Hey everyone I deleted my other story so I can make this one and I think it will be funny but I have no clue so I just put my 2 favourite things in cause I thought it would be fun so it will be funny I hope so hope you all enjoy! oh and the ponies are Equestria girls

DERPY! Yelled Rainbow dash. Your doing it all wrong your not supposed to make Rain cloud in the air its supposed to make clouds. White clouds. explained Rainbow Dash. Im sorry Dash im just so happy 2 of the avengers are coming to Canterlot high to meet us! said Derpy. But there only meeting us. said Rainbow. So I cant tell anyone.. OMG A MUFFIN! Said Derpy. Derpy and her muffins. said Rainbow dash

( At the house of the avengers)

Dude lets just go. said Haukguy. A soldier will not rush. There is time. said Captain America. Come on were going to a High school with well girls right. said Haukguy. Yes Haukguy there are girls there. said Captain America. YES! Said Haukguy. But were only meeting 2 students and they both might be boys. said Captain America.

But they both might be girls. said Haukguy. Lets just go and see. said Captain America (At Canterlot High)

Where are they! said Derpy Rainbow just stood there just thinking that there should be muffins with her. Were here! said Haukguy. Are you Rainbow Dash and Derpy Hooves. said Captain America. Yep. I am Rainbow and that one is Derpy. said Rainbow. Told you they would be girls. said Haukguy. Rainbow and Derpy looked at him without a word. MUFFINS!Yelled Derpy. Oh, there are the muffins. said Rainbow. Muffins. said Captain America. She loves muffins so if she spots one and she better get it. said Rainbow dash. I see. said Captain America. Ok, lets get to know each other. said Haukguy

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