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Warnings: This story will have a lot of smut, and sex that is not always between Edward and Bella. Though it will ultimately be an E/B story, there will be lots of fucking with other people.


The bass beating from the speakers vibrates through the wall and against my back. I hate to admit it, but I've become a wallflower. Alice is off fucking Emmett in some poor schmuck's room, and Rose is probably doing the same with some random dude that tickled her fancy.

It's not that I'm some innocent, naïve virgin too afraid to mingle and have a bit of fun. I didn't want to come to this shindig tonight. Mom's boy toy has perfect timing and broke her heart just when my weekend decided to start. I still have a dried trail of her snot down my arm from where she wiped her nose during her I'm-going-to-get-drunk-to-unfeel-this-pain plan.

I wasn't up to dancing and fucking while covered in boogers, but those two idiots I call friends wouldn't let me say no. So here I am, being a wallflower. I am up for beer. Especially free beer, so I suppose that's the only perk of this failed night.

"Don't tell me you've been standing here all this time!" Alice yells, running up to me, her hair a tumble of wildness around her heart-shaped face.

"Well you look freshly fucked."

She doesn't even try to hide it. "He was amazing."

I know. He got me off with just his tongue last year, but she doesn't need to know that. "Are those hearts I see in your eyes?"

A pretty blush steals across her cheeks. "Babe! Come on! If you're interested in long-term, you don't let him dip his wick the first night!"

She shakes her head. "I know! I know! But he was saying the prettiest of words!"

"If he dumps you after tonight, don't come to me crying."

"Glad to know I have you as a friend." Her palm is sweaty in mine, and I hate to think about what other nastiness is swimming around in it. "He's over there. Come with me!"

Being forced to mingle is probably the worst thing anyone can ever do to a person. Emmett is a cool dude and all. I know him from the few parties we've both drank out, but other than that, it's not like we're friends. And really, I'm not even sure I even like post-coital Emmett. That last time he was a cocky son-of-a—well, hello, green eyes.