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Naruto opened his eyes slowly as he felt light caresses over his cheek.

He was lying on his side, while his head rested against Sasuke's bare shoulder. He was holding onto Sasuke's bicep and Sasuke had a hand between Naruto's inner thighs, gripping the soft flesh in his sleep.

Naruto looked up when he felt the caressing again, and smiled lovingly.

Yuudai was sprawled over Sasuke's chest, and he was tracing the birthmarks on Naruto's cheek. His other hand had tangled in Sasuke's hair, and he was holding onto it tightly.

From the slight darkness of the room, Naruto could tell it was very early in the morning. But if you had a child, you had to forget long hours of sleep.

"Morning, baby," Naruto whispered, not wanting to wake Sasuke up.

Yuudai smiled as he realized that Naruto was awake. "Morning!"

Naruto smiled, and kept whispering, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," Yuudai whispered back.

"Good," Naruto smiled softly. "You must be hungry. Wanna prepare breakfast together?"

Yuudai thought for a moment, and then nodded.

"Okay then," Naruto murmured, and carefully untangled himself from Sasuke, and picked Yuudai up, as his son reached for him.

He let Yuudai down once they were out of the bedroom.

"Don't close the door," Yuudai said as Naruto reached for the handle.

"Why not?" Naruto asked softly.

"Daddy will get scared there all alone!" Yuudai said quickly.

Naruto smiled. "Okay, let's leave it like this?" He left the door ajar. "Daddy can hear us when he wakes up."

"Okay," Yuudai nodded.

"Now," Naruto looked around in the kitchen. "Let's find the bathroom first."

"Yes," Yuudai nodded, and held Naruto's hand as they wandered in the silent house.

They found it at the back of the house, near Sakura's room, and they silently got inside. Naruto turned his back when Yuudai peed, and helped him to wash his hands by lifting him up. Then, they both washed their faces, and Naruto went through the drawers and found unused toothbrushes for them. They brushed their teeth, Yuudai doing it under Naruto's close watch, and they left for the kitchen again.

"Hmm," Naruto opened the fridge and looked inside carefully.

"I want pancakes!" Yuudai said quickly. "Pancakes!"

Naruto scratched his cheek. "I don't think Sakura has the needed ingredients."

"Ughh, okay," Yuudai said softly.

If there was a thing Naruto hated, then it was denying his son of the things he liked. Before he could say a thing, they heard a knock on the window, and turned there to see Ryu smiling at them.

"Ryu," Naruto opened the window. "What are you doing here this early?"

"I've been keeping watch Naruto-sama!" Ryu said.

"Were you here all night long?" Naruto asked unbelievingly.

"Yes, my lord!" Ryu nodded quickly.

Naruto sighed softly. "You must be tired."

"No, I'm not!" Ryu said quickly.

Naruto sighed again and then smiled softly. "Okay, how about you go to market and get things for me, and I cook for you two?"

"I'll go too!" Yuudai jumped happily.

"Okay," Naruto said slowly. "But, you have to promise me that you'll be careful."

"We'll!" Both Yuu and Ryu nodded quickly.

"Okay, just let me write the things I need," Naruto looked around for a while, and then found papers and a pen, and quickly wrote down the ingredients he needed.

"Oh, daddy!" Yuudai shouted, and Naruto looked up to see Sasuke leaving the bedroom slowly.

He was rubbing an eye, and his hair was a mess, a gorgeous mess none the less.

"Good morning," He said slowly.

"Good morning!" Yuudai answered happily. "We're going to the market!"

"What for?" Sasuke turned to Naruto.

"Breakfast," Naruto said.

Sasuke nodded, and walked to Ryu. "You did well Ryu, thanks."

"Of course, captain!" Ryu said, happy that he was approved by his captain. "Ah," He held up a bag for Sasuke to take. "You forgot it yesterday."

"Thanks," Sasuke nodded. "If anything happens, just flare your chakra, and I'll be right there."

"Okay, captain. Don't worry, I'll look after Yuu," Ryu smiled.

Sasuke nodded again, and then kneeled before Yuudai, and kissed his chubby cheeks.

Blushing, Yuu planted a kiss upon Sasuke's cheek, and smiled adorningly.

Sasuke smiled back, and then took off money from his legging's pocket, and placed it in Yuudai's white short's pocket. "Get anything you want, okay?"

"Okay," Yuu nodded happily.

Naruto put a piece of paper in the other pocket of Yuudai's. "These are the things I need. Sasuke, do you want anything?"

Sasuke thought for a moment. "Tomato juice?"

Naruto winced. He just didn't get why Sasuke liked that thing.

Yuudai nodded, and squealed happily as Sasuke grabbed his armpits and lifted him up. Sasuke carried Yuudai into the window, and put him to the street through it.

"See you," Sasuke said and waved his hand as Yuudai waved at him wildly.

"Hold Ryu's hand!" Naruto called out after them. "And don't let go! You promised to be careful!"

Naruto stood in front of the window and looked after the two as they walked away. He didn't notice Sasuke leaving the kitchen, and then coming back after a while, looking more presentable.

Naruto squeaked as Sasuke pressed himself against his back, letting him feel his hardness.

"W-What are you doing, teme?" Naruto asked, as Sasuke groped his privates.

"You should know it already, dobe," Sasuke said with a smirk. "It's how we make babies after all."

Naruto's breath hitched as Sasuke started grinding against his ass.

"I love it when you get all motherly with Yuu," Sasuke whispered in Naruto's ear. "It's such a turn on."

Naruto moaned softly. "It's because you're a p-pervert…"

Sasuke smirked, and his hand went to Naruto's baby bump and pressed down there. "You're pregnant, you know what that means, right?"

"No," Naruto moaned in despair. It meant Sasuke wasn't going to leave him alone for the rest of his pregnancy, and probably after that, too.

"Hey, dobe," Sasuke started softly. "Why it took us five years to make another baby? It's not like we're using protection or something."

Naruto thought for a moment. "I guess my body wasn't ready for it. You know, getting my chakra back, losing weight, regaining the balance of my body… It's not easy."

"Thank you, Naruto," Sasuke whispered unexpectedly. "Thank you for everything."

Naruto sighed softly, and then turned around in Sasuke's arms, facing him. "Don't talk nonsense. This is our life, and we create it together."

Naruto smiled at his husband and then kissed him softly. When he broke the kiss he realized something he didn't before. There was a slight mark under Sasuke's left eye. Naruto licked a finger, and then rubbed the soft skin, and looked at his finger. Blood.

He frowned as he looked at Sasuke.

"Don't ask yet," Sasuke murmured.

"I won't," Naruto whispered, and tugged at Sasuke's hand.

Naruto sat down on a chair, and Sasuke settled down on the floor. He wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist, and placed his head over his baby bump, closing his eyes.

They talked softly for a while, telling each other about the things that happened in the time they didn't see each other.

"Do you feel sick often like when you carried Yuu?" Sasuke asked.

"No, this second pregnancy seems to be going easier," Naruto said, caressing Sasuke's hair. "Don't worry, nothing bad will happen this time. Yuji's going to come easily, and he will join our little family."

"And we'll start working on making another one immediately," Sasuke smirked.

"You teme!" Naruto wanted to whack Sasuke on the head when he heard a sound.

They both looked up to see Sakura entering the kitchen.

"Good morning Sakura," Naruto smiled, and Sakura jut nodded in response.

"Good morning, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura gave him a huge smile, but Sasuke wasn't even looking at her way.

Naruto sighed softly and changed the subject. "What's in the bag, Sasuke?"

"I brought spare clothes for you and Yuu," Sasuke said.

"You did?" Naruto exclaimed happily. "Gosh, I love you! I'm itching to take a shower!"

"Hn," Sasuke smirked. "I'll get in with you."

"No, you won't," Naruto said, as he stood up. "We both know that you won't keep your hands to yourself. Besides, I want Yucchan to find one of us here when he comes back."

Sighing, Sasuke nodded, and looked after Naruto as he grabbed the bag, and walked to the bathroom. Sasuke stood up, and walked to the window, and sat down on the edge. In the distance, he could see two figures approaching slowly.

"Sasuke-kun, can we talk for a moment?" Sakura asked as she approached Sasuke.

Sasuke wanted to ignore her like he always did, but he knew she wouldn't leave him alone, so he nodded.

Sakura smiled happily. "Sasuke-kun, I-"

"Stop calling me like that," Sasuke said through clenched teeth. "I'm not a kid."

"O-Okay," Sakura nodded hesitantly, and then took a deep breath. "From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I wanted to be with you. I just knew that I could make the perfect wife for you. I want to be by your side no matter what, and -and I can be a great mother to your children. I just love you so much…"

After a pregnant silence, Sasuke spoke slowly, "Is it over?"

"I-I guess so," Sakura stuttered, taken aback by Sasuke's impassiveness.

"Did I do anything to give you hope?" Sasuke asked, his eyes never leaving the approaching form of his little son.

"N-Not exactly," Sakura said, and then added quickly. "I just know that I'll be good for you! I'll be a mother to your son, and I'll give you beautiful children. You don't have to stick to Naruto anymore!" She nearly shouted and added desperately, "Look at me, and see me for real!"

Sakura's breath hitched in her throat as Sasuke's hand grabbed her throat suddenly.

"You will stop this nonsense," Sasuke hissed. "I have a million things in my mind, and you aren't even the least one," He held her thin neck tighter, and Sakura opened her mouth wide to take a breath in. "I won't tolerate any more of your stupid actions. The only reason you're alive is now that I promised my Naruto that I wouldn't kill you. But, don't ever try my patience…"

The moment Sasuke let go of her, they heard Yuudai's happy shout,

"Daddy, we got lots of things!"

Sasuke smiled. "Get inside and let's see what you got," He glared at Sakura. "Open the door for my son."

Sakura nodded and went to open the door, and soon, Yuudai was walking to the kitchen with Ryu beside him.

"I got daddy a huuuge tomato juice!" Yuudai said happily, and put the plastic bag he was carrying on the floor.

Sasuke smiled softly, and lifted Yuudai up, holding him close. "Thank you so much," He hugged his son tightly, and kissed the soft skin of his neck.

"Who are you?" Sakura asked Ryu, who was studying his surroundings.

"I'm Ryu, Captain Uchiha's apprentice," Ryu bowed his head in greeting.

"Ah, you guys are already back,"

They turned to see Naruto entering the kitchen. He was wearing white from tip to toe, the only color he carried was the Uchiha crest on his back, and his blood red obi. Sasuke thought that it suited him, his lover was the light of his life, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"I think I'll take a shower, too," Sasuke said.

"Me too!" Yuudai said quickly. "Shower with daddy!"

"Okay," Naruto smiled. "And I'll have your breakfast ready by then."

Nodding, Sasuke took the bag from Naruto, and went to bathroom with Yuudai.

"Now, Ryu, go take a nap. I'll wake you up when the breakfast is ready," Naruto said, searching through the bags for the things he needed to make pancakes.

"But, Naruto-sama," Ryu started but Naruto cut him off quickly.

"No buts, do as I say," Naruto said.

"Yes, my lord!" Ryu bowed and went to the living room to take a short nap.

Naruto smiled softly, and then started making pancakes quickly.

"I hope you don't my using us your house like this," Naruto said to Sakura. "But we'll leave after I talk to the Hokage, so we shouldn't be intruding on your privacy anymore."

"T-That's fine," Sakura sad slowly.

When had Naruto become mature like this? Last time Sakura checked Naruto couldn't take responsibility for anyone, but now, he seemed to be carrying the burden of his family, as well as his village. And, it made Sakura wonder, did she change at all? Sasuke and Naruto still left her behind, making her watch their backs, and now their happy lives, too…

Sakura clenched her fists and then spoke quickly, "I'll make an omelette for Sasuke."

Naruto blinked quickly. "But, Sasuke doesn't-"

"I said, I'll!" Sakura said, glaring at Naruto.

Naruto only shrugged and kept making pancakes.

Soon, Sasuke appeared with Yuudai in his arms. The child was wrapped in a fluffy towel, and water was dripping from his hair.

As soon as Sasuke put Yuudai down, the child dropped his towel, and started running around naked. Sasuke smiled softly as Naruto started chasing after their son. Yuudai giggled happily as Naruto caught him, and kissed his soft, wet skin.

"I caught a fish!" Naruto said as he put Yuudai on a chair, and started drying Yuudai as Sasuke handed him the towel.

"My cotton candy," Smiling, Naruto kissed Yuudai's nose, and stated dressing him. "What I said about running around naked?"

"I might catch a cold," Yuudai said, and lifted his arms as Naruto dressed him a long sleeved black shirt.

"What else?" Naruto asked as he helped Yuu to wear a pair of white shorts.

"I shouldn't let people see my body, because they may not be friendly," Yuudai said.

"And?" Naruto pressed on, wanting to make sure Yuudai understood his point.

"Nobody can touch me if I don't want it," Yuudai said, as Naruto brushed his damp hair. "Only mommy and daddy wants the best for me."

"That's totally true baby," Naruto smiled, and kissed his son's forehead. "Now wake Ryu up for me, and we'll have breakfast."

"Okay!" Nodding, Yuudai went to wake Ryu up, and soon they were seated around the table to have breakfast.

"This is for you, Sasuke," Sakura put her omelette in front of Sasuke with a soft blush.

Sasuke winced distastefully. "I hate eggs."

Rolling his eyes at Sasuke's grumpiness, Naruto put a bowl of salad in front of Sasuke, and turned to help Yuudai with cutting his pancakes. He had tried to warn her. Sasuke only ate salad in the mornings.

After finishing the breakfast, they all left the house.

"So, I need to see the Hokage," Naruto said, not wanting to leave his family's side.

"I'll take Yuu with me," Sasuke said, and held his son's hand. "Ryu, go with your lord."

"Yes, captain!" Ryu nodded, and stood by Naruto's side.

"Let me know if anything happens, I'll come at once," Sasuke said.

Nodding, Naruto leaned over and kissed Yuudai's forehead. "Mommy will miss you, baby…"

"I'll miss you too," Yuudai said softly, caressing Naruto's cheek.

"Hn, dobe, cut the crap and finish your job," Sasuke said, irritated. "I want to go back to the village."

"Yes, teme, yes," Naruto sighed and kissed the corner of Sasuke's mouth. "I'll miss you, too."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but wrapped an arm around Naruto's waist, and held him against his chest. "It's pregnant hormones talking, right?"

Naruto shrugged and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, burying his face in his shoulder.

"Mommy is sad?" Yuudai asked Sasuke softly.

"No, son," Sasuke reassured his son. "It's because your mom's carrying your brother, he's a bit emotional. He was like this too, when he was carrying you."

"Okay," Yuudai nodded, and Sasuke wasn't sure if he understood the matter or not.


They looked up to see Hinata standing there with a blush on her cheeks. She had her son with him, who was looking at Yuudai closely.

Yuudai frowned and then wrapped his arms around Sasuke's leg. Sasuke looked down, and tangled his fingers in his son's unruly hair.

"This is my daddy!" Yuudai said suddenly. "See, he came to take us home!"

Sasuke frowned. "Is there something wrong, Yuu?"

"No…" Yuudai said and then added softly, "Not when you're here."

"Alright," Sasuke nodded and frowned as Neji appeared behind Hinata.

"Uchiha," Neji greeted with a glare.

"Hyuuga," Sasuke spat.

"Let's get on our ways, okay?" Naruto said quickly, feeling the tension in the air. "Come on Sasuke," Naruto urged Sasuke to move.

Sighing, Sasuke turned his back and started walking the opposite way. He looked up after a while, and then nodded, his hidden ninja going after their lord like shadows.

"Can I come with you, too?" Sakura asked sweetly.

Sasuke didn't give a response, but she was already following after them.

"Your mom told me that you used fireball jutsu, and protected him and your brother," Sasuke said, a proud smirk on his handsome face.

Yuudai blushed and then nodded quickly.

"Wanna show it to me?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes!" Yuudai smiled.

"I know the perfect place," Sasuke said and led the way.

Soon, they reached a small lake with a shiny surface. There was a short dock over the water, but it looked old, like nobody had come there for years.

Sasuke sighed softly. This was the exact place where he had showed his father his fireball jutsu. This was the place he used to come after losing his clan. This was the place he sulked when they had a fight with Naruto.

"Here," Sasuke kneeled behind his son. "Face the lake, so you won't hurt anybody."

Yuudai nodded, and then gulped. Taking a deep breath, he formed his hand seals. He filled his chest with air and then blew out as strong as he could.

Red flames covered the lake, and changed its color for a while, and then disappeared as quick as they had come.

Taking a shaky breath, Yuudai turned to Sasuke, and looked at him with his big, dark eyes.

Sasuke smiled at his son. It was a smile that a father would show when he was proud of his child's achievement.

"That's my son," Sasuke said, his smile never leaving his face. "I'm proud of you… It was totally perfect."

Sasuke took a moment to check Yuudai's face and fingers. He sighed in relief as he found no burns. He could remember that he had hurt himself more than once when he was learning this jutsu.

Yuudai blushed furiously. "I-I want to be like daddy."

"You'll be even better than me," Sasuke breathed and kissed his son's forehead.

Smiling shyly, Yuudai hugged Sasuke, who held him tight in return, and they stayed like that, till Sasuke ruined the silence.

"I think you deserve a reward for this," Sasuke said.

Yuudai smiled widely. "Ice cream?"

"Ice cream," Sasuke nodded, and then chuckled as Yuudai hugged him again.

"But, mommy doesn't let us eat ice cream yet," Yuudai said softly.

"Well, it's a secret between you and me, okay?" Sasuke asked, and Yuudai nodded wildly.

They started walking back hand in hand, and suddenly, Sasuke grabbed Yuudai from his armpits, and lifted him up, and placed him over his shoulders.

Yuudai giggled merrily, and started watching around, noticing the pink haired woman walking beside his father.

"Daddy," Yuudai started suddenly. "When will I get my sharingan?"

"It changes from person to person," Sasuke explained slowly. "Usually your strong emotions trigger it. So, you'll have to wait and see."

Yuudai nodded. "When did you get yours?"

Sasuke smiled softly. "I got mine when I was thirteen. I was trying to protect your mom."

"Oh," Yuudai nodded. "Your precious person!"

Sasuke smiled again. "That's right…"

Sasuke stopped in front of a convenience store, and let Yuudai down, letting him choose the ice cream he wanted.

"Soon, your brother will join us to have some ice cream," Sasuke said as he paid to the store owner.

Yuudai got silent after that, and then called out in a tiny voice, "Daddy?"

Sasuke frowned, and kneeled before his son. "What's wrong?"

"W-Will you love my brother more than me?" Yuudai asked softly.

Sasuke's eyes widened. He had never thought that Yuudai might feel insecure about having a sibling. It was stupid of him, Yuudai was only a five year old child.

"Look at me," Sasuke started seriously. "Never, never think like that again. You may have more siblings in the future, but you'll be the only Yuudai we have. You're special, our first son… You have your unchangeable place in our hearts. And when your brother comes, our hearts will get bigger, so we can place him in there too. You'll never be loved less," Sasuke said, brushing Yuu's hair. "Before you came, your mom and me only had each other, and loved each other. But after you came, we kept loving the other while we loved you too. Do you think I love your mom less because I have you in my heart?"

"No!" Yuudai shook his head wildly.

"Do you love me less because you love your mom?" Sasuke asked.

"No, no!" Yuudai nearly shouted.

"See," Sasuke smiled softly. "It'll be like this with your brother too… And I'm sure your brother will adore you."

"R-Really?" Yuudai asked softly.

"Yes, really!" Sasuke smiled. "You and your brother will be just like me and your uncle."

Yuudai nodded happily. His father showed him his memories through genjutsu sometimes, so he knew what kind of a man, and brother his uncle was.

"Now, let's eat our ice creams before they melt," Sasuke said and then broke the ice cream in two, and handed Yuudai a piece, while he held the other one.

Yuudai held the stick of the ice cream, and smiled happily as Sasuke placed him on his shoulders again.

They were silent for a few more minutes, Sakura still walking beside them silently. She was really surprised with the way Sasuke handled his son.

"Daddy?" Yuudai called out again.

"Yeah?" Sasuke responded as he threw the stick in a bin.

"How did my brother get in mommy's stomach?" Yuudai asked with his childish innocence.

Sasuke stopped suddenly, and then chuckled nervously.

Wondering how Sasuke would respond, Sakura moved closer.

"You know that I love your mom so much, right?" Sasuke started slowly, and Yuudai nodded quickly. "Sometimes, my love is so big that I can't carry it alone, and I lend some of it to your mom," Sasuke explained as well as he could without scarring his son. "I place my love in your mom, and it changes shape in time. So, first it became you, now your brother…"

"So, we were in you before?" Yuudai asked, blinking quickly.

"That's right," Sasuke nodded.

Yuudai smiled happily, satisfied with the answer he got. He leaned over, and kissed Sasuke's flawless cheek. "Can I put my love in daddy, too?

"I already carry it inside," Sasuke smiled softly. "Don't worry."

They walked around for some more time. Sasuke took Yuudai to a playground, the same one he met Naruto twenty years ago. He sat down on a bench, Sakura on his tail, and watched his son play around with other kids. At least children weren't like their parents, so Yuudai didn't have any problems with making a few friends.

Yuudai went back to Sasuke when he was tired, and demanded to be taken in Sasuke's lap. Sasuke did so, and his son cuddled against his chest immediately, and started glaring at Sakura.

He didn't like this woman. She was ruining his special time with his father.

If it was Naruto, he would tell Yuudai to stop glaring, but Sasuke didn't mind. Not at all.

"Are you sleepy?" Sasuke asked. "I think it's your nap time."

Yuudai nodded slowly. "I'm hungry, too."

"Let's go and get your mom," Sasuke stood up with Yuu in his arms, letting him use his shoulder as a pillow. "Then we'll eat something, and then take a nap together."

"Okay," Yuudai mumbled, and didn't fight his eyes anymore.

Sasuke started walking towards the hokage tower slowly, his free hand rubbing his son's back.

"You've changed a lot," Sakura said after a while.

Sasuke frowned. "I didn't. You don't know me at all."


Sasuke smiled softly as he saw Naruto walking up to him quickly.

"Hn, dobe, don't be so loud," Sasuke said.

"Shut up, bastard!" Naruto cried, and then his eyes softened immediately. "Ohh, he's sleeping?"

Sasuke nodded.

"My baby," Naruto caressed Yuudai's back slowly. "We'll go back tomorrow morning, I don't want Yucchan feel unsettled anymore."

"Yes," Sasuke nodded. "How did it go?"

Naruto smiled softly, and then shrugged. "Fine, I guess… Konoha won't be a problem for us anymore, and we talked with Tsunade on private matters. I now know that a hokage is nothing but a tool to his people," Naruto sighed, and then smiled, "Anyway, I'm kind of hungry, and I crave for some ramen."

Sasuke nodded. "Where is Ryu?"

"I sent him to rest properly," Naruto waved a hand, and then smiled at Sakura. "Oh, hi Sakura!"

Before Sakura could give a response, a medic run to her side. "Sakura-san, it's an emergency!"

"What is it?" Sakura asked.

"We're not sure," The young medic panted. "Hundreds of villagers has been brought to the hospital. They're in coma state, but there is actually nothing wrong with them! Hokage summoned all of her medics to help."

Sakura nodded, and with one last glance to the Uchiha couple, she run into the hospital.

Naruto breathed slowly, and then held Sasuke's hand. He gazed at Sasuke's stoic face for a few moments, and then they took the way of Ichiraku's.

Neji walked into the Hyuuga district after a long, tiring day. It was already dark, and the lights were lit in the houses.

When Neji started walking down the street to the main house, the first thing he noticed was the silence, and the stillness of the whole place.

Frowning, he quickened his steps, and then came to a sudden halt with the sight greeted him.

His clan members, his kinsmen, his family… They were all lying down on the ground, lifeless. The streets were washed with blood, and it seemed that there wasn't even a soul that was breathing.

Neji couldn't breathe for a moment, and then his feet started moving, and without realizing, he was running at top speed to the main house.

"Rin! Hinata!"

He entered his house, and started running from one door to other, looking for his family. He slowed down in front of the last door. It was silent and dark in the house, and for the first time in his life, Neji found himself fearing the darkness.

With a shaky hand, he grasped the door handle, and pushed it open. It was even darker inside, and Neji took a moment adjust to it, and when he did, he fell onto his knees heavily.

His son was lying in the middle of a pool of blood, and his lifeless eyes were staring at him. Over him, Hinata was lying without moving. Her long, raven hair was soaked in blood.

Neji reached out to touch them, but all he could feel was coldness.

A sob left his, and then his cry of agony echoed through the silent walls.

Sasuke walked silently under the cover of darkness. He created a few more clones, and watched them scatter around.

Quickly, he entered a house, and cast his genjutsu upon the unsuspecting villager. He left as quick as he came, and started moving onto a different place.

He stopped suddenly as he felt a familiar presence. "Kakashi."

Kakashi walked lazily to Sasuke. "The moment I saw the villagers at the hospital, I knew what it was. Tsukuyomi."

Sasuke didn't speak.

"Don't you think it's too much?" Kakashi asked calmly.

"It's less than what they deserve," Sasuke responded calmly.

"What you show them?" Kakashi asked.

"What I had to see," Sasuke said. "What Naruto had to live through."

Kakashi nodded. He didn't approve of this, but he somehow understood Sasuke's actions. Naruto and Sasuke were once his students, and he knew Sasuke was right by being angry.

"Go home, Kakashi," Sasuke said slowly. "I once promised Naruto that I wouldn't hurt Iruka. I don't intent on going back on my word."

Kakashi let out a deep sigh, and then disappeared in the darkness.

Sasuke walked down the street slowly and saw a pale light coming from the hokage tower. He walked there carefully, and entered the hokage's room slowly.

Tsunade was sitting by her table. She was resting her head in a palm while the other held her sake cup tightly.

"Finally came for me?" She asked carelessly.

Sasuke didn't respond.

"Bastard," Tsunade cursed under her breath. "What's going to happen to my villagers?"

"If they are strong enough, they will survive," Sasuke explained calmly. "If not, their spirits will get broken, and they will live in the world I created for them."

"Fucking Kakashi took a week to recover from Itachi's tsukuyomi," Tsunade said slowly. "So, what now?"

Sasuke regarded her with a cold look for a while, and then spoke slowly, "You're already in hell…"

Tsunade's eyes widened.

"You lost your family," Sasuke said impassively. "You lost your brother, you lost your lover, you lost your friends… The only one left for you was Naruto, and you lost him by not being with him when he needed you. You lost Naruto to me… Keep living your life all alone, keep dying every second. I won't let you see his face ever again…"

With that Sasuke left the room. He could hear glass shattering, he didn't look back.

"We are going home," Yuudai was singing a song he made up as he was wore his white short with the help of his mother.

Naruto smiled at his son's happiness and then stood up. "Do you think we took everything?"

"Yes!" Yuu nodded. "Iruka-sensei brought our bags!"

"Alright," Naruto smiled again.

They were at Sakura's kitchen, and they had a silent Iruka and angry Sakura along with them.

"Now," Naruto handed the sandwich he made for Yuu to his small hands. "Eat your breakfast, and I'll wake your daddy up, okay?"

Yuudai nodded happily, and Naruto entered the guest room.

Sasuke was sleeping silently under the covers. He had left them last night again, like he did before, but this time, he had found Naruto waiting for him when he returned.

They had talked, argued a bit, and then sorted things out, and now it was time to leave for their home.

"Sasuke," Naruto called out softly, and climbed on the bed beside his husband. "Come on love, you have to wake up now…"

Leaning over, Naruto kissed Sasuke's bare shoulder blades, and then laid his head over his back.

"Come on, Sasuke," Naruto said again, and rubbed Sasuke's side.

Sasuke growled and then opened his eyes slowly and came face to face with Naruto's hugely smiling face.

"Morning," Naruto whispered and then kissed Sasuke's lips softly. "Get ready, okay? We're waiting for you."

Sasuke nodded slowly, and get up as Naruto left the room. In ten minutes, he was ready to go.

"Let's get going then," He said, and Yuudai nodded happily.

When Sasuke moved to leave after his family, a hand grabbed his wrist and he looked back to see Sakura's bloodshot eyes.

"You don't have to go," Sakura said softly. "You could stay here with me…"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, and then turning around, he faced Sakura.

"Hope you survive this," He murmured. "I would love to see your reaction afterwards, but well…"

Sasuke shrugged, and then his mangekyou sharingan met with Sakura's wide eyes.

Sakura sucked in a deep breath, and then fell onto her knees, crying silently.

Without sparing a glance at her, Sasuke left the house, and found Naruto waiting for him at the door.

"What did you show her?" Naruto asked, and they easily held hands and started walking after Iruka and Yuudai.

"Us," Sasuke said simply.

Naruto sighed but didn't comment.

They met with all of their shinobi at the entrance of the village.

"Is everybody here?" Naruto asked loudly.

"Yes, my lord!" Their strong voices echoed in the silent village.

Naruto smiled. "Thank you so much for coming to rescue me, and Yucchan. After we turn back to the village, I'll reward you guys with anything you want!"

"Apple pie!"

Somebody in the crowd shouted, and Naruto had high suspects that it was Ryu, though he didn't say a word, and smiled.

"Apple pie, then," Naruto said happily. "We'll have an apple themed party, and everything will be made with apples. You can even dress as an apple!"

Everybody laughed, and the only one who seemed to cheer was Yuudai.

"I want to be a red apple!" Yuudai said, jumping up and down.

There was a chorus of laughter again, and Naruto couldn't help his soft laughter.

"Alright," Naruto smiled. "It'll be fun, and we won't invite this bastard!"

Naruto started poking Sasuke's cheek, trying to get a reaction from him.

Naruto knew that Sasuke wouldn't be satisfied till he made Konoha pay in a way, and genjutsu seemed to be the best option. Naruto still didn't approve of it, but he knew, Sasuke needed to do what he did, otherwise he would never be able to move on. Besides, Naruto knew, Sasuke didn't hurt all of the villagers. He mostly punished the ones he remembered of giving a hard time for Naruto, and badmouthing about Itachi and his clan, and calling Sasuke and Naruto traitors. Sasuke had demanded Naruto to tell him who exactly hurt him in the past, and Naruto had refused, and Sasuke had settled for the ones he remembered. So, Naruto wasn't going to disturb Sasuke about this more than he already did.

"Cut it," Sasuke hissed, but made no attempt to stop Naruto's fingers.

Iruka laughed softly. "You used to fight like a dog and cat. But, it seems Sasuke has matured enough to not to respond to you."

"It's not like that at all, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto cried. "This bastard won't raise a finger against me even if he dies of annoyance."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, and Iruka raised an eyebrow.

"I can't hurt the mother of my children," Sasuke said softly.

"There he goes about it again!" Naruto exclaimed and then smiled lazily. "But, it's kind of sweet, isn't it?"

Iruka laughed again. "Yes, I think so."

Naruto smiled again, and then sighed softly. "It's time to go now."

Iruka's smile dropped immediately.

Seeing the sadness in his former teacher's eyes, Naruto walked to Iruka and hugged him tightly. Iruka hugged back, pushing back his tears.

"I've just found you, and you're going again," Iruka whispered.

"I'm sorry, Iruka-sensei," Naruto said softly. "Why don't you come with us? I know that we can make you happy in the Sound!"

"Dobe, he can't leave just like that," Sasuke said as he folded his arms. "Besides Kakashi wouldn't let him."

"Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto blinked. "Why?"

"You, wife, are the most stupid thing alive," Sasuke said, an eye twitching.

"Uhmm, Kakashi and I are together, Naruto," Iruka said, blushing deeply.

"Oh, wow," Naruto rubbed the back of his head with a grin. "That's wonderful!"

"Isn't it?" Kakashi approached them slowly, and he wasn't alone. Tsunade was following after him along with Shikamaru, the only one Sasuke didn't go after.

Naruto smiled. "Then I say you visit us whenever you're free!"

"That sounds good," Nodding, Iruka smiled happily.

Naruto smiled softly and then walked to Tsunade.

They talked in hushed voices for a while, occasionally Naruto was nodding, and then they ended up hugging each other.

Sasuke didn't question Naruto as the blond joined his side, and they left the village slowly, with Naruto waving at Iruka frantically.

"Ohh, daddy, mommy, look!" Yuudai drew their attention after a while.

He was holding a puppy in his arms, and he had a huge smile on his face.

"It's so cute," Naruto said and kneeled beside his son, caressing the pup.

"Can we take it with us, please?" Yuudai pleaded softly.

"But, baby," Naruto took his son in his arms. "I'm sure it has a mommy somewhere… If somebody came and took you away, I would cry too much."

Sasuke was watching the two interact easily. Naruto was always good at making the things easy in a way their son would understand.

"Yes," Yuudai nodded and let the pup go.

He sulked for a while, but then forgot about it, and started walking ahead with the Sound shinobi.

Naruto and Sasuke stayed back, and they held hands as they walked lazily.

"I think I need a long holiday," Naruto said, rubbing his stomach.

"Yeah," Sasuke agreed and thought for a while. "I'll take you to hot springs."

"Really?" Naruto exclaimed happily.

"Yes dobe," Sasuke nodded and then added with a playful smirk, "I hope you'll give me some attention then. You need to fulfill your wifely duties after all…"

Naruto chuckled, it had been a long time that he let Sasuke call him wife. He thought it didn't matter, they were married and that was about it.

"I already fulfilled my wifely duties," Naruto said with a smile. "I gave you a beautiful son, and I'm bearing another one. So, it's your turn to fulfill your husbandly duties, and please me."

"Is that so?" Sasuke smirked and then whispered in Naruto's ear. "You can trust me on pleasing you just the way you like."

Naruto blushed, and then gave Sasuke a quick kiss. "Then I leave the matter to your hands, Captain."

Smirking, Sasuke bowed down deeply. "As you wish, my lord."

Naruto laughed softly, and then tugged at Sasuke's long hair.

Sasuke hissed. "Stop it, usuratonkachi."

Naruto smiled mischievously. "Make me, teme."

Naruto started laughing merrily, as he run ahead to catch up to the party, Sasuke following behind him closely.

Even after years and years, even after fighting, trying to kill each other, even after running away, and chasing after the other, even after getting married and having children, this was all about them.

Just Sasuke and Naruto.

Just them, and their love.

And so, it ends.

Why I decided to write this story? Because there are lots of fics out there and they are always about Sasuke going back to the village for Naruto, so I wanted to change the things here. And when I read fics, I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack, because there are always problems between Sasuke and Naruto. So, I wanted to write a fic that Sasuke and Naruto would be together no matter what.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading, faving, and reviewing this story, it means a lot! And for the last time, please leave a review, and tell me what you tought of the story. Thank you again!