan managed to catch the woman in an embrace before she fell over.

His still hard manhood pressed firmly into Erasa's ass and Gohan instinctually started grinding his pelvis into her derriere. The blonde stumbled whilst giggling when she felt this sensation. She couldn't wait to feel it inside of her. It was a bit of a struggle due to alcohol and it being late at night for Erasa to find the right key but eventually the door was opened and after closing it, Erasa immediately led Gohan to her room.

The second that the bedroom door was closed, it was a no holds barred fight of sexuality. Erasa quickly put her hand back down the pants of the saiyan much to his delight.

Having fantasized about the pair that Erasa was sporting all night long, Gohan wasted no time in forcefully making Erasa lying on her stomach. He was careful to make sure that she didn't stop giving him a hand job.

Gohan softly caressed the back of her neck and carefully pushed her hair to the side. The black haired man slowly kissed every bit of Erasa's neck and back as he slowly pulled down the zipper to her blouse. It got to the point where the back of her bra was showing and Gohan immediately undid that.

Gohan pulled her hips so that her bum was sticking out in the air whilst her chest was still on the mattress. Erasa got the hint and took off her top as Gohan massaged her arse. She had to admit, it felt nice for once that a man didn't just go straight for her chest since it was so big. Gohan hadn't done any of that and it made Erasa all the more intrigued into her partner for the night.

He gave it a little love tap that made Erasa shriek and giggle. She did not expect it at all. Gohan quickly got rid of all of his clothes and put on a condom in the space of a millisecond. All the training to move at insane speeds certainly paid off right now for the young saiyan.

Grabbing a hold of his penis, Gohan brought it close to the vagina of Erasa and hiked up her skirt so he got to see all of Erasa's G-string. It was definitely a sight that was easy on the eyes.

They were in the doggy position and Gohan proceeded to rub his dick over the blonde haired woman's clitoris to which she moaned heavily. He teased for a little it before resting it up against her sugar walls. There were no vehement protests for him to stop and that she didn't want this so Gohan didn't bother to ask for approval. All the signs that he had been getting throughout the night pointed to the fact that she wanted this just as much as he did.

"Oof!" Erasa moaned out as she felt Gohan push his length inside of her. "You're so big." Erasa didn't care one bit about saying something that might inflate the ego of her partner for the night. She was simply blinded by the pleasure to care.

Despite this being something that he already knew due to reading so much as a kid and measuring himself, it still was a major boost for Gohan who was still had elements of his zero confidence and social anxiety stage inside of him.

The black haired man didn't bother wasting any time as he pistoned himself inside of Erasa at an intense pace. "Ugh" Gohan grunted as he felt the amazing feelings that sex provided that he hadn't felt in over a year.

Gohan bent over so that his chest was pressed on Erasa's back and reached around so he could grab her tits. They were by easily the biggest he had ever held in the palms of his hands and he played with the nipples as he continued to thrust into the woman beneath him.

Erasa could even feel the protruding ab muscles on her partner as he thrusted inside of her. She had no idea that Gohan was that shredded but it was definitely an added bonus.

5 minutes of intense fucking and both of them were on the edge. Erasa was still feeling the residuals from her previous orgasm and they were helping her to her second one. Gohan meanwhile was a bit rusty and that meant that the sensations he was feeling. He was thankful that he was wearing a condom so it dulled the sensitivity of his dick.

If he had been going at a slower pace, then he could have drawn out his orgasm for much longer but was simply not something that he wanted to do. He didn't want to go on for ages torturing himself when he could just do the deed and pass out.

That after drinking 15 standard drinks over the course of the night sounded like a great idea to him.

"You're making me cum!" Erasa drunkenly screamed as she felt the nine inch penis of Gohan thrust right into her vagina and top of Gohan's penis rubbed right along her G-spot. The constant friction was enough to bring her to breaking point and Erasa, in the confines of her own home let out a lung busting scream of approval as fluid gushed out of her sugar walls, signifying her mind shatteringly good orgasm.

As he felt Erasa clench tightly around him, the saiyan could no longer control the ecstasy that he was feeling in his mushroom tip. Gohan splooged heavily inside the condom that he was wearing.

With the adrenaline now out of his system, having followed his orgasm, Gohan promptly proceeded to pass out right on top of Erasa who was barely staying awake herself. Erasa mutely tried to push Gohan off of her but quickly realised she didn't have the energy of the strength to do so.

The blonde haired twenty two year old simply settled for going to sleep. It was something that she could work out in the morning.