An alternate universe in which Sofia, Amber and James are older during the series. Short-ish drabbles that center around Sofia and her relationship with a fumbling Sorcerer. Very AU.

Note: These drabbles will deviate away from Disney's overly sentimental ideals and introduce a more real world perspective that fits the era. However this will still hold the fantasy/fictional genre because I'll still keep the magic and mythological creatures. Maybe throw in a few fables. I'll also change a few things concerning the powers and origin of Sofia's amulet.


Sofia goes to the table and begins putting the potions away, one by one, in the high cupboard. Once, she manages to sneak a quick look at him, and catches him watching her again. He has to be thinking about it. Either that she considers or he knows I am, and he's laughing at me. That would be just like him, to sit there and tease me, and then let me walk out! She's nearly out of bottles before she hears his chair scrape the floor. Without pausing in her work, without even glancing over her shoulder, she listens to the sound of his footsteps as he walks toward her.

Cedric comes up behind her, taking the last bottle from her grasp and cramming it into the cupboard himself. As he does so, he steadies himself by placing his left hand on her waist. "Here," she gives him the key. "Would you lock it too, please? I can't reach the lock." She can, she knows it and so does he but he takes it from her anyway.

As he places the key in the lock, Cedric slides his arm a little farther around her, until his hand is in front of her, drawing her body snugly against his own. She makes no move to discourage him, and, with a soft hint of a laugh, he bends down to her and brushes his lips against her ear. "Shall I put the key away, Madame?"

With the bit of metal in his fingers, Cedric traces a line running down from her throat and makes as if to tuck the key into her dress, but she catches his hand and says, "Not in there, I'll never find it again."

"I could help you look for it," he suggests, nuzzling her, his lips tickling the spot where her neck met her shoulder…

"Ceedric—" She tries to sound cross, but it comes out all wrong. It must be the ridiculous smile on her face.

"Cedric." His tone manages to be both affectionate and chastising as he continues to nibble at her…

She shrugs him off in a desperate attempt to stop herself from giggling like a silly girl at his attentions, but Cedric, still clasping her around the waist, simply uses this as a chance to turn her around so she's facing him. There is no roughness in the way he handles her, but she can feel the muscles in his wiry arms. It had not occurred to her before this that he would be quite so strong, and the realization sends a delicious shudder of excitement through her. With a look in his eyes that mirrors her thoughts Cedric brushes her cheek with the back of his fingers, then slips his hand behind her neck and caresses her there too. He has such marvelous hands, she thinks. So often, she has watched him fondling a wand or a potion vial in his long fingers, while she fantasized about the unspeakable bliss those fingers would have felt had they possessed her senses. Sofia nestles her head into his palm, her upturned face welcoming him, and Cedric bends down and kisses her.

She's startled by the jolt of pleasure that shoots through her as she starts kissing back. She presses her mouth against his, pulling and tearing at him hungrily, but Cedric, his fingers rubbing the back of her neck, coaxes her into his slower, lazier rhythm. He tastes of wine, and of spices, and of everything exotic and forbidden, and Sofia catches herself making odd, half-stifled noises as she digs her fingers into his shoulders. She's mad, she's foolish, to let him kiss her, to let him overpower her good sense with just the touch of his lips against hers. It's forbidden. She's a princess and he… but she gives herself up to the warmth of him and lets him melt her down as if she weren't so much as butter on the fire. Sofia settles quite comfortably into a liquid state, when his kisses begin to let up, growing briefer and gentler as he gradually eases her back into consciousness. Opening her eyes, she's met by a look of such tenderness that it makes her heart flutter. Fortunately, she's far too sensible to mistake it for a declaration of love.