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"We… we finally did it!" It is still a wonder how the blonde still have enough energy after all they have been through. But it was either what they had accomplished or what they know of Naruto, it was something worth cheering anyway.

"No, dobe… You did it." And after all they have been through, Sasuke refused to take part in the credit.

"Bah! I say WE and that's final!"

"Hmph… whatever."

The war has been finally won. After so many sacrifices, they have finally taken down the one who kept it up for so long. They both can imagine that getting up from this will not be easy, but they are assured of a brighter future because of this victory.


Yet it still wasn't. Someone else joined in and it ironically removes any joy instantly. A heavy tension slowly crept as they stared at the broken body of their greatest foe. Riddled with so many wounds that would have instantly killed anyone, Madara started with a light chuckle that exploded to a crazed laughter mixed with blood, bitterness and amusement.

"HAHAHAHA! I may have lost my prize, but the consolation is so much worth it! You two are quite an interesting pair, to beat me, the strongest shinobi in all the land!" Madara turned his head towards the duo. His eyes were destroyed in the final clash, but he still knows who he was facing.

"But I would be lying if I don't favor you more, Naruto. Of all my battle, only Hashirama's can be comparable but it had become dull compared to ours." Although they fought together, Sasuke was taken down but not without inflicting a critical hit. The redeemed Uchiha offered the remaining chakra of the sage to boost Naruto's to fiercely combat Madara. It was Naruto who dealt the final blow that ensured the fallen Uchiha's defeat.

"As a reward for your endeavor, let all hear as I entitle you as my equal!" The loud declaration was followed by a harsh cough but a bloody grin was still present. "Thus we shall die together and continue our battle once more in the afterlife!"

It was too late to act as the dying madman stabbed his thumb to his heart. Those from Konoha dreadfully realized what he has done. "But don't you worry of doing it alone, because your comrades can also come along… HAHAHA!" With his diminishing chakra, Sasuke was able to briefly trail the rapidly increasing energy in the body of his fallen ancestor. His quick mind came to a terrifying conclusion.


Many heard, but few could quickly act due to varying degrees of injuries and exhaustion. Even Sasuke was having difficulties made by these two combinations. But he notices the lack of movement from his teammate.

"Naruto! MOVE!"

Ironically, he calmly replied. "Hey, Sasuke. Please, take care of them."

Before he could reprimand him, Naruto brought out a familiar kunai. Knowing of its ability, Sasuke realized what his… friend was planning and stumbled towards him as quick as his weary body would allow. He failed to notice others far behind him trying to reach them both.


"I'm the only one who have enough chakra left and the only one who can pull this off."


"There's not enough time!"

Grabbing his collar, Sasuke tried to shake some sense into his stubborn comrade with his stupidly-timed stubbornness.. "BUT YOU ARE THE SAVIOUR, THE CHILD OF PROPHESY, THEIR HOPE FOR THE BETTER FUTURE!"

"And as savior, I must do what I must." What more could have been said was halted as Sasuke stared in to the eyes that held a firm resolve, one he recognized in numerous challenges he witnessed with Naruto. "I may be the child of prophesy, but you and everyone are now the children for the better future. It is up to all of you now to lead them."

His hold loosens as he took in his words, but the avenger also remorsefully thought back of his past. "But… after all I have done…, how-…"

A firm grip got his hand and brought the Uchiha's focus back to his comrade. "The dream of the sage…, my sensei…, my family…, everyone…, and now as my own, I entrust to you and everyone. Break the cycle of hatred and replace it with love. Look on to the future where everyone can understand each other and peace will become their dream." Tears were leaking from his friend's eyes, but Naruto had earned a determined gaze.

"Goodbye…, brother." And with a final reassuring squeeze, Naruto took off towards their motionless enemy. Powering up for possibly the last time, he infused the kunai with so much power that it was brightly burning. And with all of his remaining strength, threw the glowing blade into the sky. The last that anyone saw of Naruto was his smiling face full of hope, not for himself but for everyone, till he disappeared in a flash with the body of Madara.

They all stared up as the bright streak has reached its peak. Then, it became a bright explosion, but no ear-shattering sound was heard. Those on the ground watch in awe as it burst once more, breaking up into numerous bright streaks that scattered across the sky.

The spectacle was forever engraved in legend as the end of the old ways and the breaking of dawn for the new. The spectacle was described as a thousand shooting stars to grant each warrior's wish… for peace. All were united by one boy, whose dream inspired and given worth. Who after being tempered by hardship, still chose to understand and forgive.

This was how Uzumaki Naruto was remembered…, and became an example to live by for the former avenger.

"Goodbye, Naruto…, my brother… and thank you."


In a faraway land

"…Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman."

"Go to bed…, Anna."

"Okay… Goodnight."

For five years, little Anna dutifully knocked on her sister's door, each time hoping that Elsa would warmly welcome her like before. Sadly, this night was no different than the others. And as much as she wanted to, for five years, she didn't and still couldn't understand why Elsa had suddenly become… cold.

That and the closing of the castle gates that was ordered by her parents left her feeling all alone. Her parents were still there and she got along well with the servants, but it didn't seem to fill the longing of having someone like her…, someone like her sister.

As she was about to turn in for the night, something caught her attention. The little princess opens her window wide to see a bright streak, far brighter than the northern lights, which raced through the sky.

With childish enthusiasm, she started: "Star light, star bright, first star I see…" But Anna suddenly opened her eyes when she remembered one crucial part. "Wait! That wasn't the first star I saw!"

But she quickly calmed down to accomplish her important mission. "Oh… I wish Elsa would come out…" As selfish as it sounds, Anna also thought that maybe her sister was also doing something important. So she sincerely included another. "…or a sister…, a friend… more like me."


I'll admit, the movie was really thrilling even after all this time. So I decide to give this idea a shot. From what the latest update in the manga, I need to adjust some things a bit to fit.

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