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Sherlock awoke to the slight shift of his bed and the comforting warmth enveloping the front of his body. He blinked the sleep away for a few times before registering the body that's tangled with his.


He looks so peaceful and young without the worry lines etched on his face. Sherlock carefully stroked John's cheek as to not wake him. He tilted his head to memorise ever single one of John's features from every angle.

Sherlock leaned forward, closer to John, and he smiled to himself. He felt this strange but not unwanted warmth spread all throughout his chest. He loved the way John pouted slightly during his sleep, it was adorable. He kissed the top of John's head, just a press of the lips but he stayed like that for what seemed like years. He didn't realise that John was awake right until he heard a soft chuckle against his neck.

"Sherlock, mind telling me what you're doing?" Said the muffled voice.

Sherlock backed away from John slightly to enable them to look at each other. He grinned at him, "I couldn't help myself when you were pouting like that." Sherlock stated.

"Pouting?" John asked, looking bemused, "I don't pout!"

"Yes, you do and you look quite adorable when you do it too" Sherlock teased.

John tried to hide his blush from Sherlock by ducking his head, but the movement only caused him to be observed even more. So obviously, he failed to hide it. Instead of laughing at him, Sherlock pulled him close and kissed both his cheeks lovingly. Which then caused John to blush a shade darker.

"John, I need to ask you an important question..." Sherlock stated carefully.

John nodded an approval for Sherlock to go on and ask. Sherlock took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, "do you want to move in with me?"

John was silent for a long time and Sherlock decided to give John his reason behind the suggestion, "I know it's pretty soon - really soon actually, but it feels like..." Stopping mid-sentence, he couldn't find the right words to explain how he felt about John, and that was frustrating because Sherlock never gets stuck with words.

John raised an eyebrow at Sherlock, "like...?"

"Like I've known you all my life," continued Sherlock, "I'm comfortable around you, and I don't just get comfortable with people, John."


Sherlock was dumbfounded with how simple John put it, "what?"

"Okay," John repeated, "I'll move in with you." And there it was again, his award-winning smile.

And here he was again, with his fluttering heart.

The next day, John had fully packed all his things in boxes, ready to move into Sherlock's flat. He didn't have that much things so all of them were abled to fit in one box.

He took a taxi to Sherlo- their flat and when he arrived there, Sherlock looked extremely pleased.

John placed the box on the arm chair that he had claimed as his, and began to unpack when he felt Sherlock's arms snake around his waist, "let's celebrate," Sherlock whispered while nibbling his ear.

Drawn to his Alpha scent and the fact that it was almost biologically impossible to reject an Alpha's plea for something quite intimate when he was that close to John, he succumbed.

"You're not even in your heat and still your smell is intoxicating," Sherlock whispered to John in a hoarse voice, inhaling the sweet omega scent behind his ear.

"Sh-sherlock..." John whimpered. It's a good thing Sherlock was holding him up as his knees were not functioning anymore.

Sherlock licked John's ear thoroughly, purposely breathing deeply down his neck just to torment him.

"...please," begged John, "Please, Sherlock, I need it."

"Need what, John?"

By now, John was lowered to a needy wet omega rutting his lubricating arse against the alpha. He groaned when Sherlock backed away from him, torturing him by denying his needy little hole.

"I want you to say it, John."

Blinded by his urgent need for pleasure, his hormone-driven mind abandoned all reasoning as he begged, "Please..." John turned his head to look at Sherlock, literally shaking with need, "I want your big alpha cock inside me."

"Why didn't you say so," Sherlock smirked. "All you've got to do was ask."

A minute later -or even less-, they were both naked with John's back pressed up against a wall. Sherlock aligned his throbbing cock in front of John's drenched hole and with one final reassuring kiss, Sherlock breached John's barrier. The slide of pleasure was even more intense than the first time and they both moaned in ecstasy.

They stayed in the position for a few moments, overwhelmed by the sudden increase in pleasure.

"Move," John instructed. Sherlock pulled his hips back and pushed in, watching his cock disappear inside of John. He repeated his movements slowly, in and out, in and out, in and out until John decided to clench his sweet little hole even tighter and that's when Sherlock lost all his control. He pushed John up against the wall even harder, devouring his neck and pushing his hard cock impossibly deeper, establishing a rhythm that screams desperate for more. John wrapped his legs around Sherlock's waist, pulling him even closer and pushing back against him whenever Sherlock pushed in, creating intense stimulation for both of them. The only sounds that could be heard were of their pants, the loud slap of skin on skin and the occasional slick sounds of their messy kisses.

"I'm close," Sherlock panted, and he was about to let himself out of John, afraid to risk a knot in case they accidentally bonded, when John wrapped his arms even tighter around him.

"Bond with me..." Sherlock looked wide-eyed by what John just said, "...I'm yours."

And Sherlock climaxed not to the sound of their desperate pants or the slapping sound, or even their passionate kisses. Sherlock came to the sound of John's voice whispering that he was his.