Trompan's wife and daughter's came walking in with their baskets of berries. "Hello, Ladies! Did you have a nice time together?" he asked.

"Yes, quite nice," replied his wife, kissing him.

Trompan's daughters, who were the ages of 17, 14, 10 and 8, each came up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for letting us pick berries, Father," they said, as they kissed him.

Trompan smiled. He watched as the girls had settled in, put all the berries from their baskets to the bowl in the kitchen, and rinsed them.

"Girls?" Trompan said.

"Yes, Father?" they said.

"I have something to show you." Trompan glanced to Cailin, who was still on the counter. "Are you ready to meat them?" he whispered.

Cailin nodded happily. Trompan picked Cailin up into his palms carefully, and walked her over to his daughter's.

"Well, what is it, Father?" the oldest daughter asked.

Trompan held out his hands and Cailin was visible to all the girls. "You see? This is Cailin," he said. "I found her wondering around all alone."

All the girls gasped in awe. "Oh, how cute!" they squealed.

"Oh, my. Isn't she adorable?" the wife said.

"Is it a fairy?!" the littlest asked, pulling onto his hands to get a better look.

"No, Dear," Trompan chuckled, while pulling back his hands. "She is not a fairy. She's a little girl. She actually is not really this small, but she ate a shrinking mushroom, so now she can fit into the palm of my hand."

Instantly, the mob of girls began pulling onto his arms at once. "Can I hold her?! I want a turn! Let me see!" they all said, at the same time.

Cailin started to get scared. She held tightly onto Trompan's thumb for safety.

"Girls, Girls!" he called out, for order. "Be careful! She is not a doll, okay? She is a tiny person."

The girls all stared at their father with a little more discipline now.

"Now," he said. "Let me introduce you all to her." Then Trompan looked to the shaking little girl in his hand. "Cailin," he said. Then he pointed to his oldest daughter. "This is my oldest, Dianna, my second oldest, Pricilla. My third oldest, Isabel and my youngest, Nelly."

All the girls curtsied. "Nice to meat you," they all said, at once.

"It's...nice to meat you too," Cailin said, still a little frightened

"Now, if you girls are careful," Trompan said, with discipline, "and if Cailin wants to, I'll let you play with her," he finished.

All the girls looked eager and ready. They looked to Cailin. Trompan looked at her too. "Would you like to play with my daughters?" he asked gently.

"Well...all right," Cailin said, quietly.

"All right, then." Trompan handed Cailin to the eldest daughter.

Dianna cupped Cailin, looking down with endearment. " cute! So what's it like to be so small?" she asked.

"Sometimes it can be fun, but other times, very tedious," Cailin said, politely.

Just then, Nelly began to pull onto Dianna's arm. "Let me hold her," she said.

"No, Nelly!" Dianna said, pulling her away. "I'm the oldest."

"But I want to put her in my doll house," Nelly wined.

"Well, how do you know she want's to?" Dianna said, with a smart look.

"Well, I'll ask her."

"Fine then, ask her. Don't just decide that you're doing it without her opinion first," Dianna said, in a bossy tone.

Nelly sighed. "Do you want to go into my doll house, Cailin? It's just your size!" Nelly said. with excitement.

"Well...I suppose," Cailin said.

"Oh, good!" Nelly said, clapping her hands. "Let's go then," she said, reaching out for Cailin again, but Dianna pulled her away, once again.

"No, Nelly. You're not responsible enough. Only Pricilla and I can hold her!" Dianna said.

"Why only you two?!" the younger sisters asked.

"Because, we are the older smarter, more careful ones," Dianna said, and she walked up the steps with her nose up.

"Bossy, mean!" Nelly pouted, as she followed her older sister up the steps.

When the girls had entered the bedroom, Nelly pulled her doll house out from the corner. "Here, Cailin!" Nelly said, with excitement. Then she set it into the light, so that Cailin could see.

Then Dianna set Cailin inside the doll house. All the girls squealed with excitement, once they saw Cailin walk up the steps of the doll house.

"Oh, she's the perfect fit!" Isabel said, with clasped hands.

"Go get into the bed, Cailin!" Nelly said.

"No, go into the kitchen!" called Pricilla.

"No, get into the bath tub," Nelly called.

"Here, put on these doll clothes!" Dianna said, holding out the tiny dress. "And I'll get you the shoes too."

Cailin watched all the sisters, nervously. She didn't like this at all. She was being treated with no respect. Then Cailin realized that it was getting later, and she needed to be on her way. "Um...actually. I have to go now," she said.

"Go? But you just got here," Pricilla said.

"I know, but I'm on a journey to get back home, and hopefully find a way to get back to my normal size. I'll be leaving, but thank you for the entertainment. If you could please set me out side, that would be very helpful," Cailin said.

All the sisters exchanged disappointed glances to one another.

"Oh, you shouldn't go out there," Dianna said.

"You'll be all alone. You need to be here where it's safe. Sorry, Cailin. It's just not a good idea. You'll have to live with us," Isabel said, matter of factly.

"But! I can't live here! I have a father that I want to get back too!" Cailin said, with a touch of anger in her voice.

"Cailin, don't worry. We'll take good care of you," Isabel said.

"That's right," Dianna said.

Cailin realized that she wasn't going to go anywhere arguing with these girls. She was going to have to make her escape at night when they were all asleep. So she waited.


Soon, the night fell. All the girls had gotten ready for bed. They were brushing their hair and washing their faces.

Cailin waited patiently, in the doll bed and watched. She watched as each girl had gotten into bed, and the candle was blown out.

Only about 15 minutes later, Cailin could here that all the girls were sound asleep. Now it was time to make her move.

She hopped out of the doll house. Just for safety, she removed her shoes so that her feet would be quiet.

Cailin tiptoed out of the bedroom door, which was left slightly open, in Cailin's luck. Then Cailin ran right over to the steps. She looked down them with disappear. "Oh, my. How am I to do this?" she said.

Then she clung to a step, just dangling from it, and dropped to the next one. "Well, one step down. 13 more to go," she said.

Then she dropped to the next step. "Not, too hard."

Before she knew it, she was half way down the staircase and she hadn't even been hurt yet. "This isn't so bad," she said.

Then she continued on. Now Cailin was at the last step. She clung to it, dangling from it, and dropped. When she dropped, she fell on her knee, and bruised it. "Ow!" she said. "Just when I thought it was perfect!" she said, throwing her skirt with anger. "Hmph!" she said, and walked on.

When Cailin had come to the front door, she realized that she had no way to possibly open it. "Now this will be a tricky one," she said, scratching her head.

Then she noticed an open window in the living room. Her face lit up with hope. Cailin ran over to the living room. The couch was too high for her to climb upon, so she would have to use strategy.

Using her brain, Cailin effortly pushed a large boot over to the couch. She jumped upon the boot and climbed up it's laces. Now she had just enough spring to get her to the seat of the couch.

"Ah," she said, fixing her skirt. "Very well done, Cailin," she said, proudly.

The arm of the Victorian couch was just short enough to climb upon, and with a running start, Cailin made it up the camel back of the couch. She was a little scared, considering the high she stood upon, but without looking down, she hopped nicely onto the windowsill.

"Perfect! Just perfect! Cailin, you are a very smart girl, you know?" she said, with a giggle.

Now, coming up to the open window, Cailin peeked down. It was a very far drop. She sighed. "Just when I think I'm victorious, something comes to stop me," she said, annoyed.

But gazing out the window, Cailin noticed a vine that led all the way, up the wall of the cottage and down. That vine certainly did appeal her. With a smile, Cailin grabbed a tight hold of the vine. Then she made her way down until her feet were safe on the ground.

"Now, Cailin." She said. "You are a smart girl."

She put her shoes back on, and began on her way, with the moonlight guiding her path.