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After making sure that Dreadwing was well, Darkstorm made her way to the medical bay again. She chuckled slightly as she remembered what she found. Moonracer had fallen asleep on Dreadwing's shoulder plating after a long night of her beloved horror movies. Darkstorm admitted, Moonracer certainly was a unique femme, but one that her dear friend sorely needed. She thanked God continually that they had each other.

A small smile tugged on her lip components as she heard more laughter from the medical bay. Speaking of having each other, she thought. She peeked her helm in to see Knock Out laughing deeply, Emusa by his side.

The femme certainly wasn't kidding when she said she wouldn't leave the medics side. Darkstorm was glad. She had never seen her mentor laugh so hard than when she was around. And she praised God that his life was whole once more.

She chuckled when she walked up to Ratchet, grumbling to himself and laboring over his work. He tilted his helm to meet her gaze when she tapped his shoulder plating. "You look like you could use some assistance. Mind if I cut in?"

He exhaled sharply though a smile tugged on his lip components. "It would be much appreciated."

Darkstorm smiled and took the device from his servos, beginning to work on them.

Emusa grinned, finally noticing that Darkstorm was there. "Well, helloooo, girlie. Nice to see you finally showed up. A bit tired from spending last night with your scout, hmm?" She winked playfully.

Darkstorm's wings raised to their maximum height as she choked and nearly dropped her tools, her cooling fans activating. "W-W… What?! No! I-I.. W-We… I simply-..."

Emusa grinned deviously. "Aw, you're flustered. How cute."

Darkstorm vented deeply, trying to get her cooling fans under control. "Why do you torture me so?"

"Hmm, I wouldn't call it torture," Emusa smirked. "Just a bit of fun, sweetspark, bonded femme to bonded femme."

"Oh, I feel privileged," Darkstorm chuckled as she rolled her optics. "Truly."

"Well, of course you should. I am that amazing."

Darkstorm shook her helm amusedly. Knock Out and Emusa certainly were one in the same. Her work was halted however as she saw Plasmarift bent over again as another episode passed. Knowing that the femme was uncomfortable, she tried to be content and continue her work before she noticed that Plasma had yet to right herself.

"Girlie, what's wrong-?"

"Excuse me. I-I'll be right back," Darkstorm said before she ran over to Plasma's location.

Emusa was confused as to the Seeker femme's odd behavior before she saw who she was running to. "Hey, I know her," she frowned slightly. "The dull Iaconian femme that landed with me." She quirked an optic ridge at the other medics. "I've noticed she's been having episodes. Any idea what's wrong with her?"

"I'll tell you what I told Darkstorm." Ratchet glanced at Emusa. "If you want to know Plasma's past, you have to ask Plasma."

Emusa took this in before shaking her helm. "Noooo, thank you. Way too much risk for cosmetic damage." She shrugged. "Besides, 'Storm seems more well-versed in diplomacy and tact anyway."

Meanwhile, Darkstorm knelt next to Plasma, concern in her optics. "There, there. Just breathe," she soothed. "Plasma… can you stand?"

"J-just give me a moment." Her optics were offlined in pain as she shook her helm. "Slag, it's bad today." Her voice was strained.

"Is… Is there anything I can do to help? I am a medic here, after all."

Plasma took a short breath, her servo clenched in a fist over her spark. "Nothing-can do." She gasped again.

Darkstorm's brow creased further as she supported the femme. "But surely I can do something, my friend… Perhaps some pain inhibitors could help?"

"They don't work." She onlined her optics, the pain now seeming to subside. "Besides, I deserve this after what I've done."

Darkstorm's gaze softened. "Plasma… There is nothing you have ever done that can make you deserve this. No one, not even my worst enemy, deserves to be in this sort of pain."

Plasma dropped to her knees, servo still over her spark. "Your worst enemy didn't destroy their own sparkling."

Darkstorm hesitated before her optics compassionately met hers. "Care to tell me what happened?"

The femme's optics shuttered as she averted her gaze.

Plasmarift picked off one of the last Decepticons on the field, her modified shoulder components shuttering as they absorbed the kick from her sniper rifle. Through her scope-visor she saw Cliffjumper and Bumblebee take down the remaining enemies.

"Coast is clear, Silverblaze." Solarflare's voice came on over the comm. While the rest of the squad could be heard venting, the stoic femme's voice was just as boring as ever.

Solarflare, Muzzleflash, Silverblaze, Plasmarift . . . How in the AllSpark this group of ragtag snipers came together was something of a mystery to everyone, but considering their effectiveness and invaluable aide on the battlefield, no one questioned it.

Plasma saw Bumblebee turn to face the general direction of the sniper squad. "Appreciate the assist, Silverclaw." There was no way he could see them from this distance, but the scouts had been notified when the group arrived-if not by the com chatter, by the Cons they took down from the distance.

"Any time, fellas." Silverblaze, serving as Plasma's spotter despite his role as squad commander, placed a servo on her shoulder plating. "Now, let's get out of here and back to base. Where you are going to spend the next few stellar cycles or however long it takes for little Ravenstar to arrive." He stood and helped his sparkmate up as she deactivated her rifle and visor.

The green and lilac femme smirked. "I'm not dying, Blaze. I'm just sparked." Her servos instinctively came together on her abdomen as a small smile pulled at her lip components. "And if you think I'm spending my forced leave on my can watching sappy romance vids and gorging myself on energon goodies, you're fragged in the helm."

He smiled at her teasingly, placing his servos on either side of her waist. "Look at the attitude on Miss Iacon. I'm not kidding though, I'll strap you to the berth if that's what it takes."

"Whoa, get off the comm and find a room, Blaze." Bumblebee and Cliffjumper could both be heard laughing as the former spoke.

"I didn't know you were into that, boss."

SIlverblaze rolled his optics. "Can it, Muzzleflash. I may have no authority over those joker scouts down there, but I can make you log field reports and deal with emotional femmes until the cycle Starscream kicks Buckethead's tailpipe."

"Message received, bo-"

"Seeker wave at twelve o'clock."

The humor evaporated immediately at Solarflare's warning as the group turned to find the threat. While the others engaged their weapons systems Plasma simply activated her visor to examine the oncoming force.

Two Seekers were leading-one of whom had to be Starscream, though there was too much rust in the air to identify the other. Following them were ten or so Eradicons.

As they swooped down and commenced their attack on the scouts, a second wave was revealed immediately following. This one was smaller, maybe five or six strong, but was led by-

Plasma's optics widened before she activated her comm. "Bee, Cliff, get out of there now! Megatron's leading the second wave!"

Before the scouts could react, they were hit hard by a massive explosion. In the cloud of smoke and rust Plasma could see them thrown by the ferocity of the attack, motionless as they hit the ground.

"We have to get down there!" She started running down the road to the scouts, about to transform when a servo grabbed her arm.

"Oh no you don't!" Silverblaze turned her to face him. "Remember you have someone else to consider here. Two someones!"

"We can't just sit by and let Megatron terminate them!"

Silverblaze vented, knowing he was losing this fight. "Then I'm going with you." The two assumed their alt modes and thundered down the road, Silverblaze leading.

"What in the pits of Kaon are you doing?! And don't even think of telling me to can it!" Muzzleflash was in his "sniper mode," the tension in his voice evident as he examined the battlefield. "There's no way you can take on one Seeker at close range, let alone two waves!"

"Don't even think about it, Muzzleflash. I need you two to stay back and keep us updated on the Seekers."

"Too late." Solarflare's voice was cool as ever as she openly defied their commander's order.

He groaned. "There'll be words when we get back, for all three of you."

After what felt like hours of driving-but was really mere moments-Plasmarift and Silverblaze came around a curve and she transformed, executing a shoulder roll as she did so. Silverblaze followed suit a couple seconds later and skidded to a less graceful stop on his peddes. He ran to her, wondering why she stopped before following her gaze. And matching her horrified expression. Megatron held Bumblebee in the air by the throat cables . . . and seemed to be giving the young scout a vicious interrogation.

Plasma activated her visor and rifle, remaining standing as she lined up her target rather than take cover. "I have a clear shot, I'm taking it."

Silverblaze frantically activated his comm. "Solarflare, Muzzleflash, fall back! If you round that corner the Cons will take you-"

A sudden barrage of fire came from behind Blaze and Plasma, raining down on them without mercy or warning. She yelled in pain as a shot connected with her right shoulder plating then the left side of her back, which forced her to her servos and knees.

Her spark froze as she heard a sickening cry from her sparkmate before he crumpled to the ground. Her gaze shot to him and she about lost her rations. Blue energon flowed freely from his chassis, coating most of the silver and maroon surface from his neck cables to his hips and only getting worse.

"B-Blaze!" She scrambled to him, making surprising speed considering her injuries. She scooped his upper half up into her arms, even as she had to sit on the ground, and tried to stop the leaking with her servos. It was evident from the size of the wound that it was futile, but she didn't know what else to do. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Blaze." She whispered into his audio receptor in the vain hope that he could hear her. She looked to where Silverblaze had a moment earlier. "Flash, Flare, Blaze is down! I need-"

Her optics widened as she watched the duo turn the corner Silverblaze had warned them about and immediately found themselves under fire. They transformed into their robot modes and tried to fall back, but it was far too late. They were gunned down in seconds.

In shock, clinging to her fallen sparkmate, Plasmarift didn't hear the second Seeker attack coming.

Plasma shook her helm. "I awoke in a triage facility, where they told me my . . ." she vented. "My sparkling didn't survive."

A stray stream of coolant left Darkstorm's optics as she embraced the femme. "Oh, Plasma… I am so very sorry," she whispered. "But you were only trying to protect your squad. You are absolutely not to blame."

"No, I tried to play hero and lost everyone precious to me. Not only that, but what I did was of absolutely no benefit to anyone."

"Still, I do believe you had good intentions. I… would have done the same in your position." She half smiled. "And just because that happened doesn't mean you deserve this pain. Everyone deserves happiness and second chances, even you."

"That only works if they want a second chance. Truth is, I'm not sure I do, Darkstorm. My family was denied happiness, denied life, because of my actions. Just wishing it away won't atone for what I've done." She looked Darkstorm in the optic. "I've heard the others talk about your morals, Darkstorm, how you wish the best for everyone. But every time my spark reminds me of what I did I just accept it as my due punishment."

"Then I'm sure you've also heard the others discussing how stubborn I can be. The Decepticons took their lives; not you. As for the pain… I have to believe God has something better in store for you than that. He loves every one of us and I doubt He would wish for you to condemn yourself to a life of pain," Darkstorm replied softly.

Plasma offlined her optics. "Maybe, maybe not. But I'm pretty stubborn too, and this is how I've been living for a long time."

"I understand that you're probably used to living this way and you might frown upon change… But when I look at you, Plasma, I see a strong, beautiful femme with so much to give, with her whole life ahead of her." Darkstorm offered her a friendly smile. "And my advice would be to try living it. One can be so used to darkness but that only means that they'll appreciate the light that much more."

"Listen Darkstorm, I appreciate what you're trying to do, I really do." She stood, albeit a little shakily. "But I'm not something you can fix up and send on their way. I've been living with it long enough, there's not much more that can be done for me."

Darkstorm shook her helm with a slight vent. "I never said you were, Plasma." She smiled softly. "I'm simply trying to help, as any friend would."

Plasma's expression softened. "I know, Darkstorm, and again I thank you. But I'm fine, really. I haven't rusted away just yet, right?" She started to turn but stopped. "In any case, I'm . . . shall we say, taking care of the problem. At least doing what best I can to."

"Well, if you should need any assistance, you know where to find me."

Plasmarift grimly nodded before completing her turn and walking away from the Seeker.

Darkstorm freely vented once she was gone. Lord, be with her. I truly am trying and I realize she won't change after a few cycles after all this time spent in pain… But, oh, how it pains me to see anyone suffer like this.

"Have I not answered your prayers in the past?"

She smiled softly as she heard an all too familiar Voice. You have, God, beyond anything I could ever dream.

"Then trust that I will continue to answer your prayers. She is My child and I love her just as much as you. Have faith, My daughter, for not all battles are won right away."

What do we all have if not faith? I shall continue to persevere, God, if only knowing that I might be aiding her in some small way. Please… grant her Your peace and love for she desperately needs them.

When she reentered the medical bay, Emusa asked, "She alright, girlie?"

"For the most part," Darkstorm conceded as she forced a smile and continued her work. Everyone in the medical bay could clearly see that she was concerned but decided to say nothing more on the matter.

Plasma's optics raced across the screen in her quarters as her digits did the same across the keyboard. Every time she returned to the display with no change or she completed a scan of the area with no results she changed the parameters. And every time she scolded herself, thinking that she should have returned before Cybertron was revitalized, before the whole place was teeming with energon.

She paused as her optics turned on her shaking servo. That seemed to be getting worse too . . . talking about that cycle couldn't have helped any either. She clenched it and held it against her spark, optics offline.

She knew Darkstorm meant well, and a part of the sniper wanted to tell her everything, why she spent so many joors and cycles locked away in her quarters. Darkstorm already knew why she was weary of Seekers and she got the basic story of what happened at Tyger Pax. But the part of Plasma that told her never to get close to anyone else kept reminding her that telling the whole story wouldn't do anyone good. At best Darkstorm would just waste time pursuing Plasma's problem and take her time away from her patients. At worst . . . at worst she would look at Plasma with that same pity as everyone else who learned the whole truth.

You can't block the world out forever, Plasma.

Despite herself, a small smile crossed her facial plating at the voice. Even in her despair, even in her pain and solitude, she couldn't help but feel that maybe . . . maybe he was still online out there.

It was the same line of thought that forced her to create and upgrade and install this scanning system in any vessel or space she came by. It had the added perk of "scanning for energon supplies" for anyone who asked, but she never revealed its true purpose. That it was probably supplying more agony than hope in her search to correct the worst wrong on her conscience.

Her servo relaxed, releasing its fist but still hovering over her spark. I will find you, Silverblaze. No matter how long or how many others I have to turn away, I will have you in my arms again.

D/N: *sniffles* Poor Plasma… You know, when we first started writing for her, she had an even bigger 'tude than Emusa and she really peeled my paint but now. T.T I just feel bad. And now we all know some aspects to her past ^^ Which I hope y'all find intriguing. Especially next chapter. Once again, the horror genre will rear its ugly head into our stories but, I must say, I rather enjoy it. Horror is what got me into writing in the first place and really, life's no fun without a good scare (Go Nightmare Before Christmas references! XD)

"If you make the Lord your refuge,
if you make the Most High your shelter,
no evil will conquer you;
no plague will come near your home.
For He will order His angels
to protect you wherever you go.
They will hold you up with their hands
so you won't even hurt your foot on a stone.
You will trample upon lions and cobras;
you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!

The Lord says, "I will rescue those who love Me.
I will protect those who trust in My name.
When they call on Me, I will answer;
I will be with them in trouble.
I will rescue and honor them.
I will reward them with a long life
and give them My salvation" Psalm 91: 9-16

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Plasmarift: was originally Novasheen, but in light of Dream'sRealm writing a one-shot for someone whose OC was Novashine, I opted to change it to avoid confusion. Silverblaze: inspired partly by a town near where I live (Silverthorn) and a whole lot by desperation. Muzzleflash and Solarflare: I don't remember the "ah-ha" moment for these two, but they hit me whilst watching Mythbusters and Criminal Minds. Again, major desperation. Silverclaw: these guys suck at naming worse than I do, and Ravenstar: another case of "I don't know where the frack this came from" but it seems like something Silverblaze heard or made up and got attached to

And . . . I think I drew a lot of inspiration here from my first playthrough of Mass Effect 3. Specifically the fact that one of my favorite characters gets his head smashed against a shuttle a few times, then he's stuck in the hospital while you have to continue missions without him. It suuuuucked so bad, I was legit depressed for that little stretch. And there's the seed for Plasma's drama xD at least for this chap (totally random but on the note of Mass Effect, Imma be meeting some of the actors from it in a month [ish] at Denver Comic Con, hollah!)

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