It took quite a long time to paint all the rooms that needed it, they where all painted a light cream colour, one of them had a bed in and that's what Frida was currently working on. Her dad had some silver paint that matched the metallic of the frame so all she needed to do was repaint it and it was done, that took her another hour.

It didn't help that Eva kept running into the room and almost knocking over paint, Frida must have scolded her about it at least 6 times, but the toddler never listened. Standing up Frida wiped the dust off herself and walked out the room, closing the door behind her when suddenly she heard the scream.

Frida broke out into a sprint towards where she heard the shouting, wait, was that from the basement? She quickly ran down to the basement, and almost fell down the stairs, once she got to the bottom she felt the small body of her sister wrap around her legs. Picking up the toddler, her eyes widened when she saw the blood on her arm "Eva, what happened?" Frida, asked, carrying her out of the dark room and up into the light, unaware of the blonde haired boy watching her.

Frida gently placed Eva onto the kitchen work surface as she got out the health and safety box, "The baby bit me!" The little girl shouted, "He's very scary and he has pointy teeth" she continued, sobbing. Frida gently wiped the blood and her eyes widened when she was a bite mark, she gasped and quickly placed a large plaster over it. she frowned and quickly picked Eva up, walking to her dads office "You should take her to the hospital" she stated bluntly "They're must be a hole in the basement or something that a possum or raccoon or something" she nodded, her father gasped and jumped up, taking the little girl in his arms "Come on Eva, Fri, is it okay if you stay here? Some people might come over to look at the rooms" he stated.

Frida nodded and waved them off as her sister looked in terror at the house, her wide eyes still full of tears. Frida waved sadly and walked back inside, closing the door. She jumped immediately when there was a knock straight away on the door, she opened in and smiled softly. A blonde haired guy with the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen stood there, smirking at her "Um, hi?" She asked awkwardly, "Hi, I'm Tate Langdon, I saw some rooms being advertised online and thought, fuck it, why don't I come look?" He grinned.

Frida stepped aside the let him in, "I'm Frida, by the way. Yeah, I'm the guy who owns this house' daughter" she smiled, watching him as he looked around, there was a glint in his eyes, it was something she couldn't put her finger on. "It's a beautiful house," he nodded, "Can you show me the rooms?" He asked looking over at the gawking Frida.

Frida blinked a couple of times and nodded, starting to walk up the stairs, Tate trailing behind her "Um, the first room on the right is my dads, my mom will be here in a couple of days" she nodded, walking to the next room "This is probably the room that's been painted the most," she stated, opening the door and scowling when the tin of paint had been knocked over "I told her to stay out of here she groaned" quickly walking over and picking up the paint. "This will obviously get cleaned up" she smiled slightly.

"To be honest, there are a few things I think I should tell you about this house" she nodded, biting her lip, Tate raised a brow at her "Well?" He asked. "Erm, well there have been some murders here. A gay couple, a man his wife and daughter, I think her name was Violet or something" she shrugged and began to feel uneasy when she noticed the slight hate in Tate's dark eyes "I-I mean, they where years ago and my dads going to be replacing all the floors and repainting the walls and stuff..." She babbled on.

Tate only smiled "It's perfect the way it is" he beamed, running a hand through his long hair "Who's rooms next door?" He asked, although he of course already knew the answer "Oh, that's mine" she smiled, "My little sisters is at the end of the corridor" she grinned, "Perfect" Tate grinned back.