Some geographical clues for you. Know the ending yet? Predictions? ;)


The seconds seem to tick by slower and slower because I swear to fucking gawd it was five to three like fifteen fucking minutes ago. I feel her, buzzing in my pocket, and dude if the teacher looks over at me one more time I'll tell her all the nasty things my baby is texting me. Then we'll see how she likes being a nosy bitch then.

Fuck, I'm a horrible person, but it's been weeks since I've last had sex with something other than my own hand, and fuck if I miss my baby like a motherfucker. Five plus months is too far away, and I'm thinking an expensive ass trip to Florida will be much fucking needed way before either of us head off to college. We've both applied to Eastern, but now baby has been talking about leaving the states our parents are in all together. Is it too late to apply for colleges in California? Me and baby on the beach? Her in a bikini? I think that would be heaven there.

She buzzes in my pocket again, and I can't help it when I slip her out. The screen lights up with her nastiness and fuck if the day can't end any sooner.

Baby: I'm at dinner wishing I could suck your dick that's how hungry I am.

Baby: I'd even let you gag me with it. Would you like that, boy?

Fuck. Buddy likes the thought of that. The back of her throat is one of his favorite places to be even though she hates it. It only takes her moving to the other side of the country for her to beg for it. Florida is looking better and better every fucking slow second.

Me: Fuck, baby. What I wouldn't do to have that happen tonight.

Baby: Ugh. I'm horny as hell. I wish you were here so we could sneak off to the closet and fuck. I miss those days.

Me: The closet is lonely without you.

Baby: You've been back there recently?

Me: Too many times to count.

Baby: …why?

Me: I have to jack off like five times a day without you here. Being in the closet reminds me of you. Turns me on so fucking good.

Baby: Fuck. Were you in there today?

Me: Skipped math.

Baby: Oh my god, boy. I'm fucking drenched right now.

Me: Don't say stuff like that to me. It makes it harder being away from you.

Baby: I bet if I reach up my skirt no one will notice…

Me: Fuck…

"Mr. Cullen, what is so important on your phone that you can't pay attention?"

Fuck. Busted. Teacher lady is glaring at me and so is the entire fucking class, and if I gave more than zero fucks I'd probably be embarrassed as all fucking hell, but it turns out I don't, so I'm just fucking annoyed as shit.

"You really want to know, teach?"

"Mr. Cullen, a little respect please."

Garret snorts the fucker. "Don't mind him, Mrs. Cope. He's probably just sexting his ex-sister."

Jessica coughs from the back but it sounds more like, "Knocked up." And then everyone else is snorting and not at me for fucking once.

And here I'm thinking what the fuck ever. "You want me to read them out loud? I don't mind."

She sighs and that's when the bell rings thank fucking gawd. "Just go all of you. Be safe this weekend." And then when I think I'm safe and gone and saying fucking sayonara, she calls out, "Edward."

Garrett laughs as he passes by. If I could punch a motherfucker and win I would. "Teach, it's past three. I'm a free man."

"I know just a second please."


"How have you been?"

Seriously? "Good."

"I know you're going through a lot and everything is changing and we're here for you if you need to talk about anything."

Since when did the school give out relationship counseling sessions? "Got it. Can I go now?"

She looks deep and hard and fuck if that sounds disturbing in my mind and then finally, "Yes. I'll see you on Monday."

I'm out of there, throwing a quick "see you!" over my shoulder. My phone is in my hands before I know it. It's lit up with a text from baby.

Baby: I just dipped a finger in for you, but you're not here to taste. All mine I guess.

Fuck me…

Boy: Get ready to fuck yourself hard tonight. That's the mood I'm in right now.

Baby: Fuck yes, boy.

I drive home maybe faster than what I should, and I know she can't exactly get down and dirty at dinner with her mom, but fuck if Buddy is ready for some pre-fun action. I have a bottle of lotion calling my name. Buddy has never been so silky smooth before.

Dad's car in the garage doesn't fucking bother me. He's been home early recently, something about father and son bonding. Well, he's just going to have to wait five fucking minutes while I jack off because that comes before bonding every single fucking time. But it's the Volvo that really has me set back because really…jacking off and mothers just don't go well together.

She's parked behind Dad's car on the driveway, so I have to park out on the curb and dude if that doesn't make me irrationally angry because what the fuck is she doing here? I'm just a little bit more angry than horny as I make my way to the front door, but seeing them on the couch, his arm around her shoulders, her head on his chest, laughing and whispering in each other's ears. Buddy fucking who?

"What the fuck is going on here?"

Dad glances up and he has the decency to fucking blush but he doesn't even try to move away from the woman who gave birth to me. "Hello, son."

"Hi, Edward."

I don't even look at her. "What are you doing?"

"Edward," Dad says already looking fucking disappointed. Just great. "Your mother said hello to you."

"Hi," I say to her just to hurry up this fucking process. "Now what the fuck are you doing, Dad."


"Just answer the fucking question, Dad!" She cringes and I feel bad because fuck she is my mother, but then I remember what she did and how she broke us.

"You know I've been talking to her lately…"

"So what? You're fucking now?"

"No! We haven't…not since that one day." He glances over at her and the look they share makes my stomach drop. "We're—I guess—dating now."

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Edward—" she tries to say.

"I'm not talking to you!"

"Edward!" Dad yells and then he's standing and fuck if he looks angry, but I'm angry too. "A little respect please."

"I'm so fucking tired of hearing that! Just answer the question, Dad!"

"No, I'm not kidding. You're mother and I are back together, and it's serious."

"Why? Don't you remember? She cheated on you! She fucked another man in your fucking bed and you're taking her back?"

"We both made a lot of mistakes, son."

I snort. "You didn't walk in on her and some random dude. I did! That's the only mistake I saw."

"And I was never home. You never even saw me, Edward. Your mother and I were in a bad spot, and we both contributed to our marriage's downfall, but after so much time apart, we've realized…"

"What? Realized what?"

"That we can't live without each other. We've already wasted so much time."

"She broke us, Dad!" I have this fucking urge to just shake him and keep shaking him until he gets some sense into his head.

"No, son. We broke each other, but that had nothing to do with you."

"Edward." She steps forward, her hand outstretched, and my heart breaks all over again with the tears crawling down her cheeks. "I'm so sorry for what you saw, and I hope one day you'll forgive me. I miss you so much."

I try to ignore her, but her hand, soft and gentle on my shoulder, fucking calls to me. "So what's happening then?"

Dad hesitates and that's when I know he's going to say something big. "You mom got a new job. Across state."

I wasn't expecting that, but it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. "When?"

"We can wait, Edward. Until after you graduate." They're nodding their heads as if they'll do just about anything I'll say. Just about. Because I know they would never be up for a move to Florida. This house. This school. None of it matters. None of it means anything. Not without my baby.

"It doesn't matter." I turn toward my room, heavy and exhausted, and fuck do I just want to call my baby right now.

"Edward?" she calls out. I don't turn around but she comes right up to me anyway, and for the first time in years, I'm in my mother's arms. I don't hug her back, but fuck if I'll ever admit out loud just how good it feels. "I'm so happy we'll be together again."

I wait until she steps back and into Dad's arms. "Whatever." But that whatever means so much more. I know it, and I think they know it too.

To: my baby

From: your boy

Subject: this time next week…

Hey baby,

So many things to tell you. First, I love you and miss you so fucking much and everything we do is never enough. Never enough texts. Never enough Facetime, Never enough emails. I want you all the time. I ache for you all the time. At school. At home. But mostly in my bed. Where I do all kinds of aching for you…if you know what I mean. Who the fuck am I kidding? Of course you do.

Guess who transferred to our school? Your crazy friend. Apparently she was trying another fucked up version of revenge on you and Emmett and started fucking around with Garrett. Well, they're having a kid now. Her mom's moved her closer, but everyone knows its because the old lady wants to be all up their money. She looks all miserable now, carrying around that baby bump. Guess that's what being seriously deluded gets you.

Anyway, we're moving next week across state. Dad and Mom are all happy and shit now…look at that. She's mom again I guess. She's trying all hard, and fuck if being angry all the time is too tiring. You were right. She's growing on me. I even talked to her the other day. It was crazy quick but it was something.

They're all worried about moving me my senior year, but I don't give a fuck. It doesn't matter where I'm at if you aren't here. I guess I'll miss that fucker Emmett, but he's all wrapped up in Rosalie, so I wouldn't be missing much. I'm just counting down the days until I see you again. I guess I don't know the next time I'll see you, so I'm just counting the days.

It doesn't matter when though. Just that it's going to happen. You and me? We're forever, baby. Remember that.