"So why didn't you come over earlier?" Erasa questioned as she pulled her undies back on. Gohan meanwhile was staring at her getting dressed. There was nothing sexier in his opinion than watching a girl get dressed just after sex.

"I'm really sorry about that Erasa. My mum and I got into a little fight when I said that I wanted to move out of home. For the past week I have been sorting out where I am going to be living." Gohan looked over at Erasa who nodded.

She knew she shouldn't be doing it but Erasa was judging Gohan based off of her previous boyfriends. Considering all of the other reasons why she had been blown off and this was the best one. She knew just what it was like to try and move out of the protective embrace of your parent's home as this was something that she was trying to do herself.

"Well how come you didn't just add me on face book or even just ask for my phone number?" Erasa asked as she tried to work out her new boyfriend.

A blush appeared on the face of Gohan as he found the sheets of Erasa' bed very interesting. "My mum didn't let me have a phone or a face book account because she thought that it would distract me from my studies. I do plan on getting a phone soon though."

For all of the stories that she had heard about the tyranny that Gohan had suffered under his mother, this really shouldn't be all that surprising. "Well you definitely should because I would dump someone for not having a phone." It seemed a bit farfetched for Gohan but when he thought about it, it really didn't seem all that much to ask for in a partner.

He was so used to just flying to the person who he needed to talk to. He forgot that other people didn't have the same luxury that he did when it came to traversing great distances in such a short space of time.

"So where are you going to live? Are you rooming with anyone?" The blonde haired woman questioned as she bent over to pull her jeans up. Turning back around, Erasa was about to say that he should get up and get dressed. As she straightened her back though, Erasa turned around and noticed that Gohan had gotten out of her bed and was fully dressed.

I guess that's one of the benefits of having super speed Erasa thought to herself as she casually pulled a top over her shoulders.

"So what are your plans for today Gohan?" Erasa asked as she got some breakfast out of the cupboard. Knowing her boyfriend (just the thought brought a smile to her face) loved to eat tons of food, the blonde haired woman chucked Gohan an apple to which he thanked her for and started eating it.

"Well I have to go and get the plans for my new house sometime today but apart from that I having nothing on the agenda? Is there anything that you want to do?" Gohan questioned to which Erasa had to think for a moment.

"Since we are going to be making this movie together, I think that it would be best if I can see you in action so that I can get an idea of what the plot is going to be." She already had the setting for the story made up in her mind. It was going to be a high school setting.

Gohan grinned and nodded. With their plans for the day set, Gohan, under the orders of Erasa got her laptop and put it in a travel bag. When she finished eating breakfast, the duo walked out the door.

"What are you doing?" Gohan questioned as he watched Erasa make her way over to a car.

"I'm driving us to the place that you need to go to silly." Erasa said as it if it was the dumbest question in the world.

"It's just that I thought that we could ride Air Gohan instead of going by car." Erasa's eyes widened! She couldn't believe what she had heard. She knew that saiyaman could fly but it never twigged with Gohan being saiyaman that she would get to go flying. Her fingers trembled with fear, trepidation and excitement all mixed into one.

"O-okay." Erasa shakily said as she walked over to Gohan who held his hands out.

"This is one of the complimentary bonuses you get when you get upgraded from friend to girlfriend." Gohan jokingly said with a smile on his face. This reassured Erasa a little bit more and she smiled slightly.

"Now, put your feet on top of mine and wrap your arms around my neck. I promise you will feel safe and I will never let you think for a second that there is a chance of me dropping you." After capsulizing her laptop and putting it in her handbag, Erasa walked over to her boyfriend

"Just close your eyes for a second." Gohan whispered into the ear of Erasa who nodded and pressed her head against Gohan's chest. This feeling of being able to embrace his girlfriend and protect her from absolutely everything that could possibly try and harm her was a feeling that was just as good as sex.

For the first time since seeing Gohan left for West City University, Erasa felt as if she was in a relationship. It felt damn good as far as the blonde haired woman was concerned and it was definitely something that she could get used to.

When she opened her eyes and looked around, all Erasa could see was the clear blue expanses of the sky. Immediately, she clung to her boyfriend. She would admit that she was scared as this was a very new and real experience for the girl.

Sensing this, Gohan released one arm that held Erasa securely and brought it up to her chin. It forced Erasa to look into the eyes of Gohan although those quickly closed when she felt Gohan's lips softly press onto her own.

The kiss definitely helped ease the nerves of Erasa. "It's beautiful isn't it?" Gohan said after they had broken off the kiss. Erasa turned her head down and look all around her. She could see absolutely everything that went into making Satan City the beautiful place that it is.

"This is amazing!" the blonde stated with utter joy. Everyone below her looked like an ant from this height!

"Standing still is great and all but how would you like to go flying?" Gohan questioned to which Erasa nodded. A big smile appeared on her face.


What was in essence a half minute journey turned into a half hour flight around Satan City. Erasa had to admit that this was the most fun that she had ever had in her life and it was all thanks to her boyfriend. The duo eventually dropped down on the ground and Erasa was happy that her feet touched solid ground. Her legs wobbled slightly as but she soon adjusted to normality.

"That. Was. Amazing!" Erasa screamed with utter jubilation. She couldn't believe what she had just done.

"Thanks for being the person I can share that experience with." Gohan said with a smile on his face. The black haired man knew that there wasn't anybody else that he would rather go flying with than Erasa.

The excitement of Erasa quickly turned into a smile as she stared into the eyes of Gohan. It was things like this that made her wonder how in the world he was still single. Surely some girl at his university must have seen this and wanted to be a part of it. She wasn't going to complain though as although the relationship was in the beginning stages, Erasa could easily see it being one that lasted a long time.

Erasa grabbed the hand of Gohan and interlocked it with her own. She also placed her head on the shoulder of Gohan. The black haired boy grinned as he felt normality. This was the first time that he felt like a normal guy his age. He didn't feel like he had to play catch up in terms of what society expected of him.

It didn't take long at all for Gohan and Erasa to get the plans to the new house and yet again, Erasa got a taste of what was something that she was going to have to get used to. Judging by the grin on her face she was all for that.

"Alright, now show me your skills my super hero." Erasa said once they landed back on the plot of land that Gohan had prepared. Gohan nodded and got set to work but not before sharing a quick kiss with Erasa.

Given the amount of work that he was going to be doing today, Gohan had a quick Ki search and found that no one was around. He assumed that they were all at their respective day jobs. This was something that he was very much thankful for.

"Multi form technique!" Gohan called out loudly which surprised Erasa. She had no idea what to expect and was shocked when she saw multiple versions of her boyfriend. She had never watched the fights during the world martial arts tournament apart from the ones that Videl had competed in. This meant that she had no idea what to expect and it produced a gobsmacked expression on the blonde haired girl's face when there were twenty Gohan's right in front of her.

The black haired man wasn't aware of this as he was already focused on the task at hand. He was already calculating in his head after reading the plans for the house what he needed to do first.

Thanks to the fact that he lived in a remote area, whenever something went wrong around the house, Gohan was the one to fix it. It was simply not feasible for someone to come out when he could learn how to do it himself.

The first objective on today's agenda for Gohan was setting up the plumbing. The original Gohan was managing all the work that his clones were doing. With twenty saiyans working all on the same foot this didn't take long at all.

"Wow, I thought all your super powers were for fighting, I never thought that they would have any uses outside of battle." Erasa commented as she watched her boyfriend hard at work.

"Yeah… after a while I realised that too haha. I was always making the excuse of having to go to the toilet until I remembered that I knew this technique." Gohan said whilst chuckling.

A look of realisation appeared on the woman's face. "Ahh! So that's how you fixed that. Everyone at school was wondering why you suddenly stopped needing to go to the toilet all the time!" Erasa laughed. Oh she knew just how much Videl would give for that information.

Gohan was already pouring the concrete onto the ground that two of the clones had been preparing whilst the others were doing the plumbing. Within ten minutes, the entire slab of concrete for the base floor and the pool had been done. Ki was used to speed up the process in which the concrete set much quicker than normal.

Just to make sure that the concrete properly set since it was on a hill and he didn't want any structural issues, Gohan decided that it was time for a lunch break. Erasa watched in fascination as her boyfriend released the technique and became one person.

"So what do you want to do for lunch?" Gohan questioned and Erasa could tell that there was a bit of eagerness to his voice.

Erasa giggled. "I thought that you would know the best place to eat since you have hollow legs." There was a small smirk on the blonde haired girl's face.

"Haha, okay then." Gohan said and once again the couple was in the air as they flew back into Orangewood as Gohan had his eyes firmly set on an all you can eat place.


"Hahaha, the look on the owner's face when he came out and saw just how much food you had eaten was priceless." Erasa said as she held onto her boyfriend's arm to prevent herself from falling over as she was laughing uncontrollably.

"Yeah haha, I guess I am probably going to get banned from there but it was worth it. They made some tasty food."

"I don't think that I am ever going to get used to just how much food you are capable of eating." The blonde haired woman said as she straightened up her posture although she did not let go of her boyfriend's arm.

With lunch out of the way, Gohan decided that it was time to get back to work. He wanted a place to call his own as soon as possible. All it took was a quick 30 second flight and the couple were now at the property.

Erasa quickly set up shop sitting down at the base of a tree as she watched her boyfriend hard at work. One thing that she didn't think that shy little Gohan would do was get changed right in the open air into some more comfortable workout clothes. Of course, seeing him near naked wasn't an issue as she had seen it multiple times beforehand but she thought that he would never have the guts to do something like this given how much of his skin he covered up in high school.

Erasa was quickly realising just how much Gohan had grown up since she went to school with the black haired boy.

She didn't like guys acting macho and showing off their muscles purely for the sake of their ego but when she saw her boyfriend engaging his muscles for more than just vanity put butterflies into her stomach.

This was something that Gohan was unaware of as he had gotten down to business. He wanted to get out of living at home as soon as possible and that was something that he had complete control over. Sure he would miss the cooking of his mum but being able to live completely on his own terms was something that was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up on.

More importantly though, it would give both him and Erasa a place to be where they were not under the microscope of their respective parents. It would give them the freedom to fully explore the honeymoon phase of their relationship which was something that Gohan was definitely looking forward to.

Before that could happen though, the house needed to be built and after doing a quick Ki check, the saiyan got to work laying all of the steel frames for the house. Within half an hour and Gohan was already onto the next process.

Erasa watched in amazement as Gohan powered through laying the bricks. One and a half hours was all it took for every single brick of the three story house to be placed. If he didn't make it as a film producer than a career in the building industry was always on the cards as far as she was concerned.

With all of the steel in place, Gohan now poured concrete on top to form the second story. Once that was all manoeuvred into place and levelled out evenly, Gohan moved onto the third floor. Each level took half an hour as Gohan wanted to make sure that absolutely everything was perfect.

Sure, houses built normally took around eight months for a house of this size and he was doing it in a fraction of the time but he wanted to make sure that he didn't have to take longer than absolutely necessary. The saiyan desperately wanted to get started on his project.

Finally, with the roof done, Gohan set about to heat the concrete to make sure it set before people started coming home. He really didn't want to have to explain why there were so many copies of himself floating in mid-air.

To make matters worse, Erasa's laptop had run out of battery half an hour ago and Gohan really didn't want to make her wait any longer than he had to. When he was satisfied with his work, Gohan released the technique that he had been using all day. He didn't realise just how much it took out of him until it all came back to him. He even fell down to one knee as the flood of fatigue caused him to become dizzy.

Gohan quickly shrugged it off and jumped down onto the ground beside Erasa. He offered both of his hands out to his girlfriend to which she happily accepted. He snaked a hand around her waist and pulled her into his embrace as the duo looked over at the handiwork of Gohan.

"It's come along really nicely. even though it is only one day into it, you can already get a feel for what it is going to be like when it is completed." Erasa commented, impressed with Gohan's house building abilities.

"Yeah… So how's the story going?" Gohan curiously asked to which Erasa became a closed book.

"You can't ask that Gohan! If you critique a writer's work to early on before the plot is fully developed, it ruins the story. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it as soon as it is ready." The fact that essentially Gohan was her boss was lost on the two. If he really wanted to, he could force the information out of the blonde but he knew that that would cause a rift between their relationship that would never be able to be fixed.

He didn't want to do that at all.


Gohan picked up Erasa early the next morning after her parents had left for work and they had gone over to the new house. Thankfully there was no rain overnight to slow down the process.

Over the night Gohan had decided to change the plans. Instead of a 7 bedroom, 3 bathroom house, he was now going to have a five bedroom one with each bedroom having an ensuite. Also, having two kitchens seemed stupid in retrospect so he decided that there would be just one large one. Thankfully none of the floors had walls apart from the outside ones erected yet.

This was what Gohan had to do today. By the time lunch time had come around, all of the rooms had been created. The house was finally coming together and Gohan could see potentially moving in tomorrow if everything went well. It wouldn't be finished but he could definitely live in the house whilst he did the final touches.

After lunch, Erasa spoke up. "With all of the stuff that you have been doing, my mind couldn't help but wonder about how you're going to decorate the inside. I thought that maybe I could help out a bit." She was a bit nervous as she wasn't sure whether or not asking this was something that was too soon into the relationship with the implications that it could lead to.

Thankfully Gohan didn't see it as that. He simply saw it as a friend offering some help. He knew that he sure as hell had no idea what he was doing when it came to making a house look good. "That would be great!" If Erasa had a hand in the design process, then there was hopefully more incentive for her to be around more.

By the end of the day the exterior of the house was in place with the large amount of glass being put in, all of the cabling had been installed, the outside walls rendered in a light grey and the floors being tiled and carpeted respectively.

The house was able to be lived in right now but Gohan didn't particularly want to sleep on just carpet with no pillows or blankets.


He felt a bit awkward as Erasa had said that it was okay for him to come inside although she was just about to enter the shower. Gohan knew that he shouldn't feel this way since this was his girlfriend's house but there were just some things that he wasn't used to yet.

Thankfully he only had to wait five minutes for his girlfriend Erasa to finish her shower and walk out with only wearing a towel. He couldn't help but stare as he watched the last few drops of water fall into Erasa's rather ample cleavage.

There was a smirk on the face of Erasa as she ignored her boyfriend. She liked the fact that he stared. It showed the fact that he found her attractive and it boosted her confidence a little bit.

The blonde walked up to her closet and searched through it for something good to wear. In the end she settled for a cream coloured shirt and a pair of jean short shorts. With this done she walked over to cabinet.

Since her boyfriend was watching over her shoulder, Erasa made an effort to find matching bra and panties. Normally she wouldn't do this and just wear the first that she pulled out but she wanted to give off the impression that she was organized.

"You can't wear those." Gohan said and in hindsight, he probably could have worded things a bit better.

The second that Erasa heard this, she immediately turned around, hands on her hips and a Videl-like menacing glare on her face. "And just why can't I?" Erasa questioned, daring her boyfriend not say something stupid again.

Gohan gulped realising just what his words could be interpreted as. He didn't want her thinking that he got to control how she dressed. "Oh! I just thought that it would be better celebrating in a pool." Gohan said, hoping that this was enough to appease Erasa.

Thankfully it was and the girl noticed that Gohan was wearing a pair of board shorts to go along with this thought.


It was finally done, the whole day had been spent by both Erasa and Gohan going out to different furniture shops and the house was fully furnished and it was ready to be used. If he had to admit to himself, the house looked amazing and he knew that he couldn't have done it without his wonderful girlfriend.

The two of them stood outside the front of the house and watched how all of the lights lit up the place to look amazing. He was confident that if he wanted to, he could sell the place for about twenty million. That was just shy of 15 million dollar profit but because that was something that was never on the mind of Gohan. He wanted to live in this place for a long, long time.

They even had a bottle of champagne to celebrate with.

Eventually they made their way up to the master bedroom which was on the third floor. Because of the large amount of glass used in this room specifically, you were able to see all of the Orangewood nightlife without even having to move out of bed. "You're going to have a great time living here, the view is totally amazeballs!" The blonde said as she stood right next to the window overlooking Satan City.

Whilst Gohan's house wasn't anywhere near as big as the mansion that Videl lived in, she honestly preferred it that way. This place was in a far better location and it was not so big that you felt isolated and alone. If she was honest with herself, there was a bit of jealousy at just how much money Gohan had access to.

Sure he didn't showboat and throw it in your face but it definitely seemed as if Gohan didn't have to be the poor college student that she was. She planned on moving out of home now that she had her degree and knew that she would absolutely no chance whatsoever of living in a place that was even half as good as this.

"Yeah but I think that the best way to enjoy this moment is to celebrate." Gohan said as he came up behind Erasa and wrapped his arms around her waist. He did this in conjunction with kissing the back of her neck.

Sure, she was used to guys having high sex drives but it seemed that Gohan took the cake. As much as she too loved sex, she didn't know whether or not she would be able to keep up long term with her partner.

That being said, having a muscly and ridiculously shredded body pressing into her back definitely helped matters. Not satisfied with what was happening, Erasa turned around in the embrace of Gohan and pressed her lips onto his. Almost immediately, Gohan raised his hands and cupped her cheeks. The kiss quickly deepened from slight pecking of the lips into full blown make out session.

The more that they kissed, Erasa found herself thinking that her previous thoughts were retarded. Eventually the couple had to break apart for air. As she opened her eyes, Erasa saw a smirk on the face of Gohan. After having spent a frequent amount of time around this new and improved Gohan, she knew that he was capable of being devious when he wanted to be.

She planned to continue on the kiss after she had gotten her breath back but as it turned out, Gohan had gotten out of the embrace and was nowhere to be seen. In a matter of seconds, Erasa found herself in a completely different location. She promptly screamed as she forgot that Gohan was capable of such a thing.

Laughter brought the blonde haired woman out of her funk as she looked around and saw the cackling visage of her boyfriend. He was too busy laughing to take any notice of her and she used this to her full advantage. Despite the fact that she was not strong like him or even Videl, Erasa managed to push Gohan with all of her effort.

The resulting action forced him into the water of the nearby pool. A smirk appeared on the face of Erasa as she felt that she got apt revenge on her other half. The laughter stopped immediately as Gohan took off his shirt underwater and threw it over to the side.

The black haired man stood up in the water and calmly walked over to the water's edge. He placed his hands on the pavers and pulled up the rest of his body to get out of the water.

It was one thing to see him walk around without a top on. It was another thing to see him with muscles flexing and water dripping off of his body. It forced Erasa to bite her lower lip softly to prevent herself from open mouth gaping. She had truly won the lottery when it came to the looks of her boyfriend.

Not caring at all about the clothes that Erasa was wearing at the time, Gohan pressed his sopping wet frame right onto her own. He didn't hesitate at all in pulling the t-shirt that Erasa was wearing over her head not that there was any form of resistance though.

He quickly resumed the kiss. Erasa forgot about what was going on as she was enraptured in the kiss that she didn't realise that Gohan had unbuttoned her shorts until they were already around her ankles. She was surprised and yelped into the kiss when her boyfriend lifted her legs out of the clothes so she was left in just her bathing suit.

When she opened her eyes, Erasa found herself sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling in the water. Looking down she noticed that Gohan was in the water with his chest and head sticking out.

Before she could even mentioning anything, Gohan had taken it upon himself to pull her light blue bikini to the side to reveal her pussy. She hadn't had any oral sex in a while so she was in rush whatsoever to stop Gohan. Most guysthat she had been with previously refused to do it because they thought it was gross.

What she didn't know was that Gohan, with his incredibly sensitive nose found the smell not the greatest. Because she was his girlfriend though, he wanted to do this so that she properly enjoyed herself. He had read that some women didn't orgasm from regular sex. There was that and there was also the fact that he hadn't done this in a long time and he wanted to improve his skills.

He had only done this once but he used the technique that served him so well during their coming together in the taxi. After putting his fingers inside Erasa, Gohan started moving them independently.

"Oh!" Erasa moaned as she felt the fingers moving right over the top of her g-spot. She was a bit dry before Gohan entered in her but within 15 seconds she was ready for penetration.

This wasn't good enough for Gohan though as his ego got bigger and bigger as he heard the moans coming from Erasa. Wanting to make them last longer and become even louder, Gohan pressed his tongue right into the exposed clit of the blonde haired girl. "Ahh!" Erasa screamed as she felt the new sensation.

Gohan managed to find the right mix of licking, sucking and rubbing Erasa's clit with his other hand. "G-Gohan! I-I-I'm about to cum! I can't hold it back any longer." Erasa shouted with her eyes glued shut. Sure, looking over the Satan City skyline from the infinity pool was great and all but she had to focus on making the pleasure last as long as possible.

Gohan brought his lips off from the clit of Erasa. There was a moan of disapproval at this action. "Let it go Erasa, let it go at full power!" Gohan called out and placed his left hand on the skin surrounding the clitoris of Erasa. He softly pinched it and rolled one finger over the top of the other. This was all as he licked the lower lips of Erasa in an upwards motion so that he could connect with her g-spot.

"AHH!" Erasa screamed as her vagina convulsed itself as the pleasure coming from all of the outside stimulation was just too much. It tipped her nervous system over to the point that her legs were shaking uncontrollably and her toes curled tightly. She lost control of her arms which were supporting her and Erasa fell onto her back.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was on the verge of fainting due to the sharp change in blood pressure. If he had known this, Gohan would have done something about it. Instead, he was busily slurping up the fluids that came gushing out of Erasa's pussy.

Once he was done licking up the liquids that squirted out of her vagina and into his mouth, Gohan got with a smile on his face as he saw Erasa who was slowly coming back out of her orgasm induced haze.

"That was the best orgasm that I have ever had." Erasa stated. She was so exhausted that she didn't even have any energy to say it with enthusiasm. The smile that was on the face of Gohan quickly turned into a very Vegeta like smirk as he heard this.

He didn't say anything; Gohan simply picked up Erasa with her arms finding themselves wrapping around his neck. The blonde haired girl quickly initiated a kiss to which Gohan responded. The saiyan travelled through the water until he reached the opposite side of the pool which had a glass wall.

One of the hands that were on Erasa's waist quickly moved down to his board shorts, undid the string and pulled off his clothes so that he was in the nude. Erasa didn't have to wait long for her bottom half to be completely nude as Gohan pulled down her bikini bottoms.

He wasn't completely hard but after a few tugs, Gohan was hard enough that when he entered inside Erasa, he could still feel it. the saiyan didn't bother waiting as he started to thrust slowly which made him harden up.

"Ahh" Erasa moaned as she felt the sensations of a dick inside of her. She wrapped her legs around the waist of her boyfriend to properly open up her hips to allow for better access.

Gohan brought his hands up to the breasts of Erasa that he hadn't touched. Pulling the bikini to the sides, it pushed her breasts to the centre which made look even bigger.

Aggressively, Gohan groped one breast whilst the other was occupied by his mouth. He didn't bother hiding back a smirk as he heard the sounds coming from the mouth of Erasa. "Mmm, stop for a sec." Erasa panted moving Gohan's head away from her boobs.

Gohan curiously looked up. Erasa got off of his power pole and turned around so that she was facing the City with her front pressed against the glass pool wall. With the height of the pool, it meant that Erasa's breasts were not in the water and were instead resting on the top of the pool edge.

The saiyan male didn't waste any time re-entering his girlfriend and quickly got to kissing the back of her neck whilst massaging her nipples. The thrill of the fact that they were having sex in the open air was enough to get Gohan hornier than he normally was.

He hadn't had sex in water before but it was not as good as what he thought it would be. With the amount of water that inside of Erasa, it made the sex not as pleasurable. He couldn't feel as much as normal. This was why he quickly decided to move both he and his girlfriend to the pavement nearby the pool.

Erasa was thankful that she didn't have to say anything as she didn't like it that much. With the water drained out, Gohan entered her and immediately, it felt much better. He assumed the same thing for his girlfriend.


After everything was done and they had finished celebrating the new house, both Erasa and Gohan crashed on his brand new bed for the first time. He couldn't be happier with how his life was going right now but he knew that this was only just beginning. The real work would be starting tomorrow.