Xander Cage stormed through the halls of the NSA offices and into the office of Augustus Gibbons. He glared at the black man sitting behind the desk that calmly looked up at him.

            "I can not believe you would do this to me," he snapped angrily as he sat down in a chair.

            "And what exactly did I do to you Mr. Cage?" he asked placing the pen he was using on the stack of papers in front of him.

            "You keep sticking me with these dumb ass agents as partners. I told you before; I don't work well with partners."

            "You worked beautifully with Samine," Gibbons pointed out.

            "Yeah well she wasn't like these agents you keep sticking me with. They preach that everything must be by the book. Samine didn't care how it was done just that it was done," he said rubbing his hand over his bald head.

            "How would you like to work with her again?"

            "What are you talking about Gibbons? She retired from the NSA after that mission we worked on together," Xander said giving Gibbons a look.

            "True. But there's a case that we need her expertise on. We're thinking of bringing her back on."

            "I don't think she's going to go for that Gibbons. Once she sets her mind on something, it ain't going to change much," Xander replied watching as Gibbons stood up and walked around the desk.

            "Oh I think she'll want to work this case. Call it a hunch. But you're going to be the one to go and get her," Gibbons said leaning against the desk in front of Xander.

            "Look Gibbons I know you don't like me very much but what you're asking will get me killed. Samine will cut me up piece by piece if I ask her to come back to her NSA," Xander protested knowing how pissed off Samine would be.

            "Not exactly. She'll kill any other agent we send after her. She'll think twice about killing you. I remember that kiss she gave you on her last mission. Before she says no give her this file," Gibbons said reaching for a file behind him and handed it to Xander.

            He opened the file and scanned the information before looking up at Gibbons.

            "Seem like you've got everything set, but one major problem. We don't know where she is. You said it yourself: If she doesn't want to be found she won't be."

            "We have a small lead on her. She's in Australia somewhere, you have to find exactly where though. And convince her to come back to work this case for us," Gibbons said and pushed away from his desk.

            "And convince her to not beat me all the way back to the U.S. Alright, I'm off to Australia then."

            It took Xander two solid weeks to find a fresh lead that could turn out to be Samine. The descriptions he kept hearing seemed to point to Samine but he knew he was grasping at straws. The place he was given directions to was a small ranch on the outskirts of Melbourne were a young woman trained horses. Something was telling him that it might be Samine and he always listened to his intuition. Stopping the jeep beside the truck he looked around the small ranch and saw a lone figure in the ring with a horse. He walked up to the fence and propped his arms on the top rail and watched the person. One of her hands was tightly gripping the rope stretching to the horse and the other held a long lounging whip which snapped in the air occasionally. Her jeans hung loosely on her hips and her white tank top was stained with sweat, dirt, and a little blood which Xander noticed. She wore a pair of silver wraparound sunglasses which concealed the blue eyes that were focused solely on the horse. She called out a command and the horse stopped immediately and watched as she walked up to the horse.

            "How have you been doing Samine?"

            She stopped her movements and slowly stepped out from behind the horse to look at Xander. Her lips pursed in a straight line as she tossed the long lounge line towards him. It landed at his feet and he glanced down at it before looking back up at Samine who was still watching him.

            "Whatever you're here for the answer is no. So just turn your ass right around and go back to wherever you came from," she said moving beside the horse and pulled herself into the western saddle.

            "Now Samine that isn't fair. You didn't even let me say why I'm here. I might just wanted to see you again. You left kind of abruptly last time we worked together," he said watching her ride the horse around the ring.

            "Gibbons sent you, didn't he?" she asked as she cued the horse into a lope.

            "Yeah he did."

            "Ha! I knew it!"

            She was shaking her head slightly while she rode and Xander slipped through the gate and stood in the center of the ring.

            "Gibbons sent me with a folder to give you if you said no. I would have gotten it to you sooner but you're a hard girl to track down and Australia is big."

            "And you found me. Bravo," she said as she slowed the horse to a jog.

            "Believe me, it wasn't easy," he joked as she stopped the horse in front of him and rested her forearms on the saddle horn.

            "It can't hurt to look. Do you have the file with you?"

            He lifted his hand and showed her the folder as she nodded at him. Sitting up she rode towards the barn as Xander followed and waited as she climbed down and pushed open the sliding doors. Quickly untacking the horse and putting it into its stall she pulled the gloves off and stuffed them in her pocket. Taking the folder she flipped it open and scanned the first page. Xander watched as her faced dropped and paled a bit as her hands dropped to her sides. Lifting the folder up again her eyes hardened and she snapped the folder shut.

            "I'll do it."

            "Whoa. That was too easy. What's up?" he asked surprised that she agreed that quickly.

            With a heavy sigh she pulled the small photo from the folder and held it up for Xander. He took it and looked at it before looking back at Samine.

            "You know him?" she asked watching his reaction.


            "Well I do. He's my father."


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