Tsuna had been pretty sure of the fact that with the Ring Battles now over, he wouldn't be running into the Varia again anytime soon. Yamamoto and Gokudera hadn't been at school today, each tending to their own injuries received during their respective fights, leaving Tsuna to walk home alone for once. It was peaceful, but it didn't compare to the fun he had when they all left school together.

When the brunet had gotten halfway home, walking through the busy streets of Namimori, he stared at the ground, deep in thought about what was going to happen now that the Vongola had won the Ring Battles. He wasn't sure he wanted to go through with this at all, but what choice did he have now that he knew someone like Xanxus could be in charge? At least Tsuna would have decency about the job.

As Tsuna got closer to the pedestrian lights, he looked up. He wasn't expecting much, just curious about if someone was already waiting and hit the button; it was always a convenience when the green man started flashing just as you got to the crossing. Though he didn't see anyone at the lights, what he did see was a familiar head of blond standing at the edge of the road, nowhere near a safe and legal crossing, seemingly so caught up in their own little world, they hadn't even noticed the steady stream of cars that weren't going to let him cross safely any time soon.

Something wasn't right about the situation, Tsuna felt. It seemed as if the blond had barely any awareness of what was happening around him, and he was far too close to all those cars, and –


"Belphegor!" Tsuna jumped forward, grabbing the Varia Storm and pulling him out of the way of the car he had just stepped in front of. The brunet flinched as the car whizzed by, only just having missed them both.

"Huh...?" Bel frowned as he pulled his arm out of the other's grip, tilting his head to the side. Beneath his long blond bangs, his hazy eyes blinked in confusion. "...?"

"Are you okay, Belphegor?" Tsuna backed away from the other, putting distance between them; this same blond was the one who had almost killed Gokudera during the Ring Battles, and the Vongola Decimo wasn't sure he'd ever get over it.

"..." It took a few seconds for Bel to nod, as if he had had trouble understanding the question. When he spoke, it was in a dazed voice. "I was just... going for a walk..."

Tsuna didn't know anything about Bel apart from what Reborn had told him, so why did this feel as if it wasn't normal behaviour for the blond? Why did it feel as if something was completely wrong with this situation and it shouldn't be this way? "You almost got hit by a car..."

"I did?" Bel just shrugged, seemingly okay with what had almost happened. "Oh..."

"Where were you going, anyway?" Tsuna didn't want to leave Bel out here alone; he was sure that if he did so, the other was going to get hurt – he may not be friends with the older teenager, or even like him all that much, but it wasn't in his nature to leave someone like this.

Bel shrugged again, speaking in a distant tone. "Dunno..."

Tsuna sighed, approaching the taller male warily. He reached out, watching the other in case Bel decided to lash out at him, before he eventually placed a hand on the older male's shoulder. "Maybe you should come home with me..."

"Why?" Bel didn't seem resistant; he followed when Tsuna started walking.

"It's... better than being out here alone, isn't it?"

"I like being alone." Somehow, Tsuna felt as if those words were a lie. "...I'll go with you anyway, I guess..."

Tsuna nodded, leaving the other to walk beside him. Neither of them spoke during their walk, but Tsuna had pulled the other out of harm's way several more times. He wasn't sure what was going on in Prince the Ripper's head, but something told him it wasn't good.


When Tsuna had ushered Bel into his room just fifteen minutes later, he was surprised to find the other suddenly tensing and refusing to go any further than past the doorway. The brunet didn't know why this was, but it seemed Reborn had a pretty good idea.

"Belphegor, you –"

"- Leave him be, Tsuna." The Arcobaleno had been sitting in his chair, sipping away at a cup of tea. He was regarding the two teenagers with an air of understanding, and Tsuna could only wonder what the baby knew this time. "Varia members don't trust easily; it could be their downfall."

Tsuna frowned before he nodded, pulling his hands from the blond he had been attempting to tug further into the room, instead moving to sit on his bed. He looked at Bel, and then down at Reborn, not sure what to do now that Bel was here; he simply hadn't wanted for the older male to get hit by a car or anything of that sort – he hadn't thought so far ahead as to what to do now. "U-umm..."

Bel's head was ducked, standing still. He probably felt as awkward as Tsuna did, and the Vongola Sky was kicking himself for having not considered this.

"Belphegor, would you like some tea?" Reborn glanced over to Tsuna as he addressed the blond, knowing he'd question why there was a Varia member in the house later – it wasn't like Tsuna to be bringing random people home with him, much less ones who had attempted to murder him and his friends previously.

Bel didn't reply; he instead just frowned, so lost in his own thoughts, he had completely zoned out again.

"Reborn..." Tsuna sighed as he moved to kneel by his tutor's side. He whispered, "I think something's wrong with him... He almost got hit by a car before I pulled him away..."

"Hmm..." Tiny fingers reached up to pat Leon's back as Reborn thought about these words, going over every little thing he had ever known about Belphegor. "He's certainly not in his 'Prince the Ripper' mode. I haven't heard anything about him having a second mood, either; he's either normal or psychotic, and this is neither."

"I know..." Tsuna sighed. "I just... didn't want him to get hurt..."

"Leave him be. I'll come back soon." Reborn stood up from his chair, walking over to the window. He jumped up, leaving the house quickly.

Tsuna just frowned, not sure how he felt about being alone with Belphegor; he had wanted the baby to stay with him, confident that he would at least be safe with Reborn by his side. Now... Now he'd probably stand no chance if the blond decided to attack.

This really was a bad idea, wasn't it...?

With a sigh, the student moved over to his TV and turned his gaming system on, hoping to distract himself from the thoughts that were plaguing him; it wouldn't do to stress like this because there wasn't a guarantee Bel would snap, anyway.

Tsuna busied himself with focusing on videogames, and once he had started relaxing, he felt more confident that Bel would keep to himself, too. In fact, once he turned around to see what his guest was doing, he was surprised to find the blond curled up on the hardwood floor, seemingly fast asleep.

"Well... At least he won't be bothering me any time soon..." Tsuna turned back to the TV, finally relaxing completely.


"No-Good Tsuna, we're back."

Tsuna jumped as his bedroom door slammed against the wall, his eyes wide as he looked over to Bel; he hoped with all his being the blond's sleep hadn't been disturbed, because who knew how that would turn out?

"R-reborn!" Tsuna raised a finger to his lips, trying to shush the Arcobaleno before he woke the sleeping Varia member. "Shh!"

"Oh, he won't wake."

Tsuna blinked at the semi-familiar voice. He looked further behind Reborn, finding the Varia Mist floating behind his tutor. The Mist Arcobaleno seemed as calm as ever, seemingly watching him.

"He's used to Squalo slamming doors and breaking stuff; it's just another day for him."

"V-viper?!" Tsuna looked accusingly at Reborn, wondering what had possessed the other to bring more Varia members to his home – one was bad enough, and the last thing he wanted was for Xanxus to pay him a visit.

"It's Mammon." The Arcobaleno floated over to the Bel before she dropped to the ground, reaching out to pat the blond's cheek. "Bel. Wake up."

It took a minute for the Storm Guardian to stir, but once he had sat up and regained his bearings, he pulled the baby onto his lap, hugging her tight to him.

"Mammy..." The blond's voice was slurred with sleep, but he was coherent enough to know what was going on. "Are we goin' back...?"

"Yes." Mammon was placid as she was carried by her comrade in a rather odd fashion, almost as if she was used to this. "Do you remember where to go?"

"..." Bel sighed, shaking his head. He muttered, in a tone full of defeat, "Wasn't paying attention... Don't know where I am..."

"I thought as much. You'd better pay me for this, Bel."

Bel had gotten to his feet and left the room without so much as a glance towards Reborn and Tsuna, almost as if he hadn't even noticed they were there.

Tsuna turned to Reborn at this, a frown on his face. "You knew Belphegor was lost? That's why you brought Viper back?"

"Even a genius is going to get lost if they're not aware of their surroundings." Reborn shrugged. "Just be glad I didn't bring Squalo back with me, No-Good Tsuna."

Tsuna truly was grateful for that as he didn't think he could handle the swordsman being in his room without having a heart attack. He just sighed, hoping that now with someone there to keep an eye on him, Belphegor would at least get back to his group safely.

But what had been wrong with him in the first place? Was he alright? Or was there something more to his peculiar behaviour?

Sometimes Tsuna felt he was too nice for his own good.