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Emusa could remember when she first met Knock Out. They were so young then, just entered in the Academy. She ran with what others would call "the popular crowd" while Knock Out hardly socialized with anyone, instead spending time studying for various medical exams. She knew he had aspirations to become a medic one day and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals.

She thought him to be a bit odd at first but later become curious and, truth be told, a little infatuated. Even back then he took great pride in his appearance and whenever his baritone voice could be heard in the classroom, it never ceased to make her spark palpitate.

But, she never quite had the time to talk to her what with her sire, her so-called friends, and school work to deal with.

Until one cycle when they bumped into each other by chance. Her friends had already retired for the night in their own quarters and she was making her way back to hers. Her optics were trained on the floor as she was what some would call brooding and so she didn't notice when she bumped into the mech, carrying several medical datapads in one arm.

Her cooling fans activated. "Aw, mech. I'm so sorry. Usually I'm a lot more graceful than this, believe me. Are you alright, Knock Out?"

He glanced at where she'd made contact, lightly brushing the area off more out of habit than to be rude. He then turned his attention to the femme. "No harm done. You're . . . Emura, yes?"

Emusa's placed a servo on her hip and smiled slightly. "Emusa." ….

Emusa placed a servo over her racing spark. Her sire had controlled her life since the moment she was born. She'd learned to put on a facade that could easily fool anyone as she tried to cope with playing her father's game… But then… Knock Out. He wasn't a mindless rich mech who followed her around just for a chance to get lucky or for currency. He cared about her for her.

And she couldn't help but feel that she cared about him, too. First, it was only because he was so handsome but now…

She felt she had found the one. And she didn't care what her sire said. She'd give up everything to be with him.

Everything seemed perfect… Until the war came.

At first, Emusa and Knock Out pledged to remain neutral. But that was until Megatronus himself offered Knock Out a position as the Decepticons' chief medical officer, promising him that those who offlined his sire would pay. Never again would justice be denied to those who truly needed it. Knock Out found it hard to refuse.

To say Emusa was angry was an understatement. She was livid. "Knock Out, how could you even think about joining in this pit-spawned war? You promised me… You promised me that we would stay neutral."

"Maybe it wouldn't to a spoiled femme from the same city as the leader of the Autobots. I guess can't expect you to understand the struggles of us Kaon 'lowlifes' but I know it doesn't feel right to sit back and allow the injustice to continue."

Two more streams of coolant poured down her facial plating before she threw her servos up in the air. "Fine. But you'll see one cycle that I'm right… And you'll regret this." She bit her bottom lip component to prevent it from trembling further before exiting the room.

The femme's alluring azure optics shot open as she emerged from stasis, chassis heaving as the memories faded into the foreground. She offlined her optics and breathed deeply, hoping to calm herself down.

Slaggit, she inwardly cursed herself. I need to forget about him… I need to.

She vented as the computer inside her stasis pod alerted her that she had arrived at her destination. She raised an optic ridge as she saw another stasis pod enter Cybertron's atmosphere beside her. Despite herself, her spark silently hoped that maybe… just maybe-

No! She scolded. Stop fragging thinking about it, Emusa. He made it clear what his feelings were when I left. I need to move on.

With these turbulent thoughts, she exited the stasis pod and observed that another femme followed suit.

She had a fairly fancy frame, the doors hanging from her hips and smooth shape marking her place of birth as Iacon. Her soft green coloring was accented by lilac pinstripe, but even the noble frame couldn't offset the plain expression that seemed welded to her facial plating. While she seemed friendly enough if not provoked, it didn't look like it would take much to do so.

Well, slag, Emusa thought. She looks just as dull as those Neutral femmes I left behind.

She turned before placing both servos on her hips as she surveyed Cybertron. Iacon was in shambles but from what she'd heard about the war, it was to be expected. She vented.

At least there'd be no more reminders of bad memories, but… If only her beloved doctor had followed her to the stars… Now… She feared she'd never be able to see him again. And, since they never bonded, the pain over not knowing whether he was alive or dead nearly killed her more than that of a broken bond.

She vented once more. Slag, I feel needy, still loving him after all this time even though he hurt me. What kind of masochist am I turning into?

But, the part of her that still held hope countered, he was the one that stole her spark. Surely, he felt bad about what happened… Maybe there was still a chance.

She tried to push those thoughts aside as she turned to the other femme with a smirk and a slight wave. "Hiya."

The femme nodded her head slightly. "Greetings."

Emusa raised an optic ridge. Primus, she hoped not everyone that survived was like this. Where's the fun in that? Her gaze was diverted however as she saw a massive drove of Autobots in the distance. "Care to join me in meeting the cavalry?"

The other followed her optics and vented slightly. "May as well get it over with."

Slag. This reemerging into society's gonna be harder than she thought. She moved towards the others, smiling slightly at all the friendly faces until…

No. No, it couldn't be.

Aloof from the group stood Knock Out, servos crossed over his chassis. His irises were red now but… Emusa could have sworn it was him.

Knock Out too seemed to study her, disbelief slowly clouding his optics.

Her brow furrowed slightly as she made her way through the crowd, all cynical and dark thoughts immediately evaporating. Could it be-? "Knock Out? Is that really you?"

He took a step forward as he coughed back the intense emotions rushing at him. "Em-Emusa?"

Emusa smiled, coolant threatening to spill from her optics. "I-It's really you… You survived."

"Mostly." His servo clenched over his spark. "There's a part that didn't even survive to step one pedde on the Decepticons' side." He quickly closed the remaining distance and wrapped her in the most spark-felt embrace he could muster. "I don't know what in the pits I was thinking the cycle I threw you out of my life."

Darkstorm's optics widened subtly as she watched the exchange. So this was the femme… She smiled. Praise God.

At this point, Emusa could barely stop the streams of coolant from streaming down her facial plating. "You jerk," she muttered, clinging to him as if to a lifeline. He was back and he was sorry. A part of her still thought it to be a dream but oh, she had him back. What did it matter? "Do you know how much I missed you? Despite everything… I just couldn't get my spark back from you."

"I know. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I don't know . . . I just, I don't know." He couldn't even think straight to apologize properly. Slag, he couldn't even apologize improperly. "I don't know what got into me. Before I even knew what was going on you were gone. And I've had to live with the pain and guilt every cycle since."

"I'm sorry, too… Maybe… Maybe I should have gone with you. I wasn't exactly supporting," Emusa chuckled slightly.

Knock Out somehow gripped her tighter and shook his helm. "No no, you were right. I made a promise to you then I broke it. And I completely turned against you just to further my career without even considering what you wanted. There's nothing I can do to make up for what I did."

Emusa's spark ached as she heard the guilt in his voice. Why had she left? Over a mere argument at that? "It's in the past, slick. You and I both know we can't go back and change anything. Just, promise me something more?"


"Never let me go again. I can't tell you how boring my company's been lately."

Despite himself, despite the pain and every lowly emotion and thought in his processor, he managed a short burst of a laugh. "Never again. Rip me limb from precious limb and destroy my finish, I will follow you across the stars and back before I ever leave your side." He took a shaky breath before venting. "Primus, I missed you."

Emusa's shoulder plating shook slightly from her increased tears. Oh, thank whatever being was listening. "I've missed you too, babe. And you'd better get used to a rich Iacon femme attached to your hip, because I'm never letting you out of my sight again." She leaned her helm upwards, her lip components meeting his.

He held onto her as though he'd lose her if his grip went slack in the slightest, coolant welling in his own optics. Oh, how he'd missed her… Surely this was this "God's" work. He had thought he'd never see her again… and yet, here she was. And he was just happy to feel her embrace again.

Emusa pulled away, her spark soaring. Knock Out never did cease to make her feel like she had just drank dozens of cubes of high-grade. "There's no way you can still kiss that well after all these voors of me being gone," she murmured mischievously, a servo tracing Knock Out's facial plating as if he might disappear at any moment.

He gripped her servo with his own while still holding her against him. "I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't done it in ages. You were always the only one for me."

"Eh, I may have left behind a trail of broken sparks… but, I could never bear the thought of being with another mech. I'm afraid I've become rather anti-social lately," Emusa vented softly before smirking. "Well, I have the rest of my life cycle to reacquaint you with it." She kissed him once more. "Like I said before, I'm never leaving your side again."

"Nor do I want you anywhere else." He vented. "Now, if you will accompany me, I have a sparkling to rush home to."

Emusa swiftly pulled away from him, raising an optic ridge with her arms crossed over her chassis. "A sparkling, huh?"

His optics widened and he put his servos out in front of him, shaking them slightly in a manner referred to as "jazz hands" on Earth. "No, no no, not like that! I run the clinic here." Several seconds passed and her expression didn't change. "It-it's not mine! It's Elita's!" Another awkward pause. "Err-Elita One and Optimus Primes'."

"This true?" she turned to the group.

"It's true," Darkstorm chuckled before smiling. "My name is Darkstorm, by the way. And a pleasure, I must say, to finally meet you now that your lips are free."

Emusa looked taken aback before smirking widely. "I like her," she remarked to Knock Out before turning back to Darkstorm. "Nice to meet you too, girlie." She turned to the group. "And I, of course, extend the same to all of you." She clutched Knock Out's servo. "But, if you'll excuse us, we have a sparkling to rush home to."

The mad doctor's cooling fans activated, a rare thing for the others to witness. "Maybe someday one of our own," he said, though it was said more under his breath than as a directed statement.

Emusa grinned a tad bit evilly, having heard said statement, before waving goodbye to the others with two digits. She waited until they were out of hearing range before turning to her dear doctor. "Are you proposing to me, Knock Out?"

He smiled at her as he wrapped an arm around her waist. "Only if you'll have me."

"Pfft, get over yourself. You know the answer's yes," she leaned into him. "Took you long enough."

"On the contrary, love. It took me far too long."

"Can't say I disagree," Emusa chuckled before venting. "So, tell me. What's been happening in your seemingly exciting life while I was away?"

"Nothing that compares to the excitement there would've been had I not let you go." He brought a digit to his chin. "Let's see, there was an entire war spent on the Nemesis, helping end said war, revitalizing Cybertron . . . those are the highlights. Then of course there's Elita and Prime's new family, Darkstorm and Bumblebee getting hitched . . ." He tapped his chin. "I think those are the major positives. Of course, it hasn't been all sunshine and lugnuts. Breakdown didn't make it to the end of the war." His helm and voice dropped with the last note.

"I'm sorry, slick," Emusa frowned, leaning over to kiss his buccal plating. "I know you two were close and, quite frankly, I'll miss having the big guy around, too."

Knock Out offered the slightest of smiles. "Things certainly haven't been the same ever since." He looked again at Emusa. "But at least there's something special back in my life."

"Now you're just flattering me," Emusa remarked with a slight grin. "But, you always were the charmer."

"I wouldn't dream of empty flattery. You'd just rip my doors off when you found out how transparent such remarks are. If I keep it genuine, I might just live to see the cycle I rust."

Emusa smiled wildly. Oh, how she'd missed him. Real. Genuine. Handsome. And an excellent master in verbal jousting. "There you go again, assuming I'd harm you. Rather suffer through cosmetic damage, truthfully." She bumped him playfully. "But, you're wise to watch your step."

"It's not assuming as much as my spark begging you to do it after what I put you through."

Emusa vented. "I was so angry at you at first… so much so I thought I'd terminate you the next time we meet but… after everything, I still couldn't help but love you. I wanted to go back, to apologize, but I had already heard that Cybertron was abandoned… So, I waited, praying that… that that handsome, aloof doctor I once knew was still online." She gazed into his optics. "But there's no need for that. It'll only hurt worse if you keep stewing on it. We're together, online, and we both still look fantastic. Isn't that what matters?"

He gently traced the side of her face with the backs of his digits, a seemingly reluctant smile pulling at his lip components. "I suppose it is. Though I've been 'stewing on it' for many-a voor now, I fear it'll take more than one cycle to yank this stubborn, dull mech out of his old ways."

"I got you to have some fun with me before, didn't I?" Emusa smirked. "Besides, I'm stubborn. One cycle more and I'll break you."

He matched her expression. "And yet somehow that doesn't sound so unpleasant."

"This is me we're talking about here, love. How can it be?"

Knock Out's smile broadened and he fully embraced her once more. "I could wrack my processor for the rest of my life and never know."

"Well, I certainly am amazing," Emusa tightly returned it. "But I know I don't deserve a mech like you."

"And I don't know what I did in a previous life to become worthy of you."

"A lot of good things, obviously," Emusa kissed the corner of his lip components before leaning into his embrace further. "Are you sure you have to work? I… wish we could stay like this forever."

"Well, I'm not the only medical officer around anymore. One quick call and it's all taken care of." He vented. "But I'd have to let you go and I'm not inclined to do so right this nano-klik."

As if hearing him, Ratchet commed the medic. "Taking a little detour, Knock Out?"

The medic rolled his optics. "I can hear the smile in your voice, old timer. Just keep the joint from crumbling for a while, and for Primus' sake don't touch any of my new machines. They're too new to get rust on them yet."

Emusa fought to hold back her laughter. "Don't push your luck. The only reason I'm letting you off is because Darkstorm informed me of your… situation. And I've been online before you were even conceived. I know how to work the slagging machines!" Ratchet replied.

"Kssshhhh I can't-shhhhhh -king up-ssshhhhh." With a smirk, Knock Out deactivated the comm link and redirected his attention to Emusa. "Where were we?"

"You were just saying how you're unworthy of me?" Emusa smirked.

"That may be paraphrasing just a little bit." He leaned down to steal another quick kiss. "But yes."

"Now, I say we do some more catching up, doctors' orders."

His laugh rumbled from deep within his throat. "Yes, ma'am."

The red femme had run off with a mech in the crowd, leaving the other to face the entourage solo. It was just as well, she didn't plan on hanging around long enough to get attached to anyone, so the sooner they lost interest in her and did their own thing, the better. She'd been traveling alone long enough to know that she was more comfortable facing a roomful of Decepticons on her own than meeting new bots.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she saw a black and purple Seeker approach, clearly a turncoat due to her red optics clashing with the Autobot insignia that she bore on her chassis. She smiled with a friendly air. "Hello there. It's so good to see more of our kind returning as the cycles go by. My designation is Darkstorm. And yours would be?"

The femme's optics shifted from the insignia to Darkstorm's optics. "Plasmarift." She offered her servo.

"Well, Plasmarift, it's an honor to meet you," Darkstorm gratefully took the servo as her smile widened.

Meanwhile, her sparkmate studied the femme as if remembering a long forgotten memory. Plasmarift… I've heard that name before.

Really? But how-? Darkstorm's expression softened as she detected that her scout had found out where he knew the femme from. Tyger Pax. Oh… I see. She tried to brighten again as she gestured to him. "And this is my sparkmate, Bumblebee. Though…" She smiled softly. "I have a hunch you've already been acquainted with him."

Plasmarift's straight face faltered as her optics fell on the scout. "Bumblebee. It's good to see you're . . ." She vented lightly. "It's good to see you."

He half smiled. "It's good to see you too, Plasma. How… How've things been?"

She shrugged, trying to avoid a lengthy explanation that would only encourage uncomfortable questions. "Not much different since the exodus, just been going from place to place, crushing 'Cons, the like." She motioned to the landscape. "Seems like you lot have been busy though."

Bumblebee's expression brightened, if only slightly. "Yeah. Things have been busy around here what with all the refugees coming in and the War finally being over…" He grinned. "But there should be some new basketrek arenas coming so that'll be amazing."

Plasma offered a small smile of her own. "That sounds like fun, at least to watch you mechs play. I've always been more of one to watch than play. Besides, I doubt I'll have much down-time. We still have a lot of work to do." She looked around at the buildings as the spoke.

"Well, we certainly would appreciate the help, Plasmarift," Darkstorm smiled warmly. "God knows another pair of capable servos is always appreciated."

She nodded. "Anytime. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd probably better set up in my living quarters." A confused look crossed her features. "Uh, which way? It's been quite a while since I've been back, I'm afraid my memory is a bit fuzzy."

"I can show you to them, if you'd like," Darkstorm volunteered.

Plasmarift's brow furrowed as a familiar ache cut off her breath. Please don't let them see, she told herself. Please, pleeeaaase just go away. It seemed to work, as a moment later it was gone. She looked back at the Seeker as though nothing happened. "That would be most appreciated."

Darkstorm, as a medic, immediately noticed the flash of pain but sensed that it made her uncomfortable to talk about it and so, she said nothing. "Right this way," Darkstorm gestured towards the entrance of the base before turning to smile at 'Bee. "See you around."

"Don't stay too long or I may just have to send a search party," Bumblebee replied with a teasing grin.

Darkstorm rolled her optics as she laughed. "I shall most certainly try." With one last wave, the two femmes resumed their course. Darkstorm interrupted the silence as she softly mused with a bemused smile, "Ever since he got his voice back, there's been no living with him."

"It's good to see that he does have it, though. I honestly didn't expect that he ever would."

Darkstorm nodded. "I thank God continually that he does have it back." She smiled softly. "It certainly is good to see that he is… whole again."

"Indeed. Not only that, but our home too." Plasmarift motioned toward the sky and landscape. "It's been far too long since it looked like this."

"I'd say I was only ten voors old when I last saw it like this so I fully agree… It's been far too long. I'd actually forgotten how beautiful it can be."

The other femme turned to the Seeker with wide optics. "So young, how in the AllSpark did you get dragged into the war so early?" She grimaced. "If you don't mind my asking."

Darkstorm took this in stride with a smile. "Not at all. It is in the past so I don't mind." She paused before answering, "Well, if you saw a red and black mech Seeker amongst the crowd, that would be the principal reason. Dreadwing and Skyquake were close friends of ours and our caretakers when we were living on the streets of Kaon. When they joined, shortly after, so did we. My brother was fifteen; I was ten. My only wish was to protect him…" Her optics seemed downcast before she brightened once more. "But through the grace of God and many unfortunate and fortunate circumstances, I was taken in by the Autobots on Earth when I crash landed there after I fled a mining assault on Vorain. My brother eventually saw the error of his ways and the rest is history."

"Huh." Plasmarift's gaze returned to their path. "That's quite the history. Still, it had to have been tough, joining the war at such a young age. And judging from your optics, it looks like you started out on the harsher side."

Darkstorm paused, placing a servo near one of her optics absent-mindedly. "Unfortunately, yes. I often wish things had been different." She turned to Plasmarift before slowly smiling. "But I would not be the femme I am today if not for such experiences. I had to have faith there was a reason for it all and now that I am here today, I can't help but believe there was."

Plasmarift nodded, not saying anything as she contemplated the femme's words. Reason for everything, right.

The rest of the walk was spent in silence until finally, Darkstorm reached a spare set of quarters. She demonstrated the pass code to Plasmarift. "Well, here you have it," she gestured to the room. "If you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask."

The femme nodded in thanks. "Much appreciated." She took a step inside, but quickly turned back toward the Seeker, having just thought of something. "Just so you know, most just call me Plasma. Seems easier to remember for some."

Darkstorm smiled. "That certainly is good to know. And, in that case, you can call me 'Storm. Most bots do."

Plasma nodded again. "I suppose I'll be seeing you around then, 'Storm." She walked further inside the room.

"I look forward to it, my friend," Darkstorm replied warmly before she turned to make her way back to Bumblebee and the others.

Plasma stopped short once the Seeker femme left. Friend…? Darkstorm barely knew her and yet she dared to call her a friend. It'd been so long since anyone dared to call her such.

She shook her helm violently, trying to push those thoughts away as another violent ache came upon her suddenly. She clutched her chassis as her breathing became labored.

She wasn't going to get attached. She'd stay here long enough to find what she was looking for and then leave.

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