For the next few days Xander and Samine were busy tending to their own wounds both physical and mental before heading to headquarters and talk with Gibbons. But for those few days Xander and Samine talked and discussed what they wanted from their relationship, if they even had one. Both agreed that they wanted to try it out and see how it worked out. They both knew that the sex was great, that they found out once Xander's shoulder was up to the physical activity. Samine had to spend a day away from Xander though to figure out how she really felt about her father. The concept that he was finally dead really didn't affect her, when he was alive he had been dead to her. She had gone to her family's graves and talked to them explaining everything that happened. Once everything was told a calm soothing feeling came over her and she looked at her mother's headstone and faintly smiled knowing that her mother was finally happy. When she came back to Xander he noticed an energy about her that made her seem even more amazing and strong in his eyes. He smiled knowing that she had reached a special happiness that only she could understand. Going back to headquarters was the last thing they needed to do before going on a well needed vacation to Italy. Why Italy, they really didn't know but it was different and unique. They were planning on staying with Katie and Axel and doing the tourist thing for a while. They walked into NSA headquarters hand in hand and through the hallways heading to where they knew Gibbons would be.

            "Okay Gibbons…debrief us," Xander said as they walked in and stood in front of him.

            "Well I had to take the fire from the governor of New York as to why there was a small crater in his park, why a mass killer was dead in a well known office building, and why two kilos of nuclear grade plutonium was running around in his city. But other than that the plutonium is back where it's supposed to be, nobody was killed other than the bad guys, my agents are still alive and kicking. And all is well in the world as a whole."

            "Great so we'll see you in two weeks. Take care," Samine said and started to pull Xander towards the exit.

            "Have fun and don't get yourselves killed!"

            They both laughed as they pushed through the doors and almost ran into Shavers.

            "Hey Shavers, how are you and your gadgets doing?" Samine asked as she smiled and the young man.

            "Terrific and you Samine?"

            "Great, Xander and I are on our way to Italy," she smiled and wrapped and arm around Xander's waist.

            "Oh, well, have a great time."

            "We will, see you later Shavers," Xander said and Samine laughed as he pulled her down the hallway.

            "Oh you'll be seeing me sooner than later Xander Cage," he said to himself just as they rounded the corner and left his sight.


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