Summary: In which Seigaku is a nickname for Seirin High, wherein Kuroko is an adopted Fuji sibling, Kagami and Echizen grew up together in America, and athletes enjoy supporting each other. Oh, and it's a Dom/sub world.
Pairings: Kagami/Kuroko, Tezuka/Fuji/Echizen, others
Rating: M (NC-17)
Notes: You will probably need to know some amount of both animes (or mangas, whatever) to appreciate this story. If you only know one and want to go wiki the other one, go ahead. I do fully recommend both of these sports animes though.

Don't worry Kuroko anime-only fans—this will not contain any spoilers, I don't think. I'll be working on it for a while cause I'm slow like that so the anime will probably finish the Winter Cup before I get there. That does mean, Prince of Tennis fans, we won't be getting to the Nationals for a while. Cause they're on the same timeline in this. (That means PoT is pretty much the same, but I'm making them all high schools, not middle schools.)

As usual for me, this has my true love of story universes—BDSM AU. That means it will involve kinky sex in various forms. AND MANY SIDE PAIRINGS! WHICH INCLUDE SLASH, HET, FEMSLASH, and other combinations. Most of the actual sex will be between the two listed main pairings.

"I want him to go!"

"We've had this conversation. I've listened to your reasons but, like I told you before, they aren't enough once I've weighed all the factors."

"You shouldn't be selfish–"

"Selfish? I just made senior partner at the firm, Nanjirou." Rinko threw her hands up, frustrated enough that she paced away from her husband so as not to give into the urge to be physical with him. It was a constant battle when Nanjirou was being an utter brat.

"It's not like we need the money! You saved enough from when I was a pro, right?" Nanjirou blinked his cute grey eyes at her.

"I was certainly more financially sensible about it than you would have been, yes," Rinko agreed dryly.

"See, that's why I chose you."

"You chose me? I seem to remember it being the other way around." Heaven knew she hadn't originally thought of herself as the type of Domme to want to collar a bratty sub, but Nanjirou had proven her wrong.

"Right. Which is why you agree with me that Ryoma can learn a lot at my Alma Mata."

"I'm not saying he won't learn anything, or even that he won't enjoy it there. You know I only think the highest of your old coach. Certainly she deserves it for putting up with you for so long before I came around."

"Then I don't see what the problem is."

Rinko sighed heavily. "Nanjirou, I don't want to quit my job. Not when I've worked so hard to come as far as I have. Senior partner! Do you know how many others wanted this position?"

Nanjirou smirked. "Well you got it, 'cause you're the Domme of the great Nanjirou Echizen. No one else is more deserving."

"Someone else is going to get it if we move."

Nanjirou's shoulders dropped. "I know. But Ryoma…."

"I want to go."

Rinko twisted around. She hadn't noticed her son standing in the doorway. It was a Sunday, so he should have slept in until noon, except it was only ten in the morning and there he stood with his tennis bag slung over one shoulder.

"See!" Nanjirou grinned. "As good parents, we couldn't possibly deny the wishes of our child."

"Shush," Rinko said. Nanjirou closed his mouth, because they'd been together long enough he knew when he was allowed to push boundaries and when she didn't have the patience for it. Now was one of the latter times.

"This is the first time I've heard of you wanting to go," Rinko stated. "When we asked you last year, you said you didn't care."

Ryoma shrugged, not meeting her gaze.

"Tell me what changed." She put enough of a command in her voice that her son, as much of a brat as his father but therefore still submissive, answered immediately.

"Taiga's going."

"Is he?"

Ryoma nodded, still not looking at her.

Rinko pursed her lips, an idea forming. She glanced at Nanjirou. He watched her intently, likely noticing something had changed.

The doorbell rang.

"Is that him?" Rinko asked. There were few reasons her son would wake up early on the weekend and Taiga wanting to hang out with him was one of them.

Ryoma nodded again.

"Get him, and tell him to come here. I want to talk with him."

"Hai, Okaa-san," Ryoma said, reverting to Japanese like he often did when he was being respectful.

Rinko walked over to where Nanjirou still sat on the couch. She gently lifted his chin with one hand. The beautiful gold collar around his neck gleamed briefly in the light. "Do you want to move back to Japan, or would you be content if just Ryoma went?"

"Eventually I do," Nanjirou answered honestly. "I miss it. But I can wait until you're ready to retire."

Rinko moved her hand to the top of his head, scrapping her fingernails along his head. Nanjirou closed his eyes happily. He rested his forehead against her hipbone. She continued to stroke him, even as Ryoma returned with Taiga.

Taiga stopped at the entryway to the living room, eyes moving from her to Nanjirou back to her. He flushed slightly, as if uncertain of him welcome on the scene. Ryoma shared none of his hesitation. "Mom, will this be long? I want to go practice."

"Perhaps," Rinko said. She pulled her fingers away from Nanjirou. "You and your father should go play a match in the backyard. I should be done with Taiga once you've finished."

Nanjirou stood and stretched, sending a grin in Taiga's direction before turning to his son. "Come on, little brat. Let's see if you can get a point past me."

"I'll do more than that," Ryoma muttered, following after.

Taiga watched them go. Rinko could tell by his stance he was nervous. She was a prosecution lawyer, and a damn good one at that. She knew how to read body language, knew the difference between a suspect simply nervous of being on the stand versus a guilty suspect nervous of being caught out. Taiga wasn't hiding anything, he was simply worried he hadn't realized he'd done something wrong.

"Come, sit." Rinko took the seat her husband had just vacated. Taiga awkwardly sat on the other end of the couch. Rinko watched him for a moment.

"Is there something wrong, Ma'am?" Taiga asked. Rinko wasn't surprised he broke the silence first. She'd eaten enough dinners with the budding Dom to know he was a brave one, not afraid to dive headfirst into a challenge.

"My son informed me today that he wants to move to Japan for his final three years of high school. As I know he doesn't dislike his current high school, I was naturally curious as to why. Do you know what he said?"

Taiga shook his head.

"He said you were planning on moving there." Rinko fixed Taiga with a steady gaze. "Have you contracted with my son without my permission, Taiga Kagami?"

"No, Ma'am!" Taiga shook his head furiously. "Never with Ryoma." He paused, flushing. "I mean… that's not to say he isn't… that I wouldn't… except I wouldn't… because he isn't… for me I mean…."

Rinko had to laugh. Taiga stopped blubbering immediately, face still bright red. "Calm, Taiga," she said. "I know brats aren't for everyone and Ryoma certainly took after his father."

Taiga's red eyes softened. "It's not that I wouldn't date him, Ms. Echizen. It's just, he'd walk all over me, you know? And he knows it. I'm more of a service Dom than anything. I want a sub I can take care of. And Ryoma does need to be taken care of… just by someone with a heavier hand than me." Taiga shook his head. "I mean, not that I think he needs a sadist or–"

"I'm not so conservative that I consider sadism and masochism to be the devil's sport, Taiga." Rinko looked out the large bay windows that showed the backyard. Though she couldn't hear them, it was obvious Nanjirou was taunting their son. Ryoma said something back and then served a quick ball—that Nanjirou easily returned because her husband didn't know the meaning of going easy on someone.

"Ryoma's probably a little masochistic," Taiga said softly.

"Probably," Rinko agreed, watching Ryoma chase after the ball. "He'll likely never tell me if he is, but most brats have a least a pain kink, if not a full on punishment kink." She turned back to Taiga. He was bright red again. "I don't mean to embarrass you."

Taiga scratched his cheek. "It's okay. I'm just not used to it. My parents keep all aspects of their play separate from me."

Personally, Rinko thought Taiga's parents kept more than just their play separate from their son, considering how often he was left alone to fend for himself, but she kept that to herself. "So you have no romantic interest in my Ryoma."

"No, Ma'am."

"But you care for him."

"Very much. He's my best friend."

Rinko raised an eyebrow. "I thought that other basketball player…." What was his name? She remembered Ryoma ranting about him, about how he took up too much of Taiga's attention and how he'd wooed Taiga over to the dark side, being basketball, before Ryoma had managed to convince him to give tennis a try.

"Tatsuya? He's my brother. Well, I mean, not biologically, but that's… ah… not the same." He shrugged. "And not Alex either. She's kind of an older sister to me and Tatsuya."

"I see." She didn't really but she'd let it slide. "Are your parents moving with you to Japan, Taiga?"

"No, Ma'am. They're renting an apartment for me and they're going to pay for all the bills and give me an allowance for food, but I'm living by myself."

"Have you decided on a high school yet?"

Taiga shook his head.

Rinko smiled. She looked again to the backyard tennis court. Ryoma was on his knees, glaring up at Nanjirou, who was laughing. A tennis ball rolled at his feet. It was such a familiar sight and Rinko forced herself to realize that it might be one of the last times she saw it, if she went through with the plan now fully formed in her head.

But… Nanjirou was right. Ryoma would do well in Japan. He'd do well under Sumire Ryuuzaki's tutelage. And maybe away from his father, he'd learn his own reasons for playing tennis. Because as much as she knew he loved the sport, she also knew he'd gotten lost in it several years back.

"Very well," Rinko said, mostly to herself. She looked back to Taiga. "Tell me, Taiga, how do you feel about taking over guardianship for my son for the next three years?"

"I… Ma'am?"

"I know at your current high school, you keep an eye on him. Japan operates under a three-year high school system, not a four-year like here. Your parents probably already told you that you'd have to move before this year is over, too, because school starts in winter over there."

"They already signed the paperwork with MLK High for me to drop out after the fall semester. I'll probably fly to Japan a couple days after Christmas."

Rinko nodded. "You'll be freshmen again. Bottom of the pool. Answer me honestly, how well have you been able to shelter him so far at MLK?"

Taiga didn't say anything immediately, showing Rinko he was actually thinking through his answer. "It helps that I'm tall," he said finally. "And I'm on the basketball team. But Ryoma doesn't think before picking fights. I've had to get physical a couple times."

Rinko wasn't surprised, though she was a bit upset to only be hearing about this now. Her son was too close-lipped about such things. "And in Japan?"

"I'll be even taller based on average."

"You'll establish that you're his guardian early and you won't let people push you on it."

"Of course." Taiga met her gaze evenly. "I'm a bit dense sometimes, Ms. Echizen, but I know Ryoma. I know when someone's messing with him and he's stopped being mad at me for stepping in. I wouldn't let that be different even in Japan."

That bubble of worry that had been constricting in Rinko's chest ever since her baby identified as a sub suddenly burst. She was shocked to feel so relieved. "Good," she breathed. "Then you'd be okay with living with him for the next three years?"

Taiga blinked, as if just now realizing what this conversation had been leading up to. "Yes! Yes, of course!" He began to grin.

"I'll talk to you parents about it, and get the details of allowances and rent straightened out. You'll be getting a two-bedroom apartment and if your feelings for Ryoma ever change toward the romantic you will tell me immediately."

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Don't let him slack off on chores. He can't cook to save his life, but he can clean and he will do his own laundry. Understand?"

Taiga nodded eagerly.

Rinko had to smile. "Then I'm glad you'll be taking care of him." She took a deep breath. "He'll be going to Seirin High. It's actually a private academy—Seirin Gakuen in Japanese. Most students nickname it Seigaku. It was Nanjirou's high school and he has connections. You'll both need to take the entrance exam, of course, but I imagine you'll have no trouble getting in."

"I don't want to be accepted to a private school if I don't deserve it, Ma'am."

"It's not different than getting a sport scholarship. You're an amazing basketball player, Taiga, or so my son tells me. I'm sure they have a team, and also I'm sure that team will benefit from your presence."

Taiga seemed to have nothing to say to that.

"Taiga," Rinko said, so that he'd pay extra attention to her next words. "Ryoma turns fifteen in a month. He might not have found a Dom he wants yet, but I can't help but think he will. What's more, Doms will be looking at him. You will fulfill all your duties as guardian in this."

"You want me to approve of the Dom before allowing Ryoma to enter into a contract with them?"

"I won't be giving you full autonomy. In such a situation, I expect you to call me and consult, but since I won't have met the individual myself I'll be trusting your judgment."

Taiga seemed floored by the trust she was giving him. "I… yes, Ma'am. I wouldn't let someone unworthy contract Ryoma."

"I know you won't." Rinko looked up as the backdoor opened and her family came marching in. "I'll leave it to you to tell Ryoma the plan."


"We're going to Japan together!" Taiga grinned, standing.

Surprisingly, a truly happy smile appeared on Ryoma's face. He looked from Taiga to Rinko. "Really, Mom?"

"Really," Rinko said. "If the arrangements suit you."

Ryoma bounded forward and did something he hadn't done in years—he hugged her. Just as quickly he pulled back, but still it was enough for Rinko to know she'd made the right choice. Nanjirou's pleased expression was only an added bonus.

The two boys left the house soon after, off to play together on some street court where Taiga would inevitably practice dribbling while Ryoma shot against the backboard.

Rinko pointed to the ground at her feet and Nanjirou knelt.

"Thank you," he said in that soft voice he reserved for his real feelings.

"I'll miss him," Rinko murmured. "Ryoga's never been the kind to stay home and with Ryoma leaving too…." She shook her head. "But it'll be good for him, I agree."

"Don't worry, Rinko-chan!" Nanjirou said, reverting to his usual insufferable tone. "I'll make sure to give you enough work that you won't even notice he's gone."

"You will, will you?"

"Well, I would be a horrible sub if I let my lovely Domme get bored, now would I?"

Rinko chuckled. "Oh I don't think I'll be bored. Not after a friend of mine introduced me to this new toyshop. In fact, I've been meaning to try out that suede flogger I bought last week." She pressed a finger to her chin and looked at the ceiling. "But who could I use it on? I suppose if I went to the bedroom and saw a cute sub laid out bare for me on the bed…."

She didn't bother holding back her smirk as her husband jumped to his feet and practically ran to the bedroom. She followed along at a much more sedate pace, happy to be able to take her mind off the upcoming departure of her son.


Some days, Tetsuya hated his own name. Kuroko (黒子) from the kanji for dark child. Names were prophecies and he was often lost in the dark like a little boy still crying for his mother. His first name was fine though. Tetsuya (徹也) for which his mother had chosen the kanji for devotion, instead of the kanji for iron or arrow or something else—but she chose devotion and therefore Tetsuya wasn't surprised he turned about to be a sub. In the end, what he wanted in life was to devote himself to someone.

Tetsuya supposed it could be worse. He could have been trapped with the last name Kuroko without ever knowing what it was like to have a submissive parent figure in his life. His mother never kept a sub longer than a month—which had been the same with the man who'd given her the sperm to have him. But Kuroko Manami was a businesswoman with a strong partnership with Fuji Shuuta and she never hesitated in leaving Tetsuya to Shuuta's wife when they traveled together.

It was all in the names, Tetsuya mused. Manami (愛海), the first character being love and affection, but not for her child or the submissives she could pick up with a snap of her fingers. Her true love was related to her second character, the –mi being the character for the ocean. The Kuroko-Fuji partnership had a stronghold on the shipping business. There was nothing Tetsuya's mother loved more than when she and Shuuta had to fly out to some shipyard to check on things at the ground level.

Tetsuya no longer dreaded those long absences. When his mother was home, he had to spend awkward dinners across from her and lonely nights in his cold room at their house. When she was gone, he was given to Yoshiko's tender care. Her name (良子) combined from the elements for good and child just proved how much better Yoshiko was at being there for him, and for her own children.

When Tetsuya had realized he was a sub, halfway through his last year of junior high and when he'd just started to realize the Generation of Miracles had gone all wrong somewhere, somehow—when he'd realized, he hadn't gone to his mother first. He'd gone to Yoshiko. And she'd held out her arms and drawn him in and said she was proud of him for finding himself.

"At least now I don't have to stick you in Syuusuke's room," she'd said—because he'd been sharing a room with Yuuta for years and the youngest Fuji sibling also identified as a sub. "And Yumiko and Syuusuke will be happy to have another sub to look after in the family." And, indeed, they had been.

It was winter now and he had a choice to make about what academy to go to for high school. He'd been accepted into all the ones he'd applied for—but he was really only considering two of the choices.

"I'm back."

Tetsuya looked up from his bed and smiled at his roommate, adopted brother, and fellow sub. "Welcome home, Yuuta."

Yuuta dropped his tennis bag on his own bed and then walked over to sit next to Tetsuya. Tetsuya leaned into him. Yuuta hugged him. Casual intimacy had become much more common between them after they'd both identified. Yuuta might have started pushing Yumiko and Syuusuke away more, but he'd only ever drawn Tetsuya in.

"You were brooding," Yuuta said. "Have you still not decided?"

Tetsuya shrugged.

"You know you can always change, right? Like I did."

"I suppose. I don't know."

"Then talk to me. What are the pros of both?"

"You're at St. Rudolph. Syuusuke's at Seirin."

Yuuta sighed. "Don't choose St. Rudolph just for me, Tet."

"I want to go where I'm needed."

Yuuta glanced away. "Aniki needs you more."

"Because you left."

Yuuta nodded. He turned back to Tetsuya. "It'll be easier for you. You don't have our last name, so people won't assume… you'll be able to make the choice of who knows that Syuusuke has some guardianship privileges over you."

"Not when it's Syuusuke. He's going to be obviously protective regardless." Though, Tetsuya figured, with his natural ghostness, it might take most people a while to notice his presence at the school enough to realize who it was Syuusuke was watching out for.

Yuuta gave him a wry smile. "True." He scratched his cheek. "Well, you can come with me if you're worried about that."

"I don't mind being protected."

Yuuta was silent for a moment, and then he pulled Tetsuya closer. "You should have been protected more, this last year."

"No one hurt me."

"Don't lie to me, Tet."

Tetsuya looked away.

"Which has the better basketball team?" Yuuta asked.

"I'm not sure I want to play basketball anymore."

Yuuta gaped. It was an unattractive look on him, Tetsuya mused. "W-what?"

"It's not fun anymore." It hadn't been for nearly six months. Maybe longer. He couldn't remember anymore.

"Come on." Yuuta stood abruptly.

Tetsuya watched as he picked up a basketball from the corner of their room and headed out the door. Slowly, he followed. He knew where Yuuta was going. The Fujis had bought a hoop for him years ago that was set up in the backyard next to the backboard they had for practicing their accuracy.

Once he'd stepped into the backyard, Yuuta threw him the basketball. The concrete before the hoop and backboard was barely long enough for real dribble training, but still Yuuta spread his arms. "I'm on defense. Get past me."

Tetsuya sighed, but started dribbling the ball. He wasn't able to use his misdirection on Yuuta, or indeed any of the Fujis. His own mother didn't notice him half the time, but the Fuji siblings were different. Maybe that was why he trusted them so much.

Yuuta blocked his path. Tetsuya tried to dribble around him and was blocked again. Yuuta was a tennis player, but he'd played basketball with Tetsuya enough to know how to stop his path to the hoop.

"Come on," Yuuta taunted. "That all you got?" He lunged forward and knocked the ball out of Tetsuya's hands.

Tetsuya went on defense, ducking around and stealing the ball back. Yuuta just laughed and kept at it. Tetsuya found himself lost in the one-on-one, thinking only of the ball and Yuuta and how to get past him.

It was hours later, with both of them sweating and the ball having only actually gotten in the basket twice, that Tetsuya realized he was smiling.

"Are you going to give up on basketball?" Yuuta asked.

Tetsuya looked from his brother-in-all-but name to the basketball. He thought of never having this again. He thought of how long it had been since he'd had it. He thought of what a new start could bring. "No."

Yuuta grinned. "Good." He stretched. "Ah, I want a shower."

Tetsuya followed Yuuta back inside. He waited until after they'd both showered and gotten dressed in sweats before tugging on Yuuta's arm. Yuuta looked to him.

"Seirin's basketball team only started last year, but they almost made it to the Interhigh. St. Rudolph's team didn't even attempt to compete."

"Rudolph's a small academy and it's mostly focused on tennis," Yuuta said. "All the other sports are basically just for those that don't make regulars on the tennis team."

Tetsuya nodded.

"Syuusuke will be happy you're joining him."

"Are you going to live in the dorms at St. Rudolph next year?"

Yuuta rubbed the back of his head. "I was thinking about it, but if you're not coming with me, I think I'll just commute."

Tetsuya was happier about that, about everything now that the decision was made.

Someone knocked on their door. "Come in!" Yuuta called.

Yumiko opened the door. "Dinner's ready, boys."

"Coming, Onee-san!" Yuuta grabbed Tetsuya's hand and tugged him all the way downstairs. Tetsuya allowed it, because Yuuta was nothing if not energetic about food. Yumiko followed along at a more sedate pace, the smile on her face showing her amusement.

At the table, the seat reserved for Shuuta was empty as usual. Tetsuya took his seat to Yuuta's left. Across from him, Syuusuke was already seated. Yumiko took her seat across from Yuuta and then at the opposite end of the table from Shuuta's seat, Yoshiko sat down.

"It's nice of you to be home, Yumiko," Yoshiko said as they started eating. "How is Emi doing?"

"Well," Yumiko answered. "She wanted to come with me, of course, but it's a busy time of year for her shop with Christmas right around the corner."

Tetsuya ate silently, happily listening to Yumiko talk about her sub. He'd met Emi several times before and he quite liked her. The sub had gone to Yumiko's all-girl high school and though she'd begun dating Yumiko then, she hadn't ever given up on her dream to own a small boutique.

Because Shuuta was training Yumiko to take over his half of the business—or perhaps all of it since Tetsuya certainly wasn't going to take over his mother's side—he'd disapproved of Emi having her own job. Shuuta was a traditional sort and now that Yumiko made enough money he'd told Emi she should just become a housesub. Yumiko had yelled at him for speaking for her, especially when those were his feelings, not hers. Regardless, it came down to the fact that Yumiko was happy to let Emi be successful with her little store, even if it meant there were times like this when Emi wasn't able to join the family because she was working.

"Will you be traveling back to Kyoto soon, then?" Yoshiko asked.

"Tomorrow. We'll be celebrating Christmas with her family, but we'll be back in Tokyo for the New Year, and Tetsuya's birthday."

Tetsuya ducked his head as everyone looked to him. "You don't need to for my sake."

"Nonsense." Yumiko reached forward and flicked his nose. "Emi's already picked out a present for you."

"Maa, the baby is fifteen years old already," Syuusuke murmured.

Yoshiko smiled and then clapped her hands. "Oh, Tetsuya, your mother called. She needs to know your final choice for school so she can send the paperwork in. Have you decided?"

"Yes." Tetsuya glanced at Yuuta. He gave him a thumbs-up. "I'm going to Seirin."

Syuusuke opened his eyes. "I'm glad."

"Syuu will take care of you," Yumiko agreed. "Seigaku is a good school."

"A good choice," Yoshiko added. "I think Manami-san will be pleased."

Tetsuya didn't do it for his mother, but he didn't need to say that out loud.

After dinner, and after he'd helped Yoshiko wash the dishes, he found Syuusuke waiting for him outside of his room. He followed Syuusuke without having to be told.

Syuusuke's room was slightly smaller than his and Yuuta's. There were cacti on the windowsill and spare tennis rackets leaning against the wall. The dresser showed several framed pictures that Syuusuke had taken of Tetsuya and Yuuta from when they were young.

"Yuuta only stayed in Seigaku for a few months," Syuusuke said, petting one of his cacti.


"I don't want to same the same mistake I made with him with you."

"It wasn't a mistake. He knows it too. He just needed a change of scenery. And a place where his tennis would be allowed to grow."

"I know." Syuusuke sighed and turned to Tetsuya. "I don't know that I can step back, Tetsuya. It's not in my nature."

Tetsuya looked at Syuusuke's serious expression. He enjoyed the fact that Syuusuke didn't feel the need to wear his usual mask in front of him, or any of their family. "You don't have to." He shrugged. "Maybe you shouldn't."

Syuusuke gazed at him with his cerulean blue eyes and in them Tetsuya saw the long nights he'd spent kneeling by Syuusuke's bed with Syuusuke running hands through his hair as he'd struggled hard to control his tears because Aomine had ignored him that day, because Akashi had benched him again, because none of them looked like they were having fun playing basketball.

"Maybe I shouldn't," Syuusuke agreed. He put a hand on Tetsuya's head, running gentle fingers through his hair. "No, I don't think I will."

Tetsuya closed his eyes. "Okay."


The school year started with Seirin Academy, sometimes known as Seigaku, holding a fair for the clubs to try to woo the new freshmen. At the tennis booth, Oishi Shuuichirou kindly went over everyone's paperwork while Kikumaru Eiji bounced around with flyers in hand. Syuusuke Fuji watched from a distance as Kuroko Tetsuya slipped his paper on top of the pile of new basketball members while the male and female behind the booth were looking the other way.

At the tennis table now, Kagami Taiga handed in the paperwork for Echizen Ryoma, who hid his face behind his cap when Oishi looked at him curiously. Five minutes later, Kagami wrote his own paper for the basketball team, even as Echizen hovered over his shoulder.

"You sure you don't want to join too?" Hyuuga Junpei asked Echizen.

"Mada mada dane," Echizen muttered as Kagami laughed and laughed and laughed.

Over at the tennis courts, Momoshiro Takeshi was nursing his sprained ankle while Tezuka Kunimitsu went over the team positions for the practice match the next day.

Back at the club fair, Kaidou Kaoru hissed at the loud freshmen and Kawamura Takashi nervously watched. Meanwhile, Koganei Shinji talked excitedly to the silently listening Mitobe Rinnosuke. Inui Sadaharu wrote in his trusty notebook, making mark of best new subjects for his experiments. Izuki Shun watched the crowd, using his eagle eye to keep an eye on the potential recruits even as he spouted off puns at whoever would pay attention.

In a lonely hospital room, Kiyoshi Teppei looked out his window and wished he could be there to greet the new freshmen.

Kagami and Echizen walked away from the club fair now. Underneath a cherry blossom tree, Kuroko appeared at Fuji's side.

At the basketball and tennis tables, both sets noticed the amazing past record of some of their new freshmen.

"This year looks like it'll be interesting," Ryuuzaki Sumire and Aida Riko both said at opposite ends of the club fair.

Of course, they were both right.