Chapter 2

2 years had passed and Harry kept growing up and studying under Jaina's supervision.

As promised, she decided to bring Harry with her to Orgrimmar for the commemoration of Mount Hjal's battle, when the joint forces of humans, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, trolls and night elves defeated the demon Archimonde and his undead legions.

Obviously, Harry was very excited about it. He cared so much about all the people of the island, but he was very curious to meet the other inhabitant races of Kalimdor.

The day arrived. Jaina gave Harry a wizard's robe, an exact replica of those that the apprentices of Antonidas, the regent of the purple city of Dalaran, used to wear.

-All right Harry. Do you remember how we will arrive to the city?- Asked Jaina.

-Yay, Jay- Harry replied with the nickname he gave her when he was still crawling on the floor of her room –with teleportation. When are you going to teach me that?- asked the kid making puppy eyes, capable of melting the resistances of all the women and girls of Theramore.

-Don't do that, it won't work. I told you…when the time is right. Anyway, if the things are gonna be as I think…you'll get new teachers and new things to learn very soon.-

This fuelled the already exploding curiosity of the child. New teachers? New stuff?

Jaina interrupted his flow of thoughts, shouting –Beginning the spell…now!-

Harry just saw a blinding blue light.

Then, after one seconds, he found himself in front of a titanic doorway guarded by two huge orcs warriors. The Horde's crest was visible on their shields and on the banners of the door. Harry notices also those sharped axes held tight by the guards.

Another orc came forward. The warriors snapped straight at his presence and Harry guessed that he was the Warchief Thrall.

-Mok'gra, Jaina. I'm happy to see you again after all this time.- said the orc, approaching the blonde sorceress.

-I'm glad to see you too, my friend- replied Jaina

-Do tell me, who is this young man on your side? I sense a great magical aura around him, but…raw, untrained.- Thrall came closer to Harry, scanning him with curious eyes. The kid watched him back, with same curiosity.

-His name's Harry. His story is long and I'm sure you'll be interested in it. But this is not the place for storytelling. I swear you'll learn everything. I would like your help in something that might concern you.- explained Jaina.

-Very well. Let's go inside, then forward to my quarters. There, we'll talk without disturbance.-

After saying that, Thrall started walking towards the doorway followed by Harry and Jaina.

(Inside Thrall's private quarters)

-Ok Jaina, no one will disturb us here…unless there is a valuable reason. I'm listening- said Thrall, sitting on his personal chair.

The blonde sorceress began her tale.

-All right. It began seven years ago. I was reading in my quarters when, suddenly, a blinding light column appeared from nowhere. After that, I saw a little basket on the floor. Guess what? Inside there was Harry, still a little baby. I immediately sensed his great magical potential. The healers found on him several magical blocks. We managed to remove two of them, but the others are still active. It worries me that some of those blocks are very powerful and dangerous.-

-Magical blocks on a baby? Not even during my imprisonment in Lordareon such barbarism happened.- exclaimed surprised Thrall. Younglings represent the future, in his mind. No matter the race.

-Neither do I. But calm down, Thrall. Those two blocks we removed weren't so powerful. We believe that Harry's biological parents put them, in order to allow him a peaceful childhood. Then, they would have remove them and teach him how to use his power in a proper way.- explained calmly Jaina.

Thrall turned his sight on Harry. The orc's blue eyes met the kid's emerald ones.

After a while, the Warchief spoke.

-I think you're right, Jaina. I sense a great elemental affinity in him. The spirits protect him…I can feel it. As I feel a stranger and dark presence. I'll ask our warlocks to have a look on him and see what they could do.-

-That's one of the reasons for me to bring him here. Until now, I've taught him all the things I know were right for him…in those arts I'm familiar with. You can teach him more…and I assure you that he won't be a lazy student. Also, one of his abilities is metamorphic powers. Since I know nothing about that, perhaps you or Cairne might.-

-Metamorphic powers?!- Thrall was stunned. How could this child be so powerful? –I agree, this is something right for that old beef.- said jokingly the orc.

-Watch out who you call old beef! I may be old, but I can still kick your green skinned ass!- a menacing but not serious voice shouted behind them.

Thrall, Jaina and Harry turned in the direction of the voice.

Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren's chieftain, was in front of them. No matter his age, all the Taurens respected his authority and valour in combat.

-This is a real surprise. What brings you here, my friend?- asked Thrall, happy to see his old ally and friend.

-I had a vision, young warchief. I saw this young human and the Mother Nature revealed me that he was going to be my apprentice in druidic arts.- explained solemnly the old Tauren.

Harry couldn't believe his ears. The chief of a whole race had travelled so far just for meet him?

-Interesting. So…what do you think Thrall?- asked Jaina

Thrall didn't answer. Instead, he spoke to Harry.

-Young human, I hope you realize what kind of honour you're gonna receive. No one of our people has ever had the privilege to be taught sciamanic and druidic arts from us. Beware…we aren't going to be easy on you. We expect the best, nothing less. This is your last chance to back off.-

Harry replied with a firm, but not arrogant voice.

-I won't let you down, sir. Jaina, the healers and the paladins of Theramore taught me whatever they valued worthy for me to know. I'm not greedily thirsty of knowledge, but I know that it's a rare chance. I'm ready to follow your leads…masters.-

Thrall and Cairne looked to each other, then…they laughed. It was a happy laugh, not a sneering one.

-You are truly a surprise, my boy! I must admit it! No human would put aside so easily his pride.- said proudly Cairne.

-He's gonna live with us during his apprenticeship, Jaina. I hope that's ok…- said Thrall, knowing how strong the bond between the kid and the blonde sorceress was.

-Do not worry. He has lived with me for seven long years. It's gonna be hard, I know. But Harry is a free spirit. He has to discover new people and new lands.- replied Jaina.

-I'll return whenever I can, Jay. Of course, with masters' permission.- said Harry.

Once again, Cairne and Thrall started laughing. This time, even Jaina allowed herself a giggle.

-Young Harry, there is no need for that title when we are alone. Of course, it would be wise to call us that when you're in public.- explained calmly Cairne – This is gonna be a long work…-

-I won't let you down, master Cairne.- said Harry

-I know it, my boy. I know it.-