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Chapter 1

A soft thud echoed throughout the subway station. A hard guitar case was set down gently on the ground, and the shackles were quickly removed. A microphone on a stand was set up brusquely, and the owner tapped the condenser, once, twice, for a quick sound check. Satisfied with her results, the young woman smiled and lifted up her guitar. She opened her mouth, and the rehearsed words began to fly out in sync with the instrumental chords.

"Please stand away from the platform edge, especially when trains are entering and leaving the station."

The booming voice of the subway announcer jolted Anna awake, and she muttered a curse, looking around. Lexington Avenue – she had arrived at her destination. Jumping up, she exited the subway car and began to stride over to the escalator, sleep still riddling her mind. H&M, the redhead thought to herself, albeit a little drowsily. I need to go to H&M to find clothes for Punzie's birthday present.

Anna, like many other people, moved to New York after completing college. She had fallen in love immediately after a family trip many years ago, and when some college friends of hers had offered to all room together, she had taken up the deal like it was a million dollars. The rent was a little bit on the higher side, but with all of their expenses split up equally, she knew it could work.

Their personalities meshed – for the most part. Sometimes, they would bicker or argue, just like two had done forty minutes prior:

Flynn exhaled dramatically. "Look, you know more about women's clothing than I do – can't you just buy that shit for me? I'll even give you money."

The redhead rolled her eyes. "But Flynn, it'll be special if it's something that was personally picked out by you – "

"Don't give me that bullshit," he said with a laugh. "I already have part of my gift all wrapped up, but it wasn't enough…and besides, I'm sure no one will want to see me come tomorrow, purple scarf in one hand and orange dress in the other."

Anna huffed indignantly. "Fine," she said, crossing her arms, and Flynn's trademark smirk appeared immediately. "Great! Here's some money, there's a pat on the back, now off you go!"

So, here she was.
Although Anna was feeling particularly lazy today, she always liked heading out into the city, willing to admit it or not. There was always something out there that caught her attention.

And today, it was a little different.

As Anna neared the exit, she could hear the sound of a woman's voice, singing the words to one of her favorite songs.

White lips, pale face,

Breathing in the snowflakes,

Burnt lungs, sour taste…

The redhead smiled at the music. Might as well give her a bit of pocket change for her troubles.

As she got a closer look, Anna gasped suddenly, dropping the dollar bill she was going to place in the performer's case.

There, strumming the guitar, stood the most stunning woman Anna had ever seen. Accompanied by a long braid of platinum blonde hair, the guitarist sported pale skin and blue eyes, just like Anna's. The woman was very slender, and her cheeks were tinted with a rosy hue.

Oh, and she was also gorgeous.

A very dumbfounded Anna found herself staring for a good twenty seconds, drool threatening to slip out of her mouth.

And they say, she's in the Class A Team,

Stuck in her daydream,

Been this way since eighteen, but lately…

The power to serenade someone with such an amazing voice while looking so beautiful should be illegal, Anna decided. She continued to watch the blonde woman and noticed all the sweet smiles she gave her contributors as they passed her a dollar or two.

She could be directing that smile towards you, dumbass…just move forward!

In her awe, Anna hadn't noticed her dropped dollar bill go completely missing. Swearing silently, she reached into her purse and snatched her wallet. Pulling out the first dollar bill she could get ahold of (it was a ten), she rigidly began to make her way towards the stunning vocalist, while inaudibly cursing her vulnerability around attractive women.

Ripped gloves, raincoat,

Tried to swim, to stay afloat,

Dry house, wet clothes…

Was Anna seriously sweating?

C'mon, girl, you've done this plenty of times before! How is this any different?

Loose change, bank notes,

Weary-eyed, dry throat

Call girl, no phone…

Anna very nervously bent down and (why the hell was she shaking?) very timidly flicked the ten-dollar bill into the guitar case.

Shaking, she glanced up to catch the blonde's gaze – she flashed the redhead a brief smile in between words, and…was that a wink?

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD she just winked at you –

Anna was certain her legs turned to jelly, for she couldn't move. Offering the best non-awkward smile (which felt stiff and fake) in return, she controlled her damned legs long enough to run past the performer. Breathing a sigh of relief, Anna shook herself out of it.

But she couldn't move forward – she just couldn't.

Was it the effect that the blonde woman had on her? Why did she feel like…she wanted to go back?

Truth be told, Anna did want to go back, but she was always known for freaking out in front of attractive women.

…As if this weren't obvious enough.

J-just, just…I don't know, give her something else! Move, Anna, move!

The redhead found herself walking rearward, letting the sound of music guide her back (while barely crashing into the oncoming traffic).

For angels to fly, to fly, to fly.

For angels to die

A polite applause sounded once the blonde had finished the song, and Anna almost felt enraged. She deserves so much more than that, you goddamn idiots –

She halted, for she was standing right in front of the striking musician. It was moments like these were Anna constantly wished words were on her side.

They never were.

The woman was turned around, taking a swig of her water. And yet Anna said nothing – she only continued to watch her as she wiped a bead of sweat from the bridge of her nose, and –

Oh my god, are those…freckles?

Anna squeaked awkwardly.

Having heard the irregular noise, the woman froze. Turning slowly, she noticed a bewildered redhead staring back at her. Smiling, she tilted her head slightly. "Can I help you?"

Anna shuddered, and the woman noticed. Aw, she's nervous, she cooed inwardly.

"I, uh…" The redhead stuck out her arm stiffly, a handful of bills collected in her grasp. "You're…y-you're amazing."

A light blush touched the musician's cheeks, and she smiled. "Why, thank you! You're sweet, you really are." Noticing the bills still clutched tightly in the younger girl's hand, she pointed at it slowly. "Is that…for me?"

"I…o-oh, yes! Ah, y-yeah, it's for you…"

Anna was positively sure she was drenched in sweat. Wanting to end her misery, she pushed it into the woman's hand. "U-uh, yeah! J-just, take…um…t-thank you?"

Too embarrassed to wait for any sort of response, Anna quickly sprinted past the subway performer and out into the street.

She always got jumpy around attractive females, but it was never this bad.

Back in the station, the woman laughed nervously, eyeing the cash. "Fifty," she breathed. "And just from that one girl…wow."

Fifty dollars, all from the frantic redhead…

I have to admit, she was cute. All flustered and whatnot…

Elsa giggled. I hope I'll see her again sometime soon.

Outside, Anna realized something. She dug into her purse and opened her wallet, only to find out that Flynn's money was gone – all spent on the girl in the subway.

"Oh…shoot," she muttered. "Flynn is going to kill me."

Somehow, Anna still knew it was worth it.

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