The house was rather large, as Frida could already tell from the numerous pictures her father had showed her, but what she hadn't counted for was the untamed, jungle like garden at the front of the mansion-like building that would now be her 'home.' Frida looked over to her four hear old sister, Eva, "Daddy!" The little girl beamed, pointing to the house "This our house?" The child asked, grinning the father happily replied with a yes as he unbuckled her out of her booster seat, "Fri, catch" her father smiled, tossing her the set of keys "Good catch!" Her father complimented, with a roll of her eyes Frida climbed out of her own seat and stood up, she soon felt a chill down her spine and pulled her red flannel tighter around her rather frail body "So, what do you think?" Her dad asked, putting Eva on his shoulders "It's old..." Frida replied with a smile "I like it" she smiled, "Reminds me of something from a book," she laughed, walking to the back of the car and opening the trunk "When's mom getting here from her trip?" She asked, picking up a couple of small boxes "She gets here in two days, so I was hoping we could get everything set up to surprise her" he explained as he too, pick up some of the boxes, clearly he would have to come back and get the other boxes but he could just about manage with the few he had.

Frida walked to the porch and looked up at the dark wood door, she slow traced her pointer finger over the wood and smiled placing the boxes down, she found the correct key and pushed it into the lock, twisting it clockwise she was rather startled when the door swung open "Wow" she muttered, picking up the boxing and walking inside "This, this is amazing Dad!" She grinned "I love it!" She beamed, placing the boxes down and immediately running up the stairs "I'm getting the biggest room!" She shouted, walking down the hallway and spotting a door that slowly began to open, Fridas' brown knitted together but she simply dismissed it as some wind or something, she moved to boxes to her hip and kept them secure with her arm, slowly she made her way over to said open door and walked in the room, it's walls where painted a navy blue and the dark wood beams that supported the ceiling added some character "I guess this is my room then," she whispered to herself, placing the boxes down on the floor she took a deep breath in through her nose, her eyes soon squinted as she felt a sneeze building up, with a loud 'achoo' she was rid of the sneeze, "Bless you" a voice stated, jumping slightly Frida turned around to see her father grinning at her "Oh, it's you" she smiled "Who else would it be?" Her dad teased, walking into the room and placing his hands on his hips "You picked the best room, your sisters in the one just down the hall, said she wants you to help paint it because we all know how artistic you are" he nodded, winking at her "Sure, I mean I guess it's practice for when I go to university" she laughed "Well, we're ordering pizza for tonight so we don't have to worry about cleaning the kitchen just yet" he nodded, "I'm going to start gardening though, it's such a lovely day," he stated, pointing to the window "If you need me I'll be out front, hey, maybe we'll meet the neighbours" he smiled, walking out of her new abode.

Frida had began sorting out her CDs and DVDs when she heard loud giggling, she smiled slightly and walked out her room, putting her hands in the pockets of her shorts she made her way to the last room of the hall, which belonged to Eva, "I'm glad you're here" she heard a unfamiliar voice state, her eyes widened and she immediately ran to the room, opening the door and walking inside. Eva was sat on her heart shaped rug with her dolls when she heard her door open "Frida!" She giggled "I made a new friend" she nodded, pointing to the half dressed dolls in front of her "We where playing dollies!" She beamed, Frida smiled softly "Was that you talking?" She asked dumbly "No, that was Nora!" She nodded, Frida laughed softly and simply dismissed this new 'friend' as a creation from her sisters imagination "Tell Nora I said hello then," Frida nodded, beginning to walk out the room "Oh and be careful you don't get any splinters from the floor" she nodded.