Nanaki watched as the energy of the planet flowed around the form of the lost Ancient. It did whatever it was supposed to do and vanished. Then the wonder of wonders occurred. Sweet Aeris gasped and began to breathe. She will waken in a  few hours. Her soul must completely reattach to her flesh before that will happen. Keep her warm and wait patiently. The planet spoke it's will into the pointed ear of Nanaki. He nodded in acceptance and settled down next to the slumbering Ancient, waving his flame tail over her to dry her.

He woke to someone calling his name softly in the darkened cavern. "Aeris?" he asked softly. A positive response and a soft inquiry if he had anything to eat answered his question. "I brought some things with me once I knew where the planet was sending me."

Aeris sighed as she patted her full belly. For some reason Nanaki had insisted that she stuff herself a great deal. Something about her needing her strength for later. She still had not gotten the reason for her resurrection from the planet. It finally refused outright saying, Nanaki knows and for now that is enough. When the time comes he will tell you what I sent him here for. It promised then the planet was silent.

The orbs of light that had once illuminated this chamber were dark. The souls partially tied to them had been released now that the purpose for their imprisonment was ended. The only light came from Nanaki's tail and the brushwood fire he had started with it to cook for her. He had brought tools suited for paws rather then hands so it was up to him to do all the cooking.

Sephiroth woke up on his seventh day in Wutai knowing for certain that the Cetera he had slain with his blade in her people's lost city was once again alive. Vincent stirred and awoke with a whisper of the woman's name on his lips. This further confirmed their suspicions and when Yuffie awoke they informed her of it. Her newly awakened planet sense told her the truth of it as well. "Her destiny has changed from the one Cait told of. She is to be with someone else now." The Shinobi assured them then suggested they all roll over and go back to sleep. "Nothing needs doing yet today and it's a Wutainese holiday so only the turtle will be open. We can leave tomorrow."

By the time they had reached the canyon on Chocobo back Nanaki was indeed back from his little adventure. "WHAT?!?" a familiar sounding voice echoed through the canyon settlement.

Brunhagen was laughing softly when they passed him going toward the sound of their lost friend. "Even the destiny of us all is not carved in stone or written in the stars above. Fate is pliable" He told them. The three nodded and went up the ladder to find out what exactly had changed and whose destiny had been reformed.

"I need time to think Nanaki. Time to think alone. Please excuse me." Aeris said to the seemingly calm beast. Then she spun around and fled towards the ladder. She bumped right into Yuffie and then stepped back startled. "Yuffie... and Vincent and Well, well now. Wheels within wheels it seems." After embracing Yuffie she fled down the ladder. As they watched she ran to the inn to have her time to think alone.

"She seemed upset Red. What gives?" Yuffie seemed concerned more then her tenuous friendship with the ancient would warrant but that did not shock Nanaki to much. The planet spoke to her and to the other two often. That would deepen their bonds with anyone else who heard their world's words as a matter of course.

"She has been reawakened for a purpose that the planet told only to me. It was not time and yet she forced me to tell her anyway. She would not leave well enough alone so now I am forced to court her through this quagmire of confusion and anger at her fate. It is not the way I would have chosen had I been given the option." He explained.

"WHAT?!?" Yuffie screeched at him just as Aeris had done moments before. "The planet wants them to fuck repeatedly and Aeris to have a few furry litters. If you will pardon my crude summation." Sephiroth answered Yuffie's question for him.

"It is just indeed as you have summarized. Hence her upset. It is not considered normal for a two leg to be with a four leg by ether parties. However this is the will of the planet and I am determined to do my best to obey. I will of course accept her refusals at first but I must convince her or otherwise all is lost for both our kinds will be extinct at our deaths." Nanaki was surprised when Yuffie came to him and whispered several critical secrets about her friend into his ear.

"I leave it up to you to decide how to use what I have given you. Good luck. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go offer counsel to a poor lonely gal down at the inn." Yuffie saluted himself and her two paramours before climbing down the ladder. He sniffed again to be sure. They had no taken her yet but she had been tasted. They must be waiting for her chronological maturity. Humans just could not tell the difference. Some were ready at their year and some far before. Yuffie was one ready far before. She had been ripe and fully grown for about a year according to his nose.

"You two are idiots." He yapped as he would at inexperienced pups. "She is grown as it gets. Not to mention ripe and willing! How can humans be so stupid! I tell you to take what she offers and not concern yourself about the year you were going to wait. If you do as I suggest it will not be time you wish you had back again but time you hold dear as sweet memories." Then he turned and walked back into the leader's house. His tail switching in frustration all the while.

Sephiroth looked at Vincent. The former Turk looked stunned at the level of Nanaki's awareness of their personal matters. "He can smell it love. Such is the nature of beasts like him. Don't take his sharp tone to heart though. He is merely upset because the planet waved a chance at happiness at him only to have it torn from him by a hesitant virgin's cold feet. What he doesn't realize and what we both know is by the time Yuffie is done with her the Ancient will  come looking for him." He winked at the gunman who laughed, the stress draining out of him.

All three of them woke screaming in their single king sized bed that night. They had been exhausted from the trip and bedded down early. Their sleep had been troubled though and finally the call of the planet in their ears woke them completely. Hurry dears time is nearly up. I have strengthened the bonds between you as much as I can. Now we can only hope they will hold through this time. I am not the one in danger now, but your entire race and all other things that live on my surface are. An evil that makes JENOVA look mild has arisen from among your kind and seeks to rule by any means necessary. You and your fellow avalanche members as well as the general must defeat him or my surface shall become a barren blasted wasteland.

That terrible prophecy having been spoken the planet led them far down into the caves under Cosmo Canyon. They passed the point where Nanaki's Brave father yet stood entombed in stone. His tears did not trickle anymore. Instead they flowed freely in steady streams from his stone eyes. Past him they went and back into the earth again. Deep deep down until they found themselves in a strange cavern.

It was at that moment that Chaos who had been restless since their arrival awoke fully and did something he ordinarily was loath to do. He forced Vincent to let him out completely. Sephiroth stared as the eyes turned to neon blood with silver pupils shaped like those of a cat in their centers. "I had hoped that this would never be needful. Your kind must be in desperate trouble for this to come to pass." Then he turned his eyes on Yuffie and sighed. "Vincent shall loathe me utterly now for what I must do and what I must ask of you his mate. If I could let him do this I would but he has not the right kind of power. So it must be you and I Yuffie."

Yuffie knew what he meant for she felt the energy of the place with her Shinobi's gifts. "Virgin Sacrifice to awaken a greater beast then even you are Chaos. Stupid idiot that I am I should have asked Sephy to do me earlier then we would have had to find another way. Oh well. No take backs." She stepped forward and all that was left of Vincent's shape melted away to leave a purple demon with ruby eyes and wing membranes behind.

"Brave Lady of Wutai. Today is the day that your blood will free my Lord Diablos. Do you willingly submit the offering?" Chaos asked.

 "I do." Yuffie agreed. She could feel Vincent's soul screaming in outrage and sorrow. She stepped up to the ragged ebony colored glass altar. Inside the cloudy glass she could see bones and a skull and half decayed body parts. The Skull had horns. Lord Diablos was caught between death and life inside the evil glass. "Who..." She asked

"Another time Yuffie. I was very young then and he knows the story far better then I do." Chaos responded then he lifted her up onto the altar. Her clothes were burned from her flesh leaving only her brace and the stocking behind. "I will grant you a gift with my powers in exchange Yuffie. This travesty of a support will no longer be necessary when you and I are done here tonight." Then Chaos waved a taloned hand and the brace and legging both vaporized. Bare once again to the eyes of the beast inside her love the ex-Turk, Yuffie's eyes teared up for a moment then turned from their cerulean sky to a color closer to steel.

"I remember the moment of my birth. I remember all the years before my birth. I am Shinobi and all Shinobi are as one. Together we are able to surpass all that we need to overcome. Together we are greater then the sum of our parts. Come Childe of the Nether Dark and claim a Shinobi if you dare!" Power welled up in the slender woman and awed the one who was to take her. Hers was the power that could free his Lord. Only her power could accomplish it and the planet that he served even above his Lord knew it. That was why. Why she whom gave life to all had sealed him away in essence form and seen to his giving to the gunman.

Soon Childe of the Nether Dark. Soon you will be as you were meant to be. Though seemingly long, this has only been a brief span of time in the amount given for your glory to shine. Now these others shall shine beside you. Guard them well and love them if you can. The voice of the planet whispered in his ear then she was gone.

He held himself poised over the slender young woman. "I can not pleasure you as I would like for there must be both great pain and much blood to free my Lord from this containment the Wizard forged long ago. Someday... Someday forgive me Yuffie." He asked his eyes full of equal parts passion and sorrow.

He thrust himself into her up to the base of his demonically huge organ. Her scream would haunt him and the one whose flesh he had transformed into his own forever. He continued thrusting and bringing blood over the altar which began to crack and glow with reddish light as his Lord awakened and his flesh reformed. As he rammed into her torn and ravaged flesh Chaos also forced into her all the power he possessed. Though this wound he could not heal just yet he healed the other and reformed her flesh just as he would with Vincent's during the transformation. Her leg from hip to ankle reshaped itself painful as was a forced transformation, making her scream all the louder. At last it was done and the power was enough.

He pulled Yuffie to himself and lept off the altar. It blasted part like so much heated glass. He shielded in front of the silver mane and kept Yuffie close inside of the shield. The shrapnel of dark blood covered glass bounced of and imbedded itself into the wall. Had he not cared at all both would be dead. His host had taken characteristics of Chaos and made them a part of himself. This he had known. Now it became real and true to him that he had done the same with the care he held for the tender Shinobi and lethal former SOLDIER.

Yuffie came around. Finding herself being cured was something she was used to after all this time. After all she was one of the three weakest members of the team. Every time they came across something deadly and terrible she always ended up on the worst end of things. The strange numbness that followed after the curing energy seemed off somehow though. That and the glow around her was not gold, blue or ordinary cure green. It was purple instead. Who did she know that had purple power? She tried to think and then the reason for her needing the cure came to her along with the rest of the memory of recent events. It came to her carried on a wave of intense pain.

"Was all that really necessary?" She asked hoarsely as the demon tried his best to restore her torn flesh.

"Yes. I stopped as soon as the magic broke. It was all necessary. I am sorry Yuffie." The demon apologized. He helped her to her feet and she found herself surrounded in the armor and trench coat of a battle ready Sephiroth. He had taken to arming himself as of old lately and had held massamune in his hands naked and ready since they entered the cavern. Bare chested save for his sword scabbard and gun holster straps crossing his chest he looked quite a sight. What he was defending against uncoiled it's massive bat like wings and stretched with obvious satisfaction.

"My youngest son. I should have known it would be you. She whom we serve does have the oddest sense of humor." The beast addressed Chaos.

"Yes Lord She does. Though I do not think that I like this latest set of jokes of hers." He was still holding the healing Yuffie. Traces of her blood covered both their thighs and had even spattered by force of repeated impact over their stomachs.

"You care for this one and yet are forced to do this thing anyway. I am sorry my dear son. To your host whom loves her and this one also I offer my sorrows." He gestured to Sephiroth and then he came over passing the sword wielding SOLDIER to kneel at Yuffie's side.

 "Be healed in totality Childe of the Upper Reaches." He ordered. Yuffie's wounds closed and her pains faded instantly. Such was the power of the Sixth Demon King called Diablos.

Yuffie had spoken only what she knew to be the truth when she offered the ritual words to Chaos. She rose up buttoned the buttons of Sephiroth's coat and sighed. "Welcome great king. We have great need of your aid by the planet's own admission. The dead have been resurrected and unions most unusual formed that we might come to this day and reach beyond it for victory. Will you aid us?"

"Always directly to the point is our Yuffie. However she has raised the critical question. If her blood was spilled to free you only to lose another threat on the planet I will not hesitate to spill other blood besides. You hurt the ones I love both physically as well as spiritually. So tell me was there a point or shall you feel mine?" Sephiroth's eyes were glowing green with mako energy and his crystal was shining also with power granted by the planet.

Yuffie's crystal began to glow as did Vincent's. then a fourth shining orb of green light manifested. Hovering over Chaos's head was a crystal. This was the first time Yuffie's eyes had focused enough to allow her to see Vinnie and Chaos separated. A chain formed and then it slid around Chaos's neck.

"Separated yet still tied to one another. Now I understand why others find the planet's will sometimes onerous." It was Vinnie he came beside her and looked down into her eyes. "Can you hold it together Yuffie Puff?" he teased though his voice held a burden of deep sorrow. Yuffie puff had become his private nickname for her during her airsick episodes so long ago on the highwind. She had eventually overcome it but whenever he thought she needed encouragement he would ask her if she would be able to hold it together using that silly nickname.

"Garun-damn-tied Vinnie Baby. After all who is the Shinobi here?" She teased back. He smiled a wraith like smile that only held vestiges of the Vinnie they had been restoring to full mental health before. "That's right I am Shinobi and no one conquers the Shinobi completely ever!" For some reason this made their newest ally laugh aloud, as if it brought back memories of more pleasant times with friends he had long ago lost.

Flames threw shadows over their faces and dancing bits of orange and golden light. Diablos looked strange in the light but she was used to it. She had become accustomed to the oddity of her many friends and allies since joining AVALANCHE. Yuffie sighed and leaned up against Chaos. Vinnie had disappeared into the desert around Cosmo Canyon to find a legendary weapon rumored to be even more powerful then his death penalty. That had made her sad because she did not want to be separated from anyone who had a planet gem for more then a minute.

The sadness was dampened however by the continued courting efforts of Nanaki towards Aeris. The red headed ancient seemed to be continually surprised by the many offerings brought to her by the beast. Materia, some so very powerful they made Yuffie envious, foods both exotic and plain, gorgeous clothing of every shade and hue some of silks and others of velvets. Flowers and candied treats and finally jewel craft of the most stunning beauty. Yuffie had a feeling that had been what the ancient had been holding out for. Jewelry, a ring usually, was what a love gave when he sought the rights of marriage to a lady in cetera culture just as it was in the human culture that descended from them.

Yuffie's first genuine smile since before the planet led hunt for Diablos stretched across her face when she heard the sound. It was Nanaki howling in triumph. Aeris had accepted his suit. Life was progressing along the lines set out for it by the planet with very few monkey wrenches.

She dragged Chaos's head down to her so that his ear was level with her lips. "I forgive you, but on one condition. This time let's do things right okay?" Chaos was shocked at first, his jaw dropped open wide enough that she could probably stick both her fists in it.

Yuffie laughed at his expression. It was a beautiful sound. Even before his former host had noticed and returned the young woman's affections he had adored that sound. It uplifted the emotions of everyone around her like they were flying above the clouds.

"This time things shall be done right. I swear to you. Wish you any others to participate? The Silver mane perhaps? Or do we wait for the return of my former host?" Yuffie shook her head. Her chocolate colored hair seemed to shimmer as it moved in the firelight.

"Nah Chaos. This one's between you and me. Someday soon when Vinnie gets back, he Sephy and I will have our go but we need to mend what lies between us first." Her words touched him deeply. All he could do was nod and acquiesce to her wishes. So very young and yet so very wise.

He lifted her into his arms and launched himself into the midnight sky. They landed on a nearby cliff just out of range of sight of anyone, even the beastly leader of Cosmo Canyon. He helped her out of her garments, and smiled when he saw the scar free limb and it's perfectly working joint. What damage his power had wrought  it had restored also. That was the way things should be. He adored the rest of her soft flesh with his sight, but she seemed to be focusing intently on something. Apologizing to Vinnie. His connection to both of us is too deep not to know what is going on. This was the first time he had heard the voice of the young Shinobi, and her speech in his mind had shocked her as well. An after effect of my powers filling you so completely I would guess. After all I did gain JENOVA cells from my time with 'Vinnie' and now you have them too. Along with the forceful power that flows in my demonic blood. He informed her.

"Will it make me as strong and...lasting as those two? I don't feel any taint of Mako in me despite the changes you speak of." She remarked. He chuckled. She was speaking of the extensive sexual stamina possessed by the two warriors, who had been known to carry on all through the night and into the earliest parts of morning.

"We shall merely have to test you and see!" He murmured teasingly and then drew her to his own naked flesh. Carnal knowledge between someone so very large as he was and someone so sylph slender and small as she was required a lot of work before the actual taking could begin without her suffering as she had to free his lord. He ran his tongue over her soft flesh until she writhed in his embrace, trying to escape the pleasure she was feeling and get closer to it all at once.

Then he used his taloned hands with great care to stretch her sleek moist cavern and make her even more ready for him. His thumb flicked back and forth over her nub, bringing forth moans of pleasure and cries of happiness. At last, when her arousal fluids were gushing over his talons enough to wet his arm past the wrist he anointed himself with them before positioning himself at the opening to her sex. Sliding himself in slowly until he was seated to the hilt within her tight flesh.

He controlled himself absolutely but it was difficult. The hot tight heat was amazing. He moved slowly and was rewarded by her soft sounds of pleasure. The songs of dawn greeting by the local wildlife sounded an ending to their first tryst as true lovers.

With his fiery climax came power, flowing in a rush it consumed them both and hid them from the sight of the creatures round about. When it receded Yuffie was as before, glistening with sweat and other fluids she looked tired but complete after the multiple orgasms given her by the demon.

Chaos however had changed. His skin was still the purple they had come to know him by and his eyes show ruby and alien in his face. However it had changed. He looked like a ruby haired version of Vincent  with his thick wings folded behind his back.

"I am reborn. Finally after many millennia I am what I was meant to be. Thank you Yuffie for this and for the wonder of your beautiful flesh." He whispered.

Yuffie opened her eyes then and saw her transformed lover hovering above her. He was holding himself aloft with the strength in his arms. She found him beautiful. It was partly that he so resembled the man who had sometimes worn his shape. However Yuffie found a love in her heart for him that even the planet crystals had not brought about and it was not because he was some parody of a Vincent clone. No she loved him because he was himself.

Aeris heard the song of power. She had been lying languidly in a nest of cushions that served as her own dear lover's bed. Now she arose and left his sleeping form behind long enough to fetch a glass of water.

Yuffie would be much happier now that the planet bonds were all married one to another through her flesh. The bonds would sing even tighter around the four when the other two claimed her now well tutored body. Aeris smiled and settled back Down by Nanaki in their nuptial bed. It was going to be a long adventure and she felt that she would need her rest before it began.