EDIT (AUGUST 15, 2015): Welcome to my world since April 2014! I just wanted to put this note here to say that writing this fic has been such an amazing experience of personal growth and development; and, also, that my writing has improved 1000x, I promise! No one's first chapter of a fic is really any good by the end of the whole fic, right? ...Right?

Anywho, I decided to keep my earliest chapters up, even if they aren't really...the greatest. They're mostly for personal growth reasons. This is a caveat, isn't it? I'm not supposed to do caveats, am I? Oh, well...thanks for clicking on my fic, and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to jump around; none of the oneshots are in chronological order. I do have a timeline of the oneshots on my tumblr page, which you can find a link to in my bio. :) Ok, I'll get out of your hair now; I love you!

A/N: So I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier today and ohhhh my gosh I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It was epic and the plot was fantastically executed! Kudos to you, Marvel!

A major effect the movie had on me was my Marvel ships... I now am a die hard fan of Romanogers (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Steve Rogers/Captain America). I really like the contrast between their characters. Yah.

Anyway, I didn't feel like writing some epic romance fic or anything, so I thought, "What if they had a child together?" and this oneshot was born! Read on to see what happens when I write something out of pure randomness and boredom.

"Uncle Tony, can I use your suit today?"

Tony Stark groaned and ran a hand over his face as he was met by the blue eyed, fiery haired girl with the same question for the millionth time.

"No, kid, you're not old enough and your parents would kill me if they found out I let you use it!"

"But Uncle Tony!" The girl protested.

"But Maggie!" Tony mimicked with exaggerated emphasis and a high pitched voice.

"I don't sound like that!" The redhead pouted, before giving the billionaire an attempted glare, causing the latter to burst out in laughter.

"Okay, kid, what are you doing with your face?"

"I'm trying to use the look Mama does when she's mad at you, just like I am now!" The six year old explained with another pout.

Tony managed to stop laughing at the Black Widow mini-me and sighed, still smiling. "Sorry, kid, but your parents made it very clear that if I ever let you play with my stuff, they'd throw me out of the tower, through those windows over there." He said, gesturing to the large glass panels across the room which had been repaired since the Battle of New York several years ago.

"Fine." Maggie sighed, her baby blue eyes filled with defeat. She then lit up again, and called across the room, "Uncle Clint—!"

"Sorry, Mags, but your mom also told me you're not allowed to use my bow and arrow." Clint Barton cut the young girl off, knowing the request already because he, too, had been asked it millions of times.

Maggie sat, thinking, before calling out, "Jarvis, tell Uncle Brucie to come up here and play with me!" she ordered, trying to be like her billionaire uncle. She then remembered what her father had taught her about manners, and quickly added, "Please!"

"I am sorry, Ms. Rogers, but Dr. Banner is working on something very important and can't leave right now."

"Can I borrow some super juice or something to make me turn into the Hulk, too?" The young girl tried excitedly.

"NO!" Clint and Tony both yelled, jumping to their feet.

The six year old dramatically threw herself back onto the couch with a huge sigh. "Is there anything I'm allowed to do in this tower?!" she groaned dramatically, causing Tony and Clint to smirk at each other in amusement.

"We could play a game." Tony suggested.

"Like what?"

"How about Go Fish?" Clint proposed. "Fun, simple, and easy."

Maggie considered it for a few seconds before replying, "Okay! But we hafta use my special Avengers cards!" she said excitedly, before running off to her room to retrieve her specially themed deck.

"The fact that that kid looks so much like her mother but is so silly and hyper always cracks me up." Tony commented while the girl was gone, turning to his babysitting partner.

"Damn right." Clint said with a laugh, before Maggie ran back into the room.

"Sir, Ms. Romanoff and Mr. Rogers are here." Jarvis' voice sounded just as they finished their second game of Go Fish, with Maggie having won both games. "Mama and Daddy!" she yelled excitedly, jumping up from her seat and dropping her cards to the table.

"Alright, thanks Jarvis, send 'em up." Tony replied to the system, sighing in relief as he would be relieved of the babysitting duties he received while the two partnered Avengers were gone on a brief mission.

Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers barely had time to exit the elevator before their daughter tackled both of them, wrapping her arms around them tightly.

"Mama, Daddy, I missed you so much!" Maggie squealed happily.

"Hey, kiddo, we missed you, too!" Steve laughed as he hoisted his daughter up on his hip before leaving the elevator with Natasha by his side.

"Welcome back, Cap." Tony greeted his longtime friend happily as Clint greeted Natasha with a "Hey, Nat."

"Hey, guys, thanks so much for watching her." Steve thanked his two friends earnestly.

"No problem, she's my favorite niece in the world." Tony answered back.

"Uncle Tony, I'm your only niece in the world!" Maggie commented with a laugh.

"Therefore you are my favorite." Tony reasoned. "However, that also means your my least favorite when you're bad!" he warned, causing Maggie to stick her tongue out at him in reply.

"Speaking of which, were you good for Uncle Tony and Uncle Clint?" Natasha asked her daughter seriously, meeting the young girl's eyes after kissing her cheek.

Maggie giggled as her mother kissed her, before answering "Yes!" innocently. Steve handed her off to her mother, once again feeling overwhelmed with the love he felt for "his girls." Their daughter looked mostly like her mother, with the same hair color and curls, but she had gotten her father's blue eyes, making her what they believed was a perfect mix of the two. They had named her "Margaret" after Steve's longtime friend and lost love, Peggy Carter.

"Tony, Clint, you didn't let her do anything dangerous, did you?" Natasha asked, flashing her famous murderous glare to the two other Avengers in the room, pulling Steve from his thoughts.

"No, Sir—I mean, uh, Ma'am." Tony replied, fearing the assassin standing before him. Clint shared his fear, nodding in agreement.

"Good." Natasha said with a smile, before putting the young girl down. "Alright, you can come help me and Daddy unpack!" she offered playfully.

"Yuck!" The six year old replied, sticking her tongue out, but wanting to spend as much time as she could with her parents. She grabbed her mother's hand and then quickly grabbed her father's. "Come on, Daddy, I don't wanna unpack all of your stuff! You have to help!"

"Alright, alright, I'm coming, Maggie." Steve replied with a laugh, glancing over at Tony and Clint who were watching with amused faces, before following mother and daughter to their room.

"That kid sure does keep them on their toes." Clint commented with a laugh. Though he had been appointed as Maggie's godfather shortly after her birth, Tony did the most spoiling out of all the Avengers, causing the girl to believe the iron hero was the easiest to convince to do things.

"Tell me about it. If I didn't keep an eye on her at all times, she would manage to convince Jarvis to give her access to the suit and everything else I do." Tony said exasperatedly.

Just then, Maggie came bolting out of her parents' room, throwing herself into Tony's arms. "I forgot! Thank you for taking care of me while Mama and Daddy were gone!" she thanked her uncle with a kiss on the cheek, and then repeated the gesture with Clint before running off again.

"She sure does add some life to the tower though." Clint said with a smile as they heard her loudly ask her parents about their mission.