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"Anna, I think you need help."

The redhead looked down, embarrassed. "I just…I just wanted to see her again, okay? It's not like I count on her existence to live…"

Anna knew she was lying, because she kind of did.

"Honestly, Punzie – I just wish that I weren't as shaky or awkward when I talk to her."

Rapunzel's face grew a little more serious, but a playful grin resided.

"All kidding aside, Anna…don't worry too much about it. If I can recall correctly, you were just as shaky when you met me."

"I-I was?" She pondered it for a moment. "I can hardly believe that. Look how comfortable I am speaking to you – "

"My point exactly." Rapunzel's smile widened. "I predict that in no time at all, you and Elsa will be able to speak to each other like you've known each other your whole lives."

Anna beamed. "Thank you – I hope you're right."

"Oh, please, girl – I know for a fact that I'm right." The blonde's eyes took on a mischievous glint. "I was right about you being shaky, for sure…"

Rapunzel hummed a tune playing on her iPhone absentmindedly as she jammed her textbooks into her locker. 'Another day closer to when I get the fuck out of the hellhole,' she thought. She was a senior at Weselton High, and she was literally praying on her knees for it to end.

She shot a grin at the oncoming boy. "How was your math test?" She asked the boy as he swept down to kiss her. "I'm pretty sure I aced it," he replied, smirking, and Rapunzel rolled her eyes. Flynn's definition of an "ace" was at least an 85% or higher – while known for his good looks and charming personality, Rapunzel's boyfriend was not at all famous for any kind of grades.

Still, she was proud of him. She clapped her hands and leaned up to kiss his cheek. "Good job! I'm glad the study session we had proved useful."

"Yeah…it certainly was – " he made a crude back and forth motion with his fingers – "if you know what I mean."

Rapunzel stuck her tongue out at him. "Fuck off," she deadpanned, and he chuckled. "I've got to run, but I'll see you at lunch?"

She gave him a thumbs up sign, and Flynn kissed her (again) before heading off to his next class.

The blonde shook her head. 'Sometimes I wonder why I date that doofus.'

Slamming her locker shut, Rapunzel slung her bag around her shoulder and headed to her next class.

Just as she rounded the corner, a fast-moving blur of red crashed directly into her, sending books from both ends flying.

"Gah!" A big textbook went soaring into the air, and as gravity pulled it back down, it was headed straight for the groaning redhead's face.

"Hey, watch out!"

Rapunzel was up and about in a second, and she grabbed the book midair as it barely brushed against the other girl's big-framed glasses.

Not sparing any time to be angry at the sudden collision, the blonde offered a hand. "You okay?" She asked.

The girl looked up quickly, and a rosy blush spread over her cheeks in an instant. Biting her lip, she stumbled backward. "I-I'm so s-sorry…" She glanced around and saw the strewn books, some Rapunzel's and some her own.

"I-I'll get that at once – "

She was on her hands and knees in a second, frantically breathing quickly as she began to gather the fallen belongings. A hand on her shoulder, however, stopped her.

"Hey, hey! It's alright – and I can help." Rapunzel offered a friendly smile, to which the redhead nervously attempted to give it back. The blonde then spotted braces, red on the top and green on the bottom. 'Looks like a nerd,' she thought, though not unkindly.

The two girls collected the books together, and Rapunzel noticed that the girl kept shooting her quick looks, face flushing redder every time. 'And she's got a bad case of blushing every two seconds.' She chuckled silently. "So, I'm Rapunzel – what's your name? I think I've seen you around before…sophomore, yeah?"

The other girl bobbed her head up and down, still nervously glancing here and there. "Y-yeah, that's right…my n-name's Anna, by the way. Anna Alstad."

She shot out her hand quickly, and Rapunzel took it, laughing a little bit at the girl's behavior. "I'm Rapunzel Corona," she replied, and Anna's face brightened a little bit – as if it weren't bright enough with all of that red already.

"O-oh! That's a cool name, i-it really is! Kind of…kind of like the Sun's corona, y-you know? Like the aura that surrounds our big star, o-or like the Latin word f-for 'crown'? Y-yeah, t-that's really neat…"

Rapunzel's smile widened throughout Anna's rambling.

'She's definitely a nerd. I'm now positive that those glasses, big as they are, are fully equipped with a prescription.

"You know," Rapunzel commented with a chuckle, "most people think of the beer first when they hear my surname. But hey, what you said works too!"

Anna gave her another nervous smile and laughed for the first time, albeit a little awkwardly.

"So, uh…why were you in such a hurry?"

Anna bit her lip. "I, uh…I was late for m-my class. I'm never l-late for a class, and –" Her eyes widened. "O-oh, shoot! I have to r-run, like, now…"

Rapunzel smiled. "I'll see you around then…cutie?"

Anna's face blushed once again, and she stuttered. Rapunzel smirked silently to herself. 'Knew it.'

"U-uh, y-yeah, okay! Um…b-bye!"

The blonde gave Anna a short wave, but the flustered girl was already running off to her late class.

Rapunzel was grinning from ear to ear. 'What a cute girl…' Her smile faltered as she noticed some unfamiliar books, still in her hands.

"Oh, shit…she's going to need these."

"Oh, come on, I wasn't that bad, was I?"

Rapunzel smirked. "Yes, Anna-banana, you were that bad." The redhead groaned, and Rapunzel laughed. "Aw, don't worry about it, Anna. Now, why don't you go and talk to your street performer again – if you need me, I'll be here, Googling Elsa Arendelle and her sexuality – "

"Shut up!" Anna huffed, grabbing her purse on the way out. "She's not my street performer, and no one said I was going to see her today!"

Rapunzel smirked again. "Twenty bucks you're headed to that same station right now," she retorted as the door slammed.

The blonde chuckled to herself before opening up a web page. "Alright, let's see here." Her hands danced on the keys as she vocalized her search desires. "Elsa Arendelle, gay…ooh, is that what I think it is?"

Outside the door, Anna sighed to herself as she made her way down the steps. "Good thing I didn't agree to anything...I'd be owing someone twenty dollars."

She shuddered. "I have a problem."

Anna decided to blame the beautiful guitarist. It was only fair that way.