When Fran first told his guardian that he was in a relationship, Mukuro had been genuinely happy for the socially awkward boy. However, once he had been told it was with a twenty-six-year-old man – one whom Mukuro knew of only too well – he had put his foot down and demanded for Fran to end the relationship now before anything happened. As expected, Fran had been adamant and refused to do so.

That was what had led to their current conversation – or argument, if you knew them well enough.

"I won't have you dating someone like that blond, Fran." Mukuro was sitting on the couch of his living room, Fran across from him. His arms were folded against his chest, his heterochromatic eyes stern. "You don't know what he's like."

"What, and you do?" Fran remained as emotionless as ever, but he was quickly becoming agitated; he had known his boyfriend for a few months now, and though he knew the other didn't have the best grasp on reality and was into drugs, it wasn't as if he was going to get hurt! He didn't like Mukuro trying to tell him what to do at all – not in this situation when he was old enough to make his own decisions in life.

"Yes, I do, actually." Mukuro frowned. "He's not... what you think he is, and I'll be damned if I let you hang around that kind of person, Fran."

"Why do you think he'd hurt me, Master?" The boy tilted his head to the side. "He hasn't done anything to me."

"One; he randomly approached you on the street just to tell you you're cute. Two; he's a twenty-six-year-old man pushing for a relationship with a high schooler. Three; whatever he's telling you probably isn't even true, Fran. You're better off without that kind of person in your life."

"Master wasn't the best kind of person for me when I was little..." Fran muttered, turning to look out of the window. "You were in to bad stuff, too, but you cleaned yourself up for me..."

"That's different, Fran..." Mukuro cleared his throat in uneasiness at this sudden accusation, knowing he should have expected it; while Fran was a docile person by nature, he could be the nastiest little shit you'd ever meet when he wanted to be.

"No, it's not; Master did bad stuff but he changed – why won't you give him a chance, Master?"

"Because I know he won't change..." Mukuro sighed, knowing nothing he said wasn't going to get through to his charge. He instead stood up, running a hand through blue locks in a tired manner. "You won't change your mind, either... When you get hurt, don't say I didn't warn you."

"I won't get hurt, Master."

"We'll see..." Mukuro walked out of the living room, heading upstairs and into his bedroom.

Fran just shrugged before he grabbed the TV remote, turning it on and flicking through channels.

"Master has no idea what he's talking about..." Fran muttered to himself. "He's just being stupid again..."

With a sigh, the teal-haired boy turned the TV back off before he stood up, moving to his own bedroom to get some sleep. It was going to be stressful dealing with Mukuro about this, so he'd have to get all the rest he can in preparation.


"Froggy looks sad today~"

Fran poked at his lunch with his fork, sighing. He was sitting in at a cafe with his boyfriend, dull eyes staring out into the world beyond. He nodded, turning to look at the blond sitting across from him. "Just... Master being an idiot..."

"I think you should move out, Froggy." A grin crossed the other male's face, obscured eyes shining with malice. "He's no good for you. You can move in with me instead~"

"Thank you, Bel-senpai, but Master wouldn't let me." Picking up his fork again, the boy tried to eat a bit more pasta. "He'd start another fight between us if I tried."

"Just leave him~ He probably doesn't even want you there anyway." The older male – Bel – reached out, caressing a soft cheek. "Not like I want you with me~ Froggy can do whatever he wants~ And he can smoke with me~!"

"I don't do drugs, senpai," Fran explained calmly. He was growing used to saying this, the blond always hinting one way or another that he'd love for his boyfriend to smoke with him, but Fran didn't mind; it was just part of Bel's quirks. "Sorry; I'd rather not."

"Just one little hit? You can snort something if you'd rather – or inject it. Froggy's choice~"

"No, thank you, senpai." Fran was as calm as ever, knowing how to deal with the stronger male. "I'd rather not do it at all."

"Aww, that's okay, Froggy~" Bel stood up, moving to the younger's side. He kissed Fran's temple before he lowered his face, nibbling at his earlobe next. "Maybe in future?"

"Maybe, senpai." It was easier going along with the blond, that was for sure.

"Cool~" Bel straightened up before he returned to his seat, his grin only widening. "Can Froggy cover me? I haven't got money today~"

"Sure." Fran honestly didn't mind paying Bel's way; he was sure that Bel would do the same for him if he needed to. "Are you done, senpai? I need to get back home by two or Master's going to have a fit again; I was meant to be studying for my tests today."

"That's okay~" Bel abandoned his food as he bounded to his feet, seemingly glad to be leaving. "I'll wait for you out in the car, Froggy~ Don't be too long~"

"I won't be." Fran waited patiently in line and, once he got to the counter, paid for both of their meals. He left the cafe after taking his change, finding Bel sitting in his car already, a blunt in his mouth as he raised a lighter to the tip of it. He scrunched his nose up before he approached the vehicle, not wanting to be around such potent things.

Bel looked up as the passenger side door opened. He dropped the lighter into his pocket as he pulled the blunt from his lips, grinning at his boyfriend. "Hey, Froggy~"

"Senpai..." Fran wound the window down slightly, hoping it would help filter the smoke. "Senpai, can you please not smoke around me?"

"Just this one?" Bel put the car into gear before he pulled out, not bothering to give way to the car that was forced to slam its breaks on due to his actions. "It costs a lot of money, so it'd be such a waste~ Unless you want to smoke it for me, Froggy~?"

Fran shook his head, winding the window down further. "Just that one, senpai. You can finish it."

"Thank you, Froggy~" Bel put the blunt back in his mouth, pushing down on the accelerator as the traffic light in front of them turned orange. Fran held his breath as the car sped through a set of red lights, bracing himself for the impact that never came only because people were smart enough to realise Bel was only going to continue speeding up.

"Does Froggy have to go home?" Bel turned to look at the younger male, greatly enjoying the smoke that floated around him. "Wanna come over to mine first?"

"I can't, senpai; Master already didn't want me to come out today; he'll say no altogether for next time if I don't come home now."

Bel sighed before he nodded. "Alright, Froggy. Will you come over tonight instead, then?"

"Master wouldn't drive me out, even if he did say yes." It frustrated Fran to be unable to spend time with his boyfriend, and he knew Bel could see that.

"Shishi~" The blond tilted his head to the side as he tapped at his nose knowingly. "Just sneak out~ I'll park down the road and bring you over to mine once the stupid pineapple's in bed. Okay?"

Fran really wasn't a rule breaker by nature, but he did want to spend time with Bel instead of having Mukuro breathing down his neck like an overbearing parent. He nodded without a second thought, agreeing verbally.

"Okay, senpai. Master usually goes to bed at twelve. Is that too late?"

"Nope~ Shishi, I'll be there at quarter-past~ Walk down towards the corner shops, 'kay?"

"Sure thing, senpai." Fran nodded, greatly looking forward to tonight – even if he did know that he'd be in some serious trouble if he were caught sneaking out of the house. "Twelve-fifteen, towards the corner shops."

"Sounds good~"

Fran sat back in the passenger seat, turning to the window once more. He continued to tense and brace himself throughout the drive, hating the man's erratic behaviour – sometimes he wasn't sure if Bel was just too high to even know what he was doing, or if he was simply blatantly disregarding the laws and safety of everyone around him.

After a near miss that involved the blond's car sliding out and the one that had swerved to miss him scraping against a guardrail, doing nothing to knock some sense into the man, Fran was pretty sure it was the latter.