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Naruto walked down the busy streets of Konoha slowly. He looked around and watched the people pass by, but nobody seemed to see or care about him. Naruto took a sigh of relief. When it was like this, when everyone ignored his presence, Naruto didn't end up hurting at the end of day.

Most people hated being lonely, but to Naruto, it was the greatest relief he could have. When he was alone, he could do anything he wanted and nobody cared. Well actually, nobody cared about him in general, but when he was left alone, Naruto was content with himself.

He approached to a convenience store and got two breads and some cheese and four tomatoes. He went to the cashier quickly, careful not to draw anyone's attention, and smiled at the man.

"Good afternoon. How are you today?"

The man didn't even spare a glance at Naruto and kept looking out of the enormous windows of the store.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Naruto left the exact amount on the desk and left the store slowly. He wasn't allowed to buy too many things, so he knew their prices as he knew his own name.

When he started towards his little place he wasn't as lucky as before. A few people noticed him and didn't hide their hateful words from him. Naruto lowered his face and quickened his steps, trying to escape from the crowded streets at once.


He stilled as he heard his name being called.

Smiling heartedly, Naruto entered his favorite ramen stand and greeted the old man. "Good afternoon. How are you today?"

"Good!" The man smiled at Naruto. "How about you?"

"As usual," Said Naruto and shrugged.

They both fell silent after that. Both knew what Naruto's usual included.

"I have hot miso. Do you want some?" Teuchi asked kindly.

"Thank you!" Naruto smiled at the man. "But I already made my shopping, so…"

Again, they both knew what that meant. Naruto rarely got D-rank missions, so he couldn't afford anything easily.

Naruto was a fallen ninja. He was the object of hatred of the whole village. Even the closest to him had turned their back on him. Were they right? Maybe… Naruto hadn't been able keep any of his promises. To bring Sasuke back, to bring peace, to be the Hokage, to be accepted and respected by everyone…

After Pain's attack Naruto had thought the village would appreciate him, but no… He had been thrown into a corner right after that. Because he had showed what kind of a demon he was, how untrustworthy and dangerous he was…

"It's on me," Teuchi said.

Naruto smiled at the one of the few people who was kind to him. "It's alright. I'm not hungry now."

"Hmm," The old man rubbed his chin. "I need to clean the front of the stand but my back's killing me today. Maybe you can help me with it and I offer you some ramen to thank you?"

Naruto smiled at the man softly. "Yeah, of course I'll help you!"

"Then eat before to gain strength!" Teuchi smiled and put a bowl of ramen in front of Naruto.

Smiling happily, Naruto ate his treat quickly and started sweeping the front of the store. He didn't linger with his task, for he knew, nobody would come to the ramen shop as long as he was there.

Bidding goodbye to the old man, Naruto headed towards his little place. Dusk had fallen already and Naruto didn't want to be late any longer. He knew that nights were dangerous. Especially for him.

When he reached his place at the outskirts of town, Naruto wasn't surprised to see new patterns and words on his walls. They included hateful words towards him; like demon, traitor, failure… Some were longer than the others and they hurt Naruto the most; go away, leave our village, die

Sighing shakily, Naruto rubbed his eyes and failed to see the children running past him. He gasped in pain as stones crashed into his back hardly.

The children run off laughing and talking about who hit the demon first.

Naruto moaned softly as he rubbed his back. It was a popular game among children, they loved to test their aiming skills on Naruto. Who had given them the idea, Naruto didn't know. He only knew that children couldn't be blamed for the actions they learned from their elders.

Sighing softly, Naruto leaned down and picked up the tomatoes that he had dropped with the impact of stones. One of them was squashed on one side but Naruto knew, he could easily eat it by cutting the ruined side.

Naruto got in his one roomed house slowly. It was dark inside as always. With his limited budget he had to make choices and he had chosen water over electricity. He could live without lights or heat, but water was important.

Naruto went to his little kitchen and put his food for the upcoming days in the cabinets. He, then, took out a candle and lighted it. Shielding the light with his hand, Naruto went to his bed which was practically in the middle of the house. He put the candle on a drawer beside the bed and climbed on top of it.

Calmly, he opened one of the drawers and took out an old looking dagger. He took off his baggy orange jacket and lifted his black t-shirt.

He frowned as he eyed the various scars and wounds on his body. Some of them looked old, some of them were still red, some of them had been infected, a strange looking white liquid was coming out them and some of them still bled slowly.

Naruto started scratching the wounds slowly and sighed in relief. Their constant itching could be really irritating sometimes.

After he took a relaxed breath, he looked at his arms which were in the same shape as his body. Sighing, Naruto scratched those wounds as well and then grabbed his dagger. A frown settled between his fair brows as he realized there wasn't any more room for him to use.

Puffing out his cheeks, Naruto took off his orange pants and smiled widely as he saw the unmarked, pale skin of his legs.

Without hesitating, Naruto grabbed the dagger again and stood still as he recalled the day's activities. He had been called names by villagers and he had been hit by children and somebody had painted his walls. So, three. Without blinking, Naruto made three cuts on his left thigh and smiled at his achievement.

Naruto knew some people would call him weak for hurting himself like this. They would assume that Naruto was creating physical pain to be able to bear with the pain he felt inside. But it wasn't like that. Not at all.

Naruto was a very forgetful person. He just forgot how people treated him quickly. If he felt the tiniest bit of interest from someone, Naruto put everything aside. So, to remember and not to forget, Naruto counted the bad things other people had done to him in day, and cut himself at nights. This way, when he needed, he looked at his wounds and remembered how ill he had been treated by the people around him.

When Naruto was younger, all he wanted was to gain respect and love from the village he loved dearly. But as he grew up, he realized that one didn't need to work for these things. It was only natural to receive them, but not Naruto. He wasn't worthy of anything…

Sighing yet again, Naruto stood up and wiped away the blood that was tricking down from his leg clumsily. He, then, wore his pajama pants and got under the thick covers of his bed quickly, it was getting chilly in his little home.

With a shaking hand, Naruto reached into his drawer again and got the frame that was standing on it. He looked at the picture and smiled softly. It was the picture of Team 7, with Sakura in the middle, Naruto and Sasuke at her sides while Kakashi leaned over them. But in the frame there were neither Sakura nor Kakashi. They had been cut out, and Sasuke and Naruto had been put beside each other.

"Good night Sasuke," Naruto said softly. "How have you been today?"

Naruto traced Sasuke's face with his fingertips as tears filled his eyes. "I hope you are safe and looking after yourself…"

With shaky hands, Naruto drew the frame closer and kissed Sasuke's face tenderly. Blowing out the candle, Naruto snuggled under his heavy covers, still holding onto the frame tightly.

Naruto walked to the Hokage tower slowly. It was still early for villagers to be up, so Naruto walked without being disturbed this time.

The sun was bright and it reflected on Naruto's pale skin. He wasn't a part of any team anymore and he rarely got missions and he wanted to protect himself from the people, so he mostly spent his time in his little, dark house. Therefore he had lost the tanned skin he once had. But, it didn't disturb Naruto. He had let go of life, nothing disturbed him anymore.

When he entered the tower, he was planning to talk to the Hokage and request a mission. But when he saw Sakura walking up his way with Ino, he stopped suddenly and smiled at her,

"Good morning Sakura-chan. How are you today?"

Sakura glared at him for a moment and then kept her way with her closest friend.

Sakura was the first one to push him away. She was right in doing so, right? Naruto hadn't been able to keep his promise after all…

In a usual day Naruto would disregard it but when he heard them talking about his Sasuke, he just had to follow silently.

"We'll bring him for sure," Sakura was saying. "Tsunade-sama sending such a big party this time!"

"When we're departing?" Ino asked and Sakura answered quickly,

"In two days. Even a few ANBU will accompany us!"

Naruto's heart throbbed painfully. When Naruto was still allowed to look for Sasuke, it was mostly four people but now, a big searching party with ANBU… It was clear what their intent was. Tsunade had never liked Sasuke, she hated him for being such a trouble and it seemed that she had decided to finish Sasuke off completely.

Stupid Sakura. She had no idea what she was getting into. Naruto bit his lips angrily and headed towards the room of the Hokage. He hid himself from the eyes and started waiting. He wasn't sure how long he waited silently but when he saw the Hokage and her two advisors leaving the room, he sneaked inside silently. Immediately, he run into the desk and started searching through numerous cases. After struggling for a while Naruto found the one he was looking. There, Sasuke's assumed whereabouts.

It was all Naruto needed. He left through the window and went to his home to take a few things. He had made up his mind, and everything was clear to him as the day. He left the village he used to call as home without anyone noticing. He didn't look back.

Naruto panted heavily as he walked in the depths of a forest. He had to search through lots of places and he had ended up here finally.

He could feel Sasuke close by and his legs slowed down in anticipation. What would he say? What would he do? It had been years…

Naruto stopped as he reached to a small clearing. It was green and covered with various flowers. There was a river beside it, running lazily. And there Sasuke was.

He stood in the middle of the clearing without moving, his eyes fixed on Naruto.

Naruto gulped hardly as tears filled his eyes. It had been too long since he had last seen his beloved. He was taller now, he had gained weight and muscles and he had his hair longer than Naruto ever remembered. It had been tied back in a high pony-tail and it was reaching to his shoulder blades. His skin was milky as ever, his dark eyes captivating… He was just so beautiful.

Without knowing what to do, Naruto said the first thing that came to his mind,

"Good afternoon Sasuke. H-How are you today?"

"Did you come all the way here to ask me that?" Sasuke asked impassively as he eyed Naruto.

He looked different.

He had lost weight, Sasuke could tell. He looked so small and fragile. His golden hair reached to his shoulders now, very much like his father's, and Sasuke liked it for some reason. He was almost as pale as Sasuke now, and Sasuke wasn't sure what to think of it.

What was most surprising about Naruto was his outfit. He was wearing black shorts and a long sleeved black t-shirt. He had a small backpack on his back, and he didn't have his forehead protector over.

"Oh, n-no," Naruto shook his head quickly.

"Don't you remember what I said to you last time?" Sasuke asked, irritated by the blond's unresponsiveness.

Naruto nodded as he started scratching his left cheek's lowest scar. It already had turned into a wound and now, was bleeding anew. "Y-You will destroy Konoha, a-and kill me first."

Sasuke frowned. "So, why come to me knowing that?"

"A search p-party is after you. They should be here in a few days," Naruto said quickly. "A-And I thought it didn't matter."

Sasuke's frown got deeper as Naruto rolled up one of his sleeves and started scratching the numerous, infected wounds. "What doesn't matter?"

"I die n-now or then," Naruto shrugged and approached Sasuke slowly. "How are you today, Sasuke?"

"I'm fine," Sasuke said slowly.

Naruto smiled heartedly after hearing that. "I am so glad then… C-Can I touch you?"

Eyeing the once his team mate and lover, Sasuke gave a slow nod, wondering about Naruto's intentions.

Smiling hesitantly, Naruto cupped Sasuke's face and rubbed his cheeks with his thumbs. It was as pale and smooth as ever. Naruto slid his hands down, and touched Sasuke's arms. They were perfect as he had ever been. Naruto smiled happily as he took a step backwards away from his love. He had no wounds or scars. Nobody had hurt him. Naruto was ready for real, now.

"Won't you try to stop me?" Sasuke asked as he watched Naruto's, somehow, happy face. "Won't you try to take me back home?"

"Oh, no," Naruto smiled at Sasuke. "I, now, understand that home is where your heart is. There is no home for us there…"

He looked past Sasuke and run into the river side with a huge smile. He kneeled down and put his hands in the cold water in wonder. Then, he wet his bleeding cheek with the cool liquid, which helped to ease the irritation.

Humming to himself, Naruto opened his backpack and took of a stuffed dinosaur and a paper piece, which Sasuke assumed as a photograph. Pushing the bag away, Naruto laid down, facing the river, and pressed the dinosaur and the photograph into his heart.

"It's warm here," Naruto commented. "C-Can you make it quick? I don't want to hurt anymore…"

Swallowing a lump, Sasuke walked up to Naruto.

"Oh Sasuke, can I ask for something?" Naruto looked up to Sasuke with a smile. "Like my last wish?"

Sasuke gave a nod.

Naruto smiled happily. "Can you push me into the water after I die? You know, I don't know how to swim and I always wanted to feel the water around me. I feel like I'll be free…"

Sasuke gave another nod.

"Thank you so much!" Naruto gave Sasuke another bright smile. "I hope you'll achieve all of your goals," He turned to face the river as he heard Sasuke unsheathing his sword. "Good night Sasuke," Naruto clutched the items closer to his chest. "…I love you."

After a moment everything was dark. Dark and peaceful.

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