Chapter 3: Introduction of the Demigods


We were all waiting to find out who the Americans, that are apparently stronger than us, were, after breakfast.

"Silence", exclaimed McGonagall. Then she turned to the visitors, who were sitting in our table. "You may introduce yourselves."

Percy, their leader, stood up and went to the front, where Professor McGonagall was standing. He looked around the hall, then whispered something to Professor; she nodded. "Everyone, follow them, to the fields", McGonagall ordered, pointing at the Americans. So, we did.

Once we got there, Percy began in a loud and clear voice. "We, are from Camp Half-Blood."

Oh, they must come from a camp, where only half-blood Wizards went, I thought. But, why did Professor say, that they were more powerful than any of us.

I looked around and lots of people seemed to thinking the same thing as me.

"By the way, it is different half-blood from yours. Professor McGonagall probably told you guys already that we are not Wizards", Percy explained, seeing our confused faces.

This, however, seemed to confuse many people even more.

"What I mean to say is", Percy said, making sure he does not phrase it wrong, "is that we are very different from you. We are Demigod. For those who does not know what a demigod is-"

"They are Half-God, Half-Human", Hermione finished off, surprising herself. We all looked at her because that can't obviously be true. Can it? But that was soon answered.

"Yeah", Percy said smiling. "Exactly what she just said."

"Why should we trust you?" A similar voice, which I guessed was Draco Malfoy's, questioned. I was surprised, however, to see it wasn't him, but another Slytherin acting like Draco used to. As I turned back around I saw Ron's eyes locked on to someone else, and he seemed to be thinking something seriously. I followed his gaze to where he was looking. It was Draco not seeking any attention to himself.

He probably changed since the war, I thought. He will probably make a good friend now.

"You'll see", Percy said, with a grin on his face. Then he turned back to the other so-called demigods, "who wants to go first?"

"I will", a blonde girl said; I think her name was something like 'chaise'.

"Hi, I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategies. I am the Savior of Olympus, Hero of Olympus, Retriever of Master bolt and Golden Fleece, Bearer of the Curse of Atlas, Navigator of Labyrinth. Oh, and defeater of the Giant Enceladus, Bane of Athena," She gave the Draco-like, Slytherin kid an evil grin, took out a Yankees cap, and continued, "A gift from my mother"

Then she disappeared. The next thing I knew was the Slytherin kid was pinned to the ground. She took off her cap, "Most importantly, I am a Greek demigod, not Roman." Saying this she went back to the other demigods.

"That does not prove you are demigods", the kid was muttering.

"I am Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, God of the Skies, and God of the gods. Savior of Olympus, and lieutenant to Artemis, Goddess of Moon and Hunt, Defeater of Porphyrion, Bane of Zeus. Greek demigod and by the way, I am immortal."

There was a loud Gasp from everyone, but Ginny's and Hermione's were probably the loudest.

Then, Thalia took out her spear and lightning struck, a feet away from where the slytherin wizard was standing. "I hope that was enough to prove who we are", she smirked at him. I would have given anything to keep that dude's face how it was.

Next it was Jason.

"Jason Grace, brother to Thalia. I am a Roman Demigod, so my father is Jupiter (Zeus in Roman form). Powers, same as Thalia. Hero of Olympus, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion, Defeater of the Titan Krios, Giant Porphyrion, Bane of Jupiter ", and to prove his powers he flew over our head.

"Reyna. Daughter of Bellona, Goddess of War. Roman Demigod, Savior of Olympus, Peacemaker between Greeks and Romans, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion. I can inspire people into battle." She went to two third years and told them something, and as she stepped backwards, those two started fighting. Then she went back and pulled them apart. "I am a Roman demigod."

Piper, went next.

"Hello. I am Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. I am the Hero of Olympus, counselor of Aphrodite cabin, and a Greek Demigod."

"What is she going to do? Love us?" mocked the Slytherin Wizard, who did not seemed tired of being humiliated.

"Jude, you don't want to get on their bad si-"McGonagall started to say to him.

"Jude, kiss the ground" Piper interrupted, and to our surprise he did and he only seemed to realize what he done after he did. "Sorry I forgot say, I am also a possessor of charm-speak."

Everyone burst out laughing, except obviously, Slytherins. I had to admit, she was pretty good. This also meant, he would not be looking for attention, for a few good months.

"Welcome to team Leo. I am Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, Builder of Argo II, Fire user, Hero of Olympus, Defeater of the Giant Mimas, the dude opposing my dad," after saying this his shirt seemed to have caught fire. Soon his whole body was on fire. Everyone started screaming, but then the fire started to die out. "Yeah, I am on Fire

"The name is Nico DiAngelo. Son of Hades, Greek God of Underworld, the dead, and precious materials. I was born in the 1940's but I am physically only 14 years old. I am a savior of Olympus, and Navigator of the Labyrinth, Defeater of Alcyoneus, Bane of Hades" He said taking out a sword. "My weapon of choice is this sword, made of stygian Iron."

He closed his eyes; he seemed to be concentrating on something.


The ground in front of him split open, four skeletons emerged from it, and bowed to him. He told them something and those four skeletons turned around and stood facing us.

Nico stepped forward. "I believe they are the founders of this school, am I right?" he asked a stunned professor McGonagall, who was standing in awe with her mouth open. "Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin."

Nico told the founders of Hogwarts to return to the underworld, and went back to join the other demigods. As he did so, a girl who looked similar to Nico stepped forward.

"Hi, I am Hazel Levesque. Daughter of Pluto, Roman God of the dead, Underworld, and precious, materials", she started by saying. "Like Nico, I am Physically young but was born in the 1930's. Hero of Olympus, Defeater of Alcyoneus, Bane of Pluto." She then closed her eyes and golden jewelries emerged from the ground.

Wow! She must be affluent, I thought.

"Hello, I am Olivia Bailey. Roman Demigod. Daughter of Neptune, God of the seas. And as for my titles… I don't have any except, I am a slayer of a Minotaur and couple of Hellhounds and Dracaene. My father is also God of Horses, Clean Water, and Earthquakes."

To prove that, she created a minature Earthquake, in which more than half of us dropped to the ground.

Next was Percy.

"My turn." He said stepping forward. "My name is Perseus Jackson, but call me percy ifyou wish to live longer. Half-brother to Olivia, Son of Poseiden, Greek God of Sea, Horses, and whatever she said, blah, blah, blah. I am the Savior of Olympus, Hero of Olympus, Retriever of Master bolt and Golden Fleece, Bearer of the Curse of Atlas, Navigator of Labyrinth, Defeater of the Titans: Hyperion, Kronos, Iap-" whatever he was going to say he stopped; I wonder why. "… and the Giant, Polybotes, Bane of Poseidon

He then closed his eyes, spread his arm out, and slowly lifted them. Whilst he was doing that there were few gasps, and I didn't know why. But it was soon answered; behind him the water rose, from the lake, following his actions, leaving some confused merpeople, and a Giant squid. Then Percy slowly put the water where it belonged.

"I also have healing power," he stated, and then pointing at a second year, whose hand was bleeding very badly from the Earthquake, "you can be my volunteer"

The frightened Wizard stepped forward, very slowly, resulting in some insults. But that only lasted until Percy threw water balls at one of them.

"Show me where you are hurt." The boy did as he was told. Then Percy took about a glass of water, poured it in to his own hands, which hit the Wizards injured spot. When Percy dried the water of the Wizard using his mind, we clearly saw, the spot where it was bleeding, was now clean and did not have a scar.

After their incredible introduction, Professor McGonagall took Percy's place.

"There will be no more lessons today." McGonagall informed, earning some 'yay's. "And Gryffindors, make our guests feel Welcome. You may now retrn to your dormitory.

Gryffindor Common Room, Next morning…


"How come you guys never told us you were demigods?" Ron asked the demigods, who we were about to go to breakfast with. "That's just brilliant."

"Your head teacher forbade us" A blond guy, Jason I think, filled us in.

"What's your first lesson?" Ginny asked Annabeth.

"Divination." It turned out every one of us, including Ginny had the same lesson as the Eighth years had lessons with Seventh years.


I thought Hogwarts was okay. But we never really go to fight any monsters though. Hence why I found it boring. But it was all good because two weeks into the term, in our Care of Magical Creatures lesson, about 25 Hellhounds come from trees attacking us. But we – the ten demigods – killed them all in about thirty seconds. I always wanted to fight more monsters, so Harry gave us an Idea:

"You Guys said you wanted to train somewhere, but you can summon monsters, right?"

"Yeah," some of replied.

"I know the perfect place," he said.

"Where are you talking about?" Ron asked Harry

"The Room of Requirement"

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